Chapter 2: A great commotion at business meetings and a banquet

(TN: I am changing as I feel right from Carcano Chamber of Commerce to Carcano Company to Carcano Trading Company accordingly) 

Aurelio Carcano

Born as a child of a craftsman in the city of Drugul. Since he was a child, he had better computing ability, and he was educated by his father to become a merchant at a private school, “I want you to grow as a merchant rather than as a craftsman.” When he was 10 years old, he was taken in by a merchant who expected him to have talent, and he showed his talent to the fullest, and after five years he was put in charge of the branch office. Five years later, the company absorbed the head office, whose sales ratio had reversed, and began activities to expand its business area into the capital city to further expand its scale. Aside from being a famous figure in the city of Drugul, the Carcano Trading Company, which bears his name, is also beginning to be known in the capital.

Ryoji, who was receiving explanations along the way, shouted with a surprised face as he turned to Marco with vigor.

“This city is called Drugul!”

“That’s right! I didn’t say the name of the town, though! I’m amazed at how far you can go thinking!”

“I’m kidding, of course. You mean to tell me that Mr. Aurelio is pretty good at what he does, right?”

Ryoji, who looked happy at Marco’s Tsukkomi, began to immerse himself in his thoughts while walking.

“As perfect as Marco is for tweaking me like a temp, we’re talking about this Aurelio guy who’s so sharp. Can I compete with him? And unlike Marco, he may not let his guard down just because I am a child.”

“Hey! Ryoji, We’ve arrived.”

Marco spoke to him, but Ryoji went on speaking his thoughts aloud without realizing it.

“But I want to keep my sword from now on. I have enough money I got from Iorus, but speaking of things in a different world, business is essential, and there are many stories that can not be cut.”

“Hey! Ryoji! Give me a reply!”

Marco dropped his fist on his head, yelling loudly at his ears. Ryoji replied apologetically, holding his head and teary eyes.

“Eh? What? I didn’t hear that.”

“I’m saying we’ve arrived here.”

When Ryoji turned to Marco’s amazed voice and looked at the building, a building as big as Gilt stood there. When he went inside, it was a place like a department store where various products were displayed.

The goods are organized in each corner, and it seems that the visitor will take the required quantity and bring it to the merchant in the back, maybe because of the evening, there were about 10 people formed in a line.


“What is regrettable now? Can I help you with anything?”

Ryoji muttered in disappointment as he looked at the line of customers, and then he heard a voice from the side. When he turned his attention back to the voice, a young merchant came over to him with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Aurelio. It’s a good shop.”

“Oh? I suppose we’ve for the first time?”

“I can tell when you have that much dignity at such a young age.  I am Ryoji Uchino. I hope that I can get a good relationship with you, so I asked my friend Marco to guide me so far. Henceforth, let’s be acquainted.”

Aurelio opened his eyes to Ryoji’s polite greeting, but when he instantly returned to his normal face, held out his right hand with a smile. When Ryoji grabbed the offered hand back, they looked at each other and grinned at each other.

“Oh. It’s amazing that Aurelio held out his own hand. Did you like Ryoji that much even though you met for the first time?”

“Yes, that’s right. He was the fifth person to put my hand in, including Marco. I thought he was worth it.”

Aurelio smiled at Marco, and asked Ryoji, who muttered, “Regrettable”.

“Ah. I said “Regrettable” just because I thought there are some improvements to be made in this store.”

“Is there any need for improvement?”

With a look that seems to be interesting to Ryoji’s dialogue, Aurelio urged the story to continue.

“Yeah, the stores look great, but customers make a line at the payment stage. Why not add more cashiers?”

“Cashiers? Didn’t you just say that it’s a place to pay? Since it’s a place to pay, so isn’t it natural to wait?”

Ryoji sighed lightly when she saw Aurelio look strange.

“After all, even a merchant like Aurelio-san can’t get out of common sense in this world.”

“Hmm is there something wrong?”

Ryouji muttered quietly and decided to also develop the Carcano store for future business dealings, looking into Aurelio’s eyes as he asked the question.

“Aurelio-san, do you want to make the store bigger?”

“Of course. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a proposition to make a store bigger if you are a merchant. What happened suddenly? Maybe Ryoji-sama knows how to make this store bigger? “

Ryoji suddenly started talking about the improvement points when he saw Aurelio listening to Ryoji’s question in an interesting way.

“First of all, let’s increase the place where we can pay. Looking at the store, some people returned after seeing the large number of people lined up at the cashier. And the cashier location is not good either. Should be placed near the entrance, not in the back of the store. Because the flow lines of returning customers and shoppers overlap, you are not trying to make the store difficult to move, right?And you should never let them hold the product in their hands. You only have two hands, remember? Let’s prepare a shopping basket for our customers! And the female customer said, “I forgot my bag today, so I’ll come back later.” How about selling shopping bags here to avoid lost opportunities? It might be good to make and sell special bags for Carcano Company. For customers who think “I can’t afford to buy bags”, As a measure, what about discounting one copper coin for those who bring a bag, and two copper coins for those who bring a bag for Carcano Shokai? And design it so that customers are happy to hold it.”

“Please, Wait a minute! You lot! Prepare a lot of paper and writing tools right away, and call my aide immediately! And ask someone to bring some drinks to my room. Ryoji-sama and Marco can you please come to my room?”

Aurelio’s eyes sparkled as he saw the many improvement ideas that came from Ryoji in a single breath, and he hurriedly interrupted Ryoji’s speech with a blackened look in his eyes and decided to take them to his office.

“Let’s have a cup of tea and calm down”

Ryuji, who was guided to the office, was recommended by Aurelio for a cup of hot tea, and for the first time noticed that he was talking in a very excited state. With a bitter smile, heI drank a little hot tea and took a break, then looked around to calm down a little.

Aurelio’s office was carefully selected and arranged with only the essentials, and where it wasn’t too luxurious, there was a sense of good taste and quality.

“It’s a nice room”

“Thank you. It’s a room I’m proud of, but I’m told by the same industry that I should spend more money on my room. I think money should be used for the store.”

Looking at Ryoji who was impressed, Aurelio replied happily.

“Well that’s how things are. Uh? Where’s Marco?”

He noticed that Marco had disappeared. The question was answered by a man in his forties who was the aide called by Aurelio through the clerk.

“Well Marco-sama said, “I tell Carena that Ryoji and Aurelio have traveled to a different world,” and he returned to the guild.”

“Eh? A different world? I didn’t mean to be so intrusive, did I?”

As Ryoji tilted his head lightly, the man chuckled and told Ryoji that it had been more than three hours since they had started talking.

“What? More than three hours? Oh, shit! Carena-san told me to be back in an hour! Aurelio-san, let’s stop for today! It was really a very meaningful time. If I can find time to talk to you again, may I talk to you?”

Aurelio made a happy smile and nodded to Ryoji, who had begun to say good-bye, and made a proposal to Ryoji.

“If it’s alright with you, Ryoji-sama, May I take some time from here so I can continue the conversation with these guys? When I talk to Ryoji-sama, I get a never-ending stream of ideas for management. Could you be my business mentor for the Carcano Trading Company?”

In response to Aurelio’s suggestion with serious eyes while laughing, Ryoji grasped the offered right hand with a strong grip. He gladly took over the management instruction role and started running towards the guild in a hurry.

“Now, let’s implement the idea that came out in the conversation with Ryoji-sama. First, prepare a shopping basket. And move the payment place near the entrance and increase the number to two. How soon will you be able to do that?”

“‘I thought we could deal with it tomorrow at noon. By the way, I’ve been working as a merchant for a long time and I’ve never received such stimulating suggestions for improving the store. I can’t wait to see how much the store’s sales will increase.”

When asked by Aurelio, his aide, who was also the secretary, responded strongly. Aurelio nodded satisfied with his aides and remembered his conversation with Ryoji.

“I’m not a merchant, but I’m not going to do extra scrutiny about things that are familiar with management. I’ll have to secure him at Carcano’s store. It’s scary to think that his ideas will be passed on. I tried to create a random business advisor position, but he was willing, and I’ll set him up with a larger salary to help the Carcano Chamber of Commerce make a further leap forward.”

“Yeah. Even so, Ryoji-sama is a mysterious boy.”

In the words of his aides, Aurelio received a piece of paper from his aides and looked at the written contents with satisfaction. On the cover of the paper that Aurelio lovingly stroked, it was written “Carcano Company Sales Improvement Plan”.

Ryorge was running as fast as he could towards the guild. Thinking of an excuse, he opened the door of the guild roughly without slowing down his momentum and shouted loudly to Marco and Carena, who were in the reception area.

“I’m sorry! I’m a little bit late!”

“I think I would like to talk with Ryoji about the definition of ‘a little bit’, but we don’t have much time today, so let’s stop. By the way, I heard from Marco that you had subdued a tremendous number of mushroom monsters. Did you go to the Carcano Chamber of Commerce and get the magic stone of the certification part?”

A combination of jittery eyes and dumbfounded faces from Carena, he replied with a sigh “So- So I guess?”.

“What’s with the “so-so?”! Marco told me that you and Aurelio were talking about the management and stuff while being excited and you forgot to sell the stuff you were supposed to sell!”

“Whaat! Don’t betray me, Marco!”

“Shut up! You and Aurelio have been having a good time with this nonsense! You sure had a lot of time in your hand.”

Shouting back as loud as Ryoji, Marco glared at Ryoji lightly. As the two men stared at each other face to face, Carena pulled them apart with a dumbfounded look on his face and began to explain.

“Yes, that’s all for fighting and bickering.  I’ve completed the registration process for adventurers and professions, and you’ll be starting at rank H, so please check your certificates.”

Looking at the tag and certificate received from Carena, the tag shows the name and profession, and the certificate shows the rank, subjugation points, awards and punishments in addition to the name and profession.


Name: Ryoji Uchino

Occupation: Warrior

Rank: H

Subjugation: No points

Recognition and Penalties: None

Ryoji looked at the back side of the tag and the certificate, but it did not mention the level, and recalled Iorus’s line “There is no level in this world”. Since it is unavoidable that there is no description, he started the interface to check what his status is.


Name: Ryoji Uchino

Age: 11

Occupation: Warrior

Level: 20

Rank: H

Strength: 90

Magic power: 60

Agility: 60

Dexterity: 60

Skill: None

Remarks: Bonus skill points 150 (including initial bonus 50)

“Oh! I can see the status perfectly. I don’t know what the numbers mean, so I’ll leave them out, but what are the bonus skill points? Let’s get some lodging and then I’ll take my time looking into it. But first…. Yes! I’m a warrior by profession! That’s a big step towards being a magic warrior!”

Carena was staring at Ryoji’s joyous appearance with an obvious performance, but decided not to worry so much and decided to explain the adventurer’s necessary knowledge.

While receiving an explanation from Carena on how to prepare for being an adventurer and using the guild, Ryoji activated the interface and checked the status.

“HP and MP are displayed as bars instead of numerical values. It’s hard to see how much the bars are reducing. I’ll add it as an item to be examined later.”

“Ryoji-kun? That’s all for the explanation, but what happened?”

Carena asks Ryoji, who is still thinking after the explanation is over. When he shook his head and told her that there was no problem, Marco, who was waiting for the explanation to finish, patted Ryoji’s shoulder wide and spoke with a smile.

“This is the end! Alright, Okay, let’s go get a drink! No matter how much you’re underage, you’re going to buy me a drink!”

“I know. You’ve really taken care of me today. It’s thanks to Marco that I got to know Carena and Aurelio, so drink as much ale as you like. Other liquors are also fine.”

“Okay! Well then, let’s go to the bar! Now, the bar is in the guild! But I’ll tell you about the bulletin board while drinking!”

When Marco and Ryoji, with big smiles, tried to move to the tavern(bar) corner of the guild, Carena stopped them with a sharp voice.

“Ryoji-kun! Don’t forget to run errands with me! Please do your best to give me gold!”

“Oh! I completely forgot. Is this all right? I heard that it is worth 100 gold coins even though it is a small gem, so I think it would be enough to have five.”

Recalling that he had only ninety-nine coins, Ryoji picked five small gems from storage and handed them to Carena randomly.

Carena, who was handed by Ryoji in a round diamond-shaped gem, stared at the gem as if to make holes in them. As for Carena, 300 gold coins were not large amounts of money that could be prepared immediately, so she had planned to have them prepared in another day.

“Wait a minute! Do you hand jewels with such a simple feeling? Did you not say that they are small jewels? No matter how you look at them, they are each worth more than 200 gold coins. And you handed it over to me so easily? What kind of person are you? Marco said, “he’s a rich one”,’ but a royal family carrying around such a large sum of money? First of all, are these gems real? What? It’s real, right?”

Seeing Carena muttering in a small voice as she looked at the jewels handed to her as if she was given a candyball like a child, feeling that there weren’t enough of them, Ryoji took out five more small jewels from the storage and placed them in the palm of Carena’s hand.

“No! No! It’s not, Ryoji-kun! It’s too many! I think these jewels are worth about 200 gold coins each! Why do you have such a big jewel and 10 of them on top of that !”

“Eh? Is it so valuable? WhenI received it, I was told that they are about 100 gold coins?”

Looking at Ryoji’s scowling face, Carena stared at Marco as if he were a war criminal. Suspected Marco shook his head and denied, and while grabbing Ryoji’s neck, he moved to an invisible position and shouted small.

“Carena! Get rid of the jewels right away! Ryoji! Did you forget that what I said about your monetary sensation is insane! Don’t put out such a lot of money in front of a lot of people. You can’t walk safely in this city. And I also want to ask. How did you get such a large amount of money? No matter how much you are an aristocrat, it is not an amount that you can carry around!”

“After all, Ryoji was an aristocrat.”

Nodding with a wry smile at Marco’s glare, Ryoji nodded and told Carena a made-up story about being the Viscount of the Japanese nation.

Realizing that he was the Viscount of the Nation of Japan and a rather wealthy nobleman, Carena began to explain about the monetary lease agreement for the cost of repairing the broken magic measuring device.

“Then, Ryoji-kun, please sign here. Do you understand the meaning of the content?”

Ryouji looked at the money loan agreement in response to Carena’s question, and was surprised not by what was written, but by the language.

“It’s okay. I understand without problems. I have no particular problems, so I will sign it.. Is this in Japanese? Maybe it’s automatically translated? Does the body I asked Iorus for, to live without problems even covers this type of scenarios?”

Confirming that Ryoji had signed the contract while muttering to himself, Carena whispered something to his signature below.


The contract began to dimly lighten in response to Carena’s muttering, wrapping Ryoji and Carena in it, and when the light went out the contract disappeared as well.

“Yes, this completes the contract. I will return 300 coins I borrowed within this period within 100 years. Of course, I will return it before Ryoji dies, so please rest assured.”

“Ah? The monthly return amount is eight silver coins. Is the receptionist job of the guild such a high salary paying? I heard from Marco that even if you work normally, you get about 10 silver coins?”

“In a general household, you can live with peace of mind if you have ten silver coins a month. But! I am not only  a beautiful , successful guild receptionist, but also an adventurer, so I earn a lot of money.”

“Oh. She said it herself that she’s a pretty and successful girl. And gave a “Ehem!” at the end. It seems she’s a spirit user. If she parties with me, I will get a beautiful girl and a talented person at once! It’s like two birds with one stone!”

While listening to the reason why Carena could repay in a short period of time, he thought that if he formed a party with her, his future adventure business would be fun, so he tried to hold Carena’s hand and talked in a hot tone.

“Carena-san. Would you like to form a party with me?”

“It’s okay. I am looking forward to working with you.”

“It’s light! I’m not going to ask you out, but can you just say yes so easily?”

Ryoji jokingly invited her to join him, and her approval came back too comfortably, causing Ryoji to be slightly confused. Carena was looking at such a situation happily, but began to explain while looking at Marco.

“I was going to invite Ryoji myself. Right, Marco?”

“Yeah. We were just missing one of our warriors and we were in trouble. It would be great to have Ryoji on board.”

Ryouji was happy to receive the invitation from the two of them, but was curious about what Marco had said in the past tense, so he asked a little more in-depth.

“Are you two in a party? And on top of that a B rank too, right? I’m an H-ranked guy, so it’s not worth it. And one of your warriors was missing, is that person dead or something?”

“He’ s not dead, but he couldn’t go on any more adventures. He was forced to retire.”

Ryoji decided to change the story because he felt that he could not hear any more because of his crisp speech.

“I’m happy with the invitation, but I’ll do my best with a solo at first. If I’m in the H rank and I get into Marco’s party, I’m sure there’s a bit of a nuisance from the others. If my rank goes up to C, you can recruit me again. I’m sorry about the invitation.”

“Okay, it’s a deal then, so I’d love to hear from you when you think we can be one party.”

Ryouji nodded vigorously at Marco’s words. Then, as if the conversation was over, Marco put his hand on Ryoji’s shoulder and took him to the tavern.

The tavern attached to the guild was full of adventurers as it was around the evening. When Ryoji came to the bar with Marco, he felt the reluctant price-gaze and voices of contempt toward him.

When he listened in, most of them were jealous of Ryoji who was talking to Carena. While such eyes and voices gathered, Marco began to speak loudly to the adventurers near the bar counter.

“Yoshi! I don’t know the one who was the main one. I think the guy who was at the inspection station already knows, but this is Ryoji who registered as a warrior from today. He has prowess that you can’t think he’s only 11 years old, A monstrously strong kid who has the potential to be a wizard, and Ryoji will be solo for the time being, but in the future he’ll team up with us, so you guys shouldn’t dare approach him!”

The adventurers, who were quietly listening to Marco as he introduced Ryoji to them, said, “Screw you! We’ve been looking at him too you know!” “How come Marko is the only one who gets to have good people around him?” “Release little Carena from the party!” “Marco, get out of here!” and other boos.

Surprisingly, feeling better about the fact that he was being appreciated by the adventurers, Ryoji stood up on his chair and shouted loudly.

“Again, I’m Ryoji Uchino. As Marco said, for the time being, I’m going to make a profit from my solo activities. I’m also asked to make a party for with themt, so please refrain from being angry at Marco! I mean, I will pay all the money for the bar today! Keep up the good work you guys! ”

Upon hearing Ryoji’s greetings, the adventurers shouted loudly and began to yell, “Ryoji! Ryoji!”

“Hey, you okay? I’m sure you could easily pay for a drink, but don’t make the mistake of offering any jewelry. They’ll have their eyes on you for just about anything.”

As the toasts and ordering voices echoed from the bar, he let his gaze wander to the adventurers, and from the moment their eyes met, they said, “Hello!” “Even if it’s temporary, let’s have a party!” “Carena is going to be my wife!” While receiving various words from the adventurers, Ryoji laughed at Marco, making him happy.

“It would be nice if we could enjoy drinking and having fun and getting along. I don’t do it everyday, but it’s fun to make a noise together.”

“Isn’t that right? I don’t care if Ryoji says it’s okay. Well then, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this and I’ll drink until I vomit! Carena , take care of the rest! “

“Be moderate!”

Carena pays attention to Marco’s proclamation with a frowning face, and jumps into the whirlpool of adventurer’s delight. The welcome party sponsored by Ryoji continued until dawn, renewing the bar’s highest sales ever.

The banquet that started in the evening did not end even at the time when the date changed, and it was full of noise. Due to the overwhelming success, there was not enough alcohol and food at the bar in the guild alone, and it was urgently procured from nearby restaurants.

Ryoji, who was really tired and sleepy in such a hustle, handed Carena about 10 gold coins and asked for payment, and caught a nearby adventurer who seemed to be relatively sober and asked about the inn. He heard about the location and moved.

“Oh! Is it here? I’m sorry. Can I still stay the night?”

The inn that the adventurer taught him was about a five-minute walk from the guild, and even though it was midnight, the owner was in the lobby and he was able to get a room.

The inn said that one night and two meals were included with payment of three copper coins, and he paid in advance one gold coin, which was the price for one month, including the apology that came late at night. It seems that it is common sense to pay for the night’s accommodation every day, and perhaps the Ryoji, who paid in a lump sum, was recognized as a superior customer.

“But still, there are a lot of adventurers in this city. I think there were close to one hundred people there.”

Ryoji murmured in the empty room and remembered the state of the bar. The bar, which is attached to the guild, has a large space because it is used for breaks such as meetings and waiting for purchase.

It was so strange that Ryoji thought that there were 100 people, and there was no place to sit at the banquet. Actually, there were quite a few ordinary citizens in the neighborhood who heard the rumor and mixed in as well.

“For the time being, I have to check the level of physical strength and magical power displayed on the interface. It will be necessary to upgrade my rank tomorrow by receiving a request, and I will numerically measure my Health and MP instead of gauges. I have to understand it fully to know my limit.”

Ryoji was thinking while looking at the bar of Health and MP while activating the interface. No matter how many times he looks at it, the numerical value is not displayed, and he does not know how much Health and MP he has.

In order to check how the gauge decreased, it was necessary to hit the wall to reduce health or use magic to reduce MP, but Ryoji chose to reduce magical power. Hitting the wall was likely to have problems both for himself and for the inn.

“I don’t want to get hurt, so let’s reduce the magical power. But what do you do to reduce the magical power? It’s not like I can bust out the magic. Is there anything in the storage that I could use?”

Ryoji took out all the items received from Iorus from the storage and started checking them one by one.

“That’s right, how do you use mithril bracelets? It’s probably not just an accessory.”

He was thinking while looking at the Mithril bracelet, but he couldn’t find the answer, so he started the interface, searched for the Mithril bracelet, and started reading the information text that came out.

Mythril Bracelet

A bracelet created by Iorus, the god of happiness, using only mythril. It is an excellent catalyst when using magic, and boasts more than five times the performance of a wand that a magician is supposed to have. It can also be used with a cane. In addition to that, it can be filled with its own magical power, and the filling amount is the magical power of the user for two days. Currently 0/100. You there who is aiming to be a wizard! I did my best to make it so that magic warriors can use magic properly, so whenever you repeat the magic, remember me and be thankful!

“… The last word is probably Iorus’s playful thing who knows that only reincarnated humans can open the interface.  After all, I think the mythril bracelet is a wonderful artifact. If I filled it up with magic power while it’s still intact, it means I can shoot magic inexhaustibly when it’s time to fight, and I’ll be super uncomfortable dealing with it. It’s also a good way to check up my MP gauge.”

Ryoji, while clasping the Mithril bracelet, began to infuse his magical power in the same way as he did with the measuring instrument used in the guild’s aptitude test. He was pouring his magic power little by little because he was afraid that he would break it like the magic power measuring device, but the filling rate is displayed as a percentage, and since the MP is displayed in a bar, it is hard to understand the transfer amount.

“After all, it’s easier to understand if the percentage of physical strength and magical power is displayed. Is there an option to change in the interface?”

When Ryoji checked the magic bar displayed on the interface, about 30% of the whole was black, and it seemed that about 70% of the magic power remained.

In the Mithril Bracelet there was written 14/100 and Ryoji thought Rit would be easier to understand if the strength and magic power could be displayed as a percentage, just like the bracelet, and he tried to picture the options of an online game

“Hm? Is this the option display button?”

While launching the interface, while trying the image of displaying options for a while, a button suddenly appeared. When Ryoji pressed the button, a large number of items were displayed, and each had an on/off checkbox. Realizing it was an optional item, Ryoji found the ‘Show Bar Values as Percentages’ item and activated it..

“Oh! The bar disappeared and it was displayed as a percentage! IThe current remaining magic power is 67%. It is easy to see after all. Let’s just pour a little more magic into this one. Oh! My magic percentage is diminishing! This is easy to understand! Let’s just pour our magic to the very edge for now.”

Ryoji was enthusiastic, and continued to infuse his magical power into the Mithril bracelet, checking his magical power percentage.

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