Chapter 3: Battle of the Cave of Trials (Part I)

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“Wow, I was sleepy.”

On the way from the inn to the guild, Ryoji stretched out his body while giving a big missing yawn. When he activated the interface and checked his strength and magic power, it showed 100 percent for both, and he could confirm that he had recovered completely numerically. However, his mood wasn’t clear at all, and he could clearly see that even though he had recovered numerically, his mood had not recovered.

He remembered that the magic charge for the mithril bracelet he was doing before going to bed was pouring until the remaining amount of magic power was 5%, but at the moment it became 5%,  he lost consciousness, and when he found himself on the floor, he was greeting the morning.

“The next thing I remember is that I was on the floor in the morning. From now on, let’s stop using magic when it’s less than ten percent.”

Ryoji’s decision was natural, considering that he slept on the floor with his Mithril bracelet clasped in his hand. He wasn’t feeling refreshed, but the full-scale meal in the different world that he ate at the cafeteria attached to the inn was satisfying.

“It seems that meals in a different world will be okay. With the different world series novels, the taste of the dishes will be divided in half and half. This world was good.”

The breakfast served at the cafeteria was malt, bread, vegetable soup, chunks of unknown meat, and coffee-like drinks. There is no salad because there is no custom of eating raw food in terms of hygiene, so it is inevitable, but the food as a whole was seasoned crispy, and the bread was hard, but when eaten dipped in vegetable soup, the soup was well absorbed and delicious.

The meat was basically salt-based, but it was served in an exquisitely cooked condition and full of gravy, and despite the fact that the meat was served from the breakfast, it was delicious and satisfying.

“Let’s prepare spices, miso, and seasonings such as soy sauce at that inn to cook rice. Iorus even said, “Please go around the world,” so I expect my diet to improve as well. I’ve even put some seasonings in my storage that don’t seem to exist in this world.”

Checking the various seasonings in the <<Grocery>> folder in storage, Ryoji heads to the guild, remembering the various dishes in his world.

“Good morning. Thanks for the dinner yesterday.”

Ryouji nodded his head when the guild’s receptionist told him how many times he had been thanked that day. This was because many ordinary citizens had thanked him for the banquet before he arrived at the guild. When the guild’s receptionist also told him, he felt uncomfortable and questioned.

“Good morning. Today, on the way from the inn to the guild, I’m being thanked by many people, but that’s about yesterday’s banquet, right? Why do you think the public and you, the receptionist, are thanking me as well?”

“Yesterday’s banquet was not only for the adventurers, but also for the neighbors who heard the turmoil. Marco-san and others gave permission to join when they noticed the commotion around  and came. It was rumored that anyone could participate. The guild staff members were also in order, starting with the one with the least available hands. Of course, I took the lead and participated.”

Looking at the receptionist, who is proud of her eye-catching and plump breasts, Ryoji finally convinced the public why he was grateful.

“So it was for this reason, I thought there were a lot of them because it was reasonable. I thought it was for adventurers only, so I thought there would be more than 100 adventurers in this city.”

“There aren’t 100 people as expected.”

The receptionist handed a small bag to Ryoji, who had a refreshing look because of the large number of people.

“What? This?”

“It’s the rest of yesterday’s banquet. Isn’t there seven gold coins left?”

“There’s quite a bit left. I was afraid it wasn’t enough.”

The receptionist replied to Ryoji’s dialogue with an amazed voice.

“What kind of party were you planning to have? Even high nobles don’t throw a party where they spend ten gold coins in one night. Yesterday, I heard that not only did they scrounge up drinks and food from this neighborhood, but also from other places, but it didn’t take them that much.”

Ryoji recalled that Marco had told him to acquire a monetary sensation and decided to change the topic in a hurry, recalling that he had not heard the receptionist’s name in front of him.

“I hope everyone enjoyed it. Then I realized that after all this talk, I didn’t get your name. Can you tell me your name now?”

“Excuse me. My name is Melta Lane. Call me Melta.”

“Thank you, Miss. Melta.”

When Ryoji, who succeeded in changing the topic, received a self-introduction from Melta with a smile, the adventurers who were watching this situation said, “He is getting with Melta as well as Carena-chan.” “After all, the guy who has money wins in the world.” “Ryoji is recognized as an enemy of a single man after Marco.”

Ryoji looked at Melta again. Her straight black hair is taller than Carena, and when Carena was described as pretty, Melta was a good match for her intellectual beauty. Ryoji smiled, remembering his Japanese friend would weep in joy if he saw this kind of girl wearing glasses and scolding others like a teacher.

“is there something wrong?”

He wondered if she was the guild’s poster girl, and when he received the bag of gold coins from Melta, he had a little chat with other adventurers after Melta and headed to the bulletin board.

Ryoji was at a loss in front of the guild bulletin board. He checked all the way up and down, right and left, but there is no request for a subjugation system that can be received by Ryoji’s adventurer rank. Rank H is the only request that can be received for cleaning the garden, searching for lost cats, cleaning up the garbage house, walking dogs and carrying ore.

“Rank H is a newcomer, so there is no request for subjugation. I wonder if there was a request that was stored in a different world thing? Should I ask Melta?”

Ryoji, who wanted to make a subjugation request, was nothing but a shoulder shrug in the debut match.

When Ryoji gave up the request posted on the bulletin board and tried to ask Melta if she had a request for death collection, he saw a girl rubbing with a staff member at the guild request reception.

“When making a request, the requester can freely decide the reward and adventurer rank!”

The receptionist, who received the girl’s protest, began to explain with a troubled look.

“Yes, I basically leave the rank and rewards to the client. However, the request to be registered is dangerous for adventurers with low ranks and difficult to achieve. It’s a problem if there are adventurers who accept it. If it fails, it will be a guild’s responsibility if they can not come back alive.”

The girl, who was instructed by the receptionist in the right direction and was unable to argue, noticed the adventurers who were interested in the turmoil, and stopped talking to the receptionist in the guild and began complaining.

“Excuse me! Would anyone please accept my request? My father has been injured and it’s very difficult for me. I can’t pay you much, but I’ll do whatever you ask me to do if you accomplish your request!”

“Hey, hey, hey. I’m not impressed with the ‘I’ll do anything’ remark. What on earth is going on?”

Melta, who noticed the turmoil, came out of the reception and asked the girl and the guild receptionist near the girl.

“This child wants to request an adventurer with a low rank. I just advised her to review it because it is impossible.”

“Is this a difficult request?”

“It’s about collecting medicinal herbs. However, because medicinal plants grow in the “Cave of Trials”, C rank is necessary for solos.”

“Is it a request for the collection of medicinal plants that grow in the cave of trails? Certainly it is not possible to talk about it to low ranks.”

Melta was convinced that the receptionist man explained the situation with a troubled face. The girl was listening to Melta’s interaction with the receptionist man halfway, but when she felt that the request was impossible at the reception in the guild, she began to appeal again to the adventurers to receive the request.

“By the way, how much money did Miss prepare for?”

When one of the interested horse adventurers confirmed the reward to the girl, he returned with a voice that seemed to disappear, saying that it was a silver coin. The adventurers who heard the reward amount laughed and screamed, one after another, and the adventurer who heard the reward amount began to admonish.

“Miss. That amount of money is unreasonable. I sympathize with your father’s difficulties and I understand his desperation, but if you’re going to ask for that, I’d like to see two gold coins.”

“Two gold coins! Okay! You can use me up to pay two gold coins if you fulfill the request! Can you please?”

“If you’re going to spend up to two gold coins on a kid like little missy, how long would it take you to do that? Besides, if I get a request like that, I’ll get a warning from the guild or a summons from the Frontier Count.”

Ryoji was quietly excited as the girl quietly listened to the sequence of interactions with the guild receptionist and adventurers.

A girl came to the guild to save her father, but the contents of the request and the amount of the reward did not match, and trouble occurred with the reception staff. Although she talks directly to adventurers, she is laughed at because the risk is high but the reward is low, and she is begging for a request even if he offers himself as two gold coins.

“What, it’s a wonderful template development! There is no doubt that it is a compulsory event prepared for me! There is nothing to do with this flow, but Drugul is a town ruled by the frontier count! Hmm! Lady! It’s a frontier! Frontier!”

Ryoji suddenly started shouting with a gut punch, but then came back to himself when he realized that the eyes were focused on him from around him, as if he were looking at someone he didn’t understand.

“By the way, did you speak out now?”

When Ryoji looked around he was looked at with a strange expression, and with a bummed face he nodded to the question he heard.

“Ryoji, are you planning on accepting her request?”

Ryoji strongly nodded at Melta’s question.

“Yeah, I accept the request. You can exchange the reward directly with the client before posting it on the bulletin board, right?”

“It’s not a request on the bulletin board, but a designated request. First, do you know that the medicinal plants are growing in the cave of trials?”

Ryoji nodded powerfully to Melta’s question, telling her that there was no problem, and turned to the girl and spoke with a smile.

“Young lady. I’ll accept your request, so please wait as if you were on a boat. I didn’t hear your name. My name is Ryoji Uchino. If you don’t mind, can you tell me your name?”

“Uh, uh. Ryoji-kun… isn’t it okay? I’m happy that you want to receive the request, but is it okay? I think you’re about the same age as me? You’re weirdly screaming but are you okay?”

“It’s definitely okay, so there’s no problem. Rest assured. I can use swords and also magic, so I’m not an ordinary adventurer. You said about the same age as me, but I’m 11 years old. I want you to tell me your name soon.”

The girl began to introduce herself with bright eyes as she heard that she could use swords and magic even though she drew a ridiculous polite greeting just after Ryoji’s scream.

“Sieve-Lundin. I’m 13 years old.”

“You say 13-year-old?”

Ryoji shouted quietly so that his important client couldn’t hear him, but when he regained his composure and was about to take Sieve towards the tavern to talk about his request, he was stopped again by a flustered Melta.

“Wait a minute, Ryoji-kun! I wonder if you can ignore me and proceed with the story. You said that the place where medicinal plants grow is a cave of trials. You need a minimum C rank for solo, so your You can’t accept requests with H rank.”

Melta Stopped holding Ryoji, who was trying to take Sieve to the tavern, and began to speak, sighing in a sigh.

“I’ll tell you again, you’re an H-ranked adventurer who just registered yesterday! Despite a request that hasn’t been officially posted on the bulletin board yet, a fledgling adventurer is allowed as a guild to collect herbs in a cave of trials. I can’t do that.”

“Miss Melta doesn’t know about the occupational aptitude test, right?”

In response to a sudden question from Ryoji she felt confused and tilted her head, then Ryoji  started to explain to Melta, by pulling out Bartolo from the adventurers gathered as field horses.

“Do you know this person, Melta-san?”

“He’s Mr. Bartolo, He’s a promising newcomer of adventurer rank F, and he’s going to try out for rank E in the upcoming rank-up exam, right? Are you saying that you did?

“I fought him and won a crushing victory. Oi, Bartolo.”

Asked for consent with Ryoji’s smug face, Bartolo told Melta that Ryoji’s ability would allow him to be fine in the cave of trials, even while having a cramped expression.

When Melta hears the story of Bartolo, she turns her eyes to the adventurers who had gathered as field horses, and the adventurers of rank C and above “I think he’ll be fine after seeing his capabilities yesterday.” ” He seems to be able to use magic as well.” “It’s worth killing to get along with Carena-chan.”

After thinking about it for a while, Melta, who was told by those around her that he had no problems with his abilities, told the onlooker adventurers to disperse, and decided to take Ryoji and Sieve to the reception room with him

About thirty minutes have passed since Ryoji and Sieve passed through the reception room and were told by Melta that “please wait for a while.” At that time, Ryoji was talking to Sieve to find out more about why herbs were needed.

“Hey. Please tell me why you need medicinal herbs. Even if I receive a request, I can not complete it unless I understand the circumstances.”

“My father makes and sells weapons, but unlike my grandfather, who was famous, he doesn’t sell much now. So he went into the mine with the intention of surpassing his father by making great weapons out of precious metals, but he was attacked by a demon and injured. He managed to get back home, but he couldn’t use a hammer anymore… So! So I will! I was just trying to cheer up my depressed dad!”

While explaining the situation to Ryoji, she finally mixed up with a sore throat, and she fell down on the desk and started crying.

“Oh, it’s a tremendous template development. Even so, is the medicinal plant so effective? There is a potion in the storage, but is it useless?”

Ryouji activated the interface and began to search for potions as he listened to Sieve’s story..


It is a health-recovering drug commonly distributed in Safilia. It can be created with the skill of drug discovery. If you drink it, your recovery will be twice as high as usual. But! The potion made by me as a god is not such a tricky thing! If you drink at once, you can go back to the time when you were most healthy! It’s amazing! Please follow the dosage and use it accordingly.

While almost laughing at the usual Iorus commentary, Ryouji, who found out that even with the same potion, the one in storage and the one circulating in this world seemed to be completely different, thought that if it was a medicinal herb, it would have a different effect, and lightly checked with Sieve.

“Medical herbs have a great effect unlike potions. Even so, Sieve. You know such medicinal herbs.”

“I just asked the neighborhood aunt, is it okay?”

“Eh? Aunt in the neighborhood? Is that the only information?”

“Isn’t that all right? I just wanted to do my best because my dad was having a hard time.”

Ryoji lightly held his head in response. Seeing distressed Ryoji, Sieve made a strange look.

While Ryoji was hearing various things from Sieve, Melta came into the drawing room with Carena and Marco. When Marco saw Ryoji’s appearance, he gave a big sigh and spoke as if he was amazed.

“What did you do this time?”

“You’re Awful Marco! I haven’t done anything yet! I’m just trying!”

“Don’t open again! I was called because you tried something. Melta also asked me about the situation and I’m asked “Please go with Ryoji”. Rest assured. I will go with you, so have the child register it as a normal request.”

“Eh! Could it be that Melta-san’s delirious phase has arrived??”

“What do you mean by “delirious”? I still don’t understand what you are saying.”

Carena and Melta were listening to Ryoji and Marco’s slapstick comedy, but Melta entered between them and ended the story forcibly.

“Yes, yes, both of you have finished talking to each other. We will accept Sieve’s request as usual. Ryoji accepts the request. The reward is one silver coin. The period of time will be within three days.”

“Yes! I have a question for Melta-san! How long does it take to reach the cave of trials?”

“It’s about half a day from the city of Drugul to a horse’s foot. There is a garrison stationed in front of the cave, so please leave your horse there. There are also tool stores selling tools necessary for exploration.”

Melta answered Ryoji’s question, staring at Ryoji with a worried eye.

“Okay, Ryoji-kuni. You’re a promising adventurer gem unearthed in the city of Drugul for the first time in a long time. I heard all the details of yesterday’s occupational aptitude test from Carena. Do you know what qualities you have that will make you a good adventurer? The guild is hoping that this is someone who can get an A-rank in the future.”

Melta started talking to Ryoji, who was listening to the story with a serious expression.

“And Ryoji has been rumored to be rich, and I’ve heard that you’re a foreign country’s Viscount. It seems that there are many girls who are aiming for you who are promising prospect in the future, right? Carena?”

“The last one doesn’t matter? What about aiming for a 11 year old child?”

Ryoji tsked when the story suddenly changed, but Melta and Carena responded with a big smile.

“But two years later, Ryoji is an adult, right?”

“Your face is cute, so I’m looking forward to it!”

With a fierce smile like a carnivore, Melta and Carena stared at Ryoji.

“Oh, so it’s okay for Ryoji to accept the request, right?”

The two, who took part in the conversation with him, removed their eyes from Ryoji and once again began to talk about the details of this request.

“Ryoji will be asked to form a party with Marco and Carena temporarily and be asked to be in a B-rank party. However, if it is impossible to check Ryoji’s ability on the way to the garrison, then At this point, the request will be canceled. To the last, this case is a special treatment, and if it fails, I will charge Ryoji for 10 gold coins as a penalty. Do you still accept it?”

“10 gold coins! Ryoji-kun! After all, you don’t have to do that for my request, but I will do my best to collect…”

“But you want to heal your dad’s wounds? And there’s no way Sieve can get to the Cave of Trials. If that’s the case, you can just leave it to me. You can wait for me in three days while you take care of your father in peace.”

Ryoji, who interrupted the speech of Sieve midway, said with a smile, staring at Sieve. Carena and Melta looked at the scene with a smile at first, but maybe they felt a sense of danger from Sieve who was getting red-faced, and then began to peel them apart.

Ryoji, Marco, and Carena had their lunch and then boarded their horses. Immediately after that, the three of them left the city of Drugul and arrived at the cave of the trails one hour later.

“Ryoji can ride a horse without any problems.”

“There’s nothing I can’t do because it’s so spectacular.”

Ryoji activated the interface and set the search mode to a radius of 500 meters. Since there was no particular reaction, he responded comfortably to Marco’s light remark. Ryoji and others were having a final break on their way, which also served as lunch, but when he confirmed that five red dots were approaching at the last minute of the enemy range, he shouted at them while drawing the Mithril sword.

“Marco, Carena! Five or so five hostile creatures are coming towards us from 500 meters ahead.”

“Eh? Why do you know that?”

Carena looks strange when Ryoji tells them that the enemies are coming, but when she looks beyond Ryoji’s line of sight and casts her magic, she screams with a surprised face.

“Marco! Five green wolves are really coming towards us.”

“That’s just right. Ryoji! We will test you whether you have the ability to enter the cave of trials. We, as examiners, will not come out until we judge that it is really dangerous.”

Ryoji replied with a smile to Marco’s words and replied by grasping the sword of Mithril again.

“I understand! There’s no way I’m going to fall behind in this tempestuous development. Huh? Come to think of it, I didn’t check the effects of Mithril’s sword.”

Ryoji murmured after answering Marco, and checked the descriptive text on the Mithril sword before breaking the interface.

Mythril Sword

A sword made using Mithril. Mithril is a rare item that is rare in the world of Safyria, and depending on its size, it may be stored as a national treasure in its original form. When processed as a sword, it is surprisingly light, and its sharpness is so sharp that it cannot be compared to a normal weapon. The sharpness is doubled when attributes are added. It is highly valuable as a work of art because of its beautifully shaped weapons.

After all, the highest peak of a swordsman is a Mithril sword! It feels a bit pathetic compared to demon swords and holy swords, but if you combine your magical powers, you can compete with the demon king, so do your best! Because it is like a gem that can be used in various games until the end, make sure to use it firmly!

“…It’s an explanation from Iorus, which is rather normal. Since the second half of explanation is a usual thing from Iorus, it seems that I can add this weapon with attributes. Since I am going to fight with some wolves, let’s add some attributes”

Ryoji turned his eyes to the green wolf that was coming towards him, and his sword started to glow as he imaged water and put on his magical power, his blade shone blue. The Green Wolf rushed in without any cooperation with another one. Ryouji lightly and sharply swung Mithril’s sword out sideways toward the leading green wolf that had rushed at him.

What Marco and Carena saw was Ryoji’s appearance, which overruns the green wolf by the movement that was even better when he fought Bartolo in the occupational aptitude test.


Ryoji’s sword skills were so brilliant that Carena murmurs unintentionally, and while the blue magical power is applied to the sword of Mithril, at the same time, the leading green wolf is shaken out to the side, against the two animals that rushed at him, he struck a helmet-splitting blow and cut off the other one’s front paws, robbing it of its ability to act.

The other two that were leading the charge were doomed to die, and when they saw that one of them was out of action, they hurriedly returned with their heel asap in an attempt to escape, but Ryoji didn’t miss the opportunity to change the blade of Mithril’s sword from blue to gold to reap the lives of the two green wolves.

“Complete victory!”

Ryoji, who stabbed the incapacitated green wolf with a stoppage, returned to Marco and Carena with a cool face while holding a Mithril sword and proclaiming victory.

It took less than five minutes in time, and when he confirmed the fallen green wolf, three were soaked all over the body, and the other two were dead with all their hair upstanding.

“I knew Ryoji had the ability, but not like this. I don’t think he’ll be able to beat five opponents with enough room to spare.”

“Right. He was holding back in his fight with Bartolo,  and that sword is a Mithril sword, right? I’ve never seen a sword with such a beautiful magical power. It’s the first time I’ve seen the Mithril sword itself.”

Ryoji asks Marco that Marco and Carena, who are talking to each other with a frightening expression and voice that make them admire Ryoji’s too vivid fight.

“Is this okay to pass the test to enter the cave of trials?”

“I won’t be able to complain when you win the match against five green wolves. By the way, I

You were fighting with a mithril sword with magical power imbedded, but why did the color change in the middle?”

Marco said to Ryoji’s question that he felt during the battle. Ryoji replied to Marco’s question with a smile and a disappointing look.

“Yeah, I tried to test each of the five different attributes at first, but it was my first battle with anything other than a mushroom ghost, so I guess I was nervous. I gave them the water attribute and killed the first one with the momentum of killing two of them, and then switched to the lightning attribute in a hurry, but it was too close in time and I just killed the other two.”

Marco was stunned and began to explain to Ryoji about his common sense.

“Ryoji, I’ll explain to you that I don’t understand anything at all, but usually a magician fights with a sword of a warrior with his magical power. And until the battle ends, you only normally have a single attribute. How can you do it without any problems, and change the attributes in the middle of the battle?”

Ryoji leaned his head for a while and was thinking about it for a while, but he seriously replied, “Spirit and momentum?”, but Marco didn’t tell him at all and he had a delicate face.

“After all, Ryoji is an excellent candidate because he has both the power and money.”

Next to Marco, who is holding Ryoji’s insane mind, Carena was murmuring with a serious face. Ryoji and the others stored the defeated Green Wolf in storage, and the horses proceeded toward the cave of trials.

“Surprisingly we encountered a lot of monsters.”

It took about 30 minutes to arrive at the garrison, and they had battled 12 green wolves, 9 mushroom monsters, 3 pig-man. Although the test itself to enter the cave of trials was over, Ryoji subjugated everything due to Marco’s intention to see Ryoji’s battle a little more, and after defeating these demons he also tried dismantling and removing the magic stone.

“The magic stones are all different”

Regarding the magic stone taken out, the green wolf’s magic stone was edamame size and the color was a little transparent, and the pig man was like Ohajiki[1] with white color.. Ryoji murmured while looking at each magic stone unusually, and stored it in a newly created <magic stone folder>.

The group safely arrived at the garrison and handed the horse to the soldier in charge. Marco recalls the previous battle in turn while watching Ryoji’s horses.

The fight against the green wolf was said by the person himself, “I was nervous in the first battle”, but it was an incredibly light and skilled adventurer’s movement. Moreover, it was a fighting method that he had never heard of it even in myth: switching attribute assignments during battle.

He said he was dissatisfied that he could only try two types without being aware of how great he was doing, but in the next battle, despite being a pig person with a higher subjugation rank than Green Wolf, he defeated them with different attributes.

“The attributes used in battle were water, thunder, ice, and wind. There were wizards who can use more than five attributes only in the ancient history, and there were adventurers who were warriors and could grant attributes. But even so, the strength of a warrior and an adventurer who can fight while switching between the five attributes without difficulty,”

As Marco was muttering to himself from a distance as he watched Ryoji, who was watching the training of the garrison troops with interest after depositing his horse, Carenar spoke to him.

“Hey, what are you going to do, Marco? Do you intend to tell Yuhan about Ryoji?”

“Yeah. I’ll tell Yuhan when I’m done with this request.”

Marco and Carena decided to recommend Ryoji’s non-standard strength to the remote count, Yuhan-Stokeman. Marco has always recommended the adventurer he recognized to Yuhan, but it was the first time to recommend an H-ranked adventurer who had been registered as an adventurer for less than a week.

Ryoji, who does not realize that he is highly regarded by Marco and Carena, looked at various places after depositing the horse at the garrison reception, and finally watched the training of the garrison army.

“Anyway, what are those two talking about?” Carena said, “I can’t take my eyes off Ryoji!” What should I do? The beginning of the Harem route? Dad, I am embarrassed. There is something I want to try out personally.”

While watching Marco and Carena talking from a distance, he approached the soldiers who were engaged in a mock battle, not realizing that the evaluation from the two of them was eel-like and that his delusion was surprisingly on target, and spoke to one of the soldiers who was taking a break.

“Hey. Uncle”

“What’s the matter, little man? I’m not an uncle, I’m your brother. I’m not the only one. What’s the point of coming to this place? Not exactly a lost cause, are you? Where did your father and mother go?”

“I don’t care. Instead, you can have a mock battle with me. You guys are as strong as C-ranked adventurers, right?”

At Ryoji’s dialogue about ignoring the soldier’s question and wanting to fight, he looked puzzled for a moment, then burst into laughter and threw the wooden sword at Ryoji.

“You’re good, kid. I’ll put on a rehearsal.”

The man who waited for Ryoji to come attacking while beckoning him was one of the main members of the garrison, who had served in the garrison for nearly ten years and regularly conducted military demonstrative activities in the Cave of Trials.

“Then, Here I come.”

Ryoji said lightly, and slammed down the wooden sword from the upper stance toward the soldier. According to Ryoji’s calculation, he had the skill of adventurer rank C or higher, and his strength seemed to be no problem. He had the kindness to deal with little children, but this time it may be said that the kindness of the soldiers caused him misfortune.

The soldier intended to respond mainly to defense while lightly accepting one blow from Ryoji, but failed to respond to a strong blow from him and dropped the wooden sword.


The soldier hurriedly picked up the wooden sword that he had dropped off, re-positioned it in a formal pattern, and faced Ryoji looking at him with a serious expression, carrying his sword with caution.

“If this was a real battle, wouldn’t you have died? That’s what happens when you’re careless.”

“Thank you for the advice, I haven’t heard your name. My name is Dino.”

“It’s Ryoji Uchino. I’m an H-rank adventurer aiming to be a magic warrior.”

Dino apologized for being careless, and he repositioned the wooden sword and, in turn, squeezed himself and fired a blow to the side. Ryoji evaded it with a back step as if he was reading an attack from the side, and ran the sword to scoop it up from below and tried to bounce off the sword again.

“This time it’s a comparison of power without caution!”

When Dino yelled, he took a powerful blow from below and brought him to the brim of the sword. Furthermore, Dino took advantage of the height difference between them in one fell swoop, and continued to hit Ryoji with a series of slashes while taking advantage of the height difference.

“Wow! You’re good!!”

Ryoji was impressed, while dodging from the continuous attacks from Dino. At first, I was on guard because I was a kid, so I was able to win the game in an instant, but now I’m using my own specs to keep fighting so as not to give me a chance to fight back.

Unlike Bartolo, which he had a mock battle with in the aptitude test, Dino, who had been in actual battle for over ten years, had the power and spirit. Ryoji continued to fight, making sure not to miss his every move so that he could utilize it in future actual battles.

“It’s almost time to finish this! Dino-san!”

About five minutes have passed since the start, and Ryoji screams to settle the battle, and strongly strikes away and does not miss the chance that Dino’s posture is a little collapsed, and the five slashing attacks with up-down and left-right motion and adding 10 more after that…continuing the battle.

Dino, who was unable to hold his breath when the meeting reached the 15th stage, tried to make a distance from Ryoji in order to fix his breath, but Ryoji felt the intention, and started pursuing and Dino decided that further fighting could not be continued. He let go of the wooden sword and showed his intention to surrender.

“Hey! Ryoji! What are you doing!”

As if to reckon with the timing of Dino’s intention to surrender, a flustered Marco and Carena came over and shouted.

“What! Dino-san was like a high-ranker, so I just asked him to battle with me to determine my ability.”

Ryoji made an excuse for Marco’s reprimand, and proudly explained that he had an overwhelming victory over Dino to Carena. Watching such a situation, Dino approached Marco when he took a deep breath and adjusted his breath.

“Marco’s acquaintance. Who is that child? I thought he was a child and I was going to play lightly, but when I tried to fight, he moved more than me. Is he really an H-ranked adventurer? That move isn’t a move you can learn overnight.” (TN: But you can acquire if you ask cheats from a goddess)

“Because common sense doesn’t apply to him, please bear in mind. Besides Dino’s ability to experience it himself, he can add attributes to his fighting style. The strength of that guy is something I would love to know too.”

Marco wanted Dino to ask Ryoji’s strength while wiping his sweat and asking questions with mixed complaints.

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