Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-2-Part-3

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Chapter 2 ──── March towards Demon Forest

Part III

“Well, well, you made me wait long enough, Entete Foresters. Ooh, I can see that Christine, Serina, and even Doran are here. How fortunate. For whatever reason, the miasma has been cleared from the air. But I can fight here with no problem. So, come on!”

 The gates of the demon world that towered in front of us was shaped like a tangle of human beings, screaming in agony and morbidly emaciated like wires.

 The surrounding trees had been uprooted or pulled out, and there was nothing to hide behind or use as a shield.

 And the people of the Entete Forest, who had encircled the ones from the demon world, began to fire arrows and magic at Geren and the demon soldiers guarding the gates at a furious pace.

“What’s wrong? Residents of the Entete Forest, don’t tell me this is the extent of your attacks, eh!? You can’t hurt this Geren with such a lukewarm attack, no matter how many days it goes on!”

 With a single swing of the huge axe in his hand, Geren knocked down the arrows and magic that were rushing towards his huge body with uncanny ease and swept them away.

 The arrows were crushed like leaves in a storm, and the wind blades, rock spears, and flaming cannonballs were all crushed, not a single fragment reaching Geren’s armored body.

 In addition, the blade wind from the axe that Geren wielded gained momentum and attacked the Entete Forest warriors surrounding him, blowing several of them away and greatly disrupting the formation.

“Fufufufu, you cannot defeat me with just a handful of soldiers, even if you have ten times as many as this. If you want to defeat me, bring a hero rather than a thousand soldiers.”

 The surrounding demon soldiers are gradually being defeated by the forest warriors and their numbers are decreasing, but the demon soldiers are just pawns to be discarded. In the event that the demon soldiers are annihilated, Geren alone is confident that he can defeat the warriors of the Entete Forest.

 Gio, who was leading a squad of wood elves, gritted his teeth and furrowed his brow at the sight of Geren, knowing that his own bows and spirit magic were no match against him.

 Although the werewolf and Arachne warriors were brave enough to stand up to him, they were unable to take a shot at Geren, who, despite his huge size, was as quick as the wind and carried himself better than both races.

 In that case, it was inevitable that some of them would become impatient and move forward carelessly. Even now, an Arachne warrior, her beauty burned by frustration, overcame the restraints of the other warriors and slashed at Geren’s feet in a bullet-like leap.

 It was a young Arachne with a black shell and three yellow lines. Her blue hair was cropped at the shoulders, with six red spider eyes occasionally peeking out, and her human-made eyes were filled with hatred and anger towards the enemy that had defiled her home.

 After an explosive leap with her spider legs, the Arachne approached Geren’s ankles with a shiny black spear held in her hands in a thrusting stance.

 When Gio and the rest of the troops noticed her, they shouted for her to stop.

“No, don’t go in alone! Cover her.”

 Gio’s men were ready to do so almost as soon as the voice reached their ears, but ironically, Arachne’s agility had brought her into Geren’s line of fire faster than she could be covered.


“Hmm, a little bug, huh. It’s a pain in the ass to squash them.”

 Although the Arachne’s movements were difficult for even a skilled warrior to react to, Geren captured the Arachne, which was like a small shadow crawling on the ground, without losing sight of it.

 With the same sense of carelessness that a human being would use to sweep away a small insect that was crawling on him with some annoyance, he thrust the axe of his right hand down in front of Arachne.

 Pointing the tip of the axe downward, he thrust it straight down.

It was just that simple action, but to Arachne, it was like a judge who set the boundary between life and death.

 The enemy’s axe would crush her body before her own spear could reach it.

 Fear painted the eyes of the Arachne girl as she realized the cruel but unshakable reality.

 However, the fate of the female warrior of Arachne as a victim was prevented by Christine-san, who ran past her from the right side.

 Just a little faster than the axe fell, Christine-san’s arm wrapped around the slender waist of the Arachne girl, and she flew wide to the side.

 A spiderweb-like crack spread out around the axe that was stuck in the ground, and the ground blew up and collapsed into large and small chunks. Geren’s blow, which seemed to have used no power or skill, showed that it was powerful enough to blow away a two-story house without leaving a trace.

 He looked back at Christine-san, his lips tightened into a straight line, and light of joy flashed in his eyes.

“Are you hurt?”

 With her bright red eyes fixed on Geren, Christine-san lowered the Arachne girl she was holding in her left arm to the ground.

 The Arachne girl was looking dumbfounded for a while at her savior, who suddenly appeared at the crossroads of life and death, but then slowly moved her mouth.

“Y-yes. I am fine…….”

“Well, that’s good. I will handle the fight with him. You should step back.”

 While responding to the Arachne girl who sounded absent-minded, Christine-san looked away from Geren, smiled softly, and said in a gentle tone as if she was admonishing a young child.

 With Christine-san’s inhuman beauty, soft smile and voice, and the fact that she had been saved from a near-death predicament, the Arachne girl turned her eyes to Christine-san’s as if her soul had been stolen.

 In the battles up to this point, Christine-san’s first priority has been to take the lead and help those in distress, and she has already saved several lives.

 The people who were saved by her, regardless of race or gender, had the same expression on their faces as this Arachne girl, and they were looking at her with passion.

“Yes, I will do as you say, onee-sama.”

The Arachne girl, who had been released from Christine’s arms, forgot that where she was now was as if she were on a rope passed over a great hole called death, and it was obvious even to the casual observer that she was under the control of a hot and aching feeling deep in her chest.

 The axe knight of the demon world grasped his weapon with both hands and held it horizontally, silently waiting for Christine-san to turn around.

No covering arrows or magic were fired before or after Geren and Christine-san’s confrontation, as ordered by Gio and the other warriors. Those who had witnessed the battle at the barrier last night had rushed to stop it.

 This is because they understood that if someone who does not have the skill to match Christine-san’s skill were to fire arrows or magic for support, it would be a distraction, and their decision was correct.

 The blade of her beloved sword, El Spada, was placed in the lower right-hand corner, and Christine-san looked for an opportunity to make a move, making sure that her will and magic power passed through her entire body without a hitch.

 She still had the same armor that she wore when she came to the Entete Forest, but it was no comfort against the axe knight in front of her.

 She had no choice but to somehow defeat the axe knight in front of her without suffering a single blow. Everyone will agree that the victory condition imposed on Christine-san is a difficult one.

“Oh, it’s Christine. Your companions seem to have enough sense not to interfere in unnecessary ways. Have you had enough to eat, enough to sleep, and enough to rejuvenate? I’ve been looking forward to fighting you. I won’t let either of the demon soldiers touch you. Let’s fight for our lives, Woman of the Super-Race.”

“I’m honored that you’ve been looking forward to this, but I don’t want to be forced to use words like “Super Race” that I’ve never heard before. But for once, we can’t let this end without a winner. I will defeat you with all the strength I have.”

“Hahahaha, yes, it would be boring if you didn’t. If you defeat me, it will be easy for you to destroy the demon gate here. But defeating me is the most difficult problem. That’s right, if you don’t defeat me as soon as possible, this forest will eventually turn into a demon world again. Come at me with that in mind.”

“I know that without being told. Since I know, I’m going to fight like this!”

 Christine-san, who lowered her back as if sinking into the water, leaned forward and ran to the front slope. Every step she takes pushes her body forward. Her super-racial body, as Gelen called it, gave her a speed that exceeded human standards.

 Her long, pure silver hair was flipped, and the brilliant sunlight shattered her silver hair, turning it into countless pearls and clinging to it.

 A phantom serpent attacked Geren with a sharp breath above Christine-san’s head.

 As Christine-san rushed out with a silent breath, Serina, who was in the background, activated the inherent magic of the Lamia species.


“Nuhahaha, you are Serina, daughter of Lamia. Of course, I remembered you. The purpose of this one is to continue what happened last night with the two of you. Since I never said anything about single combat. That’s what I want!”

 Although it is an illusion formed by magic power and curses, a large snake that can swallow three or four human beings at once, Geren responded by punching it in the head with his left fist straight out, as if he had roughly carved a huge rock.

 The snake was blown away as if an explosion had occurred inside its head, and it disappeared as if it had melted into the air.

“Sorry, but it’s three of us.”

 Then, kicking the back of the [Jaram] that Geren had blown away, I swung my long sword down into Geren’s neck on the left side.

“I know, I know. Gheorud and Georg are going to hate me, but you’re probably the toughest one, so I’ll be nothing but happy to fight you.”

 I swung my long sword at Geren, who caught it with his axe, which he held in his right hand, and buried his ankle in the ground.

“Nuuu, what brute strength!”

 Christine-san was running as the flesh and blood of the serpent melted away while Geren and I exchanged swords.

 Because of the difference in our physiques, it was extremely difficult for me to reach Geren from the waist up. Naturally, Christine-san’s focus was on Geren’s lower body, especially his legs. It must have been more difficult for Geren to aim at someone who was less than half his height and moved around so agilely than it would have been for someone of the same build.

 But Geren had the physical strength and sturdiness to make up for it, as well as the destructive power to kill with a single blow.

“A shrewd fellow. Nun!”

 Geren pushed out his axe, and I was blown backward with my long sword, but Christine-san continued to run without regard to me. It was a good decision.

 The magic inscriptions on the blade of the El-Spada and the magic stone in the hilt were already emitting blue light, adding a tremendous sharpness to the blade. It has already been proven in last night’s battle that even the strongest of Geren’s body can be cut by this magical sword if wielded by Christine-san.

 Geren slammed his axe down on Christine-san, who was approaching him fearlessly. There was no swinging motion, just a minimal movement of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. I wondered how many battlefields he had traversed and how many mountains of corpses he had built up to reach this point.

 Christine-san avoided the blow of the axe, which would have killed even the strongest warrior of the giant race, by taking two steps to the right.

 The axe passed by her left side with a force that gutted the wind, and her silver hair was agitated with a force that seemed to tear it out from its roots.

 After finishing the momentary interplay with the axe, Christine-san kept the momentum of her sprint and ran through and slashed Geren’s left shin as hard as she could.

 If it was a human torso, even if it was wearing armor, her slash would cut through it as if it were water.

However, Geren not only avoided the blow by pulling the left half of his body around his right leg but also unleashed a left roundhouse kick as if tracing the path of the blade’s passing.

 The roundhouse kick released with the roar of the wind reaped the space where Christine-san was a moment ago, but it did not turn her into a lump of flesh.

 Geren spun his huge frame with the momentum of the left kick and looked back at her, who was behind him. In the middle of this movement, Serina’s snake eyes, which had already finished chanting the second magic, shot through Geren.

“The reason of the earth, obey my voice, unleash the invisible neck wood and chains, and form the calamity that descends from the heavens.”

 Serina’s arms were raised above her head as she chanted with a magical sound and melody, her magic power rising like a shimmer from her entire body, even more, powerful than that shown last night.

 Then, gradually, the surrounding soil and rocks all came to life and gathered above her head, as if an invisible hole had opened up and sucked them in.

 In a matter of seconds, the collection of soil grew in size and formed a huge rock mass three times the size of the slope.

 It is a higher level of earth magic that interferes with gravity and gravitation and uses dust in the air and soil and rocks on the ground as materials to create rocks that fall on the enemy.

“Gaia Strike!”

 The huge boulder above Serina’s head trembled a few times as she swung her arms down, and then fell toward Geren faster than a swallow.

 Even though the altitude and distance were not that great, if such a huge mass crashed at high speed, even Geren would not be able to escape. This is attack magic that is normally used against large armies or for destroying fortresses.

 Christine-san, who was not too far away so that she could slash at him at any time, had an unexpected look on her face when Serina used her magic, and she hurriedly opened the distance because of how powerful it was.

 Although his vision was covered by a mass of rock that was large enough to completely cover him, Geren held his ground with ease and showed no sign of fear.

 He held his axe in both hands, the same axe that he had spent so much time with on so many battlefields, and pulled the tip of it far to the right and back, focusing his fighting spirit and magic power into the blade.

“You’re using annoying magic. Nuooooooo!”

 With Geren’s angry voice, jet-black flames enveloped the axe. It was nothing more than Geren’s fighting spirit and magical power taking the visual form of a burning flame.

 An axe clad in an enormous amount of fighting spirit and magic power, compressed to the point where it materializes and has mass, strikes the falling ‘Gaia Strike’.

 Slightly delayed by the eardrum-shattering roar, a crack appears in the large rock, fixing its shape and shattering it into countless small and large fragments, along with the magic power of Serina, who was moving it.

 Fragments of ‘Gaia Strike’, shattered by Geren’s tremendous blow, rained down around the forest warriors and demon soldiers, regardless of whether they were friend or foe, and those who were watching the fight to the death rushed away to get the further distance.

 As countless rocks rained down from the sky, Christine-san sprinted through them and slashed at Geren. Even though the red-hot rocks were falling so close to her that it was frightening, her beautiful face did not fade in fear.

 In the face of Christine-san’s skillful maneuvering, Geren, who was in a state of rigidity immediately after unleashing his most powerful blow, was too late to evade or defend himself.

 EL-Spada approached with the speed of the wind and swung even faster than that, slashed the back of Geren’s right calf, causing black blood to spurt out. And Christine-san went on to deliver the second blow with a stagnant motion.

 Turning the tip of the El-Spada, which swung from left to right, this time to slam the blade into the right opposite shin, the stomach cavity filled with energy.

“Not so easy!!”

 A moment before swinging El-Spada, Christine-san noticed Geren’s movement of swinging the axe after coming out of the stunning state and commanded with all her might the body that had begun to move from attacking to evading.

 Geren regrips the axe with his right hand and swings it in a half-moon trajectory, scraping the ground with the tip.

 From Christine-san’s point of view, it seemed as if a tremendously huge and thick axe blade was attacking her like a pendulum.

“I won’t let you! Titan Fist!”

 The moment the angry voice rang out across the battlefield, the ground in front of Geren instantly rose up, and a fist as huge as his huge body was formed, striking Geren head-on as he wielded his axe.


 Geren couldn’t help but be blown away by this, bouncing over and over on the ground with a heavy echo. Even so, in the end, he spun around in the air and landed on the ground with his feet.

 While frowning at the pain that shot through his body from the blow, Geren was struck by no small amount of surprise.

“Muuuh, that’s interesting. There was a trace of dragon magic mixed in with the demon snake magic. Fufu, I’ve encountered a more interesting enemy than I thought!”

Christine-san also had a different kind of surprise than Geren, as Serena continued to use a series of higher-level magic after ‘Gaia Strike’.

 About Serina’s ability that Christine-san’s knew, in order to activate the next magic after ‘Gaia Strike’, you should still have some time to wait.

“It’s a big deal. It was great enough yesterday, but today you look like a different person, Serina.”

“I don’t know what it is, but I’m feeling really good today. Thanks to the magic stone and the earth spirit stone that Doran gave me!”

 With that said, Serina showed the magic stone and the earth spirit stone that she was holding in both of her hands to reveal the reason for her good condition. This magic stone is a crystal of the magical power of dragon species that I extracted from my own soul, and it is a special item that should be called the dragon magic stone.

 With the Dragon Magic Stone and the energy she sucked from me, Serina now can handle far more magic power than she was born with.

 For that reason, Serina, who is usually mild-mannered and docile, seems to be more belligerent and aggressive than usual this time around, because she has too much power in her body.

 As I opened my mouth to warn her not to do anything too rash, I noticed the magic power and deadly energy swelling up from a different direction than Geren before anyone else in the room, and I had to turn away as quickly as I could.

“Get down, Explosion!”[Megumin!?]

 I shouted to the Wood Elves and Arachne who were in my line of sight to flee and activated my explosion magic.

 My ‘Explosion’ cancels out the huge fireball that is approaching from the other side of the line of sight, burning dozens of trees.

“That fireball, Gheorud!”

 Remembering the scene I saw last night, I frowned faintly at the appearance of a new enemy.

“Hmm, that’s him. Did he leave his post in a hurry because you all came to my location? But still, I’m surprised that he noticed Gheorud’s approach before I did.”

 Geren seemed to be convinced by my sudden action, but it didn’t matter to us. Fumu, both Geren and Georud are to be dealt with at the same time. If that’s the case, I should take care of that one, and once I’ve defeated it, I should join the fight with Geren again.

 A huge knight with the lower half of a beast appeared in the direction the fireball came from, looking at me with a hatred-filled gaze.

“I found you, Doran! We met here, and guess what. I was so humiliated last night that I could hardly contain myself. Now it’s time to make up for it!”

 He looked as if he was about to pounce on me, but if I allowed the huge body with such speed to get this close, it would lead to a melee and become an unseen disaster. I should pull them apart and destroy them individually.

“Christine-san and Serina, I’ll deal with Gheorud. I’ll come back here as soon as I’ve defeated them, so don’t do anything rash until then.”

“Doran-san, you’re going just by yourself!? It’s not safe!”

“I want you to believe me who fought more than evenly against Georg. And this one is even more inferior to George. There’s no way to lose. Both of you, until I come back, do not overdo it. Do you understand?”

 The two of them both move their heads in a small vertical motion as I tell them in a clear tone.

“Good. I’m going to go take care of the idiots who came away from the gates of the demon world.”

 That’s all I said, and then I ran straight to Gheorud, who was already gasping to kill me.

As soon as Doran went to challenge Gheorud to a battle by himself, Serina attacked Geren with a vicious attack before Christine did. Doran told her not to be reckless, but Serina was determined to be the first to defeat Geren and save Doran.

” The poisonous blood of the demon serpent that flows in my blood, the curse of the demon serpent that binds my soul, oh I implore you abominations, raise the roar of the curse, spread the poison, abhor life.”

 Christine and Geren both looked at the mighty reddish-purple magic power that erupted from Serina’s body.

 At this moment as well, a huge amount of magic power is being provided to Serina from the dragon magic stone, and Serina is almost like a dragon in the skin of Lamia.

 The reddish-purple magic power forms a multi-headed snake with eight heads on one body.

 Compared to the battle last night, it was the unique magic of the Lamia species, ranked even higher than the seven-headed serpent that was used against Geren, and was one of the strongest magic spells that Serina could handle.

“Eun Jaram!”

{Eun Jaram} is a multi-headed snake that is filled with the magical power of the dragon species, and it approaches Geren while eroding the demonized wind and earth with the curse of the demon snake.

 Even Christine, who was not the target of the magic, felt a shiver run down her spine at the sight of this demon snake.

 In front of the {Eun Jaram}, a massive mass of power and curse, Geren holds up his axe with the unyielding spirit of a human-shaped mountain range.


 Unlike the phantom snake, which was crushed by Geren’s axe and fist, the {Eun Jaram} is a mixture of the dragon’s magic power and also has a density that does not seem like a phantom anymore, so even if it receives a blow or two, it will not be crushed.

 Geren used his axe to slay the heads that were about to bite him while he breathed out a spell of poison, and used his hands to strike the many heads that were entwined in an attempt to restrain his limbs, and kicked them away with his feet to check them.

 The three heads that were about to sink their fangs into the head and neck were held together by the left side of the body, and while the skin was burned by the red-black magic of the serpent, Geren put in a breath of strength.

 Geren’s left arm grew to a huge size. At the same time, the sound of red and black scales and bones cracking together was continuous, and the three heads were cut off from where they were held by Geren.

When Geren released the three heads that were twitching greatly, he turned his glaring eyes to kill the remaining five heads as well, the figure of Christine running up the back of the {Eun Jaram} jumped in.

 The magical power of {Eun Jaram}, which functioned as a deadly poison for Geren, did not harm Christine in any way due to Serina’s precise manipulation.

 Geren tried to raise his axe to smash Christine together, but Serina didn’t miss his movement. Two of the remaining serpents’ heads entwined with Geren’s right arm, and one of them plunged its poisonous fangs deep into Geren’s second arm.


 Christine, who kicked the back of {Eun Jaram} with force, flew through the air like an arrow from a string and slashed Geren’s neck on the right side as she passed him.

 Geren was cut nearly a third of the way down his neck, but he was still far from dead. Fuuh, as he groaned a little, eight holes appeared in his side, and a black stake-like rod with a sharp tip flew out and skewered {Eun Jaram.}

 The skewered [Eun Jalam] trembles in agony as if it were a living being. A black stake, wet with the blood of a red-black multi-headed snake, protrudes from its back.

The appearance of [Eun Jaram] gradually blurred, and the eight-necked serpent, mixed with the magic power of the dragon species, melted into the void and disappeared.

“Is that, don’t tell me, RIB!?”

 Recognizing the true nature of the thing that defeated one of the strongest magic of her own, Serina opened her blue snake eyes and stared at the black ribs extending from the side of Geren.

“Hmm, you get the idea. It’s just a little physical manipulation. This armor is a hardened version of my skin. I can at least manipulate bones.”

 Geren said without much boasting and pointed the tip of a rib extending from his side(flank) to Serina. The slightly curved ribs did not return to the side but extended all the way to Serina.

 Eight ribs penetrate the air barrier and close in on Serina.

 Serina suddenly terminated the chanting of magic, crawled on the ground with the lower body of the snake, and dodged, and avoided, and evade the skewering of 1st and 2nd black ribs.

 But the black ribs didn’t just stretch straight out, they bent and branched in the air as they relentlessly pursued the beautiful snake girl.

“That was close.”

“I got you, Lamia!”

 Serina kept dodging 4th, 5th, 6th ribs, but she couldn’t avoid the ever-increasing number of ribs, and she was trapped in front and behind by the rib spears, with no way to escape.

 Each of these ribs is sharp enough to easily penetrate large shields and armor. The magic barrier that Serina could deploy could not prevent all of them.

 Just before her body stiffened with the premonition of death as she realized that there was no way to escape, and it looked as if a number of holes would be made in the body of the human snake mixture, the dragon magic stone that she was clutching emitted a different white light.

“Eh, did the magic stone that Doran-san gave me protected me?”

 The Dragon Magic Stone that Doran had given her as a talisman, reacted to the crisis of Serina’s life and played a wonderful role in it, making Geren’s ribs disappear in a flash.

 The white light emitted by the Dragon’s Crystal Stone served as an absolutely impenetrable boundary, and within the white light, the ribs could not advance even a fraction of an inch, turning into dust one after another.

“Guoooooooooooo, This is the …… of the divine dragon species!”

 The white light of rejection from the Dragon Magic Stone struck Geren through the ribs, and Geren was forced to cut off the rib spear from his side and immediately block the intense pain from it.

 The pain was so intense that Geren couldn’t stand it and stepped on a rock, creating a fatal opening that was unbecoming of a battlefield. And Christine was not so naive as to let that go unnoticed.


“SHit, made a mistake!?”

 Christine kicked the ground and slashed at Geren, who showed his back to her, clad in wind.

 The aim is Geren’s head. Whether that’s splitting it in two or chopping off the head. Otherwise, the fate of this giant horseman of the demon world can not be cut off.

 While enduring the magical power of the dragon species that was eroding his body and soul without a break, Geren spun around and slammed his ax into Christine, who was closing in behind him, while losing his center of gravity.

 Geren felt a strange sensation at the response to the cut through the air and the slight increase in the weight of the axe, and he immediately realized what it was.

 Instead of evading the axe in midair or catching it with her El-Spada, Christine landed on the blade of the axe, caught her fingers in the slight unevenness of the elaborate decoration on it, and held on.

 Christine bites down on her pain as her left hand is burned by the fighting spirit and magical power that Geren has filled the axe with.

 Geren tried to turn his body and swing away as he did last night, but Christine’s legs were faster than they had been, and Serina’s magic prevented him from doing so.

“The reason for the earth, obey my voice, and be a solid chain that binds my enemies, Earth Chain Bind!”

 The earth beneath his feet quickly became a giant chain, each of which, like a creature with a will, raised its sickle and bound Geren’s entire body.

 With the appearance of countless serpents, in a way in which they bind Geren in multiple layers looks like the way in which they entangle their prey.

 With Geren’s strength, even the living chains of this earth could be torn apart in the blink of an eye. But that blink of an eye was the difference between life and death in this case.

 Christine didn’t want to miss the perfect opportunity that Serina had created, and with every step she took, she drove forward even though her body was being eaten away by Geren’s fighting spirit.

 In response to its master’s will to fight, the El-Spada in Christine’s hand intensifies its blue light. This is the first time that Christine has ever felt so reliant on her El-Spada, which shines so brightly that it bounces off the sunlight.



 Although Geren was unable to move, he was not willing to be cut down without resistance, and a horn reminiscent of the tip of a giant spear appeared from his forehead.

 The horn that broke through the forehead dripped black blood as it extended to pierce Christine’s face as she approached. The moment of spine-chilling interplay came as the two sides closed in on each other.

 Christine half-crouched to avoid Geren’s black-blooded horns, and several strands of silver hair bound with blue ribbons flew through the air, pierced by the horns.

 She avoided Geren’s final resistance by a hair’s breadth and swung her El-Spada without any hesitation. Thick steel, elastic flesh, and the response of cutting the bones together are transmitted through the blade, and the head of Geren is reflected in Christine’s vision.

 As her gaze intersected with Geren’s slowly falling head, she felt him smile at her.

“Stunning, Brilliant!”

 The voice sounded truly satisfied, and Geren’s head fell to the ground and began to crumble, losing its shape as quickly as it had appeared. When Christine jumped down from Geren’s crumbling body, there was not even a handful of sand left.

 She watched Geren’s last breath and then exhaled loosely, as thin as a thread.

 Even though there are still demon soldiers left, having defeated the biggest enemy of the moment, she allowed herself to relax her mind slightly while keeping an eye on her surroundings.

 After a few moments, the warriors of the Entente Forest around her cheered in unison as Geren, the biggest obstacle to the destruction of the Demon Gate, fall.

 The forest warriors, who had been watching Christine’s group’s battle with bated breath, raised a shout and started to sweep away the demon soldiers at once.

 As Christine breathed deeply to recover from the damage caused by the battle with Geren, Serina, who was not as exhausted as she had been because of the Dragon Magic Stone, approached her with a worried look on her face.

“Are you okay, Christine-san? We managed to defeat it, but it’s not someone I want to fight again.”

 Christine, who had finished taking a breather, responded to Serina, who was carefully holding the dragon crystal stone that Doran had given her as a talisman, with both hands to her chest.

“I’m fine. I never thought I’d have to fight an enemy like that in my life. By the way, Serina, you did a crazy thing again, firing off such powerful magic.”

 Her facial expression was still grim and tight as if in the middle of a battlefield, but the tone of voice to Serina was gentle, soft, and above all, warm.

“It’s thanks to the magic stone Doran-san gave me. And I got a lot of energy in the morning. The reason why I was able to work so hard was thanks to him. Ahem.”

 Looking at Serina’s expression with a smile on her face, Christine thought in a corner of her mind that it was as if she was being told a love story, but she didn’t say anything about it.

“We won, but what about Doran-san?”

“Yes, that’s right. Doran!”

 The relief of having defeated Geren vanished from their minds, and they looked around for the figure of Doran, who was confronting the intruding Gheorud alone. And the battle between Doran and Gheorud–

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