Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 114

 Chapter 114: Temptation

After leaving the Oscar residence, I caught a carriage and boarded it.

“Where to?”

“To the King—Skyroad.”

“Right away!”

At my order, the coachman cracked his whip and set the carriage in motion.

I had some thoughts and deliberately used a colloquial name that seemed common.

Skyroad, the road above the skies.

Because the Emperor is seen as a celestial being, the grand avenue in front of the royal palace is colloquially called Skyroad.

It’s a somewhat mocking name, so even though the royal family knows it, they don’t usually use it.

I did it on purpose.

And then, as if nothing was amiss, I started talking to the coachman.

“How’s it going? Making a good profit?”

“Well, it’s so-so. There used to be a time when even if we were out, we couldn’t get any passengers, and I was worried about affording the feed for this fellow here.”

The coachman said this and reached out to pet the horse.

“Nowadays, as long as we’re out, we generally get passengers, so we’re not struggling for food.”

“I see.”

I nodded clearly.

It was a rare opportunity; I wanted to hear the raw voice of the common folk, while disguised as someone far removed from a ruler.

True information doesn’t reach the Emperor.

People might fear punishment or try to ingratiate themselves.

Most of the information that comes up from ordinary ministers is embellished.

Henry and Oscar know me well, so there’s less of that, but they still somewhat consider my feelings.

The only person who truly doesn’t cater to me is Phil Mohm, whom I met by chance.

I think of him as a real treasure.

“Should I take it that the economy is looking up? Do you know why?”

“Such matters are too complex for someone like me.”

“Even just your own impressions are fine.”

“Well, maybe it’s because His Majesty the Emperor abdicated.”


My father abdicated as the Emperor and the economy improved?

Why …. is that?

Frankly, I am still far from matching my father.

My father is one of the greatest rulers in the history of the Empire—no, in the history of all recorded dynasties.

The economy improved because he abdicated…?

What could that mean?

“Why did things get better when the Emperor abdicated?”

“Well, the previous Emperor was quite old.”


“And, well, it wouldn’t be surprising if he passed away at any moment.”

“That’s true, he is of that age.”

“When the Emperor dies, you know, for at least half a year, if not a whole year, it really disrupts business.”


I was convinced.

The demise of an Emperor is a significant event.

While orders are certainly given to the provinces, even more is expected in the imperial capital, which is considered the heartland. There, complete mourning is mandated.

Entertainment facilities like taverns are entirely shut down. Meals are to be modest, fancy clothing is prohibited, among other restrictions.

Honestly, the capital comes to a complete halt temporarily.

“That’s why it’s so-so. So even if it happens, everyone has saved up enough to live on, and they tighten their purse strings.”

“I see, so if it’s not the Emperor, even if he dies, it won’t be the same?”

“Exactly. The current Emperor is young, so there are many years until he naturally passes away. Maybe everyone feels more relaxed about spending because of that security.”

“I see.”

I nodded clearly.

It was an unusual idea, but it made sense.

Ultimately, a ruler’s job is to provide peace of mind to the people and to give them hope for the future.

This is… a find.

I knew about the ceremonial aspects of an Emperor’s death, but I had never fully considered its impact on the people.

It was a joy to have heard this conversation.

“Sir, we’ve arrived.”

“Ah, thank you.”

I pulled out some money from my pocket and handed it to the coachman.

The coachman took it—and was surprised.

“Sir!? What is this?”

“It’s a tip, keep it.”

“A tip? This is… about 100, isn’t it?”

Strictly speaking, it was 1000 reens, but I didn’t point that out.

As a ruler, as an Emperor.

Hearing this conversation was worth far more than 1000 reens.

I must consider the impact of politics from a more multifaceted perspective.

I jumped out of the carriage.

The coachman was still stunned, but I started walking briskly without minding him.

Skyroad—the grand avenue in front of the royal palace was sparsely populated.

I headed straight for the main gate of the palace and stood before the gatekeeper.

“Who — ah!”

The questioning gatekeeper turned pale and prostrated himself before me immediately.

“I’m terribly sorry! I apologize.”

“It’s good to be diligent in your duties. Tell them, if the Emperor Emeritus is still awake, I would like to have an audience.”

“Right away!”

The gatekeeper dashed inside.

I waited there for a bit.

It was truly an unusual situation for an Emperor to visit the palace of the Emperor Emeritus like this, but since my return to the capital hadn’t been announced yet, I thought this approach was better.

After a while, the same gatekeeper returned.

He ran back hurriedly, stumbling along the way, and crawled before me.

“The Emperor Emeritus agrees for the meet.”

“That’s good, you did good.”

I gave the gatekeeper about 10 reens in small change and entered.

Perhaps because the gatekeeper had informed them of my arrival, several court ladies came out to greet me.

“We will guide you, sire.”

These were the court ladies around my father, they saw me and bowed in protocol without overly humbling themselves.

And they led me inside the palace.

I followed the court ladies and arrived at my father’s study.

It was the same study he used for official duties before, but since he handed over the imperial position to me, the number of reports had decreased and the number of books had increased.

In that study, my father was reading a book.

“Oh, you have arrived, Noah”

I took a step forward and knelt before my father.

As the Emperor, I only kneel to my father, the Emperor Emeritus.

Father accepted this calmly and with a smile on his face.

“Make yourself comfortable.”

“As you wish.”

I stood up and faced my father directly.

“I heard that you managed to successfully restore the dragon vein in Leararat.”

“Yes, but not completely—”

“Deciding to use a sacrifice was admirable. Oscar would have probably agonized over it for three days.”


I was astonished.


It wasn’t surprising that my father knew I had restored the dragon vein.

The restoration had initially failed; it was a topic from a little while ago.

However, the decision to use a sacrifice was made just before I hurried back to the capital.

This meant that my father’s information network included those who could send information extremely quickly.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been reminded of the extent of my father’s intelligence network, but I had rarely been as shocked as I was today.

I managed to compose my inner turmoil.

“Yes, I used death-row prisoners because it was necessary.”

“Hmm… Noah, a ruler, sometimes faces difficult choices. Whether to sacrifice one to save many, or to make many endure to save one.”

“.. it is the ultimate choice, isn’t it?”

“That’s right. What would you do in such a situation, Noah?”

Instinctively, I knew I was being tested by my father.

I pondered.

Whether to sacrifice one to save many.

Or to sacrifice many to save one.

Honestly, it’s a question without an answer.

Whichever answer I gave could be right, and both could be wrong.

Such are these matters.

But from the position of an Emperor—

“If sacrificing one could— I would consider it.”

“Even if that one were me?”


I fell silent.

Silently, I looked into my father’s eyes.

His expression was serious.

I thought a bit more.

“….If it would benefit the people, then yes.”

Father chuckled softly.

His face seemed relieved.

“I’m relieved, as expected of Noah.”


Right after I thought that it wasn’t something to be praised for — 

Father dropped a bombshell.

“If you can sacrifice yourself, then it’s possible against any opponent.”


I was even more astonished.

As usual, my father was incredible.

Against any opponent, huh.

I am all too aware of the extent of my father’s information network.

He must also be aware of Oscar’s ambitions.

Essentially, my father was asking if I could make the tough call to dispose of Oscar if push came to shove.

“….Yes, I am prepared for that.”

“Good, then that’s fine.”

My father’s expression became gentle.

He then stood up, clasped his hands behind his back, and walked over to the window.

He looked up at the moon outside.

“Noah, you must already be acutely aware.”


“There is no [I] for an Emperor.”


“Meals arrive cold after being tested for poison several times. Embracing a woman as a man is also meticulously recorded. Not even the slightest oversleeping is allowed because of state duties and morning meetings with ministers.”

“If I fail, history books will label me as incompetent or a tyrant.”

“Yes. There is no ‘self’ for an Emperor, there is only the ‘public’. Hence, he is alone.”


The words that came from my father were heavy, spoken from experience.

“Fuuh, but with Noah’s talents, you will be able to overcome even that.”

His face broke into a smile.

My father’s smile swept away the heavy atmosphere.

“I will strive to live up to your expectations.”

I also dispelled the heavy air and bowed respectfully.

“Now, I haven’t yet heard the purpose of your visit, Noah.”

“You must be aware, father… I will lead the expedition personally.”

“Hmm, is there something you would like me to do?”

“Yes—I want you to protect Sem.”


A moment’s pause.

My father laughed cheerfully.

His face was completely different from before, visibly enjoying himself from the bottom of his heart. As proof, he looked up at the ceiling and laughed heartily.

“I see, I see, I will use this well too.”

“I am grateful.”

“Hmm, good that you brought this to me. As expected of Noah.”

I was praised by my father again.

Sem, my son, the current crown prince.

I learned later that my father decided to abdicate the throne in favor of me after seeing Sem.

Henry, Oscar, and I—the decisive factor in this three-way power struggle was Sem.

A good grandson promises the prosperity of the Empire for three generations—that’s why, seeing Sem’s high potential, my father decided to pass the throne to me.

The logic is understandable.

I would do the same.

Not just looking at my son but choosing while considering my grandson.

Of course, I made Sem the crown prince without letting on my plans.

In other words, to my father, Sem could be even more important than his own life.

I do not know what might happen during my absence.

However, if I entrust it to my father, I can be certain that Sem’s life will be safely protected.

“Very well, I will heed your request.”

“Thank you.”

I bowed once more.

With this, another of my concerns was cleared.

An expedition is a major event; I must prepare thoroughly.

What to do next—and.

I was racking my brain, thinking about it.

Late at night, at Oscar’s residence.

A man appeared before Oscar, who had already gone to bed.

The man’s name was Iska Liote.

He was one of Oscar’s household members.

A man from the household had come visiting late at night, concealing himself from prying eyes. There had to be a reason for it.

Suppressing his discomfort, Oscar faced Iska.

The two were near a table set up inside Oscar’s bedroom. 

Oscar was sitting, while Iska knelt before him, head bowed.

“What is the business?”

“Yes… The Emperor is going on an expedition.”


Oscar consciously stopped himself from frowning further.

Iska continued.

“By deployment, we will accompany him. On the battlefield, accidents can happen…”


Oscar’s expression changed drastically.

Accidents on the battlefield.

Of course, what Iska meant by that involved incidents that could be deliberately orchestrated or simply abandoning someone depending on the circumstances.

Such a thought, too, was not something that would naturally occur to Oscar, who was more of a domestic policy man.

A devilish temptation had befallen Oscar.

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