Ch-1-Ep-5: Sage’s Student

Seig sprinted northeast through the forest.

 The east side of the mountain is a good hunting ground, so a narrow road was made from the village.

As he galloped faster than a horse, he sensed the presence of many people.

And as he left the road and rode through the trees, he spotted a group of soldiers on their way along the narrow path.

(They are very laid-back, aren’t they?).

 But it was understandable.

 Most dragon species are inactive between dusk and midnight. They must be planning to surprise it by approaching at night.

While running in parallel so as not to be noticed, he headed for the front, checking each person’s face one by one.

The infantry was in two lines, but the 20 or so horsemen ahead were in one line.

 Leading the way was a slender, middle-aged man. And his seemingly dull expression was familiar to him.

(Sir Harkim, huh? He’s hunting monsters in the frontier again. ……)

He didn’t want to describe him as fallen.

But in fact, he had fallen.

 He was once a man who held a key position in the military and was active on the front lines in the battle against the Demon King’s army. However, he apparently was unable to survive the power struggle that followed after Demon King’s defeat.

Seig clenched his teeth as he thought that he was the cause of the problem.

He had heard that Count Harkim had refused to be summoned to the Great Court to judge the Supreme Sage.

He said, ‘If I testify falsely in the Great Court, I will lose my head, you know.’.

 Whether he testified falsely or not did affect the outcome of the case at all.

But he would like to repay him for his sincerity someday.

(I heard that Luna challenged him to one on one combat. ……)

 A village girl challenging a nobleman could be executed on the spot, depending on the case. He probably accepted the match because of his mild-mannered character.

(By the way, I can’t see Luna here?)

He had a bad premonition.

Seig returned to where he could see the end of the line,

“Ya know, I wonder what happened to that village girl called Luna?”

He sent a low voice to just a single soldier.

“Ahhhmm? She volunteered to be a scout, you know.”

 The soldier responded as he turned back.

And the soldier behind him stared in surprise.

“? Why are you speaking all of a sudden.”

“Eh? No, didn’t you just ask me that?”

“Haah? I didn’t say anything, you know.”

The soldier who heard Seig’s voice tilted his head and said ‘Maybe my imagination’ and looked forward.

Seig, who had amplified his hearing with magic and picked up their voices, picked up speed like a gale.

(I knew it. Luna’s bad habit came out.)

He had to hurry.

Even if the opponent is a dragon, Luna has a good chance of winning. She was such a gem.

However, the leader of the team was Count Harkim, a veteran warrior. If that thing is strong enough to run away from him, Luna will inevitably have a hard time.

Leaving behind the troops, Seig sprinted like the wind.

On the way, he sensed the presence of several individuals.

(They seem to be different from Sir Harkim’s troops, don’t they? Then it might be them ……)

 They might have been the ones who tried to invade the village.

He was curious, but his priority right now was to protect Luna.

He picked up even more speed, and halfway through the air, Seig heard,


An earth-shaking roar,


 and the girl’s scream reached his ears.

“I am not an enemyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Let me speak! Please listen to me!”

The desperate cry was undoubtedly from a student whom Seig knew well.

(I knew she was not here to fight but to persuade.)

It seems that she intended to contact the dragon prior to the strike team and discuss how to escape to a safer place.

 That sweetness to show mercy even to demons. He couldn’t speak for others, though…

The forest parted.

 A huge shadow looms into view, towering over the rocky terrain. It was a 30-meter dark dragon.

(Dark dragon, huh. It is still a young individual, but ……)

It did not appear to be injured, and Seig quickly realized that it was too much for Luna to handle.

The Dark dragon looked down.

On top of a big rock, there was a girl with a big sword in her hands, dressed in loose-fitting village girl-like clothes. Her red hair was tied back in a single knot and swayed like a horse’s tail.

Her red eyes were determined, and her lips were tightened with determination, undaunted by the giant dragon.

 It was Luna.


The Dark dragon opened its big mouth. A black sphere emerges from it and shoots out at Luna.


Despite raising a frenzied cry, Luna easily avoided the black bullet. The large rock Luna was on a moment ago shattered into pieces.

“Heey! Please just listen!”

Her appeals were in vain, as black bullets were fired one after the other. The dragon seemed to be quite worked up and would not listen to her.

 Luna dodged them by bouncing around the rocky terrain. She was only 14 years old, but she had a great talent.

 But she didn’t last long against the fierce attack.


 The rocky footing on which she landed collapsed. She was thrown into the air, and when she was defenseless, an oversized black bullet was coming at her.

“uuuuh …….”

However, the jet-black magic bullet, which would not have even left a piece of flesh if it struck her, did not reach her.

 Then, with a bang.

The bullet disappeared with a light burst of sound.


While holding her in her arms, Seig landed on a rock. And a shimmering magic barrier was deployed in the void.

The black dragon opened its eyes and pierced his gaze.

“It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think your voice is getting through. In the first place, if you want to persuade it—-“

Seig returned the murderous gaze with his eyes.

“First, you must show that you are more than equal to it.”

 A torrent of magic power blew away the surrounding rocks.

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