Vol 5-Chapter 78: A new Demon



 The loud noise startled Porcos, who jumped up to his feet.

“W-What the ……?”

 The explosion-like roar came from outside. It was probably around the main entrance.

 Although he wanted to go and check it, he couldn’t leave the little girl lying on the couch alone.

 As he opened the window and leaned out to see if he could see anything unusual, he suddenly heard something.


“Gyaaaah! –ah!”

 Something appeared in front of his eyes, and Porcos was so startled that he fainted and collapsed.

“‘Ahahaha, he said ‘Gyaah’. That’s funny.”

 There was a well-dressed man standing upside down and laughing outside the window. He has long white hair. And bore a carefree boyish, girl-like smile on his face.

 As he slid in through the window, he tilted his head to look at the Porcos at his feet.

“He was startled and fainted just by this? Hmm, the barriers outside were really solid, so this must not be that person?”

 Even when he poked him with his foot, Porcos didn’t wake up. And the man wondered as he didn’t feel much magic.


 The girl on the couch mumbled weakly.

“Umm, it’s been a while, Mercumenes. You’ve gotten so small.”

 The man, Orse, walked up to her with a frivolous smile on his face.

“What are you doing here ……?”

“Hmm? To save you, of course, since you’ve lost your power due to the depletion of your magic— that’s why!”

 Orse laughed and opened his hands exaggeratedly.

“I didn’t receive any news that the Royal Capital had been destroyed for a long time. So I came to check on you. And when I did, I found that the capital was calm and unharmed. And after tracing back the residual magic power, I found you here like a leftover. So–“

 Chill ran down Mercumenes’ spine.

“Speak. What happened to you? After that, I’ll get rid of you.”

 Orse continued with a flippant smile plastered on his face.

“I understand that this is hard for you to accept as you specialize in survival, but this is already a decision I’ve made. Not only did you fail in your mission to destroy the Royal Capital, but you didn’t even report it. It would be crazy to think that it could be forgiven.”


“Yes, if you’re not going to tell me, I’ll kill you right now. So I think it would be better to report the matter thoroughly to buy some time to think about survival.”

 In any case, her own “death” is a definite matter.

 Mercumenes was broken.

 Resurrecting the Demon God has become the top priority. And the only thing that matters now for her is to survive and everything else is irrelevant.

All she had to do now was to get out of this predicament.

 That’s why she…

“N-no! Stop! Help me!”

 She crawled on the sofa and shouted.

“Oi, oi, what are you doing? You are really broken somehow–gu!”

 He felt an impact from the side. After being pushed by something transparent, Orse was blown out of the window.

 This is fine.

 For now, “he” will deal with the threat in front of him. But if Orse revealed that she was a demon, “he” would kill her.[TN: I hope you guys guessed who’s this “he”]

 Even if she tried to escape now, he would surely catch up with her. There was nothing to do but pray.

 Orse, who had been thrown outdoors, was still being pushed by something transparent. It changed its angle and now began to rise.

“What the heck is this ……?”

It didn’t do any damage. And even when he tried to flip it off, it didn’t even flinch, and it stuck to him even when he tried to move away.

” …… Barrier? The quality of this magic is very similar to the barriers I just destroyed.”

 As soon as he was about to examine it, it suddenly disappeared. The moment he got free and adjusted his stance.

“Wha!? Now it’s from below!?”

 Orse landed on the white floor with a grid pattern. But this place was above the ground – probably several hundred meters above the ground. In addition, the floor was spread out in a wide range of directions, with a visual diameter of up to a kilometer.

“This is ridiculous, ……. There was nothing like this before. When did this …… happen?”

 Orse stared at the front and asked, 

“You are the one who did this, huh, Black one?”

 A man was standing there, looking oddly black all over.

“That’s right. And now that I’ve answered your question, you can answer mine. You’re a demon, aren’t you?”

 The voice felt like it was made up of several voices layered on top of each other.

“Well, I’m surprised you noticed. Even with Mija’s crystal, you can’t tell.”

“That’s the point. You, like Mercumenes and Agos, can’t see very well.”

 He didn’t understand what the man was saying.

 It’s his intentions that don’t make sense.

“Since you took me by surprise, don’t you think you should try to kill me at once? At the very least, you have to do some damage, right? But it doesn’t seem like a friendly dialogue is in order. What do you want?”

“What I want is for my own reasons. I realized that it would be a bad idea if I were the one doing the presentation of the holy weapon. It would be appropriate to test it again on a demon and have the headmaster accept it.”

 The demon couldn’t understand what he was saying even more.

 But even more confusing thing is–

“What, the hell is that ……?”

 Something plate-like suddenly appeared on the man’s arm. And on the back, there were multiple stakes.

 As with the floor, there is no way an object can appear out of thin air. (No, it can’t be.) It’s the realm of God, the realm of creation magic.

(No, that’s not possible. There must be some kind of trick to it.)

 Orse was eager to get some information from the conversation.

“I have a few questions I want to ask you. First of all, you’re the one who’s been misbehaving in the Olympian ruins, aren’t you?”

 Even though he pointed at the man, he didn’t have any idea.

“About Mel – that little girl, what are you planning to do with her? What does this have to do with the resurrection of the Demon God?”

“About that ……, of course, I’m here to kill the traitor, you know?”

“Fuu, a traitor huh, ……. After forcing me to cooperate with you, how dare you talk like that, you really are a prick!”

“What the hell are you…”

“Shut up!”

 Orse wondered if that was the right thing to say after asking the question.

(At any rate, this guy doesn’t seem to be aware that it’s Mercumenes.)

 If so, Mercumenes has likely contacted this strange man, who is hiding his real identity.

 If so, he wouldn’t dare tell him the truth.

“I am the enforcer of justice, Shiva. Unnamed demon, atone for the crime of torturing a little girl while I stayed in the academy!”

 The black man struck a strange pose.

 There is no more room to talk. He couldn’t understand what the man was saying in the first place.

 Even though he is an unpredictable man, he is still a human being. And as a Demon, he was not going to lose.

 The demon Orse completely shifted to a fighting stance–.

If you guys are confused about the conversations and the pacing of this chapter,
I think, Haruto is only using specific dialogues like those in Hero shows where they blabber how evil and stuff to show it to Char and thus the weird pacing of this chapter

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