Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-1

Chapter 3 ──── Profusion of Evil Flower Spirit

Part I

Away from Serina and Christine-san, Gheolude confronted me with his killing intent, as if a torrential downpour were pouring down on the ground.

 It’s an easy-to-understand killing intent, so while I brushed it off, I used my long sword, which contains the draconic magic powers, to meet Gheorud’s spear head-on.

“You couldn’t just protect the gate, could you? What an unbearable thing.”

“Hmmm, I did try to do that. But when I heard that you were going to fight Geren, I rushed over to make sure he didn’t kill you first.”

 Gheorud replied in a voice that did not hide his hatred.

 It’s more of vengeance, but you’ve come to shorten your own life. I put more power into my right arm, which had been strengthened through the draconic magic, and in one breath I raised the long sword.

 Gheorud’s spear, which has a weight difference far greater than several tens of times, is lightly flicked away. Enduring that he was about to fall on his neck, Geordie retreated, making a noise that sounded like an earth tremor.

“Nuuu, this power, you are no ordinary human being after all!”

“What, this body is definitely human. But the soul is not the same.”

“Interesting. It’s a lot more fun than chopping off the head of a mere mortal!”

 I approached step by step in front of Gheorud, who was squeezing his fighting spirit and magic power from his entire body, overwhelming the surrounding miasma and atmosphere.

“Ohh, Doran. I’ve been waiting and dreaming of the time I would slaughter you with my spear. Is this also the guidance of the evil gods of the demon world? I’ll eat your spirit and turn it into one of my powers. Hahahahahaha!”

“The evil gods’ guidance? But…”

 How many of these evil gods do you think I’ve destroyed in the past? Rather, the evil gods would be more likely to cry and shake and be frightened if they knew you were fighting me.

 Gheorud, who couldn’t hear my mutterings, focused the fighting spirit in his body into the mouth of the beast on his lower half, transformed it into the flames of the demon world, and shot out at me.

 The fireball that was approaching me while dissolving the ground around me was twice my height.

 The light and heat from the roaring fireball scorched my hair and face, but the magical barrier that had been deployed on my body surface completely blocked the high heat.

 I swung my left arm with five fingers extended and slammed it against the approaching fireball, turning it with its enormous heat into tens of thousands of sparks.

 At this time, my left arm was wrapped in translucent dragon scales with a slight white tinge. It was a pseudo-reproduction of dragon scales.

 Gheorud seemed to have anticipated that I would be able to block the large fireball, and he charged at me with the tip of his spear from behind the fireball that spread like a gauze screen.

 He sank the ground with each step, releasing the red lotus energy from his entire body and unleashing a full-body blow at me with eyes glowing with murderous intent.



 I used my long sword that shone white with dense magic power that was on the verge of materializing to hit back the spear that was thrust straight at me.

 The metallic sound created at that moment was so roaring that it made you think that there was a lightning strike nearby, and my cheeks and hair were shaking like crazy.

 Gheorud shook up the numbness running through my whole body with his spirit, killed the impact with the complicated and skillful footwork of his quadrupeds, and immediately swung down the spear that had been flung above me.

 Before the spear could be swung down, I took a large step forward and slammed my left fist, which was clenched hard enough to make a cracking sound, into the head of the Gheorud’s beast.

 My clenched fist, wrapped in a pseudo-dragon scale, dug deep into the beast’s head, snapping several fangs thicker than my arm and causing it to spit out black blood.

 The beast was blown wide open and fell with a tremendous sound, sending its huge body crashing into the ground.

“Guaooaaaa. Ga ha ha. Ku ku ku ha ha ha ha. This power, you are a dragon, as Georg said. I wondered if you were disguised as a human, but given that your body is human, there are few possibilities, but you are probably a reincarnation. A dragon reincarnated as a human? If that’s the case, it makes sense that he would have this much power. I’ve noticed that you were a very high-ranking dragon before you died, Doran.”

“You’re right. So to speak, a human body with a dragon soul, that’s me. It’s not that I intended to be reincarnated as a human being, though.”

“It doesn’t matter either way!”

 He raised his body while vomiting a clot of blood, and Gheorud leaped again, his whole body emitting an unholy fighting spirit.

 Gheorud further concentrates his magic power on his quadruped and explodes it in the air to gain new propulsion power and close in on me.

“Let’s use my spear to end your second life!”

“Sorry, but I have decided to live a lifetime. I have no intention of letting you draw the curtain, O Fiend of the Demon World!”

 Gheorud’s spear blazed as if it were enveloped in red lotus flames, and it was clear that it was a full-body, full-strength blow.

 In order to respond to this, I also poured more of the draconic magic into the long sword. Then the long sword formed a magical blade. Once again, Gheorud’s spear and my longsword clashed head-on against each other, but it was only for a short time, less than a moment.

 My draconic magic sword dug in from the tip of the spear and cut the right arm of Gheorud in half vertically with the momentum of the slash as if cutting through the water.

 Furthermore, the tip of the long sword that I swung down flipped and drew an arc, and I slashed up from the right neck of the Gheorud’s beast to the left neck of the upper body at once.

“G-Gooooo!?. A-Absurd, even on the mortal plane, I should have been able to do something like this easily.”

“I’ll call it the Dragon Claw Sword. Gheorud, even though you can’t show your true power on the mortal plane, you were not weak. But you picked the wrong opponent.”

“m-me grrrrr!”

 Gheorud held his body tightly with his left hand, which was about to shift diagonally, and tried to bite me with the head of the beast, the lower half of which was bubbling with blood.

 I mercilessly chopped off the beast’s head with a swing of my long sword.

 The head of the beast, which was flying in the air, popped off and disappeared before it hit the ground due to my magic power that was poured into it at the same time as the slash.

 Gheorud kept glaring at me as the black blood `cascaded from the cut surface.

 There was nothing to feel in his gaze, which was filled with as much hatred and curse as possible, and I stared straight back at him.

“Guu, It’s a shame to be defeated by a human being, even if he is a reincarnated dragon!”

“You picked the wrong opponent, I have told you so. My Little One of the Demon World.”

 The viciousness that had been constantly emanating from Gheorud’s body and the hatred and curse in his eyes rapidly receded.

 He stopped moving as if he was isolated from the flow of time. The trembling from the intense pain subsided, and even the black waterfall of blood stopped flowing.

 Instead, what was given to him was unspeakable fear, despair, regret, and incomparable negative emotions. He had seen it. My eyes, which had been transformed into dragon eyes shimmering with seven colors.

“A-Absurd, it’s not possible, it shouldn’t be possible, it shouldn’t be possible! You, you, you, Dora ……!”

“Leave now, Gheorud. There is no place for you in this world.”

 I cut off Gheorud’s head with the last bit of mercy I had and then slashed him crosswise through the air.

 It was the quickest way to release the absolute terror that bound the soul and mind of Gheorud, to bring death to his life.

 With his head cut into four pieces, the demonic life of Gheorud was finally lost. The rest of his body crumbled as his head turned to ashes, and soon even the ashes were gone.

“Farewell, knight of the demon world. If you curse, curse your bad luck. If you mourn, mourn the fate that brought you to me. And if you swear, swear at yourself for making me your enemy.

 After confirming that I had completely eliminated Gheorud, I wanted to rush to join Serina’s group, but Geren had already been defeated, and the remaining demon soldiers were being quickly exterminated by the warriors of the Entete Forest.

 Fumu, I said I was going to help them, but I feel ashamed of myself, but I guess Serina’s team strength exceeded my expectations.


 When Serina, who had crawled dexterously, found my figure, she called out loudly and waved her hands from side to side.

“Serina, Christine-san, you’re both safe. I intended to help you, but looks like I misjudged your abilities.”

 Christine-san shrugged her shoulders when I told her the truth.

“If you say that, what about you who defeated Gheorud alone?”

“That’s true, too. The only ones left are Rafarasia and Georg who are waiting for us at the far end, but I think I’ll go check on Diadora and the others. Olivia and her troops are the ones who went to Georg’s place, so Diadora should be fighting Rafarasia. I’m a little worried because she seemed a little overwhelmed.”

“On your own? Serina and I will go with you.”

“No, I want you two to continue with the Wood Elves to the planned rendezvous point. We will meet there.”

 Since I defeated Gheorud both of them had to admit that there was no problem in letting me go alone, and they did not argue further.

 Now, Diadora, don’t think that you’re going to give up your own life to defeat Rafarasia, okay?

Of the three separate squads, the squad to which Diadora belonged was making progress without problems, despite occasional attacks from demon soldiers. With the help of Doran’s energy, Diadora, who had completely healed from the wounds inflicted by Rafarasia, was leading the march.

 Her whole body overflowed with jet-black magic power like a highly viscous liquid, emitting a spirit so demonic that even the other flower spirits and warriors following her avoided approaching her.

 As she walked through the eroded forest, Diadora suddenly remembered her exchange with Doran last night. The human who had healed the wounds inflicted by the hated Rafarasia affirmed Diadora’s revenge and told her to live.

She was so focused on getting revenge that she didn’t think about what would happen afterward, but for some reason, now that she was almost there, what Doran had told her came back to her mind vividly.

“I think you’re right, it’s good to think about living. But in order to do that, I have to give that woman her due before I can move forward with my time standing still.”

 Her footsteps came to a halt as she walked through the oddly shaped forest without pausing for a moment.

 In front of her, who had arrived at an open area in the forest, was Rafarasia with hundreds of silent demon soldiers.

 From Rafarasia’s whole body, which has spent an entire night sharpening its hatred and vengeance against Doran and Diadora, a hint of viciousness, no less than Diadora’s, radiates out in all directions as if to overwhelm the space.

 Rafarasia’s mouth suddenly twisted into a crescent moon. It was a smile. An innocent, yet contradictory smile that held an inexplicably evil feeling.

“It’s been a night, Black Rose Spirit. Looks like that human guy didn’t come this way. What a pity. I would have done my best to entertain you and your friends.”

“I’m sure Doran is having your people bled to death right now. I’m going to take care of you on my own. …… Oh, you didn’t heal the wound on your cheek, did you? It’s nice, and it suits you very well. So, as I said last night, I’ll give you more scars.”

 A chill wind blew between them. Finally, the devilishness and brutality of Diadora and Rafarasia had reached their maximum, and like starving beasts, they were battling with the wind to devour each other.

“If you can do it, you should try it. But first, you and I are going to have to kill each other. I don’t want any unnecessary interruptions.”

 Rafarasia stretched her left hand straight out to the side in a relaxed manner and turned the palm that had been facing the ground upward. Along with that, a wall of countless intertwined magical flowers and tree roots appeared from underneath the ground around her and Diadora, surrounding the two of them.

 Just like the wall of trees protecting the village of SaiWest, the wall formed a circle, just like an arena formed by flowers.

“You can concentrate on this battle in peace now, can’t you? I’m a very caring woman.”

“Yes, you are. It’s a shame that everyone else can’t see your horrible death.”

“Ha-ha-ha, you’re right, you are.”


 The balance of deadly force between the two of them was shattered when Rafarasia laughed in amusement and thrust her hands forward.

 A pale blue mist instantly seeped out from her slender, waxwork-like arms, absorbing even the surrounding miasma as it approached Diadora at the speed of the wind.

 In the face of this blue mist, which changed her vision to blue and sucked all the life out of her, Diadora picked up a petal of the black rose on the left side of her head, blew on it, and sent it flying into the mist.

 Diadora’s action seemed as if she was out of her mind in the face of a desperate crisis, but the moment the black rose petal seemed to sway in the air, it turned into thousands and thousands of petals, or even more, and completely blocked the blue mist.

 She raised her right hand, which could foolishly be described as a wand, like a conductor, and countless petals swirled in response, ignoring the presence of wind and gravity, and surged toward Rafarasia.

 The storm of petals turned to dust, but it didn’t matter as it continued to move forward, cutting through the fog to the left and right.

 The number of petals of the black rose that continues to increase thanks to Diadora’s magic power increases faster than the number of petals that decrease in the mist, and within three counts, the petals are within striking distance of swallowing up Rafarasia’s pretty, delicate body that contains her evil spirit.

“Huh, I guess it’s a storm of petals.”

 Rafarasia muttered in amusement and grasped her outstretched left hand. As soon as she did, the surrounding mist rushed into the torrent of petals and began to devour the black rose petals like a school of starving carnivorous fish.

“Are you thinking of trying to fight me with numbers? It looks like you learned a little something from yesterday’s battle.”

 Rafarasia chuckles at how shallow the idea is, and lets out a giggle that sounds like she’s rolling a bell.

 It’s a beautiful sounding voice, but the emotion in it is unmistakably filled with malice.

Diadora remained silent and sent a piercing look at Rafarasia from the other side of the petals that turned to dust.

—Part I end—

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