Chapter 5: Entrance Ceremony Preparation(5)

(TN: I will be using Jin High school cause, Horajin Kibayashi High school is too long to use every time)

Yuto was walking toward the school gate and felt the sacredness of the high shrines and temples from the grounds of this school, as the home teacher said.

 It will be impossible for even a little spirit or a monster to invade.

 Yuto was very thankful for it, because he is often attacked by spirits and others.

(Well, I can put more effort in studying in this school, I think.)

 With that in mind, Yuto walked with a somewhat heavy step. There were many things that Yuto had to think about.

“I have to move during tomorrow’s vacation… and I have to find a part-time job soon.”

 Since Jin High School has students from all over the country, there is a large student dormitory next to the school grounds.

  As is customary, the day after the entrance ceremony, there was a dormitory entrance ceremony, which was closed to all but the dormitory students. Yuto had planned to use that day to move out.

 Yuto wanted to pack up and buy things for tomorrow’s event, and when he was about to leave in a hurry, he noticed that a familiar girl was standing near the school gate.

“That? Mari-chan! Haven’t you returned yet?”

“…I’ve been waiting for you, but you only come here now.”

 Mari keeps her shiny chestnut-colored hair flowing in the spring breeze, with her well-formed eyebrows slightly centered.

“No, I’m surprised… I’m sorry,You’ve been waiting, right?”

“I heard from Shizuka at all. It wouldn’t be good if your homeroom teacher had noticed you from the first day of school;.”

“Well, not really… but I’ll be careful from now on.”

 Mari exhaled lightly and turned around, saying, “Let’s go home.”

 Yuto approached Mari with a short run  and lined up next to her.

 They went to the station silently for a while.

 Since the nearest station of the two houses was the same, it seems that Mari was going to return with him.

 To tell the truth, Yuto was planning to walk home to save on train fare. It takes an hour and a half with an adult’s foot, but he thought there wouldn’t be any problem by himself.(TN: I am not crying. My eyes are just leaking by themselves!!!!))

 However, since Mari has been waiting for himself, he thinks he has no choice but to go home by train today. Although the direction of travel and the nearest station have changed, the distance to the school hasn’t changed much. So he was planning on walking from now on

“By the way, where are you moving to? Are you sure you want to move out anyway?”

“Oh, yeah. I discussed with grandpa, you see? And It is right near Shijin Shrine.”

“I know that part. I went there in elementary school for a sketch show. It’s just outside the city.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going to move tomorrow.”

“Yeah… and that… Yuto”

“Yeah? What?”

 It’s unusual for Mari to ask Yuto a powerful voice than normal.

“…Where did you go for spring break?”

 Apparently, this was the reason she waited for him. Yuto smiled bitterly after learning about this.

 And he doesn’t think he can lie to this girl. He can’t tell her the whole thing but…..

He was rejected, but maybe she was the first person he was in love with? He thought to himself.

“Yeah, actually, I went to find my dad…”

“Uncle Ryochi? Is it not a training trip? And did you not say that you don’t know where he went?”

 Mari turned her face to Yuto who walked beside her, asked why now? She shows the face seeking answer.

 Although he cannot say it, Yuto’s father did not go on a training trip. It’s true that Yuto didn’t know where his father went.

 It is the world beyond the magical cave of the secretly managed property of the Domori family.

 However, Yuto told Mari the truth about everything else.

“I would like to report about my mother. I don’t think that he has any knowledge about that and I was not able to do it as well….”

 Yuto laughs as if nothing.


 Mari didn’t say any more. The silence continues for a while.

 Mari recalled a year ago when Yuto and his mother were involved in a terrorist incident in Shinagawa and unfortunately his mother went missing.

 Immediately after the incident, she had gone to visit Yuto, who had fallen ill shortly after the incident, and hadn’t known how to react when she saw him in his changed state.

 It was shortly after refusing the confession from Yuto.

 At that time, Mari strongly felt that if there was anything she could do for Yuto, she wanted to do whatever she could to help him.

 Seeing Yuto laughing forcefully, her heart seemed to tighten up.

 She knows Yuto’s personality.

 Surely, Yuto must have been considerably depressed by being rejected by her.

 The incident that happened at that time…

 And then… Yuto at that time certainly needed someone’s help.

(Surely someone who is close to Yuto and knows Yuto well… I had to be that kind of person…I didn’t have that qualification.) 

  Mari turned down a confession from Yuto just before. Those circumstances had allowed Mari to interact with Yuto only as a student of the same dojo, and as a classmate. She didn’t allow herself to do so.

For Mari, being around someone means, you need a qualification that allows it.

 Mari slows her walking slightly and changes her position just behind Yuto beside him.

 And she stared at Yuto so as not to let him notice it.

(If Yuto was more masculine… If only he had the strength to pull me through…I could have been beside him without a care in the world and helped him in the past and now……….)

 When this kind of thought comes to light, this confusing little girl gradually becomes mucky for some reason. She doesn’t know where it’s frustrating at all.

  Even when she refused the confession, she thought that this would inspire him to be a man, etc.

(It didn’t have a deep meaning. In general, I just didn’t want him to be a gentleman… because that would be good for Yuto)

  And so on and so forth, she thought back to that moment. And, unusually for this girl, she didn’t even have a theory.

 However, strangely, this is justified in one individual named Mari Shirasawa. What is even more unusual is that she was always a digger of herself whenever she was satisfied when such a theory-less thing happened to her.

 However, for some reason, Mari did not delve into this matter…

It’s hard to imagine from her kind appearance, but the girl named Mari Shirasawa is very strict with herself.

For that reason, she never cuts corners in anything.

This is probably due in part to the fact that she is proud by nature. 

 Mari’s central idea is to tell her the importance of having a vision in everything.

 It is all-round and applies both to extremes and to male assessments. If she’s dating, this kind of person is definitely decided.(TN: What woman!!! You want an even more overpowered boy than the one in front of you?~!!

 Generally speaking, it’s a taste, but what sets her apart from others is that it’s unusually rigorous and thorough.

 In other words, she can never be associated with her unless she thinks of her. And she can’t allow herself to have romantic feelings for men other than that vision.

 When she first met Yuto, her first impression was not bad. Rather, it can be said that it was good.

 She didn’t dislike the appearance, and the fact that his swordsmanship skill which was always above hers was a great point.

 However… Yuto was very different from Mari’s vision as a dating partner on the inside.

 The girl named Mari is not insensitive. Rather, he had a sharp observation eye.

 She had long noticed that Yuto had a fondness for her, more than as a fellow student, as she watched him.

 And Mari certainly had the feeling that she was happy with it. So it was fun to go to the dojo for practice, and she also put in a lot of effort.

 But… when it comes to companionship, the story is different.

Mari had imagined that she and Yuto would one day go out as a man and a woman, but in fact, there were many times when she had imagined it. After graduating from different elementary schools and attending the same junior high school, the frequency of these events became even more frequent.

 However, Yuri in the imagination of Mari is full of confidence and pulls himself together with great strength.

 That was exactly what Mari’s vision of the person was.

 However, the reality of Yuto was a boy who was too kind and unreliable. She wonders why he is only so strong in swordplay, and it is very frustrating.

 After thinking that way, she became irritated by Yuto’s dull attitude.

 Her current relationship with Yuto could be said to have been perfected during these middle school days

 Also, Yuto only did what Mari could not forgive. In the mock battle at the dojo, he purposely gave the victory to Mari.

 Mari was angry as a fiery fire, and Yuto apologized many times, but she couldn’t forgive me.

 Mari was angry that her pride had been hurt by the conceding of her victory, but the root of her anger was that she couldn’t forgive Yuto for being unconcerned about conceding his victory.

 After that, the awkward air between the two who was a little long calmed down, and an incident occurred at the end of the second year of junior high school.

 That… Yuto confessed to himself.

 To be honest, Mari was surprised at this.

 However, at that time, Yuto wasn’t the person according to Mari’s vision.

 Until now, She had planned to instruct Yuto to be masculine in the way of Mari’s vision, but he did not change.

 Mari was very worried….

 However, she remembered the face of Yuto, who had confessed to her in an unsure manner and with an air of uselessness, and became irritated…….

 Mari decided.

 To decline the confession of Yuto.

 And Mari lied to Yuto that time with a big lie.

 That is, she was confessed to by Katayama, a fictitious senior who was one year older than her. She said that she and Katayama were going to start off as friends to get to know each other, and then come to a new conclusion.

 Yuto has reached the present without realizing Mari’s lies at all.

(TN: I don’t know what to say now. Women are the only beings in the world that even God cannot understand.)

 Yuto and Mari enter the street of the shopping street and the station is visible at the far end.

 Suddenly, Yuto notices the intense pressure from the side and turns around.

 There……was Mari who was staring at him?

Her eyes were shining red……looking angry. Immediately Yuto turned to the front.

(What? She’s angry with me? Why? What did I do?)

 Yuto sweated from his forehead. He doesn’t know, He doesn’t remember at all what he did wrong, but sometimes Mari has such a look from time to time, so he decided not to notice it for the time being.

  While Yuto reaches the area near the roundabout of the station, which is not very wide, and is only looking at the front anyway, Mari, who has started to walk a bit in front of Yuto, calls out to him.

“… Yuto”


 Yuto stretched his spine. He almost saluted, but managed to no to do so. Although Mari is annoyed by such an attitude, Yuto is becoming less and less stiff as he tries to fix her mood.

“You’re moving out right! Can I help you with anything?”

 It’s not the way a human being offers to help very much speak, but Mari has no control on her.

“Oh… that’s okay. I have little luggage, and I think it will end soon…..Besides”


The words were so strong that Mari turned her entire body to the front of Yuto as she stared at him.

 There was… Yuto, who looked like a calm adult, and had a gentle, open smile.

 It was… Yuto’s face that Mari saw for the first time.

“I feel bad for your boyfriend…….. Besides, you see.”

 Yuto points to Shizuka Mito, standing under the stairs toward the ticket gate of the station. And Shizuka seemed to notice this.

“Ah… Shizuka’s been waiting for you.”

 Mari also notices Shizuka there.

“Then, Mari-chan. I remember a little work for tomorrow’s relocation, so I’ll see you again the day after tomorrow.”

 Then Yuto turns his back to the station as if nothing had happened.

“Wait, Yuto! Besides, I don’t have a boyfriend….”

 Mari calls out to her, but instead of turning to her, Yuto lightly waves his hand and goes away. His appearance seems to be as careless as possible.

  Mari felt uneasy at the sight of Yuto’s back, even though she didn’t know why.

 It may be the strongest anxiety she’s ever felt… or perhaps something like a feeling of loss.

 And Shizuka came running to her.

“Mari, you’re late. What? Where’s Domori-kun?”

 Shizuka looked at Yuto for a moment.

 Mari notices the line of sight and explains why she was late and that Yuto has an errand for moving.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d be waiting for me,”

 Mari responds quietly. In a sense, it’s the usual Mari.

“Oh, that’s okay. I just came here on my own! I thought I’d go home with you . Was I in the way?”

“That’s not true! But yeah…thank you”

 They turned towards the second floor gates of the station and walked up the stairs. On the way of the stairs, Mari glanced at the shopping street where Yuto was heading, so that Shizuka could not notice.

 Yuto was still in full sight.  Yuto was stuck in front of a drugstore near the station, and something caught his attention. He seemed to be looking at the shelves of cheap shampoo at the front of the store.

 The face of Yuto is different from the one before, and it looks like a relieved expression.

 Yuto himself is not like that, but it can’t be helped because it looked like that to Mari.

 Looking at the side profile of Yuto from a distance… something again, Mari’s heart gets frustrated.

(What’s with that face!)

 Mari took out the lip balm that she had just bought and used only once in her pocket, and threw it towards Yuto as if to flex that arm that had led her to the runner-up spot in the national kendo tournament.

  The distance was more than 40 meters, but it drew a parabolic line with great speed and…….A direct hit to Yuto’s head.

“Ouch!……?? What, what?”

 While rubbing his head with tears in his eyes, Yuto scurried around to check the flying object.

“What’s that…….. Why? This stuff?”

 When Yuto picks up lip balm and looks at it, a young female clerk near him approaches.

“It’s troubling, sir……… That will be the product……..”

“Eh? Eh? I don’t know! This came from somewhere! No, really! You see, the packaging is also unwrapped.”

“Did it fly…? Huh, customers, I don’t want you to take the packaging. You have to go through the cash register.”

 With a perfect sales smile,… the clerk said.

“The cash register is over there.”

 An unchanging smile.

 Yuto endured the tears that were different from the pain… and instinctively felt that he had no other choice.

“Give me this… and this shampoo…”

“Thank you.”

 Yuto heads to the cash register while dropping his shoulders.

  Mari confirmed the exchange and said, “Humph!” and she looked forward.

 Shizuka said, “Hmm?” She turned around and looked at Mari, but she tilted her head forward and went straight through the turnstiles.

 However, Mari recalls the feeling of anxiety that she felt strongly.

 And she realized what triggered that strong anxiety.

 It must have been noticed because it is Mari with a sharp eye for observing people.

(Yuto… talking to me the same as other classmates…)

 It meant that Yuto, who had confessed to her, was already different from the past…

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