Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Noah’s Order

 After the incident, I spoke to Fuwawa.

 I could hear voices, but they were not human words.

 Apart from the voices I hear, something else flows directly into my head.

 It’s as if I’m remembering an exchange in a dream, a strange sensation that I can’t quite grasp, but can certainly understand.

” I see, then try it.”

 As I said this, Fuwawa stepped down onto the floor and her figure began to blur.

 After the blurred figure became like a fog, and it repeatedly dispersed and gathered.


 Alan was so surprised that he shouted.

“I-Is this …… me?”

“Yes, it is. Have someone get a mirror and line the two of you up.”

 Alan called one of his own men – who was also awestruck – and told him to bring the mirror.

 In the meantime, the transformed Fuwawa lined up beside Alan.

 When his subordinate brought the mirror, Alan was even more surprised when he looked into it.

“Just like …….”

 He mumbled and gasped.

 Alan, who was Fuwawa transformed into, looked just like his twin brother.

“It was possible to do something like this …….”

“There’s more. Maybe …… like this.”

 I reached out my hand to Fuwawa.

 The moment she touched my hand,—- she disappeared.

 Alan was astonished that a being that looked like him disappeared in an instant.

 Immediately after, Fuwawa reappeared.

 Just as she did right before she disappeared, she reappeared in Alan’s form.

“W-What did you do?”

“Fuwawa, show me your hands. Alan, touch them in turn.”

 They both did as I asked.

 Fuwawa held out both hands, and Alan touched the right hand, then tried to touch the left – it slipped through.


“She only materialized the right half of the body. She could have done both, but it was just a test.”

“The former wasn’t like touching a ghost, so only the right half materialized. ……?”


“W-Wow …….”

 Alan rolled his eyes even more.

 It was the link to the Armor Ring that made Fuwawa materialize.

 Leviathan and Luthiya had both done it, and this time Fuwawa did it too.

 A ghostly shapeshifting ability, materialized by the ring of armor.

 It’s almost a complete shapeshifting ability.

“How far can it go? Can your stomach growl?”


 As soon as I asked, Fuwawa aka Alan’s stomach began to growl.

“What about disappearing!?”


 This time, the left half, the part not materialized by the armor ring, became transparent.

 Alan let out a scream when he saw exactly half of himself.

“I see, you can do it all at once.”

“…… As expected of His Highness, even though you met it for the first time, you are able to use it like this.”

 Alan finally recovered from his surprise.

 After I had completely restored the Fuwawa, I turned to Alan.

“You’ve done well. Contact me if anything else happens.”



 When I returned to the 13th Prince’s residence, I was greeted by Cecily, the new maid who greeted me at the entrance.

“Master, Martha-san has something to tell you.”

“Martha? Who is it?”[WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!!!]

“She’s Zoe-san’s mother.”

“…… Ahh.”

 I thought about it for a few seconds and finally remembered.

 It was six years ago.

 Zoe’s hometown of Dosso had been flooded, and I had given her mother a quiet job here at the estate.

I believe it’s …….

 Well, I only remember it was a job that wasn’t exactly there as a job.

“All right, bring her into the study.”

“Yes, sir.”

 Martha, who I hadn’t spoken to in probably six years, said she wanted to talk to me.

 Considering the fact that she didn’t want to be heard, I chose the study.

 My study, being the study of the Prince’s residence, has been enchanted with sound insulation.

 The sound of human speech would not leak out, nor could it be heard from outside.

 As I entered the study and waited for a while, the special bell on the door rang because knocking was not allowed in this room.

 Shortly after, an old lady walks in.

 The old woman, Martha, entered the room, closed the door, and knelt down in front of me.

“What is it? Talk”

“Yes, I am assigned by the Prince to open and close the back entrance every day.”

“Aah, yes, of course.”

 Martha reminded me of her job.

 It was to open and close the back gate in the morning and at night as it was not used very often.

 At 10 reens a month.

 To be honest, it was a meaningless job, something I only did for charity.

“So, what about it?”

“For the past few days, some people have been meeting at the back gate in the middle of the night.”

“Someone? Who?”

“Um, a recent visitor to the mansion, …… uh, …….”

 Martha rubbed her brow and tried to remember.

 She’s as old as she looks, and her memory is getting weaker.


“Yes, Ministry of Imperial Household? I think that’s what it’s called.”

“Don Oates?”

“That’s him!”


 I felt my eyebrows shoot up.

“Don’s seeing someone in the middle of the night?”

“Yes. Well, I don’t know who the other person is, but the people in this mansion don’t sneak out at night like that to meet with outsiders.”

“…… I see.”

 I nodded.

 As I had asked, Dylan did his research, and now we have circumstantial evidence that Don is a spy.

“I understand. Here.”

 I took the dozens of remaining reens out of my pocket and handed them to Martha.

“Good to know. Here’s your reward. Keep it.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Don’t tell anyone about it. Not even your daughter.”

“I-I understand.”

 Martha walks out of the study, holding the money I gave her in both hands.

…… I need to move.


 In the darkness of the moonless night, the back entrance of the 13th Prince’s residence.

 As usual, Martha came out of the mansion to fulfill the work that she does every day without fail.

 She approached the back gate, step by step, with slowly paced steps befitting her age.

 She closed the gate, which she had left open until then.


 Someone clutched her from behind and covered her mouth.

 Martha tried to resist, but she couldn’t shake it off.

 That person did something to Martha.

 She jerked for a moment, cramped up, and then collapsed like a stringless puppet.

 As Martha fell to the ground, that someone checked her breath through her nose and placed an ear to her heart.

 Satisfied with that, it quickly left the scene.

 –I watched the whole thing from the shadows.

“Saved from that.”



 There were two women behind me who were speechless.

 Zoe and Martha, mother and daughter pair.

“M-Mother was targeted, you mean?”

 Zoe asked cautiously.

“That’s right. And they probably did it to make it look like a natural death. There’s no sign of trauma.”

 Just as I said this, the figure of Martha, who had been killed at a distance, flickered and came back to the ring on my finger.

 Then Fuwawa slowly flew in.

 Martha witnessed Don communicating with an outsider.

 I predicted that the Don would find out and try to silence her, so instead of Martha, I sent a materialized Fuwawa to take her place.

 It was Fuwawa who was murdered, and since she was materialized by the Armor Ring, she was able to replicate human bio-reactivity, making it look like she was killed.

“Wow, …… the person who was my mother just now, ……”

 Zoe marveled.



“For now, take your mother’s body with you back to your hometown, Dosso. It would be better to lay down in a familiar place.”

“Uhm, ……?”

“After all. At this rate, you’ll be a target.”

“Ah, …….”

 Unlike the merchants and aristocrats who always deceive others with evil spirits of rivers and mountains, I spoke straight to Zoe, who is a maid.[TN: 魑魅魍魎 (chimimoryo) evil spirits of rivers and mountains are a**holes, although I don’t exactly know what that means, it should be something like deception, looking like human but is a monster, kind of, anyway here’s the Wiki link, do help me if you know] 

“I understand.”

“Martha, I’ll call you back when it’s over, rest for a while.”

“Thank you very much! Thank you so much!”

 Martha worshipped me over and over again for saving her life and for being so kind to her.

“Um, Master? I don’t mean to be rude, but are you sure you shouldn’t be keeping an eye on that man?”

“I’ve already thought of that.”


“Don’t you realize that there’s something missing?”

“Eh? Well, ……, Master’s new subordinate is missing.”

 Zoe noticed that Fuwawa had disappeared for some time.

“Actually, she’s right there with you. Fuwawa, touch her shoulder.”

“Eh? –Uwaahh”

 Despite my warning, Zoe was surprised.

 She couldn’t see anything, but she was surprised when she felt a touch.

“Th-This is”

“Just show her your face.”


 She was surprised to see a head floating in the air.

“She can disappear like this. Fuwawa, make yourself invisible and keep an eye on that guy.”

 She nodded her head and disappeared completely.

 That finally made sense to Zoe.

“I see! That’s great, Master.”

 And she gave delayed applause.

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