Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-2-Part-2

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Chapter 2 ──── March towards Demon Forest

Part II


 After that, when Serina regained her senses, she writhed in shame and was distraught for a while. I don’t think she should have done that from the beginning if she was that embarrassed, but it was cute to see her being stroked by me, so I’ll let it slide.

 We met up with Gio and Fio, finished breakfast, and headed to the village square just before the sun hit the midheaven.

 In the square where the Elder Tree towered, except for the old, the young, the injured, and the warriors who stayed behind to protect them, all the warriors were lined up to fight with Georg and the others against the Demon Gate.

 The only thing is that the warriors of the many races in the line looked somewhat restless, and Serina and Christine-san were looking at them curiously.

 Then Diadora and Olivia, who had been mingling among the warriors, spotted us and came up to us. They both have the same appearance as I saw them yesterday, but Olivia was holding a staff that was as tall as she was.

 The staff, which was not much taller than me, was carved out of a branch of the world tree and embedded with ten kinds of spirit stones: earth, water, fire, wind, ice, lightning, light, darkness, time, and space. It is not an item that can be obtained easily.

 When I looked in the direction Olivia had walked, I saw an unusual group of people there. They are wood elves, werewolves, and other races that live in the Entente Forest, but they are wearing equipment that looks like it was made for them in the outside world.

 They may be the ones that Olivia talked about yesterday, the ones that have gone out of the forest.

 They’ve had a lot of experience outside the forest – probably more than they should have known – and can be counted on as warriors.

“Christine, you seem to be in good shape.”

“Headma-, no, Olivia-san. Yeah, there’s no problem. I’m ready to fight.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I didn’t expect to meet you here at a time like this, but you shouldn’t take it too hard. You are young. Do not lose your life in your youthful body. There is no If it comes to it, you should leave the battlefield and run away. If we are ever defeated, then the armies of the Wood Elves’ homeland or kingdom will defeat those from the demon world.”

 The impression of a statue does not change, but it seems that the headmaster is at least considerate enough to care for her students.[I am doing for Headmaster]

“Olivia-san, please don’t worry about me like that. The gray cloud that had covered the sky in my mind has cleared up, at least a little. I was able to find a time to use this life that I didn’t even know what it was for and the power that I was somewhat blessed with. I will risk my life to defeat those demons who should not be on earth.”

 Christine-san replied with a somewhat radiant face. But that seemingly innocent look caused a disturbing ripple in my heart.

 As she said, she was really going to risk her life in the fight against Georg and the others.

 Of course, she doesn’t mean to be desperate and take her life for granted, but the current Christine-san reminded me of delicate glasswork that could be easily broken if the force is misapplied. If this danger was something that she had developed in her life, she must have gone through some gloomy experiences that made her want to look away.

“Christine, your dark and shadowy heart has remained unchanged since you entered the Academy of Magic. As a teacher, I should be able to help you find a reason to live or a path to follow, but I can only curse my inexperience and incompetence in this matter. When I saw you yesterday, you seemed to have a brighter face.”

 Olivia’s eyebrows furrowed slightly in anguish at the fact that she was a teacher and could not lead a single student.

 Christine-san said nothing as if she had said what she had to say.

 Then, for some reason, Olivia turned his gaze to me. I wondered if she was going to ask me to take care of Christine-san.

“Thanks to you, Doran of Berne, Christine has become a little more cheerful than I remembered. First of all, I want to thank you for that. Also, I’ve heard about you from Denzel. Unless you refused, you could have taken the entrance exam to the academy a long time ago, and perhaps we would have known each other then.

 The Denzel person who Olivia was referring to was the uncle of Risha and Airi. He inherited the gift of magic from Granny Muggle, and when he was a teenager, he went to Galore and later became a teacher at the magic academy of Berne village.

 He returns to the village a couple of times a year with a lot of souvenirs and is often asked to enroll in the Academy of Magic.

“I apologize for refusing the invitation. So, is Denzel-san doing well?”

“Yeah, he’s teaching very diligently. And he seems to be very enthusiastic about his research. However, I think Muggle-dono is pestering him about how long he plans to stay single.”

“The only child of the Granny Muggle who is not married is Denzel, so it can’t be helped. ……”

“That’s true, I suppose. Doran, if you change your mind and decide to enter the Magic Academy, you can always come to Galore. I’m sure Christine will be happy to see a familiar face, and as a teacher, I’m happy to have a talented student.”

My only reply was that I would think about it. Christine-san seemed to be intrigued by the topic of my enrollment in the Magic Academy and showed signs of wanting to know more about it.

 I wondered if she was happy that she might have more acquaintances at the Academy? Maybe she doesn’t have many people in the academy that she can open up to.

 So far Serina had been critically observing the surrounding warriors, and she asked Olivia while slightly tilting her head. Fumu, her every single gesture is adorable, totally.

“Olivia-san, everyone seems to be somewhat agitated, is there something wrong? I can understand if they are nervous before the battle, but it doesn’t seem like that.”

“Actually, this morning we received word from the warriors who were on guard outside the wall that the miasma that had been poisoning the forest has disappeared.”

“The miasma? If that’s true, it will be easier to go through the forest.”

“I don’t know. Until now, our attempts to purify the miasma had ended in vain due to the miasma coming from the Demon’s Gate, but it seems to have suddenly disappeared around dawn. We can probably assume that the outflow from the miasma gate has also stopped. The miasma is a poison to us, but it is also a source of energy for the demon soldiers. With the miasma gone, the demon soldiers won’t be able to get as far away from the gate, and their movements should be slower. It is unclear whether this is a trap set by the demons or an unexpected event for them as well, but for us, it can be seen as an opportunity that has come our way.”

“Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it. It’s nice to have something positive to talk about before we have to fight those people.”

“Yeah, everyone is looking at this situation positively, which is good for morale. And this is not the only good news. The fact that you guys were able to go toe-to-toe with Georg and Gheorud and the others were also unexpectedly good news for us. I would like to thank you again. Thank you.”

 Olivia returned to the group she had been with a small “So long”.

 Fumu, it was worth the effort to purify the miasma that had filled the Entete Forest last night through the Elder Tree before returning to the room. Now, unless we’re near the demon gate, the demon soldiers won’t be able to exert their power and won’t even be able to fight well.[TN: Like a true OP character]

 Diadora remained behind and spoke to us in a somewhat calmer atmosphere than last night.

“Good morning, Doran, Cristine, and Serina. Yesterday alone was enough of a fight for you, you don’t need to stay with us until today’s battle.”

 Although it sounded like she was being harsh, there was no one among us who didn’t understand that she was trying to be considerate.

“That was quite reserved. It’s a fight for us as well, and the terms that were offered yesterday were too good to pass up. All Diadora has to do is defeat Rafarasia, avenge the deaths of the others, and live up to theirs.”

“I hate to say it, but avenging them is all I can think about. As for living, I’ll think about that after I avenge them. You should take care of your own life. Those who live outside the forest do not need to risk their lives.”

“You care for us. Diadora is kind. But this is a battle between those who live in this world and those who live in a different world, the demon world. We can’t force bloodshed only on those who live in the forest.”

“I guess I spoke out of turn now. If your intentions are that firm, I won’t say anything. Just be careful with your life, okay?”

“Yes. Yes, because it is my life.”

 Yeah, because it’s a human life worth living that I got unexpectedly after I died as a dragon. Diadora seemed to have finished what she wanted to say and began to exchange a few words with Christine and Serina as well.

Having finished my conversation with the two of them, I looked around the square again. There were roughly two hundred wood Elves, one hundred and fifty Werewolves, one hundred Arachne, and another hundred or so warriors of other races.

 They may have been reduced in number by the battles with the demon soldiers, but this many demi-humans lived in the western part of the Entete Forest alone? If we include those who are not warriors, the number will increase even more.

 While the warriors of the various tribes were gulping with tension and unable to make a single coughing sound in anticipation of the upcoming battle with the dreaded demons of the demon world, the three chiefs looked around at their warriors, and the square, which was dominated by silence except for the rustling of branches and leaves carried by the wind, became even quieter.

 Of the three chiefs, it was Deo who spoke first. The Wood Elf Chief, who gave the impression of being a quiet man, now sounded powerful and dignified, shaking the trees.

“Warriors, citizens who live with the blessings of the Entente Forest! Since the appearance of those abominable demons in our land, many of our people have fallen prey to their poison and returned to our forest, which they have violated and which is still screaming. Their grief shall not be forgotten. Their anger I will not forget. And their hatred shall not be forgotten. All my brethren who live in the forest now is the time to show the regret of the fallen, and to bring the hammer of our anger down on the demons of the demon world!”

 The Wood Elves and Werewolf warriors raised their arms and voices in unison in response to Deo’s speech. It was a battle cry that echoed from one corner of Sai West to the other, trembling the trees and inspiring the spirits.

 It was the roar of the souls of those who risked their pride and lives to defeat the demons that were invading their precious homeland.

The group, including us, first went north to capture the three of the four Makaimon gates that were confirmed to exist, and after advancing to a certain extent, divided the force into three. Capture the gate at the same time.

After capturing the three gates, the forces will be reunited to capture the main gate, which Georg and others will be defending with the maximum force.

We were in a leading werewolf group that proceeded while paying attention to the voices of the trees in the forest.

Fio is on the same path in place of Gio, who is in charge of commanding one of the Wood Elf warriors.

The breakdown of the force divided into three is the same composition for those who are accustomed to fighting who came back from outside such as Olivia, Diadora who is the strongest flower spirit, and us who became unexpected reinforcements. About 180 warriors are assigned.

The problem is Georg, Geren, Georud, and Rafracia. Those are just the strong men of Ikki Tousen. If this is not hit by a person with the appropriate ability, it will cause casualties indiscriminately.

My perceptual ability, which was turned into a dragon, captured Georg and others at each of the four gates in order to meet us as the demons marched.

I, Diadora, and Christine are the ones who have the chance to win one-on-one. The abilities of Olivia and those who have returned from the outside are unknown, but other warriors must win in large numbers.

The further we proceeded, the more traces of erosion caused by miasma became.

The landscape of the dark green forest swaying in the breath of spring approaching changes to red, black, purple, blue, and yellow, which are unusually chaotic colors.

The branches, which were overgrown with lush leaves, had withered leaves and carrion-like leaves that spewed bubbles, and the trunks of the trees had patterns like the expression of a dead end. Sticky carrion drips.

This environment is harsh for Wood Elves and others who have a high affinity with the trees and the earth in the forest, and the wind, and Fio, who is next to us, turns pale as we see it.

“Fio-chan, are you okay? Don’t overdo it and take a break?”

Serina called out, caring for Fio, who curled up and trembled like a malaria.

Fio took out the dried light red leaves from the waist bag with his trembling hands and began to chew them in his mouth.

Soon after, Fio’s complexion regained its original color, and the trembling of his body began to subside.

“… yeah, it’s okay. Well, honestly, I didn’t think it was so painful, but if left unattended, it would be even worse, and would it spread to all of the forest and beyond?” I have to defeat the filthy people of the demon world, even if I’m crazy. For those who have died so far, and for those who will live in this forest from now on. “

Fio’s face, which leaves innocence, also had a terrifying face that approached devilishness only at this time.

It doesn’t matter whether a man or woman is young or old. Here is a warrior who is prepared to protect his hometown and his compatriots.

Not only Fio, but all the warriors in this place gathered with the same thoughts, and they are probably devoting themselves to the battle with the terrifying demons.

We also have to fight to meet their feelings. Seeing Fio’s determination, Serina took a small breath.

“Fio-chan …”

Serina couldn’t say anything more to Fio’s determination and spirit and wasn’t given during that time.

A myriad of miasma-clad demon soldiers approached us from where we were going. The number is about 200. We are more than twice as many as we are still acting together, and there is no disadvantage in terms of numbers.

 They were probably troops to test our strength and gauge our movements. The hair of the werewolf warriors ahead of us stood on end, and their whole bodies were filled with a beastly energy, and they were suddenly ready for battle.

 The Arachne and Wood Elves in the rear also readied their weapons and concentrated their minds to prepare the mental state necessary for the use of magic.

 With our composition, we have people who can use magic without difficulty, and the first attack to be fired is the attack magic of Arachne and the Wood Elves.

 After that, bows and arrows were released as a second attack, and then finally we moved on to hand-to-hand combat, starting with the Werewolves.

 It was Ganaf, a demon soldier, who looked as if a man and a horse had become one, who appeared from the other side of a path wide enough for eight carriages to pass each other.

Beyond the dust, we could see the stiff-armed demon soldier Salz and the blade-clawed demon soldier Zelt. Ganaf’s assault, with its unified movements as if it were a single creature, broke the line of battle, and Salz and Zelt seemed to intend to bring it into a melee.

 However, it is hard to say that they are prepared for mass magic. Although the anti-magic defense capabilities of the demon soldiers have been enhanced by grouping them together, there are no soldiers who can handle bows and arrows or magic like we can.

 It might be a formation to drain our magic power, but it doesn’t change what we have to do.

 I, Christine-san, Serina, and Fio began chanting spells to use magic at about the same time.

” O Light of truth, obey my voice, the light that shines all around the world, become a spear that pierces through all the forests and slaughter all the enemies that stand before me, Celestial Javelin!”

As the light above our heads faded, the darkness spread, and more than twenty giant spears of light took shape.

 It is a magic that focuses the light that illuminates the world as you envision it, and by mixing it with your own magic power, the heat of the light is amplified enormously to create a spear of light that will burn your opponents both physically and spiritually.

 The spear of light that poured down hit the leading group of Ganaf, who were running at full speed, a few moments earlier than the other magic.

 The giant spear of light, which could skewer Georg and Gheorud, burned down the Ganafs without allowing them to make any resistance, and the shadows of the disappearing Ganafs danced madly in the dazzling glow.

 The rest of the Ganafs were unable to stop their sprint in time, and as if embarking on a journey of death themselves, they collided one after another with the spear of light that had pierced the land.

When “Celestial Javelin” disappeared, it succeeded in slaughtering almost 70% of the Ganaf, and the remaining Ganaf and other demon soldiers completely stopped in their tracks. And the magics from Chistine-san and others poured down on the demon soldiers who had stopped moving and become targets.

 It was a sharpened blade of wind, a huge hammer of earth, and an arrow of lightning pouring down from the heavens.

 I think it has been a long time since so many magic was chanted at once, even looking back at the history of this forest. In the blink of an eye, the demon soldiers were so badly wounded that they couldn’t maintain their existence, and their hideous forms disappeared without a trace.

 When the last of the first magic strikes was finally over, every single one of the demon soldiers that had attacked us had disappeared.

“It’s not as bad as I thought.”

 Fio said smugly, but so did the werewolf warriors who had their weapons at the ready and were ready to charge the enemy lines at any moment.

 It may have been a relief to have buried the demon soldiers with such ease, but it was also to inspire their own will to fight for the future.

 They are telling themselves that if we combine our strength, we will never lose, even against the demons of the demon world.

 After fending off the sporadic attacks of the demon soldiers, the Sai west warriors divided their forces into three, as they had agreed upon, and each of them proceeded further and further into the demonized forest to destroy the auxiliary demon gate.

 We continued on our way and defeated the occasional swarm of demon soldiers without much trouble.

 Werewolves with their inborn aptitude and physical abilities as warriors, Arachnes with their wide field of vision through their compound eyes and their agility with their eight legs, as well as their control of magic, and Wood Elves who listen to the voices of the trees and receive help from spirits have been close friends for a long time, and they seem to be able to communicate and cooperate with each other without much trouble when fighting together as different races.[This series really got some long sentences]

 Unexpected reinforcements, such as Christin-san and Selina, showed their fighting ability to make the warriors of the three races change their perception of Humans and Lamias, and were recognized in a short time for their fighting style, always taking the lead in kicking away the demon soldiers.

 If the enemy were only demon soldiers, it would only be a matter of time before they destroyed the Demon Gate even after I left.

 However, we had been progressing smoothly, and just as we were about to reach the aforementioned gate, our path was blocked by one of our biggest enemies, Geren.

—-Part II end—

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