Vol 5-Chapter 77: We have a Romantic Weapon now

 To test the use of the fake holy weapon, I asked Professor Tia if there was an appropriate castle wall that wouldn’t offend anyone if I broke it.

“……” (Professor Tia looked dumbfounded)

“……” (Iris sighs faintly)

 Did I say something funny?

“I’m sure there are some decaying old forts out there if you look for them. But destroying them won’t achieve your goal, will it?”

“I felt like Hart and I weren’t on the same page, and now I know why. I think you misunderstood …… the term “castle wall”.”

“Isn’t a wall just a pile of stones or something like that? Don’t know if there’s any other interpretation.”

“It’s not wrong in itself. It’s just lacking.”

 Professor Tia took over Iris’s words.

“It’s not just the walls of the city, but all major buildings have protective barriers. Use of earth veins and the like to reduce the burden on the person doing the work. This is why they are dozens of times stronger than mere stone walls. It’s the kind of wall that Iris and I were talking about.”

 Ah-, so that’s why you said that ”destroying it with a single blow” was a high degree of difficulty.

“It’s difficult to find a place to test fire.

 Well, it’s not impossible to sneak a shot at the walls of the royal capital, but it seems like a lot of trouble.

 However, it’s doesn’t mean that ‘if you don’t have it, you should just build it’.

 Because I don’t know what level of defense is a ”normal wall” myself.

“You don’t think it would be difficult to ”destroy it with a single blow” first, do you?

 It should be just a matter of adjusting it to the level of a normal wall. That’s easy, isn’t it?

“Well, there is a place nearby that’s convenient.”

 As expected of Professor Tia. When I asked her where it was, she answered with a smile.

 –It’s the ruins of Olympus.

 So we took the “Anywhere Door” and came to the entrance of the Olympus Ruins.

 Mer-chan, who had been absent-minded for a long time, was entrusted to Porcos-shi, who appeared at the right time.

” Professor Tia, I know it’s a little late to be asking this, but doesn’t it seem like all the walls here are rotting away?”

“The point is, if the walls are as strong as they are, we can verify them, right? So, you see. That building, you know.”

 The palace-like building at the entrance to the ruins is certainly small and neat. It’s probably because it’s protected by some kind of power.

“First, try using the weapon that killed the Huge Rock Eater. It will give us a rough idea of the strength.”

 Trying the magic gun first, huh. But that thing’s power can be adjusted and it can fire at a higher output than before.

 It should be about the same as it was then.

 I held up my magic gun and unleashed it without thinking too much.

 A large energy bullet hit right next to the palace entrance. A crack appeared in the smooth wall.

“Ohh, it’s tough.”

“…… That weapon looks pretty good too. I’m sure an ordinary attack won’t even scratch it.”

 Ah, is that so? Hmmm, but the maximum power of the magic gun could blow up an entire building. Well, I won’t tell you that.

“Then let’s get down to business. By the way, please don’t destroy the entrance, okay? I’m afraid the headmaster will give me a hard time.”

 I wonder if these ruins are used for graduation exams or something. That was a bad idea earlier.

 I equip the Sacred Weapon (fake).

 It would be fine to shoot it out without any tricks, but that would be too tasteless.

 My sister’s excitement stimulated my service mind, so I added a few functions.

{…… Booting Up}

“Did it say something?”

 Wow, her eyes are really sparkling.

 When the German voice I had picked up from the Internet was mechanically played, the robot arm jiggled and clanked, and a stake was attached to the base of the arm.

{Setup Complete}

“All right, let’s go!”

{Roger that, Master.}

 I kicked the earth and ran in a straight line to the palace-like building. Then pressing my arm on the pedestal, I launched my fist at the wall a short distance from the entrance.

 The moment the fist meets the wall, a circular magic circle appears just before it hits the wall.

 The stake shot out and shattered the wall with a roar. A huge hole of nearly five meters opened up.

 Umm, that was quite a performance, huh.

“What do you think?”

“You’re the best, aniue-sama!”

 When I turned around, I saw Charl squealing and jumping.

 I’m glad she’s pleased. And it’s powerful enough. Maybe I should increase the power a little more.

 Perhaps I could make it say something clever at the moment of attack? Oh, but would it be drowned out by the sound of destruction?

 As I was thinking such things, I came back to the others.

“I really didn’t expect to smash it with a single blow. ……”

“Are, that thing is comparable to or even better than the royal palace’s defenses: ……?”

“I don’t understand how inanimate objects can talk. ……”

 Iris, Professor Tia, and Liza all seemed to be overcome with surprise. I’m sure you’ll agree.

“For now, the power is not a problem, right, Professor Tia?”

“If I am not mistaken shouldn’t it be stronger than Lightning Princess’s ‘Holy Sword of Light’? By the way, I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

” Why did you hit it at point-blank range with a built-in ejection mechanism?”

 Well, there you have it.

 I turned my body to the building and extended my arm. I shoot out a stake. A large hole opened up near the wall I had just destroyed, but it was smaller than the previous one, about two meters.

“It can also be used as a medium to long-range flying tool like this. But it’s designed to be less powerful the farther away you go.”

 Point blank is required for maximum power.

“I’m sure you can make them equally powerful regardless of distance, or even more powerful the farther away you are. The reason why you didn’t do that is because of the ……………… romance, huh.”

 I knew this person would understand. The closer you are to the target, the more powerful it is. It’s a good idea to have such a restriction.

 Well, with this, the task for me to stay in the academy is completed.

“I’ll have to decide on a name soon. Yeah, but what kind of beautiful name should it be?”

 I’ll leave that to Char.

“Sorry, I forgot something, I’ll be right back.”

 I left everyone behind and ran to the Anywhere Door.

“Hmm? Forgetting something is a classic. You’re already here–“

“If you already knew that much, then take it easy!”

 Professor Tia shrugged her shoulders as if she sensed something. She’s a handy person in many ways. So let’s get on with our business and get it done.


 –An intruder has entered the research building.

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