Episode 22: Omen



 I step firmly on the ground and look at his attack.

 He continues to come at me with his attack while using fireballs and fire pillar quick magic. He keeps attacking while making full use of. It was no more than a land mine.

 He seemed to have already understood that he was inferior in the close-combat range, so he opted for a long-range magical attack.

“Oh ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

 I look at him as he yells.

 At the same time, I felt it. That he combined quick magic with chain magic. This combination results in the high amount of magical attacks being used quickly..

 Mr. Allium is by no means weak. Rather, he is an excellent sorcerer. You can tell it immediately by looking at the offensive and defensive actions so far. But… that’s nothing but the addition of being a student.

 And the attack by that chain magic was a chain of 20 or so codes.

 A world of falling flames. The practice area had already become the world of Guren. And the ground was completely scorched, if not melted. (TN: Guren = bright red or crimson lotus. Guren sounds cooler so I kept it.)

 But of course, that flame is not permanent.

 What he was aiming for was a direct hit.

 But now I can’t ……reach him.


 I kept silent and dodged the attacks. Holding the sword low, parallel to the ground, and sewing through the waves of magic that come one after another.

I’ve just removed some of my limitations. Since I’ve come this far, it’s not the time to be completely idle.

 Of course, I wouldn’t be awakened as “Sorcerer of the sword”, but the scale was already showing.

“What… huh?”

“What’s going on?”

“Is this guy really a commoner? “

 Such a voice is heard from around.

 But now I don’t need sound. My brain has already begun to chip away the  useless information.

 A unique sensation. This is the master’s teaching and the actual combat method that was honed in the Far East campaign.

“Damn! Damn it! Damn it!  Damn it! Damn it! Damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt! Stop moving eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”(Haha it was fun just spamming one key)

 He shouts.

 He is unable to control his emotions.

 It also appears in his magic.

The emotion released combined with the chain magic makes the magical attack around 50. The rain of flames pours at once. It overlaps multiple times and the number continues to grow to 100, 200, 300. When I grasp the surroundings with the edge of my eyes, it seems that the magic has reached the students watching the game… Apparently, the minimum self-defense seems to have been done. But Mr. Allium is out of control. He kept releasing his magic without any disregard to the surrounding environment.

 In addition, there is a tendency that magical elements have a strong connection to personality, and those with a high extraversion tend to excel in fire, while those with a high introversion tend to excel in ice. Especially in the case of him, he is the former, and he may be more confident in his magic.

 The scale of repeated attacks is gradually increasing. This place is dominated by the fire of Guren to the point that there was not any part of the ground left to burn.

 However, I evade them while using a certain magic. Of course, not the internal code..

 A trick that can only be done by properly activating this magic.

 For the most part, other Sorcerers would see me evading and advancing through the fiery sea.

“Why ?! Why can’t I hit yooooooooooooouuuu!!”

 The magic that has been unleashed by emotions is certainly numerous. But the quality is reduced. This is because there is stagnation in the code theory. Perhaps the processes in code theory are starting to go crazy. It manifests in this world as a phenomenon of magic, but it will soon disappear. Its footprints remain clearly on the ground, but they never damage me.

“The code construction method is sweet”

If Master was here, she would have said so,

“…Well, that’s all for the wait-and-see.”

 I mutter again. I could already see the bottom.

 I can probably predict his best magic. From the next action I take to what he does, the imaging in the brain is complete.

 At that moment, I suddenly kicks the ground and runs straight toward Mr. Allium. He has already abandoned his sword and is now devoting all resources to the construction of magic.

 Since I evaded all of his attacks, he makes his one best move.

 ──I’m sure he’s going to activate his trump card.

“Hehehe…I don’t care anymore…I don’t care, no matter what happens, oooooooooooooooo!!”

 Mr. Allium, who is still screaming, chose to use Large Scale Magic.

 As the name implies, it points to a large scale of magic. That is when enormous magic techniques are written in the code theory and embodied in this world.

“Flame Dragon(Febris Draco)Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! !! !! !! “

 When he raises his hands in the sky, the dragon of fire emerges.

 As it runs from heaven through the earth, it pours toward me. The scale is incomparable from before. The dragon that is coming towards me just as it covers me. It’s not just a matter of how many layers of magic code are layered on top of each other, so that it’s easy to see the level of skill at a glance. Mr. Allium is not weak by any means. But … he’s still inexperienced. I know this because I was a survivor of that Far Eastern war, so I know that. It’s not a conceit, but a pure fact.

 Then as if to swallow me as it is, it opens its mouth….

 ── Ah, I know. I also know.

  Advanced Magic. Among them, the magic that belongs to the large scale magic, the flame dragon(Febris Draco). It’s a flame dragon that captures the target’s (prima materia) and keeps tracking it. That is why there are not so many bearers. Especially for a student, it can be said that the talent is exceptional.

 However, the Sorcerer’s limits can be immediately seen if he is left with only his talent. Even my master, who was more talented than me, had forced herself to do hard work to become extraordinary. It’s not enough to have just one thing. By entwining multiple elements, a sorcerer can achieve great success.


I murmured.

 On that battlefield, magic of this scale is rather common. I’ve been running around and fighting in such a situation.

 That’s why I know how to deal with it.


 Looking over his head, I incorporate the sword with some magic. In fact, the techniques for incorporating magic into existing substances.

 The name of this technique is Transcription(Tensha).

 It is the transfer of magic to matter.

 And I moved my own sword towards the giant fire dragon without any hesitation and fear, as a natural response and I cleaved my sword through it

 Even if the red fire dragon swallows and scorches me, the word hesitation does not exist in me. The heat wave tries to relentlessly cauterize the body, but at this level, self-control is possible. So I am not directly burned by the flame.

 In addition, it is unrealistic to deal with this magic in front of you with a sword. Many would laugh when they hear the story. But now I can do things that would never be possible. The Seven Great Wizards are people outside of norm. They can be described as monsters. Otherwise, you cannot stand on top of the world… (TN: So he knows he’s OP but not that he’s dense)

“…..so much for this.”

 When I slashed the dragon, the fire dragon completely disappeared.

Literally, the advanced magic…………Large scale magic-Flame Dragon(Febris Draco) is torn up. The trace of the usage of magic tells the scale of it. On the scorched ground, there are also few places melting. Talent and effort are both required to reach this level. Even though Mr. Allium attributed his feelings of anger and hatred, but being able to use Large scale magic to this extent is worth of praise.

 But that Flame Dragon(Febris Draco) completely extinguished and the resulting fluttering sparks completely meant his defeat.

“Ah… ah…!?”

 Perhaps he is deficient due to excessive use of magic, he puts his hand on the ground and moves back. There was a fear of seeing incredible things in his eyes. As if they don’t think they are looking at the same person… it’s as if they’re looking at a monster.. When I saw it, I didn’t think anything.

 I am aware and I know that I am not going to be able to get out of the fact that I’m a monster.

“Ku… Don’t come! Don’t come closer!

 With a stutter, I continue on my way with ease. Stamping firmly on the scorched ground, I make my way to him, carving out the evidence of all his magic twisted away.

 It’s already been settled. His mind was shattered, and it was etched in his mind that he couldn’t beat me.

“Ray!! It’s dangerous!!”



 It was the voices of three people. The students who were just on the opposite side of everyone else’s line of sight were exercising magic against me. That’s exactly what I would call a third party interference. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t expect this. The only people here are the nobles that I don’t like, except for Amelia, Evi and Elisa. Then I was thinking of the possibility of resorting to sneaky measures in a situation like this. That said, to me it’s just sweet…

“…..I’m fine. I can’t be out with this much.”

 I muttered that without much thought and cleaved the sword toward the incoming magic without looking at it. Currently this space is created by the magic used by Mr. Allium and the Prima materia is overflowing here. In particular, since the fire attribute code was incorporated, the fire attribute magic can now be used relatively easily in this space.

  That’s why it was a fireball that was coming at me, but that kind of thing wouldn’t work on me. I dealt with it by slicing through it with my broadsword just like I did before.


 The voice must belong to the man who released the magic.

 With a sharpened sense, I already have a grasp about the certain flow of magic in a certain area… Specifically, it is the root of magic. So I can locate the location where the Prima materia is used.

I haven’t completely regained the power of my prime, but I’m as close as I can get to that, and I reach him with my indifferent eyes.

 The students who interfered with me and the other students seemed to be stunned or didn’t seem to be doing anything else.


 I quickly point the sword towards him.

 And I said:

“Mr. Allium. Did I win now?”

“AH……You thought I would say that!”

 A moment later, a fireball was activated with a quick magic. Less than a second in time, it must have been perfectly prepared. Pretending to be frightened, he lures me out and aims at the point where I’m caught off guard.

 It is a very rational and effective means. It’s an emotional rule, but one that’s often thought of as a way to beat me.

 That is why there are no clear rules for this battle. It is something that should be praised, such as cowardly means…

“Hmmm…mmm…whaat….. it disappeared?…”

I hold my sword with my left hand and slice the magic by slicing it sideways. Just like the previous phenomenon, the magic is dissipated from this world in a cloud.

“Magic Nullification…!? I’ve never heard of such a technique!?”

“Strictly speaking, it’s not nullification.”

“Then… is it decomposition!!!?”

“No, it’s not even a decomposition. I told you, I will teach you how big the world is. The world you are looking at is not the same as it is. And even if I said that I will show you how big the world is, I myself am overwhelmed by its sheer size. They are still on their way to each other.”

“Why ……you! You’re really a nobleman, aren’t you!?You must be an illegitimate child of one of the three major aristocrats!!!!!!!!”

“No. It’s definitely born a commoner. But even as a commoner I can use magic, and I can… fight. I know birth is relevant to magic. But that’s not all. I’m sorry for the irreverent words… Mr. Allium, I think you can grow better if you know it.”

“…I…I am…”

 There is no sign of resistance.

 Mr. Allium just lies down on the spot as if he had lost his vitality. And so he is immersed in wailing woe while lying on the ground.


 I’m sorry.

 He had been completely defeated by the commoner who had looked down on him. It was because he was an excellent sorcerer that he understood. The clear gap that existed between me and him. It’s a huge gap that I don’t know if he can even catch up.

 But if you can recognize it, that’s fine.

 With that regret as a spring, you can fight again. I can learn.

 A single defeat is not a deadly battlefield.

 So now… it’s also necessary to have tears crying with a cry.

“Ray! Are you okay?”

“You cut that flaming dragon away!!!! What’s going on!!!”

“Ray-kun… are you…?”

 Amelia, Evi, and Elisa are coming from a distance.

 ……If I have shown this far, I may not need to hide it anymore. It was already good. I can tell them now.  But it’s going to fall apart. I’ve known for a long time. I don’t want the whole school to see this, of course, but I think my friends here should know everything about me. I’ve made someone so important to me that I feel that way.

 That’s why I try to clarify my identity….but…





 A heavy pressure would be too much for an ordinary sorcerer to bear, came toward us. Immediately, everyone except me is knocked to the ground as they are knocked to the spot. The noble students who were around me have already fainted and fallen to the ground in a flurry.

 Only five of us, including Mr. Allium, are aware of it right now.

 Then, from nowhere, a familiar voice comes into my ears, as if it appeared in the shadow.

“Hahaha… great. No, it’s also great. It’s a good friendship. But you’re going to be sacrificed. No, never pessimistic. You can contribute to the development of great magic. Don’t you think so? Hey, Ray White.”

“You are…!”

 In this situation, I was the only one who could move.

 And I can feel it. This is no longer……..unusual…….. At the same time, I’m immersed in a nostalgic feeling. That is the same pressure as the battlefield of the Far East campaign. It smells like death…

“Well, well, well. How you guys should handle this……..well, but for now, we have to do something about Ray-White. You seem to be able to move for some reason…………….”

 A partner who narrows his eyes quickly. Seeing that, you realize. This guy is… not ordinary. A line of sight with a clear murderous intention. It’s not comparable to Mr. Allium. I’ve witnessed it many times… It’s the eyes of the one who is already used to slaughter.

“Gray sensei… were you the one?”

“Hmm. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Now let’s go to our hearts’ content.”

 Gray sensei. Her appearance is as different as that seen in that classroom. That was immediately understandable when I saw that fearlessly smiling face. 

 There is no choice but to release…

“The sorcerer of the sword.”

 It seems that the time has come when I have to make the most of it. I know from experience. If I play hookie, I’ll lose. Then the students in this place will be overrun by her. This place has already become a battlefield. It can be understood only by the atmosphere of this place.

 ── Master. I’m sorry. This is a scene where I can only use it. I can’t withdraw now. In order to protect everyone here… I seem to have to return a little bit to my prime.

 So I apologized to my teacher in secret, and I said:

“──Chronos lock, Release” (TN: It said time locked inside the body/chronos, release) 

 For the first time in about three years, a Sorcerer with a sword appears in this world.

(TN: HELL YEAH!! And another cliffhanger damn it!)
PS: I don’t know what’s in next chapter, so I will apologize early if the hype was not to the point in future.

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