Episode 63: Standing Up Again and Again



This episode is from a third-person perspective.

From now on, I’ll be using the first person for the main characters’ points of view, and the third person for the rest. However, there will be no change to the first-person perspective.



 The waiting room.

 Albert was there, relaxing his mind.

 He was the only one sitting still in his chair under the artificial light. The last few games have been the same thing over and over again. No, it’s not just this Magic Chevalier. It had been the same since the school qualifying round.

 Thinking about it, he had never faced himself to this extent before.

 Until now, all he had had to do was follow his bloodline. The people around him recognized his talent, and his family and friends praised him for it.

 He thought to himself.

 In the world of sorcerers, this talent, this bloodline, is all that matters.

 That’s what he understood at an early age.

 This is why it is natural to enter the Arnold Magic Academy, the world’s foremost magic academy, and it is natural to display your talents at the academy,…….

 But then he found out. No, he learned. Some aspects of this world cannot be explained by bloodlines alone, or by talent alone.

 Ray White.

 He was the first ordinary person to enter the Arnold Magic Academy. Of course, Albert looked down on him. He thought he was just an out-of-place student who came to the school by chance, without any pedigree.

 However, Ray was the “Ice Blade Magician” of his time.

 At the same age, he had attained the position of one of the seven great sorcerers, a position he thought he would never attain in his lifetime. When Albert learned of this fact, …… he felt as if his heart would break.

 ─ My- My talent amount to this much……

 As he began to ask that question and …… hesitantly stood up.

 He understood where he was standing. He understood that he was just a fool, conceited by his talent and drowning in his bloodline.

 Because he understood this, Albert decided to move forward.

 From that point forward, he cut off all ties with his friends and just faced himself in solitude.

 For a short period of time, he decided to start again from scratch, and so he proceeded. Along the way, Evi and Ray had helped him.

 They were willing to help him, even though he had been such a jerk before.

 Albert, couldn’t help but think …… how big of a person they were, unlike himself.

 And so, after many twists and turns, he finally made it to the semi-finals of the Magic Chevalier.

 If it had been him before, he probably would have been defeated already.

 Albert, who believed that this world was all about talent, would not have made such a painstaking effort.

“…… Albert, you there?”

“Oh, yeah. Ray, ……, it means.”

“Yes. It’s time.”


 Ray, who is working as a member of the management committee, comes over to call Albert. And as he got up from his chair, Albert checked again the sword at his waist and carefully checked the rose that was fastened to his chest.

“I wish you good luck.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you later.”

 No more words were needed.

 Albert was wrapped in a dazzling light.


“Fuu. ……”


 He has already reached the semi-finals of the Magic Chevalier. There are four students left in the competition, but Amelia made it to the finals in the previous match.

 Albert knows that …… Ariane Olgren is the one who is regarded as the most likely to make it to the finals.

 He knows that he lacks everything: pedigree, ability, and hard work.

 He knows that Ariane has been working hard for a long time, even when he has been too proud of his talent to work hard,…….

 But giving up before the fight was not an option for him.

 Albert is resolute in his approach to Ariane Olgren.

 At the very least, his heart will not be defeated.

“Albert. I never thought you would come this far.”

“Ariane ……, you’re right. The old me would have never made it this far.”

“What happened to you? You seem to have changed that …… a lot.”

 Albert and Ariane had met many times at the parties of the nobility and had conversed with each other to a certain extent. But Ariane was fed up with his overly pedigreed ideas.

 But now, she wondered.

 His expression has become fearless as if he has been possessed by something.

 And his serious eyes were fixed on Ariane.

“Meeting Ray …… Ray White, I learned. I know how big this world is.”

“Yeah. It’s him again, isn’t it? I wonder what he really is. ……”

 Ariane’s words were almost a soliloquy.

 A person who guides Amelia, one of the three major noble families, and even changes Albert, a high-class nobleman. She could not believe that he was just a commoner-born sorcerer, but …….

 For now, she should concentrate.

 So, Ariane gently touches the sword on her hip.

 She also has a certain feeling that she is here. That’s why she can’t afford to lose.

“Are you two ready?”

 Abby asked.

 And once they both nodded their heads in silence, the …… match began.

“Let the match begin!”


 It was almost the same. The slightly faster one was …… also Ariane. As soon as they ran each other’s internal codes, they went straight into a super close-range battle.

 The two of them understood.

 They are both swordsmanship types. Of the two, they are most adept at ultra-close range. That is why this is a clash of power and power.

 And so the sword fights were exchanged.


 It was Albert who raised his voice.

 In the midst of this sword fight, Ariane connected two of her ice-based high-speed magic and delayed magic with chain magic, so that a single attack can be triggered in multiple layers.

 In the midst of this, she swung her sword. It’s as if there is no difference between when she is using sorcery or not.

 ──Damn! She’s a monster after all!

 Although he complained inwardly, Albert dealt with it calmly. Even though his body was attacked, the fatal part was mitigated by covering it with a thick layer of the first material.

 In terms of physical performance alone, Albert has the advantage. That’s why he can’t afford to not take advantage of it. Fortunately, the battle is being fought at very close range.

 If it is a contest of endurance, Albert thought that he would never lose …….

 In his sorcery domain, he was originally good at large-scale magic and other large-scale things. But in this battle, there was no time to use such things.

 The only way to fight was to use basic internal and external codes and three types of magic: fast magic, delayed magic, and chain magic.

 These two systems and three types are the basics of fighting at very close range. However, Albert could not finish to that extent. Nothing can change dramatically in a short period of time.

 He knew before the match that he would be at an overwhelming disadvantage against an opponent like Ariane, who had been humbly working hard since she was a child.

“Haa…… haa…… haa…… haa…….”

 He was already wounded.

 Ariane didn’t even have a scratch on her. But Albert is covered in scars all over his body. He wiped away the blood that was flowing out of his body, and then he raised his sword even more.

 His skill is inferior. Both in terms of magic and swordplay.

 The only reason he is standing here like this is that he is patient and has the will not to lose.

 Ariane, on the other hand, swung her sword and swiped away his blood on the ground. Then she repositioned her sword in the upper position and said plainly.

“You can’t admit defeat, can you? It’s not safe for you to go any further …….”

“Ha …… ha …… ha …… ah …… I know. If it were me from the past, I would have given up a long time ago. …… But …… my heart won’t admit defeat. This is a battle to pick the heart. I will not fall and I will not …… scatter the roses. Now, let’s go with the endurance contest and ……?”

 Albert grinned, breathing on his shoulder.

 His true sorcery is useless, and his swordsmanship is utterly subdued.

 Some of the spectators thought that Albert was pathetic. If you are a nobleman, don’t you know when to quit? They wondered if he was going to show even more of a disgrace in this Magic Chevalier.

 But in their world, there was no such tactless thinking.

 The voices of the spectators and the commentators had already disappeared.

 All they could see was the pride of each other.

 The decision was already made. Albert would be stopped by the referee in a few minutes. The blood still pouring out of him and the frozen knots in his body clearly indicated this.

 Besides, he must already be almost numb.

 And yet, his eyes are burning. They were burning up.

 Seeing this, Ariane also understood.

 She knew that he was not going to give up after all this time.

 This is a battle to pick the heart, as he said. And neither of us can break each other’s hearts. Then, Ariane thought, …… let’s lead with this.

“‘I see. Albert …… you’ve really grown up, haven’t you? I admire you from the bottom of my …… heart, but you’ll never reach me. And that, I will teach you.”

 A moment later, Ariane threw down her sword.

 Of course, Albert was not foolish enough to watch that ridiculous action fondly. The moment he saw it, he ran across the ground at the highest speed he had ever reached.

 He has already lost his sense of pain and his sense of touch as much as he can.

 What is driving him now is the will to not want to lose …….

 The future is already set. But if there was the slightest possibility, he wanted to go forward …….


 A shout.

 Inspire!!! I’m not defeated yet, not yet! Even if I lose my sense of pain and sensation, my body will still move!

 At that time, he suddenly recalled a story he had heard from Ray …….

 ─ There was a time when I too was lost, conflicted, and confused by frustration, but I had no choice but to move forward ……. I’m not saying that I understand all of Albert’s feelings right now. However, some places can be reached only by swallowing them and moving forward.

 Remembering these words, Albert was lost in thought.

 ─ I wonder if there is a place that I can reach as well. No, there must be.

 That is why I am moving forward at this moment, and will continue to do so.

 So …… I, I will!!!!

 Albert’s sword strike struck Ariane from the top. She had already thrown away her sword and had no way to defend herself. It’s not even a matter of avoiding it.

 It was a must-hit.

 But he certainly sensed the presence of the magic that was being activated in front of him.

《Primary Quality = Encoding = Material Code》

《Material code = decoding》

《Material Code = Processing》

《Embodiment = Internal Code》

“─ Demonization (Ogre).”

 Ariane murmurs to herself.

 At the moment,……, Albert’s sword was caught.

“Wha…… ah……”

 The only thing he could do was make an inarticulate voice.

 Yes …… Ariane had grabbed the sword with both hands as if to pinch it.

 A Serious Live blade catch.

 At this, the audiences were at their peak of excitement. The voice of the commentator also became more heated. It was such an outstanding technique. No, maybe you could call it boldness.

“Albert, prepare yourself. If you don’t, …… you’ll die.”

 Her limbs were running in layers of red and black cords. Then, using her abnormally glowing arm, she smashed Albert’s sword with her bare hand and slammed her fist into his solar plexus without mercy.

“Guuuuuuuuuuuu ……aaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!”

 Albert rolled over, grunting. But he didn’t give up. The defenses that he made in a hurry were just in time. He can still fight.

 However, he didn’t have time to take it seriously and was thrown out of the ring.

 Then the call was made to end the fight.

“The winner, Ariane Olgren.”

 At the same time, the crowd became even more excited.

“The match is over! Oh, my God! Is that Ariane’s secret move? She sent Albert flying out of the ring!”

“…… That must be inherent sorcery~. Probably, the internal code is concentrated in the extremities of the body, but …… that level is a little beyond the student’s level~ ☆ By the way, the sorcery that can only be used by a specific sorcerer, rather than general-purpose sorcery, is called unique sorcery.”

“I see. I’ve seen unique sorcery every year in the Main Tournament, but it’s rare in the …… Rookie Tournament.”

“That’s right ~☆And it’s amazing to see how much they’ve specialized in physical combat~☆ I’m looking forward to the finals, Capi~☆.”

 When he accepted the fact that he had lost, the cheers of the audience and the voices of the play-by-play and commentary naturally entered his ears.

 Albert was just lying on the ground and looking up at the …… sky.

 ──Ah, I see. It was such a beautiful blue sky today.

 The situation surrounding him, he now understands. Albert was completely immersed in the game, so he did not notice.

 There were no …… regrets. He just fought with his whole body and soul, he believes. Albert didn’t have the trump card that she did.

 But that’s not the reason for the loss.

 The years of effort that we have accumulated are different. The concentration of time it took to get to this point was overwhelmingly different.

 He knew that Ariane Olgren was the one who had humbly accumulated her talent without being conceited about it. He knew it well.

 The taste of defeat is always hard to get used to. When he lost to Ray when he lost to Amelia in the inter-school qualifying round, and now when he lost to Ariane in the semifinals, the painful thought of losing just hangs over his heart.

 As he was looking up at the sky, he heard footsteps near his ear. When it stopped beside him, he heard a voice.

“I wasn’t going to use it until the final, you know. So you can be proud. That you made Ariane Olgren show her true potential, even if only a little.”

“…… lost, huh?”

“You deserve credit for being conscious after that attack.”

“Ah, ……”

“…… Are you frustrated?”

“Ah, …….”

“Then make an effort. You can’t be too proud of yourself, because all you can do is face yourself and keep working at it. If you want to be a great sorcerer, you have to do that.”

“Ah, …….”

“So those tears will surely help you in the …… future.”

“Yeah, …… that’s right, …….”

“Yeah. Have a pleasant day.”

 Without a scratch on her body, Ariane tossed and turned and left the …… venue with ease.

 Albert, on the other hand, was crying tears, just tears with no expression on his face. He didn’t distort his face, he just stared at the sky and shed tears.

 Then he felt the people from the rescue team around him coming. Albert, who could no longer move completely, was so badly injured that he needed to be treated immediately with healing sorcery.

 He just stared at this wide-open sky, a clear blue sky.

 ── Ah. The world is so big, isn’t it?

 Albert learned.

 He knew that he would never be able to reach Ray, Amelia, or Ariane.

 But that’s just for now. He was still a work in progress. Maybe one day, after much effort, he will be in that realm.


 Perhaps it was because of the time that had passed, but he understood himself to be defeated once again. He hid his distorted face with his right arm and let the tears flow.

 As he sobbed, he just let the shameful defeat sink in.

 The tears never stop flowing. Up until now, even if he lost to someone, he would just chalk it up to the fact that his talent wasn’t good enough, or that the other person had more talent than him. So he was never frustrated.

 But now, ……, he was irresistibly frustrated.

   ──Defeat is such painful …… painful, very painful, but …… surely this is something that I …… need. Hey, isn’t that right ……?

 Albert, who has learned to be frustrated, will continue to go on. He knows many defeats, many sufferings, but he will not stop …… no.

 Albert already has the will to get up again and again…

The Infirmary.

Albert was taken there and was just being treated. Currently, he is unconscious, just lying in bed. There, two male and female sorcerers specializing in medical sorcery were in charge of his treatment.

“Is he okay?”

“Yeah. It’s okay. At this level, we can treat this quickly.”

“Then, can you please assist me?”

“I understand”

At the request of a female sorcerer, the man attempted to treat Albert through sorcery …

And then the man grinned.

Then immediately, a black shadow spreads beneath Albert … and he sinks silently as if he were falling into the water.

“Kuku … Kukuku …”

With that Albert was also added to the list of missing persons.

The threat creeping from behind the scenes is steadily eroding this Magic Chevalier …….

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