Person With Inferior Ability Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-3

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{Chapter 3} Home Occupation by Outsiders

Part III

The woman, called Sally, was dressed in a long skirt with a long slit and bare feet, was listening to Shiro’s explanation with a “hmmmm.

“Well, is it this about this oni-san? …… Hmmm, but he seems like a nice guy…”

“Sally-san! We’ve already decided! And that’s all to it …..”

“Um, I’d like to continue our discussion. ……”

 While Hiroto said this, it was beginning to feel like the discussion was impossible.

 He didn’t really want to, but he began to think that a fight was unavoidable.

 But there are so many of them. And each of them seemed to be very tough.

 If he wanted to fight them, he would have to be very prepared.

 Without changing his expression, Hiroto quietly …… began to knead a small amount of Senki into his navel Dantian so that it would not be obvious. It is very small, but it is a dense senki.[What is this? a Chinese Novel now]

 This Senki is like a turbocharged engine of energy that Hiroto has acquired in actual combat in the demon world.

 It is a technique that Hiroto developed to compensate for his own shortcomings as a slow starter in battle. He kneads Senki secretly without anyone noticing, and when he releases it, he instantly draws out its full power.

 However, as soon as he prepared for the eventuality, the room went silent.

(……hm? No way! Exposed already!?)

 Hiroto broke out in a cold sweat. With this, it is no wonder that others will think that it was Hiroto who set the trap.

He felt the pressure from behind and glanced back with a bad premonition and a sense of …… danger to himself.

There was Kiyoko, the red-haired girl, and the woman who had just been called Sally, on all fours, staring at him.

 Moreover, at close range.

 The three women with flushed faces were fidgeting around their thighs, and Shiro was standing behind them, keeping her distance, but still giving them a feverish look.

“Ah, um, …… you’re a bit close. E-everyone?”

 Hiroto wondered if his earlier kneading of Senki had drawn out the other party’s wariness, but that didn’t seem to be the case. But for some reason, He was scared.

 Three beautiful women, beautiful girls, crawling on all fours, came sizzling towards him.

 Hiroto subconsciously stepped back, trying to keep his distance.

 As the faces of the three of them lined up to the point where they were almost touching each other, Kiyoko looked at him wide-eyed and spoke up.

“Sally. You just got back,……, what do you think? This oni-san…….”

“I think …… is very good. I can feel it from his spiritual and Senki.”

“Isn’t it? Doesn’t it feel good? You know that, right?”

 Hiroto’s face turned pale.

“Well, ……, what are you talking about?”

 Hiroto broke out in a cold sweat at how easy they found out about Senki.

 Ignoring the surprised Hiroto, Kiyoko now spoke to the red-haired girl.

“What about Susan?”


“Oh? Su-chan likes it too?”


 The red-haired girl who was called Susan also put her face close between Kiyoko and Sally and stared.

 Hiroto pulled back his waist and tensed up because of his poor stance and spacing, but as usual, the three of them did not seem to have the will to fight. So, he couldn’t figure out what they were thinking.

 The three were slowly approaching…..and Hiroto was backing away as  if to match.

“Kiyoko-san, Sally-san, uh, …… Susan-san? When you’re this close, it’s …… hard to have a discussion.”

“Please call me Kiyoko.”

“And I’m Sally.”

“…… Susan.”

 Hiroto’s back touched the wall of earth, and he felt uncomfortable.

 He felt his body was in danger …….

 But, somehow, it is a danger that is not a mortal danger.

 A red liquid flowed from the nostrils of Kiyoko who was staring at him without blinking.

“T-that…… got a nosebleed. As a woman, how is that? It’s ……, just wow!”

 As if the nosebleed was a signal, Kiyoko jumped into Hiroto as if she couldn’t take it anymore.

 And a moment later, Sally and Susan followed suit.

“Gyaaa! Hey! Why are you doing that? I don’t know what’s going on here! Mugwu.”

“aahh, Oni-san! I can’t take it anymore! If you give me that much Senki, I’m going to ……”

“It’s same for Sally, too! Chuu!”

“…………(full!) Chuu!”

 The three of them embraced, kissed and squeezed Hiroto as they wished.

“It hurts! It hurtsssss! Your eyes, your eyes are scary, they’re scary! Ah, come on! Don’t take off my clothes!”

 From the outside, it was difficult to see where Hiroto was, and the others were so overwhelmed by the three; Kiyoko and co, that they could only watch. Hiroto also tried to escape, but it didn’t work.

(No, they are too powerful to escape! Wow, there are soft ones everywhere ……!)

“Hey, don’t kiss me! Don’t take off my clothes! Ah………there. P-Please  someone help me!”

 In the end, he forgot about himself and even asked for help from other people.

(It can’t be helped. It’s a shame, but not ……! It’s for escape!)

 Hiroto’s Senki rose and began to circulate throughout Hiroto’s body at ……, and then

 Supan! Supan! Supan! A pleasant, popping sound was heard three times.


“It hurts!”

“…… (teary-eyed)”

Then the tightening finally loosened, and the three people who had attacked Hiroto in a different way pressed their heads together with their hands.

 When he looked at the source, he could see Shiro standing there with a pair of slippers in each hand, trembling.

“All of you! What are you doing? And even Sally-san and Susan !”

 Hiroto hurriedly escaped during this moment and hid behind Shiro’s back.

 And from behind her back, he glared at the three of them with vigilant, kitten-like eyes.

 The three beauties, which had almost become beasts, came back to their sense and sullenly said, “I’m sorry”.

“What the hell! Our goal is to get rid of this oni-san, isn’t it! Generally speaking, I’m the only one who has business with this oni-san. ……Eh?”

 When Shiro was about to go into preaching mode by pointing at Hiroto who was right behind him, she slowly checked Hiroto’s figure from top to bottom and stiffened …….

 Hiroto’s upper body was now bare, his jeans were unbuckled, and his zipper was fully open. Furthermore,……, the underwear within it is also half off,…….

 And Shiro’s face was suddenly dyed bright red from neck to forehead.

 Only after looking at the state of the Shiro, Hiroto realized that his appearance was not as it should be.

“I’m sorry! I’ll wear it correctly right away. ……”


“Ehhhhhhhh!? Guha!”

 A thud sound came! He was not sure.

 When Shiro swung her slipper, she hit Hiroto with an impact that drowned out her own scream.

 Hiroto was blown away as if he were a piece of paper that had lost its weight.

 A moment later, (I let my guard down ……. But I didn’t know slippers were so powerful ……), and then he crashed into a wall.

 Hiroto was covered in debris from the wall and pillar, and his consciousness went dark.[I HATE PATHETIC MC]

 Hiroto regained consciousness after a few moments…… but it was difficult to confirm the situation.

 Shaking his head, he got up from the cushion on the tattered tatami mat.

 When he looked around him, he saw that the non-humans were sitting in three rows, as they had been in the beginning, and were concentrating on him.


 Hiroto looked puzzled, and then Kiyoko came out and smiled, pushing Shiro, who had been hiding behind her, forward.

 Shiro looked down and could not look at …… him.

“Oni-san,……, I’m sorry. I ……. was”

 Apparently, she is referring to the fact that she flipped Hiroto off with her slippers earlier.

 As his consciousness became clearer, Hiroto felt a strange sensation.

 Because when he tried to move in here, they were trying to get rid of him.

 If so, they could have just thrown him outside, or if they were bad, they could have just taken his life.

 But now, right in front of him, he could see Shiro looking down at with her shoulders slumped and Kiyoko was next to her.

 From the other side, Sally also put her hand on Shiro’s shoulder, looking worried. Susan was also staring at her, but only slightly, as if she was worried.

 For Hiroto, this was also unexpected.

 In fact, the discussion earlier had been so rough that it seemed like it was out of control.

 But the sight of these people, worriedly caring for Shiro, was like a pair of close sisters.

 Despite receiving a blow that would not have been enough for a normal human being, Hiroto’s mouth naturally slackened at the sight.

 However, perhaps because he was aware of the fact that he had given such a shock, Shiro was sitting upright with her small body.

 Certainly, an ordinary person would have …… well, died instantly, but …….


“Yes …….”

 Shiro was sullen and a little tearful.

“…… Don’t worry so much about it.”


 She looked up in surprise. At the same time, a white triangular ear popped up on her head.

 Looking at it, Hiroto wondered what kind of metamorphosis it was? He thought so but kept talking.

“I’m not angry at all. I think it could not be helped for Shiro-san to be surprised,……. And even though I look like this, I’m sturdy, so don’t worry!”

 While saying that, Hiroto smiled and showed it.

 Shiro was listening while hurriedly holding her ears that had come out. Then she lightly cleaned her eyes and …… finally showed a smile. Hiroto nodded happily when he saw it, and both Kiyoko and Sally’s expression became calm at the exchange. And for Susan, she was staring at him.

 And the non-humans behind Kiyoko were all staring at him as if they were surprised or looking at something strange.

“Yes! So, let’s get back to the story. Although the topic went off the rail, but oni-san wants to live in this house. And we have no intention of giving it up. That’s the current situation!”

“I think most of the detour is due to Kiyoko-san’s child’s fault. ……”


“Ignoring it huh”

 And, Hiroto also came back to reality thanks to what Kiyoko had said.

 ……The problem has not been solved at all.

“So oni-san. I have a proposal, why don’t you play a game with us?”

“A game?”

“Yes. It’s simple, whoever wins will live in this house. How about it ……?”

 Though it was a sudden proposal, Hiroto thought it over calmly.

 Certainly, it was impossible to discuss in the first place. It may be better to play a game or a match to make it easier to understand.

(It depends on the content. ……. If we were to decide on a battle, this would be a disadvantage in terms of numbers. But in any case, I can’t just leave like this. ……)

“…… What’s the game?”

 Kiyoko smiled and.

“We have a traditional game that we play to smooth out any conflicts that may arise. It is …… a competition to bring in a selected item!”

 Kiyoko said cheerfully.


 The non-humans around him all shouted in unison, almost like a scream.

“Competition to bring a dried selected?”[Hiroto says sentei hin jisan kyoso(せんていひんじさんきょうそう) but the Kanji reads as sentei shina jisan kyoso(せんていしなじさんきょうそう)]

“I’ll explain! It’s a game where the winner is the one who brings the item selected by each other earlier. Of course, it’s one-on-one. You each write the name of your favorite item on ten pieces of paper, put them in a box, and draw one piece of paper from each other. It’s a simple game where you have to bring the item written on the paper before your opponent does. When we play it together, we don’t limit the distance, but this time we’ll limit it to Seiji city.”

(T-that’s like a …… dynamic scavenger hunt. ……)

“Naturally, you don’t know what you’re going to pull, but you’ll be writing half of it yourself, so don’t write anything too simple. You have to think about the risk that the other person will pull it out. The trick is to write something that is advantageous to you, but not too easy for them.”

 Hiroto was wondering what to do. It is a rule that is not bloody. He might as well accept it.

 However, fairness is the problem. As long as that is not guaranteed, he couldn’t accept it.

 As if reading the thoughts of Hiroto, Kiyoko proposed.

“Fufufu, then you can draw the paper specially for us and for oni-san, both of them can be from oni-san. And the box can be one that oni-san prepared. You can trust me with this, right?”

 Hiroto thinks that it would certainly be …….

 The only risk is to bring out an opponent with exploration capabilities and win the game.

“If there is someone who has the exploration ability, the disadvantage is overwhelming,…….”

“Well, that also depends on the strategy. …… But, this time, we don’t have anyone with that kind of ability. You’ll have to trust me on this, but it’s true. I swear on our pride.”

 Hiroto listened in silence.

“And I forgot to tell you that it’s basically okay to use your abilities. But I want you to be objective in what you write. This is an extreme example, but if it’s something like [ a pencil that A-kun used two years ago ], it’s hard to judge, isn’t it? In this case, I would like you to limit it to “A-kun’s pencil]. You can also write people’s names, but please take into account that this time it’s limited to this city. For example, you can write [B’s favorite person] or [C’s grandmother], but if the target person is out in another city, the game won’t work.”

(That’s natural. However, depending on what is written, I feel like it could be something trivial. …… Hmmm, but I have to take the game even if I think about it. ……)

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I don’t want to leave.”

“I don’t like it either.”

“Rather, this rule was decided by Kiyoko when she was drunk. When did it become a tradition?”

 There were some points that were somewhat concerning, but …….

“……I understand. I accept the challenge. Since I don’t have anywhere else to go either. I want to live in this house, no matter what.”

 When she heard that Hiroto was going to accept the match, she seemed to be very happy.

“Yes! It’s settled then! So, who’s going to play from here?”

 Kiyoko looked around at her friends and they all turned their heads away.

 Still, she was looking around smilingly, and after a while,……, Susan, who was surprisingly quiet, quietly raised her hand.

“Oh? So Susan is going to do it. It’s settled! Then, you write down ten of your favorite things. I’ll be the judge. Also, Susan, I have a favor to ask you. …… The content is …….”

 Kiyoko took out 20 pieces of paper and handed 10 of them to Hiroto, and then handed the remaining 10 to Susan while talking about something in private.

 While thinking that there is something fishy about ……, Hiroto pondered what to write on the paper.

 With the competition to bring in a selection of products already prepared, everyone came out to the courtyard, which although completely unmaintained, was large enough.

“Yes! Okay, let’s have you draw the paper. Are you ready, oni-san?”

“Ah, yes.”

 Hiroto pulled out a raffle box that he had made from a tissue box in the tent.

“Then, as I told you before, draw the paper with the items that you have to bring. We’ll start with Susan’s.”

 Hiroto stuck his hand into the box, a little nervously, and pulled out a folded piece of paper.

“Alright, hand it over here. Let’s see, the contents are …….”

 Kiyoko looked at the paper with Susan. Then Susan’s face turned vermillion, almost as if she could hear it.”

(What is it? What’s written on it?)

“Aah, it’s started. ……”

“It’s definitely written by Kiyoko.”

 A sickening voice could be heard from outside the group.

“Susan is [the underwear worn by the person you like the most out of the opposite sex you’ve recently met]!”[TN: I hate this MC so muuuuuuuuuuuuuch]


 Hiroto shouts, rolling his eyes.

(Is that ……? What the hell is this person writing? And can you even judge that?)

 Susan turned red, but she was clearly staring at him.

 Hiroto felt a chill run through him and he unconsciously backed away.

“Yes, yes. It seems that Susan has already decided. You are very popular, oni-san. Hurry up and pull yours oni-san.”

 Kiyoko urged him with a big smile.

(T-This is …… I have to draw the one I wrote for sure!)

 He put his hand in the box as if he were praying. Please! Please! He took out a piece of paper, ruminating over and over in his mind.

“Yes! Give it to me here. What is it? What is it, what is it? Damn, it’s a hit. ……”

 Looking at Kiyoko’s expression, Hiroto felt a sincere sense of relief.

(Yosh! She took the one I wrote!)

 Hiroto took the paper from somewhat bored Kiyoko.

 What are the contents? [Is it Hakamada Ichigo’s recently purchased game software?] [Snack food glitter corn teriyaki flavor] (rare and only sold in one store around here as far as Hiiroto knows)? He unfolded the folded paper.

“Um, …….”

[Underwear of the opposite sex]


 Hiroto’s behavior stopped abruptly. He rubbed his eyes with his arm and looked at the contents again.


 What it says is a word …… [underwear of the opposite sex].

“What’s the point of thissssssssss!!”

“It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever written.

“Hey! Is this all you wrote?”

 Hiroto took out all the papers in the box.

 Except for the ones written by him, on eight of the papers that seem to be the handwriting of Kiyoko has the same “Underwear worn by the person of the opposite sex you have met most recently” that Susan has pulled.

 There was only one [Kiyoko’s underwear ( seriously, to escape – oni-san needs to negotiate)] in it.


 It’s true that it’s a hit, but ……. Hiroto glared at Kiyoko.

“Ah~ah. I’m a little disappointed, but I’m going to start the game right away. Okay?”

“…….can’t help it”

(But, what to do with this?)


 Kiyoko raises her right hand before shouting.

“Then …….”

 What should Hiroto do? His head was spinning about a thousand times a second.

(The opposite sex’s underwear ……. What should I do with that! Borrow them from someone?)

 For a moment, Matsuri’s face came to his mind ……, but Hiroto shakes his head violently.

(Who’s going to lend it to me? ! I’ll end up being treated like a pervert!)

 Even when he returned to his parents’ house, he lived with his grandfather. There was no way he could have such a thing. Rather, it would be bad if there was one. But then he thought about his grandfather…… no, he felt that it would be better not to look for it.

 It is for the sake of mental health.

(……T-That’s it! I just need to buy it! It’s embarrassing, but I have to buy it.)

 While he was having such thoughts, Kiyoko swung her hand down.


 Hiroto confirmed that Susan had leaped onto him at the same time as the shout.

 No, …… just with that action, Hiroto knew that she was out of the norm.

 Her speed was frightening and instantaneous. It’s an unthinkable move if you don’t know she’s not human. Susan’s footprints were deeply embedded in the ground.

 But to Hiroto, it was as he had expected. In response to Susan’s explosive speed, he dodged with a minimal circular motion using his left foot as the axis.

 As they passed each other, their eyes met in those few tenths of a second. Hiroto could clearly see that Susan’s eyes had taken on an astonishing hue.

 Susan immediately returned to her original expression, and even after being dodged by Hiroto, she kept her speed up and jumped onto the trunk of a large tree in the garden in front of her, approaching from diagonally behind Hiroto, who had dodged her in a circular motion in the manner of a triangle jump. The huge tree swayed with momentum.

 In response, Hiroto immediately put out his left arm diagonally to defend himself against Susan.

 Susan’s mouth loosened just a little. She instantly changed her policy to grab the left hand that Hiroto put out. To begin with, her goal was to catch Hiroto.

 Her hand grabbed Hiroto’s left arm,……, but the moment she grabbed it, Hiroto’s left arm moved up and down as if it were swelling. The axis of his body remains in a circular motion.

 Susan’s hand was touching Hiroto’s arm. The only thing left to do was to grab it, but the arm moved like a wave from the bottom to the top at a perfect speed, and although she was touching it, she couldn’t really feel it and couldn’t grab it.

 Susan, who was still trying to grab his arm, jumped upward as if she was being led by his arm. Rather, she was made to jump.

 Susan was forced to jump up several meters, and for a moment, Hiroto disappeared from sight.

 At the same time, Susan felt someone jumping behind her.

 It was the worst possible situation to be caught behind, but this time Susan thought she had won.

 If she had jumped, Hiroto would have been able to attack her in some way. ……

 But if he could have jumped, it would have been a different story.

 Suddenly, a beautiful, fiery crimson wing emerges from Susan’s slender back.

 Susan flaps her wings, turns around, grabs Hiroto’s hand, and clutches him in the air as she comes up behind him.

 It was hard to tell from Susan’s scant expression, but it was a face that said, “I got you.”

“Susan! It’s me! Hey, it’s me! That Oni-san threw me! Wa-wa-wa, don’t let go of me! I can’t fly!”


—-Part III end—-


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