Person With Inferior Ability Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-2

It’s a loooong chapter so don’t expect it to end anytime soon.

{Chapter 3} Home Occupation by Outsiders

Part II

 Hiroto once again arrived in front of the tattered mansion.

 He took a deep breath in front of the gate. For the time being, he would have a talk with the occupants of the house.

 Fuuh, Hiroto sighed.

 He didn’t know if he could talk to them or not,……, but he had to get his house back.

 He couldn’t afford to have any regular address as soon as he entered high school. Also, the day after tomorrow, he has to go to Miramar at the request of the World Ability Agency.

 It was unacceptable for him to lose his home before he left.

“Now…..All I can do is push forward. My goal is to have a fulfilling high school life!”

 Gradually, his resolve became more and more firm. He inspired himself to start walking.

(If I can’t get through to them ……, I’ll have to think about using force.)

 He didn’t know what kind of person he was dealing with, but they were non-humans. He knew from experience that it was unlikely that he could get through them. What’s more, the content was “This is my house, can you leave?” It would be tough. That was extremely harsh.

He entered the front door and took off his shoes, although he was a little worried.

 Hiroto stood in front of the sliding door in the living room again. Unlike before, not a single sound could be heard from inside, but Hiroto could definitely feel the presence of a non-human being.

 Hiroto pulled himself together and said in a small voice, “Okay, let’s go ……,” and opened the sliding door.

 He has developed a well-developed Senki to deal with any situation. It was a senki that was comparable to that of a skilled Daoist and was elevated until it had spiritual power.[well this’仙氣’ would be Sento(Saint/hermit) Ki so just Senki would work]

 As someone who pursues the path of Saint(Hermit/Immortal), he almost lost his life many times before he was able to achieve this level of mastery. This was the result of unimaginably hard training, mental strength, and a talent that even Sun Wei, one of the three Immortals, called a natural talent.

 When Hiroto entered, there was no electricity, and only a little light from the outside came in through a hole in the shoji.[TN:  In Japan, shoji means wooden sliding doors with translucent paper on.]

 However, in the dimly lit space, there were many dense, non-human signs.

 As he stared into the eyes, searching for the placement of the other party by Senki, Hiroto instantly understood the other party’s position.


 Hiroto wondered.

(The opponent’s position is …… neatly lined up?)

 Then suddenly, a small flame lit up in the air in the middle of the room.

 It was a small but powerful flame that illuminated the entire room and gave a clear picture of what was going on in the room.

 There, in a large room of about …… 30 tatami mats, the non-humans were seated in human form in three rows, quietly focusing their gaze in his direction.

(The reason why I could see the inside of the room so well earlier was because of these flames,……. Wait a minute! That’s not changing. They’re all personified!? This is not good. …… These guys are more than I imagined.)[[TN: well he says ‘擬人化し’ which could be termed as anthropomorphization or personification]

 Yep, almost all of the non-humans have taken on human form.

 Hiroto’s face became tense.

“You hear me? Hiroto. Be careful when you encounter a non-human who can personify themselves.”

 His father, Ryoichi, had warned him about this in the past.

“In general, those who are able to personify themselves have a very high spiritual and magical quality. Such beings have accumulated power over an uncanny number of years, and in a broader sense, they are those who are known to be humans and are familiar with humans.”


“Yeah, not just something that looks like a human, you know? Most people with abilities can recognize the change. But the personification is more natural, and some of them are even hard to recognize if we are not careful. And there are also high-ranking non-humans, such as vampires, whose original form is no different from humans.”

“That’s …… scary. Dad, what do you mean by known by humans?”

“Well, to put it simply ……, it’s something that’s very rare, but it’s something that people have faith in, or fear of, or even passed down as folklore.”

“That’s …….”

“The power of the non-human is closely related to that of the human. Their power increases when they are strongly recognized by people, such as when they are adored or feared. The power gained in this way will never diminish. It is the same way that demon gods(Majin) and evil spirits(Akuma) desire the negative emotions of people, such as fear and hatred.”


“Well, I went off-topic, but although Personified non-humans have a high ability to communicate, their power is beyond human comprehension. If you ever have to confront one, remember this well.”

 After that, Hiroto experienced this very thing in the demon world to the point of disgust.

 The reason why Gaston, a vampire, had the fearsome power of a quasi-demon god was probably not unrelated to the fact that the vampire race was strongly recognized by people.

 Remembering this, Hiroto looked around at the non-humans with the utmost caution.

 Some of them crossed their arms with a difficult look on their face, some of them looked at him as if they were trying to evaluate him, some of them looked at him with curiosity, and some of them looked very bloodthirsty and were breathing hard when they saw him.

 Some of them are a bit different from the others, but …….

(Is that a …… dog? It looks like a normal dog to me. ……)

 The scene in front of him was very different from what Hiroto had imagined, so he was standing at the sliding door in confusion when a woman in a kimono came forward from the front row.

 Of course, she was not a human.

“Hello, cute little brother.”

“……eh? H-Hello there.”

“Don’t just stand there, please take a seat.”

 He looked around and saw that there was a cushion laying on the floor in front of him.

 Rather, it was as if the other side had prepared a seat for discussion, and Hiroto was taken aback.

 He was wondering what to do, but he didn’t feel it would be good for the discussion if he suddenly rejected them, so he sat down on the cushion as he was urged.

(There are about thirty of them in all. ……)

 The woman in front of him, who may have seen through Hiroto’s caution, narrowed her eyes and smiled at him.

“Little brother, you have come here to talk to us, haven’t you?”

 Hiroto looked at the woman up close and felt unconsciously nervous in a different way.

 Her breasts swayed lustily and sensitively, and she had large, slit eyes, thin eyebrows, and long eyelashes.

 Her inverted triangle contour and thick red lips showed her presence.

 She was also wearing a kimono loosely, which exposed her cleavage, and her white porcelain-like body was visible from the side of the kimono where she was sitting.

 Indeed, she was exuding the charm of an adult woman without regret.

 The flames drifting in the sky above crossed between them, and the shadows cast by the flames gave the impression of bewitchment. Hiroto nodded his head, intuitively thinking that this person must be the leader.

“Yes, I’m the one who moved here.”

 Immediately, the crowd began to rustle.

 The flames that were floating in the air and illuminating the room increased in intensity while maintaining their size.

 The woman who had come out in front of them began to speak again, and the other non-humans quieted down.

“Little brother is an ability user ……, right? So you know what we are, don’t you?”

“Yes, …….”

“I’m the one who manages the place. Everyone calls me Kiyoko.”

“Kiyoko ……san?

 The woman who introduced herself as the “Kiyoko” looked at him with an enchanting expression.

“Fufu……, so little brother mentioned that he was here to move in, but as you can see, we’re the first to use this place. Well, most of us here only come to visit once in a while, and only six of us actually use it often. But hey, it’s been decades. So I’m sorry, but little brother can’t live here.”

 The reaction was just as he had expected. Hiroto frowned and began to ponder what he should do.

 While Hiroto was silent,……, without warning and in a natural movement, Kiyoko came close to him.

 Because there was no hostility, even though he was on guard, his reaction was delayed for a moment.

 After that….when he was wondering, he was then suddenly hugged by her with both hands and pulled him to her chest.

“Hey! Stop!”

 Hiroto got stifled by the situation and his body froze.

(I am done! Is this an attack? Is this a new kind of attack? My breath is ……!)

 His face was enveloped by two large soft objects, which made him feel momentarily dizzy. Despite this, her chest was originally open. Skin-to-skin contact like this was something he had never felt before …….

 Moreover, as he was pressed against them, it completely closed off Hiroto’s cheeks and respiratory organs.

“Muu—-!! Muuuu!!”

 Regardless of his struggles, Kiyoko hugged him like crazy and made a …… sexy voice.

“Oh, what is it? Little brother is cute ……. I wonder if I should live with him after all? Ah! Already …… Fufu. He’s so cuddly …… I want him to be my lover. Mmm, even my husband would be fine. ……”

 She hugged the struggling Hiroto even tighter, raising her lusty voice.

 The other non-humans just looked at her as if they were dumbfounded.

 In the end, one of them stood up and forced her way in between the two of them.

“Hey! Kiyoko! What are you doing! We’ve already agreed to kick this person out! Besides, I have something to say to this brother later!”

 After saying that, she pulled Hiroto away from Kiyoko by force.


 Hiroto, who nearly fainted, put his hands behind him as he was pulled off from Kiyoko, and in his pathetic position, his respiratory organs worked at full throttle.

“Gasp. ….I thought I was going to die.”[I don’t mind dying that way]

When Hiroto looked up at the person who had helped him, he saw that she was, surprisingly, a middle school-aged girl. She had shoulder-length hair, and her face was completely devoid of expression, giving her the appearance of being very clever.

 To the girl, Kiyoko arched her back and spread her palms in front of her chest.

“Ahaha …… sorry sorry, I got a little carried away …….”

 Kiyoko made excuses to the girl standing in front of her, but she showed no sign of remorse. And Hiroto’s eyes met with the girl’s crisp brown eyes.

“T-Thank you.”

 When Hiroto immediately thanked her, the girl looked concerned.

“Yeah, are you okay?”

 he said, and then recreated a stern expression as if in a huff.

” Not at all! Big brother is a big brother too, couldn’t you get away with something like that right away? Hmph! You were incredibly strong when you were……”[Tsun Tsun]

 The last part was gibberish, and though he couldn’t hear it well, he could tell that she was …… angry.

 It’s not the kind of pressure you can just walk away from. But when this girl reprimanded him, he felt a little ashamed of himself and looked …… down.

“I’m sorry,…….”

 The girl looked sorry for a moment, but then hurriedly pulled herself together and glared at Kiyoko as if to cover it up.

 Kiyoko shook her hips, and with a blush on her cheeks, lightly pinched her own cheeks with both hands.

“I’m sorry, …… Shiro-chan. I like it a little bit,……, and it made my body tingle.”

“Jeez! Let’s do this properly, Kiyoko!”

Putting herself to cover Kiyoko and raising her eyebrows, Shiro turned to Hiroto as if she had noticed something.

“….Hmm? What is it?”

 Shiro made a strange face.

“I thought it was weird before, but …… is this due to you, oni-san? Reiki? Spiritual power? Is it just being released like this? But there’s something weird about it. This doesn’t feel manipulative. It’s like it’s leaking out. ……”

 Shiro had a curious look on her face and looked at Hiroto as if she was measuring him. Then Kiyoko came out of the side with vigor.

“Isn’t it? I noticed it right away when we were talking, and I thought it was weird. It was because he was giving off his spiritual power so plainly. But when I was exposed to his spiritual power, I could understand his personality. This feeling is …… very good.”

 Hiroto looked back at Kiyoko as if he was troubled, and tried to respond to them.

“I wondered if any of my friends who happened to be here today had anything like this. Is it leaking all the time? And the amount is quite large. Oni-san, are you by any chance a person of great ability?”

 Shiro asked him a series of questions.

 Suddenly, she looked at him as if he was somehow looking into the distance.

 Hiroto felt uncomfortable about the change in the girl’s mood.

“You’re a human, and you have this amazing spiritual power. Hmm? What is this? Different? There’s something behind this …….”

 Hiroto noticed that something was off about the girl.

( This is being investigated! )

“Waa! Aah, this? This is! Well, it’s a peculiar constitution! I can’t even control it! That’s why I’m a failure as a spiritual user……”

 The girl’s body reacts to the sudden loud voice and focuses on Hiroto.

“Huh? Is it my imagination ……? I’m sorry, but oni-san’s voice made me stutter.”

“Sorry about that, uh, …… Pai Chan-san?”[Play of words 白(Shiro) means white パイ which is its furigana says Pai(pie which also means white tile correlating to white 白) any experts here like the one who helped me with Hiroto’s name]

 I didn’t really just shout out loud, but …… Hiroto didn’t mention that and apologized.

“It’s Shiro!”

“Ah, Shiro ……-san?

 Shiro glared at him, so he properly said her name. She may think she is intimidating, but her appearance is not intimidating at all. Her appearance was so amusing that it almost made Hiroto smile.

 Next to them, Kiyoko was watching the exchange with a relaxed expression.

 When Hiroto noticed her gaze and glanced at her, she said, “You see,” and sat down on her side, putting her hands on her cheeks and wiggling her hips.

 Seeing that, he felt weak.

(Is it my imagination? ……)

“Oni-san, even though you are an ability user, you can’t even control your spiritual power?”

 Shiro asked while touching the painful spot of Hiroto.

“Uh! …… Y-Yeah.”

“Ah, ……, but it’s not just the quantity, it’s the density. Is this okay all the time? Don’t you feel tired?”

 Hiroto found out that Shiro noticed his pained expression and casually changed the subject, and even though he knew she was a  non-human being, he thought she was being kind.

“I’ve been like this since I was born. And I basically don’t use spiritual power, so it doesn’t mean much to me. So I don’t get tired or anything.”


 The non-humans, which felt completely left behind by this exchange, began to tremble.

 Both Shiro and Kiyoko noticed the disquieting atmosphere of the non-human beings…….

“Ah, ………dangerous”

 Kiyoko felt like it was too late, but she tightened her expression and turned her body towards him.

“Oni-san. Let’s get back to the topic at hand, as this Shiro-chan says, we have no intention of vacating this place. I’m sorry, but we have to ask you to leave. We don’t want to make a mess of things either.”

 When she said that, the already irritated non-humans fell forward.

“That’s right! That’s right!”

“This is our place of rest!”

 He was almost overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and power, but  Hiroto thought about it, he had nowhere else to go. He couldn’t just pull out of this. For the sake of his future high school life.

 He mustered up the courage to sit upright and face the front once again.

“I can’t leave either! This is the only place I can live. ……”

 As soon as he did, the energy of the non-humans rose and they instantly surrounded him in a circle.

“I don’t care about that!”

“You can’t take this place!”

“I don’t care what you humans have to say!”

 In response to the tremendous storm of abuse, Hiroto desperately tried to quiet them down, even though he thought it would be useless.

“Look everyone, calm down, calm down. Somehow, we can talk it out there…….”

 Hiroto desperately searched for a person who could talk to him even though he was surrounded.

 When he looked at Kiyoko, she noticed his gaze and brought her face close to his and breathed into his ear.

“I’ll think about it if you become my husband.”

 She was dismissed.

(I wonder who this person is ……)

 When Hiroto looked at Shiro, she had a troubled expression on her face and shook her head with her eyes, as if to say, “Not me! I can’t!”

 Then, his eyes meet with a girl behind him who looks to be about the same age as Shiro.

 He didn’t know what kind of person she was, but she had eye-catching straight red hair and wore a gothic dress with red as its base color.

 Hiroto thought he could talk to the girl somehow, and even tried to talk to her, but she gave him a …… blank and very cold stare.

“……………… (jii)”

 Not a word was uttered. She looked at him from Shiro’s back and just gazed at him coldly.

 That gaze made it hard for Hiroto and broke his …… heart. Hiroto took off his gaze and lightly wiped his tears.

(I didn’t know that a girl’s cold stare could hurt my heart so much. ……)

 Regaining his composure, he turned his head to the other side of Kiyoko…..  to see if there was anyone else he could talk to.

 There was one person, a young man with long hair, who did not join this circle, but sat on the floor and crossed his arms while closing his eyes.

 He was a so-called …… great looking man(ikemen). As a man, he has no choice but to give in to his looks. He has intelligent eyes and nose and a quiet air about him. What kind of incarnation is this? While thinking, he thought that he could talk to this person properly.

“Ah, um, …….”

 As soon as he spoke out to the guy, ……Gi! He opened his eyes.


 A quite tremendous …… pressure was received because of his beautiful face.

(S-Scary~ It seemed impossible to talk with this person. …… Or rather, more than impossible.)

 While still receiving the swearing from the non-humans, he did not know what to do anymore.

 Then…….ton, an elbow rested on Hiroto’s shoulder. He looked to find the owner of the elbow. There was a middle-aged man in a kimono, with a small frame.

 But the arm that stretched out from the …… sleeve was like a log, muscular and strong. The muscular little man crouched down and spoke to Hiroto.

“Oni-san. Give up now and go home. Don’t feel bad, the people here have calmed down now, but in the past, they were unruly and rough. For now, I’ll keep them under control. Come on, go home. Eh? Why this, you ask? Well, it’s nothing worth mentioning, it’s just that …… Everyone calls me Gen, the playboy.”


(Why the Edo-period townsman look? What is it? This dense old man.)

 His face was shiny, and his eyes were narrow, but every part of his face was assertive. However, there is something charming about him and was wondering how it was decided.

 What’s more, the non-human who called himself …… Gen had the collar of the right shoulder of his kimono peeled back to reveal a glimpse of a cherry blossom tattoo. Moreover, the tattoo of the cherry blossom is also poorly done, like graffiti.

 Gen was staring at him and looking like he was waiting for something to happen.

(Ah, ……, maybe, Who are you! He wants me to say that….)

“Um, …… who are you?”

 Gen was already waiting with a big smile! And made such a face.

 He then pulled out his hand from his sleeve and slid it out of his collar, exposing his right shoulder.

“This Gen-san’s cherry blossoms in full bloom, if you want to see them scatter, it can be done!”

“No, you’re jumping too much. The scene is too much. Why do you suddenly lose your temper? I shouldn’t have gotten on that train, it’s embarrassing!”

 Gen seemed to be completely oblivious to Hiroto’s prodding and was shaking with emotion. Maybe he just wanted to do this.

(I’m getting tired of these people. Well they are not exactly …… people.)

 He had expected the conversation to be confusing, but it turned out to be confusing in a different way than he had thought.[TN: For god’s sake, it’s even more confusing for me]

“Ara ara, what’s wrong with you guys? Are you guys playing?”

 A woman’s voice with no sense of urgency could be heard from behind the crowd of people surrounding Hiroto.

 She was different from Kiyoko, Shiro, and the red-haired girl from earlier.

“Oh, Sally-san! Welcome!”

“Hello, Shiro-chan. What is this scene? Oh, who’s this oni-san over there?”

 Apparently, there was one more person who came later…….

—Part II end–

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