Person With Inferior Ability Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-5

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{Chapter 3} Home Occupation by Outsiders

Part V

Susan, who was standing with her hands in front of her.

And Shiro immediately turned pale.

“O-Oni-saan! Oni-san died! He’s been wiped out!!”

The rest of the non-humans who had been frozen in place gasped at the unexpected ending.

“Ahaha … I’m not dead ~”


Everyone was surprised by the voice Hiroto heard from somewhere, and looked around, but could not see him.

Even Susan was surprised and turned around.

“Here it is. Oh, but I thought I would really die …”

Looking for the source of the voice, everyone turned around and……. Hiroto was lying on his back and fell down across the tape. The area had some dark places and it was spewing smoke as well.


 Shiro’s eyes were moist as she shouted, and he pulled out a neatly wrapped paper bag from inside his shirt.

“Here it is, Kiyoko-san. This is the one that I selected.”

 When Kiyoko received the package, she opened it and checked the inside.

” Oh my, it’s so pretty! Is this for me? But I would have preferred something a little sexier. And the size might be too small for me. But if this is oni-san’s taste, I’ll …… try my best to wear it!”

“No, it’s not!”

“…… I understand. Um, …..I confirmed it.”

 Kiyoko took a deep breath, then.

“The winner is…… the oni-saaaaan!”

The declaration swallowed the situation, and the outsiders who were surprised and hardened also agonized over their heads.

Hiroto is in guts pose with his fist raised in the sky while lying down.

However, with the expression that Shiro and Sally still had disbelief for Hiroto’s victory, they just stared at this situation.

“But … how! How did your brother reach the goal !?”

I don’t know white! I will ask you like that. As Hiroto stood up and wondering how to answer, Susan slowly approached.

“…… Advanced Thought Body.”[Use of Spirit Body]


 It surprised even Shiro, Gen, and Kiyoko. Then, Gokou added an explanation from behind.

“The boy there was in a moment of collision with Susan, he sent his own thought body forward. It was an extremely advanced thought body that was indistinguishable from the main body. This made Susan misjudge the timing of the collision, and he spun his body from below and jumped feet first into the burning wall. With his speed and high rotation, he raced to the finish line with minimal heat damage.”

“Wow ……”

“That’s …… awesome …….”

 All the non-humans there understood how much that meant.

 When Hiroto stood up, he laughed and scratched his cheeks, a little embarrassed.

“Well,……, she needed to capture me, but all I had to do was breakthrough. It’s just a bit drastic,…….”

 Hiroto’s words caused Kiyoko to make a subtle expression.

“Oh, yes, ……. But about that,……, perhaps.”

 She looked back at Susan.

“Susan. Do you remember …… what was your victory condition?”

 Susan nodded her head.

 Then, after a while, her eyes widened, “Ah …….”

“Eh? Ehh? What? That reaction, maybe ……”

“Haaah~, I knew it ……. If you had put out that much heat, oni-san would have been turned into charcoal along with the underwear. And what would you have done if I hadn’t placed a barrier around the area? This whole area would have burned to the ground. ……”

(Are you trying to kill me ……? Beside a burned-out area……)

 Surely, a direct hit from that blast and heat at close range would be …….

 Susan put her hand on the back of her head saying, “No!” while Hiroto was trembling and sweating.

 Kiyoko put her hand on Hiroto’s shoulder with a wry smile, unable to hide her agitation.

“Well well, at any rate, we lost. As promised,……, this house belongs to oni-san.”

“Ah, …….”

 That was it. Regardless of the process, Hiroto has won. That realization finally came.

(Yes! That’s right! I protected my home! I protected the possibility of my shining youth and my life!)

 With a mystical look on his face, Hiroto clenches his fists with a big smile on his face.

“By the way, I have not heard your name”

“Ah, yes. I’m Domori Hiroto.”

“Yeah …… is a good name. Well, goodbye. Hiroto ……, take care.”

“Eh? Are you going to …… already?”

“Yes, ……. This place is no longer our place, so ……. What? You should look happier than that, Hiroto!”

“Ah, yes …….”

 Because Hiroto won, naturally, the non-humans will have to leave.

 As Kiyoko looked around at the people around her, they all nodded with a mysterious look on their faces. No one complained, and they quietly began to put away the banners and banquet equipment.

 It was a graceful look that conveyed that “We always keep our promises”, and it was even somewhat refreshing.

 As Hiroto stood in front of the gate, he saw the group preparing to leave …….

 And he stared at it in silence.

 Despite being so enthusiastic, they are now moving heavily and without power, each trying to go out. Some of them even asked for bows and handshakes from the standing Hiroto.

 The sight of these people made Hiroto feel as if he was parting with a comrade in arms.

 Hiroto wanted to say something to them, but he couldn’t find the words.

 Then, a few of the …… non-humans suddenly stopped to the right of him, and with a faraway look in their eyes, they said.

“There are a lot of …… memories here. It was really fun ……. It’s not our place anymore, but we’ll all …… definitely, definitely meet again someday!”

“”Ah! U-Uuuuu!””

“C-come on, ……, don’t cry. Don’t cry ……. It won’t be the last time. It’s ……. …….”


 It was a scene similar to …… a graduation ceremony, where you have to say goodbye to your best friends.


 A man and a woman stopped to the left of the surprised Hiroto, and then looked at each other with moistened eyes.

“Oh, honey, what a trick of fate! Where the hell are we supposed to meet now?”

“Oh …… darling, don’t cry. Even if …… we are apart! No matter what tears us apart! No matter what evildoers’ vile schemes! My heart will always be with you.”



 It was as if they were lovers who were torn apart by an unfortunate fate, but never forgot each other! There is a man and a woman out there crying and hugging each other like lovers.

“Eh? eH?”

(Am I the reason for this?)

 Immediately afterward, behind Hiroto, for some reason, there was a man in a suit covering his face with both hands, kneeling and crying.

“Oh my god …… I lost my house. If only this one had worked out ……k!

 There was a non-human looking dumbfounded at the sky, looking like an unfairly restructured businessman.

“Ehhh? EH? Huh?”

(Is this incident referring to the game just now?)

 The most extreme was the two girls …… Shiro and Susan, who stared at him like abandoned puppies.

 They are staring at Hiroto as if praying with moist eyes from underneath him.

“Eh …… and. This is …… the same.”

(T-This is the result of legitimate competition. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I know. ……)

 But it looked just like the scene of a villainous landlord evicting a good resident.

 There, Shiro opened her mouth sadly with moist eyes.

“Big brother. I’ve met you …… oni-san before, you know.”

“Eh!? Where?”

 Shiro did not answer the question but continued.

“You see, ……, and I wanted to thank you.”

“Thank me ……”

“Thank you, onis-san, for fixing my left hand. …… I was so upset at the time that I attacked you. But thanks to you, I’m at peace now.”

 As she said that, Shiro bowed deeply.

 Hiroto didn’t quite get it when he heard those words. Left hand …… cat ears …… left leg ……?

“The left hand is …… what? No way! The white tiger on the construction site ……!”

 Shiro nods her head.

“It was a coincidence that we met here, but when I saw oni-san, I recognized you immediately. I knew you were the one from that time. But this place was a really important place for us to relax, so I couldn’t thank you for what you did. ……”


“But this place belongs to you now, and we have to go, so I can only say this now. …… sorry about that.”

 When Shiro said with tears in her eyes, an unbearable feeling covered Hiroto. And when he looked at the people around him who were smiling at the scene, an urge arose in his heart.

 The more it drove …… him, the stronger it became.

“I feel refreshed after thanking you properly for this! But …… you know, I wanted to talk to you more?”

 With that said, Shiro smiled brightly, though sadly.

 This was the …… final blow for Hiroto.

“Ah, you know, if you’re really in trouble, this place is, you know, bigger than you think,…….”

 And …….

“It seems that not everyone is always here,…….”

 And …….

“So, well, as long as you don’t bother the neighbors, you can …… hanging out here……”

At the same time as he said, “……is okay”, the non-humans.


 They all shouted and made guts pose.

“? ……Whaaa?”

 Hiroto was upset by the way everyone changed.

 Besides, in front of his eyes, Shiro and Susan, who should have looked like puppies, are high-fiving each other.

 Hiroto was stunned and ……was shocked.


 By the time he thought that……, it was already too late.

 The non-humans were Heave-ho! Heave-ho! They shouted and carried Hiroto up.

“Whoa! Wait a minute! I should have thought this through more …… wow, wow! You guys are so dirty! This was your plan from the start if you lost to me…… You tricked me. —-!”

 They took Hiroto by force into the house.

 The non-humans who have returned to the house that has become Hiroto’s home once again begin to aggressively prepare a banquet with Hiroto who does not want to participate.

 The house was still in shambles, but the non-humans didn’t care about that.

 They force the teary-eyed Hiroto to sit in the upper seat, and one by one, they recommend to him the famous spirit sake made him drink.

“Uup! I’m underage, so stop it! And don’t make too much noise!”

 Ignoring his voice, or rather not listening to him, the tension of the non-humans was at its highest.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not really alcohol, it won’t harm you. …… Maybe.”

“What do you mean, “maybe”? Maybe what!”

 In the middle of the room, Gen was having a great time, making the others laugh with his funny movements.

“From now on, you’re our boss! Everyone, let’s make a lot of noise for the new boss!”

“No! No! Stop with the noise! You’re disturbing the neighbors! And stop it with this, Boss(Oyabun)!”

 Gen jumped up and down and guzzled the bottle.

 As Gen said, Hiroto, who had now become their boss, was now surrounded by a group of women.

 From the front, Kiyoko was approaching her in a very seductive way.

“Hey, Hey Kiyoko-san, you’re a bit too close! Oi, you reek of alcohol!”

“Hiroto, I don’t want to go home today~.”

“This is your home! I mean, if you have a place to go, then go home!”

 Sally hugged him tightly from behind and wouldn’t let go. Her face also looked drunk, and he is not sure if it’s because of the alcohol.

(Sally-san, they are hitting! They really are hitting! But ……, this might be good.)

“I’m a Shinigami, but I’ll work hard for you from now on.”

“Get away from me! Also, don’t try so hard!”

 Shiro, who spoke adorably and often, was beside him, clinging to his right arm in joy, while Susan, who had no expression on her face, was on his left, picking up the sake’s appetizer with her chopsticks and trying to put it in Hiroto’s mouth.

“Shiro-san? Don’t stick to me so tightly. And Susan-san? I can eat on my own. ……”

“Keep eating! Hiroto. Ahh? Is it Master now?”[She’s saying goshujin-sama]

“……. Master. Don’t hesitate to …… get fatter and fatter ……!”[And she’s saying Masuta]

“Eat to your heart’s content! I’ll have it in the end!”

 Although the content is not the same, from the outside, he has the appearance of an amorous fool.

 It’s not that he wanted to, of course,…….

 Then, the long-haired beautiful young man kneeled down in front of Hiroto whose face was reddened with spiritual wine and hung his head.

“Master. My name is Gokou. I will never forget this debt of gratitude ……. To repay you, I will respond with my wholehearted loyalty. And ……”[He addresses Hiroto by Oyakata-sama]

 The very handsome man continued his speech with an ever-impressed look on his face as if he were a samurai who had finally met the lord he sought.

“Ahhhh …… this guy looks like trouble too~”

 The non-human who first looked like a dog said, “Uga! Uga!” while wagging his tail. And Shiro was listening to it.

“Eh? Do you want Ugaron to live with you? Yes! The more lively, the better!”

“No! I like peace! I love silence! And I love solitude!”

 Around them, many non-humans were drinking, singing, dancing, and having a great time.

“Well, congratulations, congratulations. At last, this house has been blessed with a good master.”

 As Hiroto watched the party, his consciousness faded with drunkenness. ……

“Do….whatever you want …….”

 And he collapsed.

 In this way, Hiroto’s plan to have a new house and at the same time, he …… made nearly thirty non-human friends? was over.

 However, at this time, Hiroto did not know.

 From this moment, Hiroto possesses a powerful force that is not inferior to that of the world’s top-class family of ability users.

It’s Finally over, this chapter took waaay to long than it should have.
I really wanted to say that this MC is very naïve, but considering he’s just a High Schooler, I really shouldn’t have that much expectations of his decision and behaviors. BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH.
He lets anyone push him and trick him(well his opponents are the people who are nearly immortal in this case) but still.

Well, I really wanted to rant even more, but I will just leave it at that.

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