Person With Inferior Ability Vol.2-Chapter-3-Part-4

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{Chapter 3} Home Occupation by Outsiders

Part IV

 Susan was surprised to see that the figure behind her was not Hiroto, but Gen. And when she looked for him in the sky, she couldn’t find him.

 On the surface, she could see that Kiyoko, Shiro, and Sally were also surprised and looking for Hiroto. It seems that even Kiyoko and the others couldn’t figure out how Hiroto and Gen had switched places.

 Susan hurriedly set Gen down on the roof and quickly flew away towards the city.

 Kiyoko and the rest of the non-humans left in the courtyard were also staring at Susan’s figure as she moved away in the sky.[TN: Any alternatives for non-humans?]

 Not even a minute had passed between this attack and defense.

 Shiro stood between Kiyoko and Sally, stunned and powerless.

“Maybe that……., oni-san… a wonderful person?”

“…… such amazing body movements.”

 Next to them, the long-haired handsome young man snorted involuntarily, and Kiyoko only smiled slightly.

“Kiyoko, did you know that the boy’s Senki was this great? I haven’t seen such a high level of inner strength in a long time. If he is this good then, he is at a level where he can compete with us now. He may not be as old as he looks. Just how old is he really?”

 The young man turned to look at Kiyoko and she answered with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I’d say just over 15 years.”

“What!? Don’t be stupid. No way that’s true!”

 The young man, who had maintained a calm expression throughout, was astonished.

“It’s true, I’m sure. I could feel his physical age when I hugged him.”

“A human being of that age who has developed such a high level of Senki… …… What kind of training does he have to go through? It’s not a matter of talent. No way, he must have extinguished his physical body and practiced the methods of the Immortals of the Earth …….”

“No no, there’s no way you can acquire such pure Senki with that. That was clearly the result of cultivation. Yeah, …… But I’m sure he’s had to go through many life-threatening experiences, both in training to acquire that level of Senki. Senki is something that is enhanced through a series of overcoming. You know that, don’t you, Gokou?[TN: his name was 傲光 with furigana ごうこう, so I went with Gokou cause why not If I have to go through kanji Arrogant Light would not make any sense. ]


 The Handsome young man who was called Gokou fell silent.

 Then when Kiyoko thought of the human boy she had just met, and with whom she had had a brief conversation, her eyes flashed for a moment with sadness.

“A boy of only fifteen or six years of age, who has gone through insane training and soul-crushing experiences, and yet has never lost the sparkle in his heart. ……”

 When she muttered this, Kiyoko’s face immediately brightened up and she looked around at the people around her and chuckled.

“Why does that child attract us so much? For some reason, no one went berserk, and it’s rare for Gokou to get emotional with a human boy.”

 Everyone except Shiro and Sally was looking away from Kiyokos’ gaze.

“Fufufu, I think everyone can sense it, right? Expectation? Joy? Or have you already figured it out? That he deserves to be connected to us. In soul, in spirit, and inability. Our meeting was a miracle, an inevitability. I don’t like the intervention of the idiot hermit, but I guess it’s worth the extra change this time.”

 Then Shiro looked up at Kiyoko.

“But how did that oni-san acquire Senki when he has so much spiritual power? If he had that kind of spiritual power, he would be an amazing Spiritual Scholar.”

“I don’t know about that, but …… the important thing is…”


“His spiritual power and his Senki are wonderful! It feels so good, you know?”

“…… Yes!”

 Sally smiled as Shiro nodded cheerfully, while Gokou sighed and crossed his arms.

(Yes! Somehow I managed to get some distance!)

 Hiroto had already runoff from the house grounds and was heading towards the station.

(But, looks like Susan can fly I wonder if she’s a bird incarnate or something. I guess I should be careful in the air. ……)

 But here’s the thing. Just running away would not cut it. This game requires you to complete the task that was given to you.

 Thinking about it, Hiroto had another headache.

 Anyway, he decides to go to the underwear section of the mall in front of the station, where there are specialty stores. While keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings, including the sky above, Hiroto made his way to the mall, blending in with the crowds.

 After quickly checking the map of the sales floor at the entrance of the mall, Hiroto finally arrived at the lingerie section on the third floor of the mall on the lady’s floor. There had been no time loss at all so far.

 All he had to do was buy some women’s underwear and go home. ……

“C-can I go there? I’m …….”

 The women’s lingerie store in front of him …… looks like a different world to Hiroto.

 Even though it looks like this, Hiroto has a lot of experience in combat. Whether it was one on one, many on one, or many on many, he was familiar with every situation and had almost died once or twice.

 This is an unusually large amount of actual combat experience for a person of his generation with his abilities.

 This is due to the uniqueness of the Domori family and the experience he had in the Demon World during his vacation before entering the school.

 And that was why, when it comes to fighting, Hiroto did not get intimidated at all.

 If his heart weavers even a little bit, he would be in a spot where he could not survive. That’s how it goes.

 Because of this experience, he was able to deal with Susan’s moves without difficulty.

 Hiroto honestly thought that Susan’s movements were phenomenal.

 Just as he had thought, she must have a much higher spiritual power than he had imagined.

 Given that she had such a high ability to communicate with others, and that she could personify them, this thought was probably correct.

 If so, he would have to hurry. Because if Susan finds out, he won’t have much time to spare, and he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to do it again. In any case, he couldn’t lose this game.

 But now, Hiroto was …… completely frightened.

 The place he was heading to now smells more dangerous than any battlefield.

 If you go there, purchase the target and return home, you will have a place to live, a future school life, and a great deal more to gain. He knew that, but he couldn’t work up the courage to do so, so he walked back and forth across the sales floor.

 And because he was glancing sideways at his target as he walked by, the shopkeeper finally gave him a suspicious look.

(Ouch! It hurts, that gaze!)

 Also, not surprisingly, the clerk was a woman. The bar was raised even higher in him.

 He also noticed another serious problem.

(The price is higher than I thought!)

 Once there, Hiroto took refuge at the bottom of the stairs, and he checked the contents of his wallet.

 It’s not impossible to buy, but …… it’s too painful an expense for Hiroto, who thinks he needs to save a lot of money. However,……, there are priorities.

 As he took a deep breath, he closed his eyes and concentrated his mind …… and made up his mind.

(Let’s go!)

“Domori-kun. What are you doing in this place?”


 Hiroto screamed and turned around.

 And there was Matsuri’s friend, the energetic Shizuka, standing there looking flinching.

“D-Don’t you dare startle me again. Why in the world would you do that?”

 He never thought he would meet someone he knew in such a strange place. Hiroto cursed himself for his lack of luck.

“Mito-san! No, this is different! What can I say, the place where I will live from now on, no! It’s something I need to do to win my life, or rather, to live!”

“Eh? What? What are you saying?”

 Shizuka tilted her head at Hiroto’s agitation. Then, she began to focus on the sales floor just behind Hiroto. And Hiroto had a bad premonition when he saw her expression loosen up.

“HaHmmm …….”

 She then tapped her index finger and thumb on her chin and nodded as if she were a detective trying to deduce the culprit.

‘You were just about to go to that women’s lingerie store, weren’t you? Hmmm …… and the statement that you will win the rest of your life …….”

 Hiroto sensed that his bad premonition was coming closer to reality.

“No, so you’re probably wrong about that! I can tell before I even ask, so don’t try to guess anymore!”

 Hiroto appealed with teary eyes. But, Shizuka was not listening.

“Is that so. …… I figured it out. I’ve heard that such gifts are available these days. The girl you are going to give it to is likely to be the girl you met at the qualification exam,……. No way, I didn’t know you even knew the size …….”

“No, no! Just stop it! Listen to what I have to say! Don’t imagine what you want.”

 Hiroto shook his head as if clinging to her while shedding a lot of tears.

“Then who is it for?”

“It isn’t for anyone!”

“It isn’t for anyone!? Don’t tell me it’s …… yours. You had that kind of taste,……, and I wonder what Matsuri would say if she heard this,……. It’s a complicated case of severe chuuni disease. ……”

“It certainly can’t be mine! What on earth do you think of me?”

 At this point, Hiroto was already unaware that he was affirming the purchase of underwear.

 Shizuka smiled unpleasantly, confirming what was important first.

“Whose then?”

“I told you, it doesn’t belong to anyone!”

“Then why are you buying it?”

“Well, it’s …… so it’s a punishment game! I lost the game and was ordered to buy women’s underwear. So I came to the lingerie department, but I didn’t know what to do. ……”

“Hmm, a punishment game. Hmm, that’s a good one …….”

Hiroto could not stop sweating when he saw Shizuka’s blatantly suspicious attitude.

 Then …… suddenly, Shizuka’s face lit up as if she had a flash of inspiration and she said, “Oh, I see!” And then she smiled with an expression that said she was convinced.



“Do you know the size and stuff? You can’t just buy something random, you know, like this.”

“Huh? No, I was thinking that anything would be fine (because it’s a punishment game).”

 In response to Hiroto’s answer, Shizuka made a gesture as if thinking, “…… this is why men.”

“Okay, I get it!”

“W-What do you mean?”

“It’s hard for you to buy something by yourself, isn’t it? That’s why I’m going to buy it for you!”

 Like Really? He had that kind of expression on his face. To be honest, he thought it was a very attractive proposal.

“What’s your budget? How much are you thinking about?”

 He took out his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans and tried to check the contents, but Shizuka snatched it away from him.


“Okay, don’t be stingy with these things. I know exactly the size and preference.”

 With that said, Shizuka left Hiroto behind and went to the sales floor.

“Wait a minute! That money also includes important living expenses for the future. ……”

 Hiroto tried to stop her in a hurry, but he could not follow Shizuka into the sales floor.

 He stared at Shizuka leaving in a daze. However, inwardly, he felt relieved that he could now accomplish his mission. Now all he has to do is bring it back without Susan finding it.

(……, huh? Whose size and preference does she know?)

 He suddenly remembered Shizuka’s words, and for a change, Hiroto felt inexplicable anxiety …….

 After waiting for a while, Shizuka, who was in a good mood, came back with a paper bag with a pretty ribbon attached to it as a gift and Hiroto’s wallet.

“Thanks for waiting. Here you go! I think I was able to choose a good one.”

 Hiroto felt deeply grateful for the help.

“Thank you! I really appreciate it! Oh, and Mito-san, about this ……”

“I know! It’s a secret, isn’t it? I won’t tell anyone.”

 Hiroto was relieved to hear that, he took the package and wallet, and immediately wanted to turn back.

“Thank you so much! I’ll see you at school, I’ve got to go. Mito-san.”

“Yes! See you later. I know it’s hard, but good luck!”

 Hiroto waved his hand and headed for the exit from the stairs, feeling uncomfortable with the strangely coherent conversation.

Shizuka muttered with emotion as she watched Hiroto’s backward figure.

“Next month is Matsuri’s birthday, huh. Did Domori-kun finally realize that the more forceful he is, the better she likes it? Even so, you’re surprisingly bold, giving her a gift of underwear out of the blue. But No, it feels good after doing something good.”

 After that, Shizuka spent several hours confronting the shelf labeled [SALE] in the underwear section.

As Shizuka began to wrestle with the sale items in the lingerie department, …… Hiroto was paying maximum attention to his surroundings 360 degrees and moving at an unusual speed to make his rundown house his home.

 In the city, he was moving carefully, completely concealing his presence, but once he passed through the city, there was almost no place to hide. So there was no reason to slow down. Even so, there were still some passersby, but no one passing by could catch sight of Hiroto.

 It wasn’t that the speed was unnoticeable. He was reading the line of sight of the passers-by and moving while avoiding them. This boy was able to perform such an extraordinary feat as a matter of course.

 Hiroto was serious. No. He was already serious from the start, but now Hiroto’s spirit was different.

 He was given a pair of underwear and his wallet by Shizuka, and as soon as he was about to return to his destination, he …… suddenly became curious and checked inside his wallet.

(This sacrifice will …… never be in vain!)

 While wiping both eyes with his scrubbing arm, Hiroto was still concerned about Susan’s presence.

(Funny …… things are going too well. Is she looking somewhere else?)

 It is obvious that what Susan is after is the underwear that he is wearing. If Susan catches him, he’ll lose not only his future home but also something important as a man.

 That was the only thing he had to avoid. But for now, things are going well. And his destination was near.

 He could see a relatively new residential area ahead of him, and a large old gate in the middle of it.

 That was the destination.


 When he looked closely, he saw that there was a lot of activity outside the gate. What is it? While thinking about it, he approached the gate and saw that it was covered with tape like a short distance run at an athletic event.

 Behind the tape, the non-humans were holding banners like, {Do your best, Susan!} or {This house is ours}, and {Hold his underwear in your hands!} and holding them high in the air. Furthermore, they had set up a tatami mat and were drinking and having a great time like parents at a children’s field day.

 For a moment, Hiroto’s knees slumped and he almost fell over.

“What the hell? It’s too conspicuous! What are you going to do if the neighbors find out?”

 But the goal was at sight. Putting the details behind him, Hiroto stepped up his speed.

 And just when he was about to reach the tape, ……

 Suddenly, Hiroto was hit by a huge heatwave from the sky right behind him.


 Hiroto instantly took the shortest possible step and bent over.

 Immediately after, a meteorite-like object passed by just a few centimeters above his head, radiating high heat.

 Hiroto braked to a halt and rubbed his head with his right hand.

 In front of Hiroto’s eyes, Susan, his competitor with crimson wings, appeared from the dust she had caused.

(Hmm, I see. …… I was definitely going to come back here. So there was no need to look for me at all.)

 Susan who is clothed in red air looked at him. She may be a little bit breathless as if she is trying to get into the spirit of things.

“Finally…….I found you”

“You were looking for me!”

 The reason for her ragged breathing seems to be that she was searching the entire city with all her might. While he was wondering about that, the goal was just beyond his sight.”

 And Susan in front of the goal is a formidable opponent. Hiroto pulled himself together.

 Behind Susan, the non-humans were cheering loudly.

“””Whoa! Susan! Susan!”””

 In the midst of all this, Shiro worriedly clasps her hands in front of her chest.

“……, are you okay?”

 And Kiyoko, next to Shiro, sees this and giggles.

“Which one?”

“I-it’s …… Susan, of course!”

“Fufufu. Well, I am afraid since Susan has become scary. I hope oni-san will be okay. Shiro-chan, you still haven’t thanked me for my left hand, right?”

“…… Yeah.”

 Sally was smiling, and Gen had an excited look on his face, while Gokou was watching them as though he was judging them.

 Hiroto felt that Susan had an unusual presence, which brought back the tense sensation he had when he was in the demon world.

(It’s dangerous. ……but I can’t pull it off. With no fixed address, I can’t even go to school.)

 I’ll get my high school life and housing!

 So I seriously have to get……

“…….get there”


 Hiroto made a sudden, no-motion attempt to break through the front door.

 Susan was momentarily surprised by the unexpected action but quickly braced herself. She instantly realized that Hiroto had come in for a one-shot deal.

 The heat of the red air that Susan was wearing suddenly increased and the area seemed to shake. And that tremendous amount of heat created a violent updraft that blew Susan’s fiery red hair up to the sky.

 But Hiroto didn’t stop.

 While not caring about Susan’s interception, he raised his speed gear.

 Susan couldn’t read Hiroto’s intentions and immediately put her hands out in front of her in preparation for a collision.

 At this time, Susan was feeling tremendous pressure from the Hiroto in front of her.

 It was a feeling that Susan had forgotten for the past several hundred years. Then, as if an unconscious switch was flipped, …… Susan’s eyes turned red and a vortex of spiritual power was concentrated into crimson wings.

 And at the very moment when the two collided ……

 A blast of air containing a large amount of heat and great spiritual power blew forward from both of Susan’s hands at a very high density.

 This loud blast and the blast of air caused all the people outside there who had been cheering until now to involuntarily freeze completely.

“Oh, ……, uh, Susan-san? You know, that’s a bit much, isn’t it ……?”

“…… Yeah, I think so too.”

 The conversation of the non-human cheering squad continued as such.

 Both Shiro and Gen had their mouths wide open and their eyes peeled.

 The view was blocked by a tremendous blast, making it impossible to see ahead. As the speechless non-humans stared in front of them, their vision gradually became clearer.

What they saw was ……

—Part IV end–

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