Episode 21: Let me show you how big the world is

The next day.

 I’ve heard a lot of rumors about me, but it seems that the direction of the topic has changed.

“Have you heard? That commoner seems to have beaten the aristocrat? “

“The rumor is that he also had a good fight with Rose-sama, who is one of the three great aristocrats.”

“Huh… that’s right. Maybe commoners can be good too surprisingly.”

 I heard these kinds of little talks.

“Oh. Are the rumors about Ray easing up a bit?”

“I hope so.”

 I’m currently leaving the dormitory with Evi and heading to the classroom. And the voices of gossip came to me.

 Surprisingly, my evaluation may change soon. I don’t care so much about it for myself, but if there is no bad reputation of me remaining, my student life can go on without any problem.


“What happened?”

“After all, your combat technology is amazing. Where did you learn it from?”

 Yesterday’s case. My match with Mr.Allium wasn’t even that problematic, but the one with Amelia, if people saw it, they can understand the abnormality. Evi also seemed to have understood something.

 I’m wondering how to answer… but I decided to answer honestly here.

“I have a master”

“Master? Of swordsmanship?”

“No, it’s not limited to that. Master for everything. Magic, swordsmanship, and how I should be as a person. Master taught me various things.”

“Huh… is that true?”

“But well… it was harsh.”

“Was it that harsh?”

“Yes, so much that life here seems like heaven.”

“Uhhh…wow that was a kind of analogy, so where is your master now?”

“Now Master lives in a forest on the eastern side of the kingdom. I’ll introduce Evi to Master one day..”

“Eh…..Is it okay?”

“It’s okay. Also, She’s a pretty-looking woman.”

“A woman, wow…but what does she look like…”

“Well…She has a lot of problems with her character, but She’s not a bad person.”

“Well, I can see that by looking at Ray!”

“Fufu… is that right?”

 Then, while we had a chat, we quickly arrived at the classroom.

“Good morning”


We greeted others in the classroom. Then Elisa and Amelia came to my seat.

“Good morning. Both of you.”

“Good morning, Amelia”

“Oh…good morning…!”

 Yesterday, I got a little excited and released some of my abilities. Amelia mentioned it, but I left as if I were fleeing.

 That blow. Perhaps not the other students, but Amelia and Wright-sensei may have felt a lot of things in various ways.

 However, Amelia talks to me as usual, without giving a slight glimpse.

 I hope it’s just a melancholy…but I think Amelia after that had a strangely dangerous atmosphere. It wasn’t just my sword skill that surprised her, but it was something that was irritating her.

I’ve known everyone for a short time.

 That’s why I thought there were aspects of them that I knew but didn’t know yet……….about each other in that sense.

 Perhaps the day will come when I will know Amelia’s heart.(TN: Even a normal MC cannot know a girl’s heart nevermind A dense one like you.)

 Then, the day started as usual today.



“Muh? Ah. Mr. Allium. What Can I do for you?”

“Because of you… I… I…a nobleman is facing humiliation due to a commoner………! ! “

 So that’s it. I thought this wasn’t the only thing.

 And behind him were a few students. I’m sure they’re his friend, but they didn’t seem to want to have a pleasant chat.

 It’s after school time, and now I’m in the library and it’s just getting a little late to go home.

 I was walking down the hallway and was about to return to the dormitory.

 There weren’t many students and the sunset was pleasing, but his gaze towards me was murderous. It’s a familiar gaze I know, and I have felt it before as well.

 If so, the context of what he was trying to say……was easily readable.

“I can’t lose to you! If I compete with all my strength as a magic swordsman…I will never lose to you!”

“I see. So you mean, you didn’t show enough power during our mock battle yesterday?”

“Yeah! If I can combine magic with my physical ability, I cannot lose to you, who only got physical abilities alone!”

“…Is that so, so it means you are proposing a duel again?”

“So, you do realise what I am talking about…”


 I thought that something like this would come someday. Obviously, his look towards me is that of an enemy, and the loss in that mock battle was the final nail in the coffin. And this morning’s rumors, it’s a disgrace to him.

 That’s why… hatred.

 There is an option not to accept it here… but I’m sure it won’t stop him.

 Then… I had only one option.

“OK. Then let’s have a battle.”

“Seriously then! And you can also use magic.”

“It means fighting as a magical swordsman.”

“Yes… then come on.”

 We weren’t obstructed by anybody, we just moved to the field… but when we glanced back, Evi, Amelia, and even Elisa were staring at me.

 Apparently they will come with me…..are you worried about me?

 But don’t worry you guys. I know the coping skills of this kind of guy.

“Damn you!”

 Said Mr. Allium, throwing some serious glances at us.

 We came to the training grounds, but for some reason there were a lot of students to see. Has this been spread as a showcase already? Or is it because the aristocrats have their own pride?

 Looking around, I felt that there were many aristocratic students. As expected, I do not know the names of everyone,since it was the battle against a commoner, it was obvious that he didn’t have a good impression on me.

“Mr. Allium, what’s the rule?”

“The one who admits the defeat loses”

“So that’s it”

 I pick up the thrown sword. It was also used in the Kafka Forest exercise, but it was a general broad sword itself.

 A slightly longer sword for one hand. The blade length is about 70 to 80 cm. Also, unlike sabers, this sword has a straight blade with no grip, and the tip is double-edged.

 And so is Mr. Allium.

 This battle… is similar to yesterday, but clearly different is, in the context of battle.

 The ones we’re using are not wooden swords, and it’s all about using magic.

 That is the true battle between magic swordsmen.

 I stare at him. His eyes have long been murderous. As a nobleman he didn’t like the fact that he was beaten by a commoner and was feeling bitter. When I was in the army, I was told a lot. I can remember that it was just like yesterday that there was such a battle each time.

 In fact, I haven’t had any real combat experience for three years after the Far East campaign ended. But I didn’t do anything in the meantime, and I am working hard at this school. Then, let’s face him with the maximum I can do now.


 There was no signal. But it was as expected.

 There is no referee.

 If you beat each other and engrave the two letters of defeat on the opponent, you will win. That’s what it feels like on the battlefield. Perhaps he’s coming to kill me. If you have only one arm, you don’t mind shaving… as much as you think.


“Ora ora, what happened ah ah ah ah ah ahhh!!!”(TN: what? you want Ray to say Muda! Muda!!)

 Unlike before, there is no limit for not using magic. He used quick magic to cast fireballs at me. And further strengthen his attacks by using physical attack while strengthening himself. as well.

 Certainly there is a point in what he says. In that battle with his wooden sword he was not able to use all of his power. Rather, it seems that his confidence is also boosted by the use of offensive and defensive magic.

 Magic swordsmen are classified into three types: balanced type, magic type, and sword skill type. Some people use magic and sword skill in a well-balanced manner, while others specialize in magic skill and sword skill.

 As far as I can see, it was obvious he was magical. That’s why he applied for a duel under these conditions. If you can use magic, you can’t lose…


 However, including it is still insufficient. I won’t receive any of his attacks.

 My realm is above him. It has already been confirmed by this series of offenses and defensive scenes.

 Perhaps his emotions are still getting ahead of him, Mr. Allium is attacking with angry waves. The use of Quick magic to attack is also great. And to cover the remaining part he is using sword attacks during the attacks.

 It is a reasonable and well-judged fighting method.

 But… there’s still something extra..

 That is emotion. Anger and hatred is not necessary for such battles. Yes, you can get a temporary boost to increase your fighting capacity, but that is not going to be sufficient as the battle continues. 

 Seeing him, I remembered that my teacher taught me to cut off my emotions. My master is no longer by my side. After spending nearly 10 years together, she is not living with me now in this school. But that teaching has always been engraved in my heart.

 Then, as usual, I will also have to use the teaching thoroughly. 

“Is it just defense!? Ah!?”


 Perhaps he thinks he has the upper hand, he is attacking even more. A sword fight that is unfolding in all directions. And in the meantime use of quick magic when time comes. This is the true battle of magic swordsmen.

 On the other hand, I sink my consciousness. As if I was sinking to the bottom of the sea, I concentrate my attention and drop it. I don’t know. Feelings, etc. are not necessary for battle, and are only superfluous.

 In a real battlefield, death awaits at the moment you become emotional.(TN: deep )


 With a Flash. I appeared in front of him, he reacted with FireBall but it was torn by the board sword in my hand.

 An improbable event makes him stunned and makes a stupid voice. It was the same for the students watching this battle.

 Cutting magic with a sword. It is thought that such a trick is not possible for students let alone if one is a soldier. But… that reason has nothing to do with me.

 And when I repositioned the Broad Sword in the middle, I said:

“Mr. Allium. Let me show you how big the world is.”

“What!! W-H-A-T! H-O-W I-S T-H-I-S P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E!!!”

 I then faced him again.

TN: Next chapter is pretty good look forward to it.
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