Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-2-Part-1

Long time no see

Chapter 2 ──── March towards Demon Forest

Part I

 I awoke to consciousness with the coming of morning. ……

“Fumu, it’s kind of painful.”

 I was in some kind of pain. It was as if I was being squeezed from all sides.

 When I tried to move my limbs, I could only faintly move any of my four limbs, but I was far from free. Around SaiWest, everywhere I go, I could feel the rich smell of trees and flowers filling my lungs.

 And a different kind of mellow smell that made my back and lower abdomen tingle was emanating from my immediate vicinity.


 Perhaps she was sleepwalking, but Serina had wrapped her lower body around mine like a serpent choking its prey – though it would be wrong of me to say so.

 I was half floating on the bed, wrapped around Serina, but how could I have slept so soundly in such a position?

 Partly because I was completely unaware of the two of us being in the same room, but also perhaps because Serina herself was unaware of what she was doing.

 The bottom half of Serina’s body was like this, but the top half of her body had her hands around my neck, and she was hugging me tightly and burying her face in my neck as if she thought I was a stuffed animal or something.

 The scent that had been stimulating my male parts for a while now was the natural aroma that lamia, which attracts and seduces the opposite sex of different species, naturally releases from their bodies.

 If I didn’t have an iron spirit, this smell alone would make my thoughts fuzzy and I would fall prey to the bewitching Lamia.

 However, looking at the innocent face of Serina, who was sleeping comfortably, it was hard to believe that she was such a dangerous monster.

 It may be a trap that the Lamia species has acquired in order to keep its prey from being alarmed, but it makes more sense that, it is Serina.

“You’re up, Doran.”

“Good morning, Christine-san. The sun has only just risen, I think, but you’re up early.”

 Christine-san, who had woken up before us, sat down on her bed and gave us a much warmer smile.

 Both of us had just taken off our armor and were asleep, but she had already cleansed her face and groomed herself, and her silver hair, which sometimes looked dull even when it was real silver, was tied up with a blue ribbon embroidered with gold thread. With her armor on and her long sword at her hip, she was ready to go into battle.

“I guess I’m a little excited, my eyes are a little brighter than usual. I think I was awakened by the sound of a sleepy Serina crawling into your bed. Since I didn’t think she would attack you in my presence, and she was just sleepwalking, I didn’t stop her.”

“Maybe she was seeking the warmth of human skin, but more likely she was trying to replenish her energy for battle subconsciously.”

“And by that, you mean?”

 A slight crease of doubt appeared between Christine-san’s beautiful brows. At times, lamia can suck the energy out of their prey to the point of killing them.

 Regardless of whether it’s consciously or unconsciously, it’s understandable to fear that Serina might take in enough energy to threaten my life.

“Fumu, Serina is sucking my energy little by little. It’s not enough to interfere with the fight, so don’t worry about it.”

 Her lower body occasionally rubbed against mine, and her cheeks, hair, and lips against my neck each had a different feel than tempted my whole body to release my energy. The sleeping Serina was sipping my energy without her even knowing it.

 I had intended to share my energy with her before the fight, but I guess I don’t need it now.

 I stared at Serina’s face, which was within a few inches of my lips if I stretched my face out a little.

 The golden eyelashes framing her faintly trembling eyelids, the luster of her lips in the morning sun, and the elegant beauty of the straight line of her nose were more than enough to make me forget my aversion to non-human creatures.

 I wanted to brush a few strands of golden hair from her white cheeks, but my arms were still bound.

 Serina seemed to have finally awakened to the sound of our talking. The trembling of her eyelashes became larger, and her eyelids opened to look at my face with blue, wet eyes.

“Hmmm, ……, what’s that? Oh, it’s Doran-shan.”

 It seemed that the fog of sleep was still hanging over my consciousness, and Serina said my name in a sloppy tone.

 And looks like she still can’t grasp the fact that my face is so close to her breath.

 Because of the nature of her race, I knew that it took her a long time to wake up in the morning, so I didn’t rush her and waited for her to grasp the situation. Christine-san also didn’t interrupt the conversation and observed us with a smile on her face.


“Good morning, Serina. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I had a pleasant sleep.”

 She covers her mouth with her left hand and lets out a yawn, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes as if she still wants to sleep.

 She rubbed her eyes drowsily, and as the drowsiness gradually wore off, she finally realized her situation and shook her body in one big shudder. I had to hold back a muffled squeal as her serpent’s lower body tightened in response.

 It is the will of a man born to bear it so that Serina will not feel guilty.

“Oh my, why is Doran-san on my bed……”

 Her voice was a mixture of embarrassment and confusion, and I told her only the facts plainly. She was blushing and looked at me with half expectation and half anxiety.

“It’s not that I came to your bed, it’s the other way around. You see, Serina, your bed’s over there, isn’t it?”

 When she saw where I was pointing with my chin, she quickly turned red to the tips of her ears.

“I-I-I’m s-sorry. I don’t know how I ended up in Doran-san’s bed. I-I-I-I’ll be right out.”

 Serina untied the restraints on my lower body that had been wrapped around my entire body. I wanted to tease her a little bit, so I put my finger on her lower jaw and tickled her lightly, as she let out an unspoken gasp.

“It’s my fault that I didn’t notice you sneaking in. You don’t have to blame yourself for that. It also saved me the trouble of sharing my energy with you.”

“It’s nice of you to say so, but why are you tickling my throat? It’s not that I don’t like it, but it makes me nervous.”

“Fufu, I just wanted to tease Serina a little bit.”

“Uuuh, I’m not a little Cat, you know.”

 Serina’s mouth was protesting, but her body was reacting in the opposite way. Her whole body expressed joy, such as troubled eyebrows, slightly raised cheeks, moistened eyes and a small tail wagging from side to side.

“If you really don’t like it, I’ll stop now.”

 Serina responded to the question, which I thought was a bit mean, after a bit of silence.

“…… nya, nya~n.”

 It seems that she now feels like a Cat instead of a Lamia.

“Fumu, you’re so honest.”

 I decided to continue tickling her throat for a while, as Serina wanted.

“She’s a Lamia yet, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a human being give up their dignity. Uh-huh.

 Christine-san, who had been silently watching mine and Serina’s actions, muttered.

 I thought it was enough now, but Serina didn’t seem to have picked up on it, and with an enraptured look on her face, she began to rest her body against my fingers.

“Nyan nya~n!”

 I’m glad Serina is happy. Although I’m not sure how a Lamia can make cat noises.

–Part I end—

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