Noble Reincarnation-Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Exemplary Governor

After the giant dragon fell, several dragons about one-tenth of its size – but still larger than a human – jumped out at the same time.

I turned the demon sword Livyathan around and thrust it into the ground.

The blade shined,

And from the border between the hilt and the blade, several pillars of water–or should we say torrents–were shot out.

The water columns that were as sharp as needles, drawn even sharper than the one that once shot the leader of the rebel army at a long distance.

One after another, they shot out between the dragons’ brows.

The dragons were shot through the air and instantly died.


 Heaven and earth shook.

The first gigantic dragon roared.

I was a little surprised at its life force which did not die even after its head was cut off with a single slash.

 The giant dragon got up and leaped toward us.

“Insolent one.”

 A childish but dignified voice echoed quietly.

 The next moment, a water dragon appeared.

The water dragon was one size larger than the giant dragon.


 The giant dragon was overwhelmed by the manifestation.

It shuddered and froze, unable to move either way.

 After shivering, it took a step back as if to curl up its tail and run away.

“Thousand Death.”

 The water dragon murmured in a low voice.

In the next moment, the giant dragon’s entire body was surrounded by water.

The water then gradually compressed along with the entire giant dragon inside.

It collapsed inside the water, burst open, and eventually disappeared.

The water became smaller and smaller with the giant dragon and disappeared completely.

“Good work.”


 Livyathan, still as a water dragon, nodded its head faintly and returned to the magic sword Livyathan.

Livyathan, the loyal and mad dog’s return meant that the enemy had been wiped out.

 I stowed the sword in my bracelet and turned to Evelyn.


“What’s the matter, your eyes and mouth are a little more open than they should be.”

” What? Ah ……. S-sorry. It’s so amazing, I don’t know what to say anymore.”

“You know what a mad dog Livyathan– Leviathan is, don’t you?”

“It’s not that. …… I mean, that’s true, too. But, Master who tamed such Livyathan to that extent is even more …… amazing. There’s a big difference between seeing it in person and hearing that it’s ‘Obeying’.”

“I see.”

 I nodded and ended the conversation there.

Then, I gazed at the ground – at the earth to be specific.

It’s exactly as Evelyn just said.

 There is a big difference between knowing about it and actually seeing it.

 After defeating the giant dragon, it became more pronounced.

 I could clearly see and understand the flow of power that is visible on the earth.

 Like a real river, the power flowed and gathered at one point.

 Then a change appeared where there was nothing.

 A drop of water fell from the empty air.


“Don’t touch it!”


I stopped Evelyn from reaching out to catch it.

“It is the materialization of the pure power of the earth. Think of it as super-concentrated magic.”


 Evelyn hurriedly withdrew her hand.

 I made a container from Fuwawa to catch the drops.

 Then I processed the drops of earth into a potion, just as I had done the first time.

“Is that the …… potion?”


 I nodded and scratched my palm with my fingernail.

The wound was deep enough to cause blood to pour out in an instant, and I poured the potion on it.[TN: If you hit yourself and it hurts, are you strong or weak?]

 The wound healed in an instant.

“—-! A-amazing!”

“Henry said the same thing. It’s going to change the whole concept of war.”

“Not only that. It will change the way the world works.”

“That’s right. That’s why we need to manage it for a while. Evelyn.”


Evelyn’s atmosphere, who had been a maid and an attendant until then, changed drastically.

I guessed it by the fact that I called her name again.

Like a person who hears one and knows all, she instantly realized her position and role and switched.

“I’m going to leave the management of this place to you. Manufacturing as well. I’ll teach you how to do it later.”

“I understand.”

 Evelyn raised her hand.

 Then, out of nowhere, a group of men wearing the exact same clothes appeared.

Evelyn looked over at them, half of them guarded the drops and half of them began to line the ground, dig—- and started constructing.

“Are these your men?”

“Yes. Be assured. They are all men who I have saved or assisted with their lives. They are loyal to my orders.”

“Is that–?”

“Yes, I learned it from Master.”

“No wonder.”

 I chuckled slightly.

“No wonder?”

 Evelyn tilted her head.

 I reached out and touched Evelyn’s collar.

“I was feeling nostalgic about your outfit. Now I know why.”


“Your outfit is too ordinary, too plain. Look at this collar, there are no loose threads, but the color has faded slightly from repeated washings. It’s not something a governor would wear.”

“Ah, …….”

 Evelyn blushed.


“That’s all right. I’ll give you 9,000 reens every year from now on.”


“The same amount as the Prince’s basic allowance.”

“Ah, ……, Master first got ……”

Evelyn, who had been in Prince’s residence as the maid from the beginning, recalled.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs, which means it will come out of my own pocket. Use it as you please.”

“But even without such–“

“You act out of loyalty to me.”

I interrupted Evelyn, touching her collar.

“You can live in a haze, yourself. But your people won’t, will they?”

“That’s …….”

“Let me ask you this. The loyalty you have for me. Is there anyone under you who can match that level of loyalty?”

 This is a rather mean question.

 No matter how she feels about it, Evelyn can’t say ‘yes’.

 So Evelyn’s “word” was as expected.

“N-No I don’t.”

“Then raise them with money. If you have money, you can increase the number and quality, right?”

“I understand. I promise I’ll spend it all as I please.”


 I nodded.

Then I walked away, glanced at Evelyn, and took her with me.

“And one more thing. As you learn more about the potion’s effects, there will definitely be some diversions.”

“…… yes.”

 Evelyn is good enough not to say ‘no’ there.

“If we know in advance, we can deal with it as much as we want. It can be prevented.”

“No, not that.”


 Evelyn was taken aback.

 She stopped and turned to look at her after her men were far enough away that they would not hear her.

“Use it to flush them out rather than prevent them.”

“Flush them out.”

“It’s more profitable that way.”

“B-But. This potion is important to Master’s strategy. We can’t have them leaking out.”

“People are treasures.”


“If you know beforehand, the leakage will only be a few bottles to a few dozen bottles. If that kind of damage can flush out the undesirables and make your loyal subordinates, don’t you think it’s a small price to pay?”

“…… I knew it, Master is amazing.”


“The potion which is such an extraordinary item can be used in such a way,…….”

 Evelyn looked at me with increasingly impressed eyes.

“Understood. I will utilize the potions and the 9,000 reens per year. I’ll take care of everything.”


 I nodded and put my hand on Evelyn’s head.

 She used to be taller than me.

I grew up and she matured.

 The height difference between us reversed completely, and I was able to put my hand on Evelyn’s head like this.

“I will give you the title of Exemplary Governor, and when I get back, I’m going to announce it in a formal letter to the whole country.”

“…… Yes.”

Evelyn nodded seriously, with a serious expression.

 She understood.

She was the first of the retainers to leave my mansion.

If she sets an example, there will be others who will imitate her methods.

 Even if it was only to win me, the Emperor, over I would be grateful if they could copy her ways.

 After all, people are treasures.[TN: Haah, this guy serious clung to that phrase huh]

TN: This marks the end of volume 4 in web novel. And as always web novel is similar to LN, with LN having illustrations and a Bonus chapter at the end of the volume. See you guys with next volume.

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