Another World is Full of Happiness Vol.3-Idle Talk-1

Idle Talk 1: A Letter Is a Sign of Trouble

The First Letter.

“A letter from Ryoji?”

When Yuhan received the letter and started to read it, he was stunned by the contents, gradually started to laugh, and eventually laughed out loud. He wiped away his tears and handed the letter to Marco, who was watching Yuhan’s movements with concern.

“Well, just read it. Ryoji’s actions did not betray our expectations, but rather went around in circles and made us think, ‘I knew it was Ryoji’.”

After reading the letter, Marco let out a huge sigh and gave it back to Count Yuhan with an indescribable look on his face.

“I don’t know where to begin to get into this. Why is he slaying dragons when he’s just going to the royal capital? I’ve never heard of dragons appearing in the Board Forest. And that forest is a game? And he got admin rights because he broke the record for shortest time? If they knew about this, wouldn’t the nobles there take it all away?”

“‘That’s where we need to take action first. By the way, do you know who the last player on the list was?”

“Hmm? I was just skimming. Amadeo Sandstrom? Isn’t that the founding king!”

Yuhan continued with a bitter face at Marco’s shout.

“It would be better to keep this information from the royal family. We need to put a gag order on this as soon as possible.”

“I guess we’ll have to start fighting for him.”

Yuhan nodded at Marco’s muttering and wrote a letter to Ryoji as soon as possible.


The Second Letter

“Did you get another letter from Ryoji?”

Yuhan received the letter from the civil servant and began to read it. The civil servant who handed the letter to Yuhan noticed his gaze and told him to call the external affairs officer and Marco.

“What’s the matter, I heard you got another letter from Ryoji, what did he do this time?”

“Ryoji and his party arrived at the Duke’s territory, the head of the Papal faction. It seems that they defeated Giant Horned Bulls that ran amok there.”

“It’s the same as ever. As usual, he must have defeated it by himself anyway, right?”

“Yeah, according to the letter, he killed both the rampaging Giant Horned Bull and its herd at the same time.”

“What? That’s unreasonable damn it!”

The people in attendance nodded in unison at Marco’s voice. Looking at the situation, Yuhan made a regretful face and gave the message written in the letter to Marco.

“I have a message for you from Ryoji. ‘ ” That’s unreasonable damn it! ” Don’t give that kind of  boring tsukkomi.”

“Hey. Let me see that letter. It’s …… really written!”

Marco took the letter from Yuhan, checked it, and found that it was definitely written, and gave it back to Yuhan in a defeated manner.

“I’ll read the rest. ‘I had a meeting with the Duke and we decided to pass the rampaging Giant Horned Bull on. We have agreed that Yuhan-sama has taken care of the matter at the request of the duke, so please take care of it. Also, the Duke has requested a meeting with you’.”

All of them were stunned by the contents that Yuhan read out at once, but Marco recovered quickly and began to speak while letting out a sigh.

“Did he successfully market us to the duke, which we couldn’t do despite our best efforts to connect with him?”

“Yes, and that’s not all. There’s more to the letter. ‘Yoo-hoo. It’s me! Me!  Me? My name is Harrold. I’m looking forward to meeting you in the Royal Capital!’ It’s written in the Duke’s handwriting. And it’s signed with great care.”

As Yuhan read out the letter, there was a complete silence that could not be compared to the silence that had just occurred. Yuhan, who had been reading the letter earlier, spoke to Marco to break the silence.

“Here, you’re in charge of tsukkomi. Come on, tsukkomi, break the silence.”

“Don’t be absurd! I’m not a comedian! The Duke we all know is a man who is known as a cold-hearted executioner and a man who can embody the wrath of God, right? He doesn’t write ‘yoo-hoo’ by mistake!”

As they listened to Marco’s near shouting, Yuhan and the rest of the group looked exhausted, wondering what kind of meeting Ryoji had with him.

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