Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.3-Chapter -9

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Chapter 9: A Legendary Weapon Appears Abruptly

“We will begin the attack on the Beginner Explorer Dungeon. Ryoji-kun and Elizabeth-san, please lead everyone as leaders. Since it’s the first day, we’ve asked some famous adventurers from the capital for support. So please attack with confidence. Now, this way please.”

After Charlotte explained, she called over two people to introduce the support adventurers. Cheers came from the group, and tsukkomi came from Ryoji.

“Carena and Marco! They’re indeed high-level adventurers, but still!”

“Is my support not enough? I’ve made time especially for you, Ryoji-sama.”

“You being here just means I have to stay longer. So let me earn some pocket money.”

Carena and Marco approached with a smile toward Ryoji. With the arrival of these renowned adventurers, Elizabeth and the students began to chatter excitedly.

“The beloved daughter of the spirits, and the guardian deity of Drugul!”

“Such famous adventurers are supporting us?”

“Carena-san referred to Ryoji-kun as ‘Ryoji-sama,’ right?”

“Yeah. That’s because Carena-san is Ryoji-kun’s fiancée.”

“What! Carena-san is the fiancée? How do you know, Orlando-san?”

Amidst the group’s panic, Ryoji spoke to Marco.

“Guardian of Drugul? Marco, you’ve got quite the title too! Let’s trade.”

“With the Hero of Drugul??”

“No way. From today, Marco is ‘The Master of Mushrooms!'”

“That kind of title, I don’t want it! Stop joking!”

“Classic Marco! Such tsukkomi! The man said to be the chief of tsukkomi by King Marcel himself is in a different league!”

“Let’s forget that story… please…”

“What? What happened suddenly?”

Marco, who had been exchanging quips with Ryoji, seemed to lose energy when King Marcel’s name was mentioned. Ryoji, concerned, asked him what was up, and Marco began to speak sporadically.

“After that, King Marcel sent me a medal. A medal for being the chief of tsukkomi! It makes no sense! How could the king officially acknowledge it! He recognized me as the chief of tsukkomi!”

“Oh, well. That’s great, isn’t it? There was a purse of gold too, right?”

Suddenly energized, Marco started ranting, and with a possessed look in his eyes, he muttered.

“Fufu. A purse of gold. Five gold coins and a stick. What’s with the stick? Telling me to find holes and poke at them? Annoying!”

“You must’ve drunk the worth of those five gold coins anyway. Cheer up, I’ll treat you after today’s class is over.”

Ryoji, feeling concerned for the unusually downcast Marco, spoke up, which made Marco shout joyfully to the students.

“It’s a promise! Hey! You guys! Ryoji is going to treat us after today’s class! And anyone who gets the teacher’s approval in today’s class, Ryoji will personally listen to your requests! Work hard! everyone!”

Cheers erupted from the students at Marco’s announcement.

“Hey! Marco! What are you doing on your own…”

“I can also make personal requests? To Ryoji-sama ! May I join as well?”

“Obviously not! It’s not okay if Carena participates!”

“Let’s get started. Are you all ready?”


After confirming the energetic response from the students, Charlotte, and the group descended into the entrance of the Beginner Explorer Dungeon. Upon entering the dungeon, they were surprised to find it well-maintained and brightly lit, as if light was coming from somewhere.

“Wow, it’s brighter than I thought. As expected for beginners. Teacher! The path is straight, but where does it split?”

“Good question. There’s a small room ahead where the path will divide into left and right. Today, Carena and Marco are with us, but next time, you’ll be on your own, so please be very careful.”

After walking for a while, they arrived at the small room. Party leaders Ryoji and Elizabeth began discussing which path to take.

“Do you have a preference for which way to go?”

“I don’t mind either! But Ryoji-san, please don’t forget that the person evaluated by the teacher can ask for anything!”

“That was something Marco said on his own! I don’t mind either but…”

“Then, I will choose this path! Everyone! We are going through the right door! Marco-san, please take care of us.”

Elizabeth interrupted Ryoji mid-sentence, called out to the group and Marco, and then dashed through the right door.

The dungeon was five meters wide and three meters tall, and entirely made of stone, enveloping Ryoji and the others in silence except for their footsteps.

“So beautiful.”

“Ryoji-sama, please don’t suddenly say ‘So beautiful.’ It’s embarrassing.”

“No, no! I wasn’t talking about Carena. I was talking about the dungeon. Besides, everyone knows Carena is beautiful without saying… Ouch!”

Mistaking that Ryoji was talking about her, Carena blushed. As Ryoji reached for her hand to enter their own little world, Lucia angrily poked him with a stick.

“That’s enough! Both of you will get a sermon after the dungeon attack!”

“What? That stick? Could it be…”

“Yes! It’s the distinguished stick bestowed by King Marcel! Marco-san asked me to stop you with this stick if you go too far!”

“Marco! It’s pointless if you don’t hold the stick yourself! And Lucia! Remember to go easy when poking someone with a stick. It actually hurts.”

“It’s Ryoji-kun’s fault for flirting in the middle of the dungeon!”

Lucia retorted sharply as Ryoji frowned and stuck out his tongue at her. They continued along the corridor without encountering any monsters until they reached a door.

“Alright. We’re about to open this door and it’ll lead to a battle, are we good?”

“Yes, I’m okay. It’s my first time fighting a monster, but Ryoji-kun and Carena are here. Plus, we have Rosa who used to be an adventurer!”

“I won’t help unless it gets really dangerous. Remember, I’m just here for support.”

In response to Ryoji’s question, Mishika answered nervously. Carena declared she wouldn’t participate in the fight, adding to Mishika’s anxiety. Ryoji glanced at Rosa, who gave a small nod in return.

“Rosa and I will handle the fight first. That’s okay, right?”

“Yes, that’s fine. How will we fight? It’s been a while since my last adventure, so I’m a bit nervous too.”

“Understood. Let’s adapt as we go. There are five monsters in this room. I’ll open the door and rush in, so I’m counting on you to distract one of them. Everyone else, watch the battle closely. I’ll explain everything afterward.”

As Ryoji and the others entered the room, they were met by two green wolves and three dog-men. As the two burst through the door, the dog-men commanded the green wolves to attack. They too drew their rusted swords and charged, screaming wildly.[TN: It says ‘犬人’ Inu-hito so just dog men]

Ryoji drew the attention of the two approaching green wolves, coated Cozimo’s sword in lightning magic, and decapitated one while severing the foreleg of the other. Ignoring the writhing green wolf in pain, he closed the distance to the dog-men. From behind him, Rosa’s chant was heard, and her Fire Arrow struck one of the dog-men.

“Wow! You shortened the chant! Nicely done!”

While praising Rosa for her quick chanting, Ryoji cleaved through the burning dog-man. Spotting an opportunity, one of the dog-men swung a hefty blow from above at Ryoji, who was off-balance.

“Too naive.”

Ryoji blocked the strike with his invisible shield gauntlet. Realizing Ryoji’s extraordinary strength, one of the dog-men tried to regroup but was hit by a second Fire Arrow from Rosa and was already dead. Realizing he was the last one left, the remaining dog-man attempted to flee but was swiftly cut down by Ryoji.

“Alright, that ends the fight. But Rosa, when did you learn to shorten your chants and double cast?”

After storing the bodies of the five monsters in his storage, Ryoji turned around to find four stunned faces and Carena looking on with a knowing expression.

“What? What’s going on? Why are all eyes on me?”

“No no! Of course, they’re focused on you! Where did you put the defeated monsters? Is that magic too?”

“The ability to store monsters entirely in an item box is something Ryoji-sama can do because he possesses an item box made by the god Iorus,” 

Carena explained to Ryoji who was stunned by Lucia’s tsukkomi. Upon hearing that Ryoji had an item box crafted by the god Iorus, everyone’s gaze shifted to the leather pouch at Ryoji’s waist.

“Shall we start explaining about the battle just now?”

“Huh? Are you ignoring our gazes? I want to hear about the item box you have, Ryoji-kun. Where did you get such an incredible thing?”

Rosa’s question prompted Carena to follow up with more inquiries.

“Ryoji-sama, besides the mithril sword, you also possess divine artifacts worn by the god Iorus, right? Are those also treasures from your family?”

“Carena, what are you starting now? We’re supposed to be talking about the battle just now. Lucia, what would you have done?”

“Alright let’s hear it later! If I were the leader, I’d enter the room while chanting and launch a simultaneous attack as soon as I saw the enemy. What would Mishika do?”

“I… I would open the door just a little to see what kind of monsters are inside first. What if there are a lot of terrifying monsters inside?”

“What would I do? I’d probably just rush in and then figure it out. So, who’s right, Ryoji-kun?”

Hearing everyone’s opinions, Ryoji began to speak while nodding slightly.

“As you can see, everyone has different approaches to fighting. Even if the leader decides a strategy like “This is what we’re going to do!”, it’s crucial to voice your own opinions. After all, your life is at stake.”

“So, what about you, Ryoji-kun? You entered without discussing it with Rosa. You didn’t say anything.”

Hearing Ryoji’s speech, Lucia posed a question.

“Ah. I thought Rosa, with her experience as an adventurer, would be fine to adapt on the fly, and since it was just the first room of the Beginner Explorer Dungeon, the response was simple. Even up to three ox-men are no problem.”

“Lord Ryoji can handle even three ox-men. Normally, that would be a situation for the country to handle…”

“Why did Ryoji-kun come to the academy? You’re so strong and capable, is there anything left for you to learn?”

Confronted by Lucia and the others, who were once again made aware by Carena of Ryoji’s different levels of strength, they curiously bombarded him with questions.

“I almost forget we’re in a dungeon.”

Everyone was sitting on chairs made by Ryoji, taking a break, with food bought from the capital’s street stalls on the table, which Carena wryly smiled at. During this break, which also served as a meeting, they discussed plans for their future activities.

“I’m the leader, but from the next battle, I won’t be giving orders. I want each of you to take turns being the leader.”

“What? We are going to be leaders?”

“Yes, just during battles. It’s important to have some leadership experience just in case there’s no leader during an adventure, and it might save us in the worst-case scenario, right? Plus, understanding what it’s like to be a leader is valuable.”

“That’s true. Marco was the leader of my party, and I left everything to him, so maybe I was burdening him.”

While everyone listened, Carena murmured thoughtfully. Hearing this, Ryoji responded with a laugh.

“Marco will be fine. He’s capable of being a leader. I think being an adventurer is his true calling. Alright! Let’s end the break here and move on. We won’t make it in time for the schedule Charlotte-san mentioned.”

“We did spend a lot of time in the first room. But it’s useful information for the future, so I don’t mind. If you think about it, if every room we open has monsters, we won’t make much progress, right?”

Mateo’s casual question made everyone tilt their heads, and Carena explained.

“It’s okay. If you register as the party leader, no enemies will appear in the rooms you’ve cleared of monsters. I don’t know why it’s set up like that, though. That’s why it’s made accessible to beginners by the academy.”

“Sounds like there might be more to it, isn’t it? Carena, do you know anything else?”

Ryoji tried to probe further, but Carena just gave a light chuckle and indicated there was no more information.

After deciding that Lucia, Mateo, and Mishika would take turns experiencing leadership, they headed back, discussing points for improvement in their combat tactics, where Elizabeth and her group were waiting for them.

“You’re late, Ryoji-san!”

“Eh? I thought we were on time. Right, Charlotte-san?”

“It’s fine. Elizabeth-san’s party reached the deepest part of the first floor earlier and returned ahead of schedule.”

“How about it? Ryoji-san!”

After listening to Charlotte’s explanation, Ryoji looked at Elizabeth, who was proudly puffing out her chest. He praised her with a wry smile, and Elizabeth joyously celebrated their victory with her comrades.

When Charlotte returned to the classroom, she asked Ryoji and the others to wait, then left the classroom with Carena and Marco. With some free time now, the students, still high on the excitement of their first dungeon attack, began discussing the combat and the rooms they had encountered.

“Why was Ryoji-kun’s progress slow? I thought you would have reached the second basement level because you were there.”

“That’s because I wasn’t the main one fighting.”

“What? Ryoji-kun, you hardly fought at all? Why is that—”

“I get it! It’s an excuse because you lost to me!”

“Elizabeth-san, could you not interrupt when I’m talking? You managed to defeat the enemy alone. We didn’t do anything, so we didn’t gain any experience.”

Orlando, whose conversation was cut off, frowned and replied.

“Of course! It was good for me to take the lead so everyone else could have it easy.”

“What? Elizabeth-san, you cleared it all by yourself? What will you do if stronger enemies appear in the lower levels? Are you going to handle it all alone?”

Ryoji responded in an exasperated tone, to which Elizabeth retorted while becoming defensive.

“What’s the problem? Just because you couldn’t advance, don’t say such things!”

“No, that’s not what I mean. What I’m trying to say is—”

“Yes! Everyone! The results are in.”

Just as Ryoji was about to respond, overwhelmed by Elizabeth’s fervor, Charlotte returned with Marco and Carena. The students, who had been watching their exchange from a distance, hurriedly took their seats, and Elizabeth also sat down while glaring at Ryoji.

“Was there any trouble?”

“Nothing serious. Right, Ryoji-kun?”

“Yes, we were just excited about the dungeon.”

Charlotte seemed unconvinced by Ryoji’s response, but when he insisted there was no problem, she decided not to pursue it further and began to report on their performance in the dungeon.

“I understand everyone was nervous during their first dungeon attack, but I’m relieved you all made it back safely. Next time, there won’t be support from Marco and Carena, so please be even more cautious. Now, I will announce the outstanding student of this session.”

Elizabeth, assuming she would be called, puffed out her chest proudly, while Ryoji secretly fretted about whose request he would have to fulfill depending on who was chosen. Marco watched Ryoji’s reaction with a grin, and Carena looked on with a wry face.

“The outstanding student is Rosa-san! Congratulations! We’ll also decide on the next outstanding student next time as well so please keep up the good work. Rosa-san, since it was a deal through Marco-san, think about your request for Ryoji-kun. But no unreasonable demands.”

“Thank you. As a former adventurer, being recognized as the best student feels a bit uncomfortable…”

“Don’t worry. The evaluation isn’t just based on combat results. It’s also because you shortened your chanting time and managed to cast two spells in succession. Please explain to the other students how you managed to shorten your chanting and how to cast two spells in succession.”

“Understood. However, I learned this technique from Ryoji-kun, so it might be better to ask him directly how it’s done.”

As Rosa, recognized by Charlotte, was pleased but suggested consulting Ryoji for the technique, Elizabeth intervened.

“Sensei! I’ve never heard of shortened chanting! Is it really possible? Also, I want to know why our record to the deepest part of the first floor wasn’t evaluated!”

As Elizabeth demanded an explanation, Marco began to explain with a wry smile.

“Miss, you merely set a new record for the shortest time. You weren’t collaborating with your teammates. It was more of a ‘Look how amazing I am!’ show.”

“You didn’t say anything!”

“Of course, I didn’t. I’m an examiner, right? We observe both parties and make evaluations. By the way, your rating was on the lower end, Miss. Better luck next time.”

Elizabeth, who retorted fiercely, was lightly dismissed and sat down, stunned by the exchange.

“The first dungeon attack went off without a hitch! Here’s to everyone coming back safely, and to our future successful attacks! Cheers!”

“””Cheers to Ryoji-kun’s generosity!”””

Everyone in the class, along with Charlotte, responded cheerily to the toast. Since Marco had promised to treat everyone after the dungeon attack, Ryoji opened up his home and quickly arranged for food from street vendors in the city.

“That helped a lot. I always feel bad asking for so much.”

“Don’t be silly! Thanks to you, Ryoji-san, our stalls have become famous in the capital, and it looks like we might even get our own shop! A little trouble is nothing!”

The stall owner, addressed by Ryoji, was happily preparing more food. This initial return party was praised by the students and Charlotte, and from the next year onward, the academy decided to allocate a budget to hold it annually.

“Thank you! I became an outstanding student thanks to you. And to think I can even make a request.”

“Go easy on me. I’ll listen as long as it’s within my capabilities, but depending on what it is, I might need permission from Carena and Melta.”

Ryoji responded with a wry smile to Rosa’s words of gratitude. Marco, who was listening nearby, joined the conversation with a grin.

“Being popular with the ladies must be tough! Make sure to listen to their requests carefully! And watch out for women targeting you! The requests are going to keep coming, right?”

“Question for the mature Marco! What does it mean to be ‘targeted by women’? Can you explain it in a way an eleven-year-old like me can understand?”

Ryoji, slightly drunk and grinning, teased Marco, who only grinned back as if he understood something hidden.

“You! You know what I am talking about! Don’t mess with me!”

“What’s the matter? Can’t say it out loud? Should I tell your wife that we talked about being ‘targeted by women’?”

“Just spare me that. I’ll do anything else…”

Marco quickly knelt down and apologized.

“Alright, let’s stop teasing Marco. Is everyone having fun?”

“Of course! Who wouldn’t enjoy this?”

Lucia responded contentedly to Ryoji’s question. Mishika was intently enjoying the food, and Rosa was happily chatting with Charlotte. Meanwhile, Orlando pointed Ryoji in a certain direction, where Elizabeth was sitting alone, her eyes red, emitting an aura that screamed, “Don’t talk to me,” while she silently ate her meal.

“Uh… I think if she doesn’t want to join, she doesn’t have to.”

“Ah, it’s because the duke ordered, ‘Do not refuse a party invitation from Ryoji-dono.'”

As Ryoji muttered, puzzled, Orlando explained with a cheerful expression.

“Why do you know such backstage details?”

“I heard it from the person herself.”

“Really? Anyway, you and Elizabeth seem close.”

“We’re in the same party. Plus, it’s fun talking to her. She’s reckless but earnest. It’s just too bad she’s all bluster and no substance.”

“Doesn’t that mean she’s almost useless?”

Mishika asked, and Orlando began to explain cheerfully. Ryoji, watching the scene, saw Lucia and Rosa approaching.

“Rosa! It’s about time to make your request to Ryoji-kun!”

“I’d like to become an assistant to Professor Reynold. Could you help me with that?”

“Huh? Is that all? If so, I’m meeting Reynold tomorrow, I’ll introduce you.”


“No way!”

“Then introduce me too!”

“Eh? Charlotte-sensei, too?”

As everyone reacted to Rosa’s request, Ryoji casually agreed, causing screams of excitement to echo.

“Why? It’s just an introduction to Reynold, right? Why the commotion?”

As sudden panic ensued, Ryoji became visibly confused, and Carena sighed before speaking.

“Of course. Reynold’s popularity is well-known. He’s a senior professor at the Royal Academy of Magic, with a high position and salary. And although I don’t know about his character, he’s not bad-looking.”

“That reminds me, Lucia called him a ‘good candidate’ when she met Reynold.”

Ryoji nodded while observing the commotion around him.

“After that, I’ll leave you young folks to chat. I, the old timer, will excuse myself.”

“No, no, no! Sergeant! Why are you leaving so suddenly? Don’t leave us with such a cryptic remark! Besides, you’re the youngest one here!”

“Ryoji-kun! It’s tough being ignored and left out!”

Ryoji tried to leave the room in a matchmaking-like mood, but naturally, he was stopped by the two.

“Got it. Reynold. Are the usual preparations in place?”

“Yes, I’ve disabled the eavesdropping devices.”

“Wow! Eavesdropping devices! Here, in this room?”

While this was a typical conversation for the two, seeing Rosa’s tense face, Ryoji showed her the eavesdropping device while explaining the situation.

“The Dean is eavesdropping to gather information… How disillusioning. I’ve never heard good rumors about him since my adventurer days.”

“I’m really glad you’re disillusioned. If you aim to be Reynold’s assistant, you might end up opposing the dean.”

After having the situation explained to her, Rosa sighed, but Reynold, without looking at her, began questioning Ryoji.

“So, what’s your business today? This lady is in the special class like sergeant, right? I heard the word ‘assistant’ mentioned?”

“Yes. Her name is Rosa. I thought I’d introduce her as an assistant to Reynold. How about it? She’s quite an excellent candidate.”

Reynold gave a wry smile at Ryoji’s casual response and turned to speak to Rosa.

“The sergeant called you an excellent candidate, but what can you do? I’m about to embark on innovative research. What can you contribute?”

“I was rated as the top student after attacking the beginner’s dungeon. I also have experience as an adventurer, so I think I can be helpful.”

“Hey! Reynold! You were about to say ‘Is that all?’, weren’t you? By the way, how far has your research on chantless progressed?”

“What? Why the sudden change of topic? As for that, I still haven’t grasped a clear image…”

Suddenly thrown a different topic, Reynold tilted his head as he responded. Hearing this, Ryoji nodded happily, and, pushing Rosa’s back, began to speak enthusiastically.

“Good news for you! This lady here can perform magic with shortened chanting and can cast two spells consecutively! Moreover, since she has also been active as an adventurer, she can handle all-nighters! And! She’s the quickest to understand in the private classes I conduct and is doing her best as an assistant! And there’s more! Anyone who hires her will get additional research material from me, other than no-chant! This offer is available only for the first taker! So, what do you say?”

“Shortened chanting? I’ll hire her! You can come to my research institute! No, please come! How much salary? Maybe two gold coins? Is that enough? If not…”

“Wait, wait! You’re changing your attitude too suddenly, I can’t keep up! You are hiring me, right, professor?”

As Ryoji launched his torrent of sales pitches, Reynold bit intensely. Stepping back slightly with a strained expression, Rosa asked, and Reynold nodded happily, extending his hand. As they shook hands, Ryoji clapped to gather attention.

“Alright! So Rosa is Reynold’s assistant now, right?”

“Of course. Rosa-san, I’m counting on you. By the way, you mentioned shortened chanting. Could you show us right away? Let’s head to the training ground. Sergeant, please join us.”

Eager to see the shortened chanting, Reynold, Rosa, and Ryoji headed to the training ground.

“Let’s start right away. Please demonstrate the normal chanting method, and then the shortened one.”

“Understood. ‘I call forth the fiery flow here to strike down my enemy! Fire Arrow.'”

“Now the shortened version.”

While watching Rosa’s magic, Reynold scribbled something on a paper in his hand and gave the next instruction.

“Yes! ‘I strike my enemy! Fire Arrow.'”

“Wow! It’s really short! Rosa-san! How did you manage to shorten it? Why did you think to omit ‘I call forth the fiery flow’? Does it change the flow of magic? How does it affect the consumption of magical power? Can you do it with spells other than Fire Arrow? And— Ouch! What was that sudden hit? What is that? That strange rod-like paper accordion weapon…?”

“Rosa will be in trouble if you ask so many questions all at once, Reynold! Give her a chance to answer! What’s that paper in your hand for, anyway? It’s for writing down what you hear, right? By the way, I hit Reynold with a Harisen, a legendary Japanese slapstick weapon! It’s usually made of paper, but this time, the accordion part is made of mithril, and the handle is made of silver! It has no attack power, but it makes a big sound and makes you involuntarily say ‘ouch!’ It’s made with so much magic power that it won’t break and can be used forever!”

“That’s amazing! I can’t believe you managed to thin and process mithril like that!”

“Right! Feel free to praise me more!”

“Isn’t that a waste of mithril?”

Listening to their exchange, Rosa muttered quietly.

One day, a special edition newspaper was published in the royal capital. In the world of Safyria, parchment is abundantly produced, and handwritten newspapers are published once a week in urban areas. The newspaper itself is a luxury item, but the content varies widely, so not only nobles and merchants but also ordinary citizens contribute money to buy it.

A few days after Ryoji introduced Rosa as an assistant to Reynold, Marco came with a special edition newspaper. After asking Melta to prepare some tea, he checked the details of the newspaper from Marco.

“What’s this? ‘Royal Magic Academy’s Chief Professor Reynold and the Hero of Drugul, Viscount Ryoji Uchino, have succeeded in developing a teleportation magic circle! Further research will be conducted towards practical application in five years. King Marcel has elevated Viscount Ryoji Uchino to an honorary earl in recognition of this achievement. Chief Professor Reynold has been appointed an honorary baron. Furthermore, Chief Professor Reynold will serve both as the Chief Professor of the Academy and as Minister of Technology.’ It seems King Marcel deliberately changed the development period, right? Anyway, do you know where they get such information?”

“They gather information from everywhere. Also, I can just imagine the twisted faces of the nobility faction and the Dean. Be careful not to get tangled up with the Dean.”

“There must be another reason for Marco coming here, right?”

While looking at the special edition, Ryoji, who Marco had addressed, chuckled and nodded, then pulled out two more pieces of parchment from his pocket and handed them over.

“Yeah. Here’s the main issue. This one’s from Yuhan. ‘There’s a possibility of being targeted by the noble faction, so we’ll assign a bodyguard. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your daily life, so enjoy your student life.’ And this one’s from the duke: ‘My daughter has been a nuisance. By now, Ryoji-dono should have broken her stubbornness. But don’t hesitate to do what needs to be done.’ Is that girl still trying hard? I thought I had broken her spirit with a single remark.”

“She’s a hard worker. From what I’ve heard from friends, her efforts are often misguided. She’s about to delve deeper into the beginner’s dungeon, so she might reach her limit soon. I hope she avoids a total wipeout… Oh, right! I have a gift for Marco.”

As Ryoji approached with a big smile, Marco made a displeased face. Without paying any attention to his reaction, Ryoji took out a HARISEN from his storage and handed it over. Marco tilted his head as he took it.

“What’s this?”

“It’s called a Harisen, a legendary tsukkomi weapon in my country. When used to strike an opponent, whether with an overhead attack or a sideways sweep, it makes the opponent inevitably say ‘Ouch!’ Despite being a weapon, it has no attack power. The ‘stick’ that King Marcel handed over is great, but this is a much higher rank of Tsukkomic weapon.”

As Marco listened to Ryoji’s explanation and received the Harisen, he looked at it closely and exclaimed in astonishment.

“Is this made of mithril?”

“Exactly! Marco, you have an eye for quality! Yes, it is! The accordion part is entirely made of mithril, which I processed myself. The handle is made of silver. And because I’ve infused a lot of magic into it, it won’t break and can be used forever! Plus, it’s foldable, so it can be stored in Marco’s item box. Use it to your heart’s content to deliver your comedic blows… Ouch! What are you doing? I’m still explaining!”

“Shut up! What’s with this ‘legendary Tsukkomi weapon’? Why waste mithril on this? Ah! I don’t even know where to start critiquing this!”

“That’s classic Marco! Perfect use without being taught! King Marcel and my eyes are infallible… Ouch!”

As Ryoji enthusiastically explained about the Harisen, Marco swung down the mithril Harisen with full force from above. A loud noise echoed throughout the mansion, and Marco looked down at Ryoji, who was now crouching and holding his head. Seeing Ryoji’s face, which looked like that of a craftsman who had completed a great project, Marco had to acknowledge the effectiveness of the Harisen as he gave another strike with it.

Even after the special edition was published, Ryoji continued to enjoy his student life without any changes. However, one day, while attending classes, he was told by Charlotta to come to the staff room after school.

“Excuse me, it’s Ryoji. You called for me, did something happen? Charlotta Sensei?”

“There’s no problem. Ryoji-kun, you are a student I’m proud of. It’s delightful how you bring positive influences to the academy.”

Responding to Ryoji’s query as he entered the staff room, Charlotta replied with a smile.

“So, what can I do for you?”

“Rosa-san was chosen as the best student, right? One reason is her ability to shorten chanting times, and since you taught her how, I would like you to teach the other students. Could you do that?”

“That’s fine. But just because I teach them doesn’t guarantee they’ll all be able to shorten their chanting times, okay?”

“Of course! Then, please proceed.”

When Ryoji stood at the podium, all eyes were fixed on him. The lesson on chanting reduction wasn’t just for the special class students but included the chief court magician, Hermann, and five of his magician subordinates, ten part-time lecturers and professors from the academy, and three B-rank adventurer magicians brought in by Marco. In total, more than thirty people from both inside and outside the class had come to attend.

“It’s quite a crowd, isn’t it?”

“Of course.”

Hermann replied with a wry smile to Ryoji’s muttering at the podium.

“Chant shortening has never been attempted before. It’s now achievable by a student, albeit an experienced adventurer, who has just joined the academy. And the person who taught it is the Hero of Drugul. When word got out that a hero was giving a lesson on chant shortening, we received a massive number of inquiries wanting to join. There was even talk of holding the lecture in the grand auditorium.”

“Whaaat! No way! A lecture in such a big place would be like giving a public speech, not a class!”

“In the end, the royal family intervened, and only a selected group could attend. Those who were excluded were told “Be sure to inquire for the second session”. Among those excluded were Cardinal Ralph and members of the noble faction.”

Unaware that a lecture had almost been organized in his name, Ryoji made a genuinely displeased face as Hermann politely requested him to start the lesson.

“This is something I say in my private lessons too, but why do you think chanting is necessary when using magic?”

“Isn’t it because magic is a blessing bestowed by the gods? The attributes are the powers of gods. Chanting is a prayer to the gods, enabling us to manifest their powers.”

Elisabeth answered confidently to the question, and others nodded in agreement. Ryoji also nodded happily and began to explain his theory on chanting.

“I think of chanting as something that complements imagination. It was discovered in the past and has been passed down to the present.”

“Ryoji-dono, chanting are just auxiliary words that make it easier to convert magical power into attributes, and if you have enough imagination, you can cast spells without it. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Exactly! That’s why I can do this.”

Hermann joined the lecture with the other magicians, and Ryoji nodded in response to their answers. Then he demonstrated a water ball spell without chanting, fixing it in place. Everyone watched in awe, and Ryoji happily observed their reactions while creating another water orb next to it.

“See? You understand that it can be done without chanting?”

“A fixed water ball? Is such a thing possible?… But indeed, it was done without any chants. Ha! Is it because Ryoji-san has been granted more divine blessings than others?”

As Elisabeth retorted with a strained face, Ryoji called over Rosa, who he had kept as an assistant, and told her to demonstrate chanting reduction.

“I still can’t adjust the power. Eh? Water magic? That just produces water, but… Oh, if you want a demonstration, that might just be right.”

“Alright. I’ll make the container.”

Ryoji used earth magic to create a large dish in front of everyone. Unaware of the astonished expressions around him, he instructed Rosa to try shortened chanting while touching water.

“Let’s try it now. Start with the shortened chant.”

“Understood. ‘I strike thee, enemy. Water Arrow.'”

Rosa’s shortened chant resulted in the Water Arrow filling up the dish Ryoji had created with earth magic. Everyone gathered around the container, focusing intently on Rosa’s hands, trying to sense the flow of magical power.

“Everyone, instead of feeling the flow of magic, try to expand your image of water. Is the water cold? What’s its force? How much? How far do you want the water to travel? Try chanting while expanding your image of water as much as possible. Rosa, could you try the shortened chanting while touching the water?”

Following Ryoji’s instructions, Rosa tried again, and this time, the water arrow was shot with more force.

“Uh? T-The power increased?”

“Right? Touching the water made it easier to grasp the image. We’re heading to the training grounds now, so everyone try it out for yourselves.”

Ryoji announced this, leading the students, Hermann, and the others to the training grounds.

“Then everyone, try it while imagining. Those who can do it, let me know? I have gifts prepared in order of success! The first one to manage it gets ten dog-man magic stones and five potions I made!”

Cheers erupted from the students, Hermann, the magicians, and the adventurers alike. During this, Charlotta approached Ryoji to confirm.

“May I also try, Sensei?”

“Eh? Charlotta-sensei too? Of course, I don’t mind, but I will judge fairly.”

“Of course. There should be no favoritism. It seems that Hermann-sama is very eager.”

Charlotta declared her participation, and Ryoji, chuckling, turned his gaze to Hermann.

“What is Hermann-sama doing?”

“Eh? I… well, it wouldn’t be right for the subordinates to succeed before their superior, right? I, I’m not just here because I want the potion Ryoji-sama made! Don’t get the wrong idea!”


About thirty minutes into the lesson. It seemed easier for the students to grasp the concept of shortened chanting. The adventurers and the teaching staff, including Hermann and other magicians, seemed to be hindered by their experience and knowledge, unconsciously reciting the full incantations. They struggled when they forcibly tried to shorten their spells, as they couldn’t control their magical powers well.

“Ryoji-kun! I did it! ‘I, with the pure flow, strike thee, enemy! Water Arrow!'”

“Wow! Well done, Orlando! You’re the second one after Rosa! Keep it up and keep shortening!”

“Ahhh… I didn’t make it… My potion is gone… My chance to get the five-fold potion that’s the talk of Drugul is gone… It’s over… My life is over…”

“What? Hold on! Hermann-sama! It’s not over! It’s okay! Don’t end your life just because you didn’t get the potion! I’ll give you some if it helps! You’re a big shot in this country, don’t be so fragile!”

Orlando, who had successfully performed a shortened cast, was followed by Hermann, who knelt on the ground with his hands and knees, continuing to mutter in despair. Ryoji rushed over to console him.

“It’s about time to wrap up. Those who managed the shortened casting are, in order, Orlando, Hermann, Lucia, Mishika, and Mateo. Anyone else? Did I teach poorly?”

“Not at all. The image Ryoji-kun taught us to hold while casting spells really helped. Today’s lesson has even enhanced the power of our magic. It’s a significant discovery! It’s clear that it’s not just about chanting.”

“That’s right! Thanks to you, not only has my magic improved, but I’ve also managed to shorten my casting. Now I’ll go back to the palace and teach others to strengthen our kingdom’s forces. And please don’t forget about the potion! I will definitely come to collect it!”

“I’m pleased you’re interested in the potion. I plan to make more next holiday and send it to Drugul, so come and see──”

“I will come! Absolutely! It’s a promise!”

“Okay, okay! So let go of my hand!”

Delighted by Ryoji’s invitation, Hermann shook Ryoji’s hand vigorously while declaring his commitment. However, one of his subordinates, looking worried, whispered in his ear.

“Lord Hermann, you have a meeting scheduled with King Marcel on that day…”

“Never mind that!”

“No! Please do mind it! Please don’t cancel your meeting with King Marcel! Let’s pick another day!”

“Alright! I’ll reschedule the meeting with King Marcel!”

“No, you won’t!”

Despite Hermann’s last-minute frenzy, Ryoji’s class ended successfully and was scheduled to occur regularly until his graduation.

“Ryoji-kun’s class was really popular, wasn’t it? But Principal Reynold wasn’t there, right?”

“Ah. I’ve already taught Reynold how to shorten chants. Besides, he’s busy with the creation of the teleportation circle and other research. He also said he was preparing to accept Rosa.”

“Wait, has it already been decided that Rosa will be Reylond-sensei’s assistant? Is that true, Rosa?”

“Yes. As soon as it was clear I could perform shortened chanting, he asked me to ‘Please come as an assistant twice a week.’ Thank you so much, Ryoji-kun. I’ll do my best to continue working as his assistant after I graduate!”

“Alright! Let’s celebrate the successful completion of the class and Rosa’s appointment as an assistant! I’m treating today, so everyone eat what you like!”

At Ryoji’s words, cheers arose from Lucia, Maishika, and Mateo.

That day, Ryoji had started preparations early in the morning to create potions, prompted by Aurelio. Following his usual routine, he harvested flowers using wind magic from the garden and filled a jar with water using water magic, then began mixing the contents with wind magic. In about five minutes, the jar was filled with a blue liquid.

“Alright, now to dilute this…”

“Ryoji-sama, pardon the interruption during your work. Lord Hermann is here to see you, what should I do?”

“Eh? Lord Hermann? He’s not supposed to come today because of an audience, but if he’s here, please show him in.”

Melta, apologetically entering the hut while announcing the visitor, informed Ryoji that it was the chief court magician, Hermann. Ryoji wondered if Hermann’s audience with King Marcel had been canceled as he instructed Melta to guide him to the hut.

“Welcome, Hermann-sama. Today’s audience was canceled… it wasn’t canceled! Why is King Marcel here?”

“Because Hermann said, ‘I want to observe Ryoji-dono’s potion making at his estate, please reschedule the audience.’, you know. And I’m free, you see?”

“Phrases like ‘mon’ and ‘jan’ aren’t befitting a king! No good! This is beyond my level of tsukkomi! Melta, Marco hasn’t returned to Drugul yet, right?”[TN: In the previous phrase he uses ‘mon’ and ‘jan’, mostly used in cutesy terms and I don’t know how to use them in English, so I used ‘you know’ for ‘mon’ and ‘you see’ for jan. Any suggestion is highly appreciated]

“Eh? Yes, he is scheduled to depart tomorrow.”

“Call him over now! I’ll try to handle it until he arrives! Marco is the only one who can stand up to King Marcel!”

At Ryoji’s insistence, Melta, smiling wryly, headed to the lodging where Marco was staying.

“So, Ryoji-dono! Now that the introduction is over, can you start making potions? I haven’t been able to sleep since last night because I’m so excited! Quickly! Quickly!”

“Alright, calm your excitement. So, where do we start?”

Amused by Hermann’s high spirits, Ryoji took requests while Marcel, watching the scene with interest, indicated they wanted to see everything from the start.

“Alright. Before we begin, I have a question for you, Hermann-sama. Do you know the ingredients for the potion?”

“Of course! Red flowers, mushroom monster magic stone powder, and distilled water. After boiling the ingredients in distilled water for five minutes and filtering, it’s done!”

“Oh, you use mushroom monster magic stone powder? I see. But for the potions I make, I only use blue flowers and water produced through water magic. I also use various attributes during the process.”

“Blue flowers? I’ve never heard of blue flowers. Are they different from red flowers?”

“The seeds are the same. However, when grown with water magic, they bloom blue instead of red.”

Unaware of the surprise on their faces, Ryoji began potion-making with the blue flowers he had already harvested.

“After this, I dilute it by a hundred times to complete it. What do you think, Hermann-sama?”

“…Yes! Quite a fine performance.”

“What are you talking about? May I ask a question in place of Hermann?”

As Hermann, who was entranced by Ryoji’s process, answered, Marcel asked in disbelief.

“Why dilute it by a hundred times? Wouldn’t it be more effective to drink the concentrate to increase recovery?”

“I thought the same and tried tasting it… Unfortunately, it was undrinkable. Would you like to taste it?”

Responding to King Marcel’s question, Ryoji offered a spoon dipped in the concentrate to the two. Hermann eagerly took a taste before Marcel could.

“Ugh! It’s awful! Ryo-Ryoji-dono! I need water…”

“This is how it tastes. After various trials, we decided to ‘dilute it a hundred times.'”

As Hermann writhed in agony, Ryoji explained to King Marcel. The rest of the process also proceeded smoothly, and it was time for tasting.

“The most popular flavors in Drugul are honey and orange.”

“Are there any plans to sell it in the capital?”

“We have an exclusive contract with Aurelio, so sales of potions in the capital are undecided. However, tablets for the elderly and infants, and long sticks for fathers, are planned to be sold in the capital. What do you think, King Marcel? This would suit a drink… Ouch! What are you doing, Marco? That hurts!”

“Shut up! Melta said it was an emergency, so I rushed over with a sword in hand, and you’re doing business with the king! The chief court magician, who was writhing in agony, is looking covetously! Just sell it to him for a high price!”

“Indeed, Marco’s tsukkomi is unmatched! What weapon are you holding?”

“Ah, this weapon is a recreation of the legendary weapon called the harisen from my homeland. It is an essential weapon for the job of retorting… Ow! Let me finish!”

“Like I’d let you! I’ve told you, I’m not into tsukkomi! What’s with ‘tsukkomi job’ anyway?”

“It would take three days to explain about the tsukkomi job. Besides, it’s impossible for Marco to deny he’s a retorter! Right, King Marcel?”

“Of course! If Marco holds the legendary weapon, even the title of Count of Tsukkomis would be… Ow! What? I am the king!”

“I don’t care! Even kings are irrelevant! I’m going to straighten you all out!”

In Ryoji’s hut, the screams of young and old echoed. Meanwhile, as if taking the opportunity, Hermann’s scream also rang out with a scream.

“Why me too!”

“Shut up! I’m dealing with everyone!”

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