Vol6-Chapter 104: Enough with the Waterfall

I’ve roughly figured out the secret of the magic-level conceptual tube that grows out of the back.

 Although I’ve had great success in raising the maximum magic level, I can’t do it easily, as it would put a tremendous strain on the body and mind (mainly the spirit). Such a shame.

However, it seems that raising one or two magic levels is not too much of a burden, so I will gradually try to raise them.

 Incidentally, I did not tell Charu and Iris about this.

 It would be bad if they knew I was secretly raising the magic level.

And, about my sister Charlotte…

“T-t-t-t-t-this is really the way to raise your m-m-m-m-magic level, r-righttt?”

“Ri-Ri-Ri-Rias, j-j-just concentratee”

Since the waterfall had raised her magic level, she had a taste of it and brought Princess Marianne and Prince Rais to the waterfall to force them into the waterfall.

“I-i-i-it’s rightttt.”

“We have already experienced this once before.”

Four people, wearing white lintels, dashed into the waterfall. And Rias was alone, looking away from the three girls at the edge of the waterfall.

 The girls were soaking wet and their white lintels were tight around their bodies. Although he’s a big guy, he has a pure heart.

 Watching over them, or rather glaring at them, was Frey in a maid’s outfit.

She is standing on a large rock in the waterfall basin, sweating profusely and enduring herself to collapse at any moment.

 I maxed out her current magic level yesterday.

 Originally it was [57]/[73] in her big wolf form, but I raised her current magic level by 16. It must have been a big burden because she is still unsteady even after one night.

By the way, Riza’s level was also raised from 51 to 71, the MAX.

 However, 20 at once seems to have been extremely painful, and like Professor Tia and the others who had raised their magic level to the maximum, she was in bed. Sorry about that.

 I have to ask them to protect Charu in future confrontations with the Numbers and the Lucifera cult. So, well, it was a necessary measure.

Speaking of which, it seems that when these two girls turn to human form, their magic power is halved.

The amount of magic power is roughly proportional to the square of the magic level, so in human form, their magic level is equivalent to 51 or 50, respectively.

It seems worth it.

“Heee! It doesn’t feel like my magic power is being trained!”

 That’s right. No magic is being used, you know?

“As expected, it’s not right! How can the magic level go up if I don’t use magic?”

 I don’t like it when I agree with this guy.

 But he’s been complaining about it for a while now.

“Rais! You said you would believe me and give it a try.”

Onee-chan’s lips were purple and she was trembling, but she was doing her best. That’s praiseworthy.

And so, I, who had been out of sight and standing behind the waterfall since a while ago, pulled the tube that extended halfway up to her and attached it to the ground (actually the surface of the water).

“Hiyawwah!? e? Aa……, the level has gone up!?”

“What the hell!?”

I also tried to raise Charu’s and Iris’s levels.

“Mine went up too!”

“Me too!”


Now then, I don’t want Charu and the others to spend forever doing waterfall exercises. It’s cold and chilly, and can’t have them catching a cold.

 So, I think it’s time to stop.

 I got out of the waterfall and landed next to Frey as if I had just arrived. The water had been repelled by my barrier, so there wasn’t a drop of water.

“Char, you did well.”


“But I don’t think the waterfall will raise your level any further.”

“Eh? Why is that?”

“That’s because, you see, your body has become accustomed to it.”

“But this time, the magic level went up faster than before. It seems to be more efficient.”

“Ah, umm. ………… waterfalls can only raise the level by two! That’s what Shiva said.”

“Is that so? I don’t understand, but —- if Shiva says so, then it must be so.”

Uh-huh, she’s such a good and honest girl.

“Then, the next training will be throwing logs down a waterfall…”

“Isn’t that a little too much!?”

 Let’s not do anything dangerous, okay?

“Why ……, why is it just me ……. ……”

 I felt a little sorry for Rais-kun, who was beaten down by the waterfall and on all fours, so I stretched out the tube a little bit.

“h!? It’s up! Seriously, ……?”

 And so, with the four of us, we arrived at what Charu calls the ‘Pandemonium’. It’s by the lake where my comfort house is built.

And for some reason,

“Charlotte, what’s the matter? You’re all drenched.”

There was Natalia Zemphis, my adoptive mother and Charlotte’s real mother.

 She has long blonde hair and a great style. She is so beautiful that I wondered if Charu would look like her when she grows up.

 My dad and her are quite a few years apart in age, but she is so young that it is hard to believe she has a big kid.

“And isn’t that …… Her Royal Highness Princess Marianne and His Royal Highness Prince Rias?”

“Long time no see, Aunt Natalia.”

“Hello, …….”

They were soaked too, so Mom hurriedly ran to the log cabin to get some towels.

“There is a hot spring over there, so please come and warm yourselves.”

 At the words of my mother, who knew her stuff, everyone rushed toward the hot spring.

I still haven’t told my father and mother that I can use weird barrier magic or that I’m working as a man in black righteous warrior.

Charu explained that in this land overrun with demons, ‘With Shiva’s help, we have created a place where people and demons can live happily together.’

“Hart, what in the world were Charlotte and her friends doing?”

“They were training to raise their magic level by being hit by a waterfall.”

“A waterfall? I doubt that would raise the magic level, but ……”

“Umm, well, it seems that right?”

 Eh? My mother has a complicated expression of disbelief, but she doesn’t think I’m lying. 

“Well, with Hart and Frey together, there’s nothing to worry about.”

 Where does this trust come from?

It seems as though they are aware of a lot of things, and it’s no longer necessary to keep it a secret, but the timing is just too late to tell them.

 I decided to take a bath first, and followed Rias—.


AN: Next time, it’s the noble hot spring episode. No peeking, right? But I guess I can change the perspective!

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