Episode 23: Attribute

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 A torrent of First Fee(Prima Materia) is blowing in the surroundings. It’s happening around me. The pale Prima Materia overflows from my body.

 While feeling it, I feel that my body gradually changes. Originally bluish black hair, my hair changed its color, and the skin color also changed to pure white, which was as transparent as ever.

“Ray…what is that…? And that hair…?”

 Amelia murmuredly. The other four are still conscious, but they aren’t able to stand up properly. They just lay on the ground and stare at me

 At that moment, I had immediately built the defensive barrier around us. Because of that, the four people who were nearby were somehow conscious.

 Even though Mr. Allium is also concious, it feels like scorching my existence is grasping his heart in this heavy pressure… That’s why he’s staring at me with eyes different from anger and hatred.

 And, as Amelia pointed out, my hair transformed its color into white everywhere… and it had a slightly bluish tinge.

 ──Is this the first time in three years?

 I feel a little nostalgic. Remembering that harsh battlefield, I’m never in a good mood… I’m ready to face this figure to protect my friends.

“Wow…..prima materia…….. around Ray-kun…”

“Oh……..I can see it. How dense is it……..the phenomenon of visualization is not normally possible…….”

 As Evi says, around me the pale Prima materia has already manifested and can be visualized. Yes, the Prima materia is colorless and is invisible. It’s just visualized as pale particles in this world through a medium of sorcerer as me.

“About me…I’ll tell you when it’s over. I won’t keep secrets anymore. Sincerely, I want to apologize. But please wait a little longer. Apparently I need to fight Gray-sensei…”

After telling them so, I walk leisurely.

 The ground froze with every step I took. As if the world of the Crimson Lotus(Guren) just now was a lie, the world around me had turned into a world of ice.

 Here is one of the seven true magicians… a magician with a sword.

“Well…as I thought, you aren’t any normal guy?”

“That is the same for you.

 The grinning appearance is not her usual appearance.

 However, Gray-sensei is still interested in my story, and she is still not attacking. She seems to be willing to listen to what I have to say. And I just keep spinning my words.

“It’s okay. Let’s call it the last lecture. Now, let’s talk about your speculation.”

“…I already know its existence. The organization you belong to, Eugenic agency.”


“Their purpose is about Memory trace Engram. Which is in the end is the magician’s brain. And the students who were suspended or dropped out that you mentioned at the time of the consultation…”

 Before the words, she began to laugh as if to drown it out.

“Kukuku… Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Ah, You know a lot! Well, that’s the correct answer. Ray White. I don’t hate savvy humans. It looks like you are interested in Memory trace Engram as well.”

“…And in the training session at Kafka’s forest. You tried to kidnap a student, making it look like an accident. You were in that forest to control monsters…”

“Kukuku… Do you know that much? That exercise isn’t perfect every year… I just have to make excuses. And I’m lamenting. It’s a tragic heroine… Ah, why my students… Kukuku, no, this school is really the best… FUFU…Young brain is so good. I’m not familiar with the code yet. But now I can extract Memory trace Engram quite easily….fufu, fufufufu. That’s why I work as a homeroom teacher for one class each year…”

When she responds to my questions and answers with a distorted face, I’m almost overcome with anger, but I gulp it down and spin out more words.

“And Mr. Allium looked strange. So did the other students. Are you the one who incited them?”

“Kukuku, idiots. Garbage that only has high pride and doesn’t have any abilities. However, it is a shame that quality sorcerers are here. Especially, there are three major aristocrats. Ah… Kukuku, everything is as I expected… Fufufufu, Ahahahahahahaha! It’s really great….I can easily increase my position in the organization if I take them.”

“…The consultation with me was a lie, too.”

“…Kukuku, of course. I think there was something I felt… I’m after students who’re interested, so I’ll pretend to provide them help… as a caring teacher, right? Did I have a good performance?”

She laughs horribly

And shows a fearless smile

  This guy is a bona fide out-of-the-way sorceress who secures students, kills them, and only cuts open their brains. She was well known in the school as a caring teacher. So much so that she even took care of me, the only commoner in this whole school.

 But it was all fake.

 These kinds of people no longer have any feelings. However, if the truth of magic can be pursued… human life to them is irrelevant. That is why they treat human life as a consumable item in an open manner.

In addition, since she is being so talkative that means she doesn’t have any intention of letting any student alive. Everyone is treated as just a tool for experimenting. There is no dignity as a person, just madness.

 I have seen many people like this and others like them during my time at the Battle of the Far East. Although their goals are different, they are freaks who derive pleasure from the slaughter. I can clearly see from the expression on Gray-sensei’s face that she is already reveling in it. She must probably think that the matter is already over.(TN: Show her boy! Show her the power of ICEBLADE MAGICIAN)

 If she can disable me from fighting, she can secure the brains of all the students here.

 However, I will not forgive such an outrage.

 That’s why I had one thing to do.

“… I will have you pay with an arm and a leg. Gray-sensei.”(TN: Wink Wink, Got the reference?)

“Well…you still call me sensei? And you’re gonna catch me alive instead of killing. Okay… Ray White, you’re funny. Let’s see your Memory Trace Engram.”

 That word was the signal.


 I step on the ground and close the distance. However, perhaps she knew how to fight me, Gray-ssensei soon tried to create distance between us.

She understands that Close Combat is the true range of my expertise . It was part of the research that Wright-sensei was praising about me in the conversation that had been held up until that point when she consulted. That’s exactly why Gray teachers set up that spot because they were wary of me.

 And that’s exactly right, as she goes further back.

“Fufu… I know. You’re a magician specializing in melee, right? However, that Prima materia you possess is astonishing even though you’re a commoner. And that amount of ice as well as the ice that’s overflowing is also a mystery considering your background……by no means you’re an average sorcerer…..Kukuku…..”

 She produces a flame snake with quick magic combining with chain magic. Using the magic created by Mr. Allium as a foothold, the magic of fire attribute would have been most effective in this place.

 It’s a very reasonable decision. That shows that she is not controlled by emotions. She just does this task of battle in an indifferent manner.

And what she created was the Flame Snake, an intermediate magic. It is a flaming snake that tries to entangle itself in its target while drawing an irregular trajectory.

 Once caught by this guy, their body is scorched and will not separate until it decays. This is a so-called magical technique specialized in slaughter. The trouble is that number. As expected, as the teacher of this school, and the amount is already over 200 in my sight.

Slithering on the ground with irregular movements and at high speed the Flame Snake approaches me as the target.


 Despite releasing my abilities, I’m still not completely familiar with the sensation. This is the first time in 3 years. I haven’t been able to catch up with my senses, so it will take some time before I get to my previous state.

 That’s why I have no choice but to escape while keeping a distance.

“Huh, what’s wrong with you! You can’t do anything by just running away!!!! Ray White!!!!”

Their number is already close to 300. She’s sneering and grinning at me while I escape. She probably thinks of it as a hunting game.

  And since I’m the only target of this, I try to keep my distance from the other students and focus my fire snake on one spot.

 And if you look at her expression for a moment, you can see that she is so happy.

 A dangerous group that kills people, examines their brains, and tries to master the essence of magic. Letting go of such a person free from here, or even more…….such kinds of practices should not be allowed.


I clench my teeth tightly.

 Even on that battlefield. I always wonder how, how these people can feel pleasure while slaughtering others. And why they don’t think about anything else. Why… I wondered for a long time. And I came to the answer.

 Human beings are creatures that also have such characteristics.

 It is impossible for all to be saints. That is why people fight and war is born.

 That is a kind of fate. That’s why I… I have no choice but to confront it. To protect all the students here, and the important friends I made at the institute… I…

“Haa, It’s boring. So how’s….this?”

 She created more Flame snakes and it was aiming at Amelia and others. They are still barely conscious. In the meantime, hundreds of fire snakes tried to bite them in front of me.

 Anger rises inside me again looking at her nerves that dares to aim at the nearly unconscious person, but….I let it sink. All I can do now is neutralize her. I cut all the unnecessary emotions within me.

“… Master. I will use it.”

 There was no time to spare again.

And my condition was completely addicted. It was like the last piece of a puzzle that fit…that’s what it felt like.

 A moment later, I run the code in the brain. In a nutshell, that feeling is nostalgic. Code theory that has not been properly exercised for the past three years. I have used internal code  previously, but embodying a substance in this word, the External code I am about to use is nostalgic to me. It’s been 3 years since I used the code.

 Nevertheless, the human body is a strange thing, and I used my magic just like in my prime.

<<First Pledge (Prima materia) = Encoding = Material Code>>

<<Material Code = Decoding>>

<<Material Material Code = Processing>>

<<Embodiment = physical materials>>





 Then, an ice wall was formed in front of the four. The flame snakes strike on the ice wall but then they disappear one after another and after sometime all of them disappear completely.

Of course, I deal with the Flame snakes that are approaching while bypassing others. I continuously stab the Flame snakes.

These snakes move around irregularly, but I, who have completely sensed the prima materia within this realm, drown out those flaming snakes with pinpoint accuracy.

 It’s an ultra-high-level technique that requires precise code assembly and coordinate recognition, but… I was returning to the point that I could do it unconsciously.

 ──Since this is the case, I may be able to use that as well.

“Hm…? You can do magic? Or rather, what’s that? Can you use that scale of magic with quick magic? And that accuracy … even for a platinum class platinum sorcerer, that’s … … what … what’s that… …You can’t be…”

 I didn’t mind the stunned voice of the Gray-sensei.

 My surroundings are freezing even more. The ground completely freezes with a crunch and a crackle around me. This space is transforming into a complete world of ice.

 Even the scorching ground, the traces of the magic used by Mr. Allium and Gray-sensei get repainted and eroded by the Prima Materia that manifest in this world due me.

 I no longer needed this Broad Sword. I stab it in the frozen ground…

 I muttered like this.

” Thousand ice blades(Icicle sword)”

 When the code runs at once in the brain, it becomes fixed in the air and becomes visible in this world.

 Ice Blade.

 Floating in the air is the Ice Blades which surrounds me and embodies itself in this world. I spread my right hand out to place the blades in a row.

Then I grab one of the Ice blades floating in the air.

 ── Ah… this feeling. The certain coldness that remains in this hand. It evokes my memories of those days.

 Perhaps she understood that this phenomenon wasn’t just a matter of fact, and the Gray-sensei opened her mouth.

“Oh, no way… No, the magician of the sword must have retired in the Far East battle! You’re just a commoner there’s no way you can be the magician of the sword!! “

It is understandable that someone like an Ice blade swordsman cannot be in this kind of place. Many of the seven great wizards have not been identified. Rather, only a few know that I am a modern-day ice blade magician.

 However, I am definitely the magician of the Sword who took over after the master.(TN: magician of sword = Ice blade magician, it’s the same, just using differently according to context)

 Above all, this sword speaks for it in a calm way.

“That’s right. But the Ice Blade magician position was handed over to a certain boy…”

“Stupid … stupid … stupid! Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! It can’t be! I don’t want to hear that kind of nonsense!”

 A large amount of flame-type magic is thrown at me, but all of it is cut with a sword. I don’t even need to hold it in my hand anymore. The sword that appears in this space can already be manipulated as I wish.


  I look at it.

 Instructor Gray’s attack is definitely launched to hunt me down

Fireball, Fire pillar, Fire Rain.. these magics could even be activated by a student but the sheer amount was ridiculous.

 If I have to describe it, it is the collision of the world of flame and the world of ice.

 But I use my sword to cut through everything. The flame can never erode my world.

 An inexhaustible swordsman. Of course, I can control all the swords with high precision as well as the ones in my hand. Even if it shatters, I can freely create a new sword using the shattered ice as a medium.

This overwhelming number of usage is the Thousand Ice Blades main strength.

 It’s a nostalgic feeling…I still didn’t seem to lose strength.

“Kukukuku… What’s about the Ice Blade… even if you’re one of the Seven Great Wizards, you……you can’t stop me!!!”

 Instantly, a huge amount of Prima Materia gathers around her. It’s still subtle, but since the fire attribute residues are here she collects the Prima Materia from it. Then sensei runs the code while collecting it.

 I confront the magic of her head on.

“Purgatory Dragon (Casatrio Draco )Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ! “

 The manifestation was a purgatory dragon. It’s power is incomparable to the one used by Me. Allium’s Flame Dragon(Ferbis Draco).

 It was a sacred grade magic that belonged to the large scale magic extensives, and as the name implied, a dragon that wore purgatory. A body constructed by red-black flames. It’s coming straight at me, advancing through the earth.

  It’s not on the scale of the ground being scorched. Completely it is magic on a scale enough to cause melting. In addition to that, even in this place where there is some distance, there is even a sensation of burning skin.

 Fortunately, she was only looking at me right now. That’s why the other students would get burned, but they wouldn’t die.


 I take a deep breath.

 Of course, this swaying heat wave can be defended to some extent by magic, but even with that in mind sacred magic is still unusual.

 The magicians who can use it are exactly that, large-scale magic extensives that are limited to holy class grand magicians.

 But I couldn’t be overwhelmed by that.

 Because I’m one of the top magicians right now-I’m a magician with a sword.(Ice Blade Magician)

 And what I exercise is not a sword. There was even more effective magic of this scale than dealing with an Ice blade.

 It’s a magic that only I can use in this world.

 Then run another code in the brain.

“…Apparently, I have no choice but to use it.”

I trigger the Anti-material code.

 It’s a new code discovered by my master three years ago. The anti-material code actually existed in the code theory of the conversion of prima materia into matter. It exists in opposition to the material code.

 In terms of substances and phenomena material code and Anti-material code exist at the same time.

 However, it will become apparent that just the material code is manifested and Anti material code is hidden.

 That’s why the antimatter anti-material code is not normally activated.

But now I can interfere with that anti-material code and manifest it that is hidden.

 Internal interference with the code. That is one of the technologies that I am good at. That which was thoroughly trained by my master, it certainly remains in me now.

 Then, I specified the coordinates to Purgatory Dragon( Casatrio Draco). Reading that code, or in other words the internal information format, activates the remaining anti-material code inside.

<<Antimatter Anti-Material Code: restoration.>>

<<Substance material = anti-materials code>>

<<Material: Reduced Restoration = First fee Prima Materia>>

“──Anti-material code. Activate”

 In a moment, the Sacred grade magic, Purgatory Dragon(Casatrio Draco), was completely shattered. It does not leave even the slightest spark of fire. It completely returned the phenomenon that was embodied in this world as sorcery to its original prima materia.

This was the meaning of the words I said to Mr. Allium.

 Strictly speaking, it is neither invalidation nor disassembly.

The essence of Anti-material code is to “ Restore” or return back to its origin.

 Reversing the code theory of the first quality(prima materia) changing into matter or phenomena is the true value of this anti-material code.

“Huh…hhh… hmm… huh… what is that…”

 Grey sensei is simply dumbfounded in the face of a phenomenon that didn’t even leave a speck of dust.

It’s not unreasonable. The anti-material code is completely in the paper, and even though it has been confirmed to actually exist, there was no one to use it.

 And I will tell you again.

“The ice blade is an attribute, not an essence.”

“What… what are you saying?”

 ── Attributes.

 In other words, it could be called a symbol or an emblem.

 But that is not the essence of it. The ice blade is just an attribute.

 An Ice Blade Magician. (or Magician of sword; it sounds dull)

 It is by no means the only ability to use a sword.

  I took over from my master, and I learned. The essence of it.

 And that is why I had been able to pull down and fix my own abilities until now.

 That is also because this essence is at the core. And it is also connected to the sword.

 With the three essences as the axis, a magician of a sword(Ice Blade Magician) is established.

“I will show you the essence of the Ice Blade Magician”

In the true sense, the Iceblade Magician now manifests himself….

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