Vol-5-Chapter 76: This is the sacred weapon (fake)

It’s been 3 months

 For me to gain my freedom in the academy, I need to find a strange holy weapon that is said to be in an old ruin.

 But it has already been taken and any possible evidence of it has been destroyed.

 Everything is in a mess, and I’m in trouble. I’m not in a panic. Because I had prepared a plan from the beginning.

“If there’s no sacred weapon, then you can just make one!”

 Amidst the dumbfounded gazes, the only one with sparkling eyes was my sister.

“According to the description engraved on the pedestal, it can be considered a weapon that can destroy a castle wall with a single blow. It’s also said to “pierce the earth,” so it must be a very impressive weapon that can smash through a giant pyramid!”

“Wouldn’t it be too big?”

 It would be a problem if it wasn’t something you could carry on your back at least.

 Professor Tia calmly supplemented it to appease the excited Charl.

“You can’t think of it as a huge weapon like a castle hammer, judging by the size of the base. If you want to fool the headmaster, you should prepare something of realistic size.”

 I tried to cheer up my sister who was feeling discouraged, but Iris beat me to it.

“But Professor Tia, even a common castle wall requires a lot of power for it to be a ‘one strike’. If we want to achieve this in a portable size, there is a limit to the number of magical techniques that can be incorporated into the weapon, and the materials used will be limited. That would be like saying that we are going to make a sacred class weapon.”

 But her statement was a failing grade.

“Iris, you have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Mmm. What do you mean?”

 Charl’s eyes returned to the anticipation, ” I knew it would be a huge size! “

 But that’s not it.

 What is the answer that Charl is truly seeking in her subconscious mind–?

“You see, romantic weapons are not ‘romantic’ because of their size. The most important thing is whether or not its existence makes your heart ‘throb’!”

“So that’s it!?”

 Is that a question mark, Charl-chan?

“For example, my father’s war hammer. What if a girl your age was wielding it and knocking down monsters?”

“I would feel a little sorry for the monsters. ……”

“Yeah, well, you’re right. Even monsters are desperate to live. We shouldn’t hurt them for no reason. Now, let’s imagine making a big hole in the castle wall where the evil organization is holed up.”

 She closed her eyes and after a moment.

“It’s thrilling!”

“That’s right!”

“What the hell are you guys talking about?”

 I let the dumbfounded Iris go. It’s all right as long as Charl understands.

“So I’m going to make a weapon that’s big enough to knock down the walls.”

“I told you it wasn’t going to be easy. ……”

 It’s not easy if the specifications are fixed.

“At most, it’s about the size of my dad’s war hammer, and it’s powerful enough to shatter a castle wall with a single blow. The shape should be …… something like a stake. I’m sure it won’t conflict with any of the other holy weapons.”

“Pile Bunker!”

“Eh? Ahh, yeah, …… design, you want to try it?”

 Charl’s eyes sparkled as she ran her pen across the paper.

 Professor Tia peeked over and started yapping about it.

“The several stakes are to be carried on the back? But aren’t they too long? Isn’t that almost two meters?”

“If it’s too short and thin, it won’t look like a fortress weapon.”

“I don’t see the need to declare it. It’s more of a hassle to set it on the base of the arm–hmm? I see, it’s automatically sent from the back. But isn’t this mechanism too complicated? I mean, how do you move it?”

“Robot arms are romance. It’s a romantic idea, and it’s moved by magic.”

“I think the physical mechanism should be simple if you incorporate a special magic formula. ……”

 Please understand that this is a romantic idea.

“How do you think the stakes will be shot out of this thing? If you want to make it look like a crossbow, you’ll need a string.”

“Magic, with a bang.”

“Are you going to add a magic formula for that? No, that’s also romantic.”

 This person is gradually getting brainwashed. From the start, her thought process was prone to romanticism.

 However, there was one child who couldn’t keep up.

“I can’t even imagine the materials and magic formulas needed to make this happen. ……”

 Iris is holding her head in her hands. Oh, and there’s another kid whose eyes are swimming.

“I’m sure Hart-sama will make it happen ……. But logic will never work …….”

 Liza is hard to get used to.

“It’s done!”

 Charl proudly held up the paper.

 A plate-like device that looks like a lengthened buckler is attached to one arm of a girl who looks like a magical girl. She seems to load four stakes on her back one by one into the plate-like structure with a Chibi arm and shoot them out.

 The picture is really good.

“I think the shooting part on the arm is small compared to the length of the stake,” Iris said.

“You just open your mouth and complain.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just giving you my honest opinion. ……”

“Take a good look. This picture is the final form.”

 There are three drawings of the girl. In chronological order, it went from the normal state to the loading state to the ejection state. When loading, in conjunction with the movement of the chibi arm, the plate-like structure stretches out in the direction of the arm and then changes into a shape that spreads its wings.

“What’s the meaning of ……?”

“It’s romantic.”



 I think it’s more exciting to have something like this. You really have no idea, do you?

“Now that we’ve decided on the shape, let’s go for a test run.”

“But first, we have to make the real thing. That’s the only thing that’s going to be the biggest challenge. ……”

 Iris looked at me suspiciously, as though I were a suspicious person.

 Professor Tia and Liza also pay attention to me in a kind of “no way” way.

“I’ve prepared it here for the moment.”

 I took out a product from under the table as if it were a short cooking show as if: “Here is the meat that has been marinated for three days”.

“……” (Iris is stunned)

“……” (Professor Tia’s glasses slipped off)

“……” (Liza looked up at the sky)

“That’s my brother for you. You work so fast♪”

 The only one who accepted it as a matter, of course, was Charl–.

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