Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 38

Chapter 38: God and Nobility

“Kaka, the emperor must like you. Even I couldn’t defeat Behemoth in a fraction of a second.”

“Did you not brought it down?”

“No. I got it a long time ago, but Behemoth only told me its name didn’t listen to anything I had to say. The appearance I saw was so fantastic that I’ve always wanted to see it again someday.”

“It’s appearance… say?”

 I linked Behemoth with the Armor Ring.

 Behemoth embodies the same way as Leviathan and Luthiya did when they fought.

 A golden bull appeared on the stage.

 Even though we were outdoors, the golden glow was so bright that everyone in the room had to turn their eyes away.

 Indra saw it.

“This is it! So you can really do this! That’s amazing, Boi.”


 I then ordered the linked Behemoth.

 The golden bull slowly moved forward on the table and dexterously poured Indra a cup of sake in the form of a bull.

 The sake poured into Indra’s cup also shone with a clear but golden color.


 The onlookers were in awe.

“So you can order it like this huh”

 Indra was even more amazed.

 Behemoth’s behavior is that of a subordinate who is completely devoted to me.

 I cannot help but be amazed just how it changed from the way it troubled me a while ago.

“Let them fight with it, and learn their strength and skill.”

“Fight? With what?”

“Leviathan, for example.”

 With that said, Leviathan turned itself into a Water Swordsman as well.



 And there’s a flame fighter.


 And finally, the beautiful painting.


 The weapons and tools that have wills that I’m carrying.

 I materialized all of them and the next moment.

 My eyes went blank.

 No, that’s not it.

 My entire soul was transported to a faraway place, or something like that.

 I heard a voice.

 It’s a fantastic voice with an overwhelming presence that I’ve never heard before.

[This is the first time in a thousand years that the four of us have come together.]

[It’s been since the Silver Age.]

[The child at that time also was exceptional. With a level of 255, that person was able to bring four of us together and restore our strength.]

[Soon the day will come when we will all be together. We will be able to regain our full strength. And it shall be the greatest celebration since the creation of heaven and earth.]

[Ara Ara, you must really like this child. Leviathan the Mad Dog.]

 It was a voice I had never heard before, but somehow I knew it.

 Just after the last name, which I may or may not have heard before, my senses were quickly jolted back to reality.

 I look around.

 I’m on the main street of the city, at a stall.

 The four puppet-like figures on the table look no different from before.

 Luthiya, Fuwawa, Behemoth, and Leviathan.

 They all look exactly the same as before.

 Was that a …… hallucination?

“Heaven’s voice, the heavens have high expectations for you, Prince.”


 I was startled and turned towards the voice I had just heard.

 There were onlookers there, and to my surprise, they all looked at me in disbelief.

“So that was, God ……, you say”

“I don’t know anything about that, but I thought that was God.”

“What, I’m not the only one?”

“God have expectation from the Wise Prince ……?”

 The onlookers looked at me expectantly and respectfully as they said it.

 Although I’ve had people look at me like that just a few minutes ago because I’m a Prince, now it’s more than that.

 It wasn’t a kind of reluctant respect for just my position(status).

 It was a look of sincere respect.

“Did everyone here at …… hear that?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I heard it too.”


“That’s great, Boy. Congratulations.”

 Indra’s face was not that of reverence, but that of intense joy and anticipation.

 And that’s usually the case.


“Eh? Ah, yes!”

 Gigi, my maid, was waiting at a distance and was also stunned to hear my voice.

 She hurriedly rushed over when I called her.

“To everyone here. Distribute 5, no, 10 reens to everyone who witnessed what just happened.”

 I then took out a leather bag from my pocket and handed it to Gigi.

 This is one of the duties of a nobleman.

 The celebrations of the aristocracy are almost always larger in scale than those of the common people.[TN: I didn’t use commoner term on purpose]

 It is considered a virtue for a nobleman to be able to share something of such a large scale with the common people without keeping it to himself.

 And it is the nobleman’s duty to share the money with the common people who witnessed the celebration.

 Some aristocrats think it is just for the sake of taste, but the more high-ranking the aristocrat is, the more they see it as a strong “duty”.

 Someone has said this.

 It is the third-rate nobles who do not like to share.

 A second-rate noble is the one who does his duty with patience.

 A first-rate noble is one who does his duty as a matter of course, without thinking of it as holding back.

 According to that, I ordered Gigi to distribute the average monthly income of the city to the common people here.[TN: still can’t wrap my head around 10 reens being monthly income. Maybe they have some sorting like gold coins, silver coins and a certain amount of them can be termed as a reen, but there’s still nothing for smaller value  ]

“Thank you very much!”

“Long live His Highness the Wise!”

“As expected of a man approved by the gods, AMAZING”

 As I fulfilled my duty as a nobleman and the people were in a state of excitement, an aspiring knight, who was just as stunned as Gigi, approached me, got down on one knee, and bowed.

“I have something to address to His Highness the Wise Prince.”

“What’s the matter, you look so serious?”

“I would like to decline Your Highness’s assistance.”

 The woman was on one knee, looking at me raising her head.

 Her face was very serious.

“Why do you want to decline?”

“I want to be your knight.”

“Hmm? What does that have to do with you declining my help?”

“If I continue to rely on His Highness’ support, I will never be able to become a worthy knight. I would like to devote myself to becoming a worthy knight of Your Highness.”

“I see.”

 So that’s why she’s declining my assistance.

 I looked at the woman’s face. She had a very serious expression on her face.

 She was a proud woman to begin with but what happened just now has inspired her to show more and more of her competitive spirit.

 Not bad, I like this kind of person.

 I can smell the similarity between her and Alice, whom I have been helping.

“I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t accept it.”

“W-Why not?”

 It’s the same story with the first and second-class nobility.

“It’s out of the question to get help and slack off. I agree with that. But evading it yourself is second-rate.”


“If you want to be a top-notch knight, don’t slack off when you receive help. Regardless of the external environment, you must have a sense of urgency and ambition within yourself.”


“If you want to be a knight worthy of me, do it that way.”


 The woman bowed her head.

 She was more than impressed and admired than before.

 And her eyes were serious as she looked up again.

 Her path is straight, her goal is ahead of her, and that’s all she sees in her eyes.

 I could sense a little bit of patience in her eyes.

 This is second-rate, but I’m sure this woman will eventually act as if it’s a matter of course, without thinking of it as endurance.

 A first-rate knight is about to be born, and I’m happy about that.

“That’s great, Boy, you’ve grown some interesting sprouts in just a moment.”

“Well, isn’t it? That’s why I decided to give him your granddaughter.”

 In a moment, Indra and I were both looking in the same direction, as if we had been pulled together.

 Did he appear there before we knew it—-.

“Your Majesty!”

 Both Indra and I stood up at the same time and knelt down on one knee.

 The onlookers and Gigi were startled by this, and they all gasped and bowed down on both knees.

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