Vol6-Chapter 103: Insistent Verification

 Thanks to Zara-senpai’s noble sacrifice, I’ve made the historic discovery of finding a way to raise the maximum magic level.

“Hey, Hart-kun? She isn’t dead, right?”

 That’s right.

 By the way, I’m in Shiva mode right now, so please don’t call me ‘Hart’. Well, Zara-senpai is so disheveled and white-eyed and foaming at the mouth that it’s okay.

 No, it’s not good. I wonder what we should do with the fainted girl?

 Riza is casting some kind of magic.

“Healing magic isn’t working. It’s not her physical body, but her spirit that’s been shredded. Even if she regains consciousness, I don’t think she’ll be able to get up for a while.”

“That’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Let’s return to the research building and let her sleep for the time being.”

 So, I left Frey as a caretaker for Char and the others, and we returned to the lab.

It’s a pity that Mr. Porcos was so shocked when he saw Zara-senpai’s disastrous condition. It’s no wonder since the Marquis’s daughter was in such a terrible state.

 We put Zara-senpai on the sofa and took a break.

 By the way, Mr. Porcos also seemed to have gotten dizzy and fell asleep in the other room.

“Now, Hart-kun, why don’t you try it on me right away?”

“Are you crazy?”

What’s wrong with her, the one who hates to use herself as a test subject more than anyone else? Did witnessing the anomaly of a maximum magic level increase make her crazy?

“Umm, no, it’s fine.”

 I knew it. Your eyes are darting around, you know.

“I am more excited than I have ever been in my life about this historic accomplishment. That’s why I can overcome my fears and use myself as a test subject.”

Momentum huh, I see.

“Go ahead, do it!”

 Professor Tia boldly stripped naked and turned her back to me. I’m glad it was just the upper body.

There were 21 black holes in her back. If I filled them all, her maximum magic level would jump to 57. Thunder Princess will be in tears.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

When I moved the unattached tubes on the ground, she went, ‘Hiyaah!?’, and with a snap, she went ‘ababababaaa’.

The tiny figure bounced while screaming weirdly and,

 with a thud,

 she collapsed.

“Hart-sama, Tia is foaming at the mouth with her eyes peeled back.”

“That’s right. It’s the same as with Zara-senpai. Is she all right?”

“The symptoms are the same. Healing magic wouldn’t restore her, so there’s no use in trying.”

 The result was also the same, the connected tube split in two and the maximum magic level went from 36 to 37.

We had no choice but to carry them to Professor Tia’s room. I felt sorry for Zara-senpai, who should not be left alone, so I brought her along with me.

 It was hard to walk around because of all the books and other things scattered all over the floor. There were also some things on the bed, so I blew them away.

 I put Professor Tia and Zara-senpai on the bed side by side.

“uh uuuuugh ……, what in the world am I ……?”

 Ohh, you have great mental strength. I didn’t think she’d wake up already.

“Don’t worry. The experiment was a success. Your maximum magic level has been raised.”

“That’s so, huh ……. I’ve also accomplished a historic feat, haven’t I?”

Wasn’t it me who did it? Well, I’m not going to go on the weak side.

“By the way, can I use you for one more test?”

“You’re the devil, you ……”

I don’t want to tsukkomi. If I try it in this state, she might not wake up forever.

 But I’m stumped.

 The experiment is too debilitating for Char and her team.

“I know what you want to try. Call Porcos-kun at …….”

This person here is the real devil.

 But Mr. Porcos is a good test subject. After all, he’s maxed out. (He’s at 21, after all.)[TN: I am deliberately using Mr.Porcos instead of Porcos-shi]

 That’s right, I want to test the question, ‘Can a person with a max level of magic increase their magic level?’.

 In this case, no tube extends all the way to the middle.

 I wanted to see if I could somehow fit a pipe connected to the ground into a hole.

 Hart C., who understood my intention, vaguely explained the situation to Mr. Porcos, saying, ‘Professor Tia collapsed during a secret experiment,’ and brought him to Professor Tia’s room.

“Ohh, Dr. ……, how unfortunate …….”

“Mr. Porcos, I don’t think it will be long now. ……”

“!?. But Hart-kun says it’s fine”

“I know my own body better than anyone else. ……”

 What’s going on here?

“One last thing, will you do me a favor ……?”

“A-Anything! If there’s anything I can do for you, ……, no! I’ll do whatever it takes!”

 He had a messed-up face with tears and a runny nose. And, Riza is a little taken aback.

“Thank you ……. Now, please strip naked and show your back to Shiva-kun here.”

“What? Yes, well, if that’s about it. ……”

 Mr. Porcos, though full of doubt, honestly takes off his jacket and other clothes and turns his back to me.

 The back of a melancholy middle-aged man, however, felt determined and tough, even though he didn’t know what was going on.

 But ……………… one hole only?

Even if it doesn’t interfere with the experiment, he seems to be the picture of the ordinary. Well, it’s better to have a hole, isn’t it?[TN: I swear the author is trying to make this seem dirty, I already used holes in the previous chapter, so now I can’t just call them cavities or something like that.]

 Anyway, let’s give it a try.

 There are holes, but no tubes to fit them.

 The pipe connected to the ground only stretches when you pull it like this, and he will go ‘Hiyaah!?’.

 Zara-senapi has already proven that the tube does not break.

Just to be sure, I attempted to cut Mr. Porcos’s tube and he went ‘Hegyo!?’ and went ‘twaaaah! and then ‘Kohooo!’ he only made strange noises and went berserk, and it showed no sign of being cut off at all.

I then forcefully put the stretched-out tube against the black hole.


 Snap. Kaching.

 The pipe, which had been so sturdy, broke apart at the point where I pushed it into the black hole. And the cut end that was connected to the ground was sucked into the hole.

 The tube that had originally been connected to the ground from his back was now extended halfway to the ground.

 The maximum magic level was raised to 22, and the current magic level remains at 21.

“Even if the level is capped, the maximum magic level will go up. This is another great discovery.”

 As I was praising myself, I saw a pathetic uncle who was falling down and convulsing in front of me.

 Hmm? He stopped twitching.

“Hart-sama, Porcos’ heart has stopped.”

“Give him a cardiac pump! Quickly!”

 In a panic, we perform resuscitation. Thanks to the quick response, Mr. Porcos’ pulsation returned and his breath came back.

No, I was really impatient. It would have been too much of a joke to let him die.

I laid Mr. Porcos down carefully next to Professor Tia.

“It can’t be done too casually, can it?”

“Once or twice would be fine, but I’ve got 20 more times to go, right? As expected I would have to think carefully about that.”

If it’s just once or twice, should I do it?

“No~, perhaps not anymore. The maximum magic level is relatively less effective for those who have a high magic level. If you don’t find a way to reduce the burden on the body, or rather the mind, it won’t stand up to practical use. ……”

 Well, if it were that easy to raise the maximum magic level, there would be no trouble. There are individual limits, too.

However, for some people, their dreams are endless.

 I would like to find a way to cope with this and raise everyone in my group to the upper limit.

 There are challenges, but let’s take them positively.

 I can’t help thinking about it if Professor Tia doesn’t get better, so let’s go and make Charu and the others, who are still working hard, happy.

So, I climbed into the waterfall to see Char and Iris in training (?) and connected one of Char’s and Iris’s tubes to the ground (or rather, to the surface of the water).

“The level! It went up!”

“I never thought it would really go up like this. ……”

“I guess the waterfall proved to be the best place to train!”

Charu danced with pale lips, and Iris’s eyes sparkled with hope while she looked in disbelief.

 By the way…

Charlotte, who was in high spirits, had her white lintel slipping down with the force of the waterfall, exposing almost all of her upper body.

 There were a total of 77 black holes visible on her small back.

 That’s more than the number of existing pipes, or how many is it really …….

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