Vol6-Chapter 111: It Seems That The Battle Is Decided With That

Alexei ponders the strange turn of events.

If Princess Marianne and Prince Rias were brought into the Numbers, the country would be further unsettled.

Whether they agreed or not, the fact that they had “joined a group of aristocratic students” would quickly weaken the King’s appeal to the Princess as the next queen, not to mention the Queen who was possessed by a demonic god.

 The backlash from the existing members was within the scope of expectations.

The reason he did not explain in advance was to avoid information leakage to Shiva. He also wanted to avoid having the Princess question his “Seriousness”. The number 4 in particular is very intuitive and cannot be counted on to perform.

He was confident. Confidence that he could bring the princess and the prince into the numbers, even if only formally.

(Charlotte’s attendant girl …… such a painful irregularity)

He had no idea that she would make such a wild proposal as ‘Let’s settle this by fighting directly’.

(Was she aiming for it from the beginning? If so, it must have been Shiva or Haruto’s idea rather than hers.)

He shudders in fear that his intentions have been seen through. At the same time, he smiled with glee.

(If they have identified me as an enemy, that’s interesting. Even if I end up scattered in the end, let’s have some fun.)

 Alexei came to the central building of the Academy.

He knocked and entered the dean’s office.

In front of him was the dean, Theresia Montpellier, sitting at her desk, and as soon as she saw Alexei, her eyes widened in surprise.

“I apologize for the unexpectedness of this question. I have something to discuss with the dean……. but I don’t know who might be listening, so please keep your voice down.”

Saying this, she would guess that he was ‘wary of Shiva’s eavesdropping’.

 In fact, Theresa took it that way. However-.

“Shiva already knows that you are possessed by a demonic god, doesn’t he?”

She dared to mention it. Even if Shiva did not know, she indeed did now.

“I’m at …… a loss. Even if you are not on our side, I thought you were not on their side either.”

“That is correct, Alexei Gubeluk. It’s a question of which side you put more weight on. I am the one who will destroy the demigod, no matter what the current situation is.”

“Isn’t it the god?”

“Isn’t it the same thing? In this day and age, we don’t need the ghosts of the gods.”

“I see. But there seems to be a slight misunderstanding. My personality is Alexei Gueberg himself, and I have only borrowed a part of the knowledge and power of the demigod. I am not like her.”

“Is it necessary to mince words now? In other words, you are not like the Queen. It seems that you have transferred it from Miss Zara Yessel.”

It was foolish to hide after being exposed in this way.

“Zara contacted Shiva, and the remnants of the demon god escaped from her restraints and came to me. Would this explanation alleviate your alarm at least a little?”

 Teresia said without changing her stern expression.

“I am also wary of Alexei Gubeluk himself. Although you are a very serious and talented student, your underlying ideology is dangerous. It is your nature to want to disturb the country for the fun of it.”

 Alexei’s cheeks relaxed involuntarily.

“What is funny?”

“No, I think that you, who saw through my nature, are still an educator whom I respect. You, on the other hand, are only a “god-killer” in the memory of the demi-god. I find it strange that you should be guiding the young people.”

“You didn’t come to …… here to talk nonsense like that, did you? Tell me what you want.”

Alexei shrugged.

“Yea, I suppose I do. Actually…”

 He tells the story of the fight between the princesses and the Numbers members at the previous meeting. He laid out the premise that he wanted to ‘cross factions and join hands’ while concealing his own intentions.

“Your real intention is …… well, that’s fine. But I cannot allow a duel between students.”

“Nor do I wish to see lives exchanged. If that happens, Shiva will not be happy.”

“Then, if it’s in the form of a team-based mock duel in the arena, with safety in mind…”

 Alexei interrupted Theresa’s suggestion.

“No, that is also something I would like to avoid. Even if it is off-limits, the students may find out about the magical battles in the academy. It’s fine with me to make a fuss about it, but I don’t think the other members of the group would approve of it.”

“On the other hand, outside of the academy, we teachers are limited in what we can do. We cannot allow it.”

“Yes, I suppose so. That’s why I’d like to make the format acceptable to the teachers.”

“You want to change the format of the competition to ……? You don’t want to make it a magic game?”

 Alexei nodded broadly and said,

“It will be an exploration of the Olympian ruins.”

 The school has expertise in safety management, as this is also a part of the graduation examinations.

“If it is a competition between two teams to get something and come back, it must have been done in the past graduation exams. I heard that there was a condition that they were allowed to interfere with each other. How about that?”

“Depending on the degree of interference, that would be, well, ……. However, something has gone wrong with the ruins.”

“The demons have all but disappeared.”

Theresa’s eyebrows twitched.

“The exact same thing is happening at the bottom level. To be more precise, all the demons have gathered at the bottom level since Haruto Zemphis and his team arrived there.”

“You are quite knowledgeable, aren’t you?”

“Don’t make such a scary face. It seems that the demon god’s servant did something wrong. I’m not here to clean up the mess, but I’ll take care of it.”

 Theresa pondered for a while and then answered.

” …… understands. I will allow it. But I will set the rules.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I want to be fair about it.”

 Alexei replied with a smile, and Theresa wondered how much he really meant it.

(You heard that, didn’t you? You can handle anything that happens, can’t you, Shiva?)

 Of course, she would be very careful herself, but Teresia had high hopes for the unidentified man, who she still did not know if he was on her side.

–Meanwhile. Speaking of Haruto…

“Fuwaah!?. ………… mnya”

 He was sleeping in his room.

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