Chapter 1: Encounters and career choices

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“I finally arrived! Who said that it was only two hours to the nearest town. From then on, only the mushroom monsters attacked! It would be okay if there were other monsters, right? I’m just tired. The first title I got was Mushroom Slayer! If only Iorus hadn’t sent me to such a place…..”

The child’s high voice reached the ears of the gatekeeper. When he turned his attention to the voice, he heard someone wss mumbling and muttering words, and a small figure walked towards him with a tired look. He was a child he had never seen before.

Other than holding a sword on his waist, his attire  was so light that he didn’t look like he was traveling, and his attire was clean enough for a traveler. The gatekeeper, who felt uncomfortable due to such inconsistency, talked to the child with a little caution.

“Where did you come from? It takes three days in a horse-drawn carriage from here to the nearest town. You’re a pretty young kid but I wonder if you got out of the horse-drawn carriage early? Your family is behind you right, don’t tell me that you are alone?”

Ryoji realized that he was being talked to by the gatekeeper, and when he found that he had reached the place where there were people, he exhaled a sigh of relief and stopped talking to himself, and answered the question of the gatekeeper.

“Me? I’m in the middle of a solo trip from a faraway country. I don’t have any particular purpose in mind for my travels, but I’m traveling around the world with my clothes on to expand my horizons. I am one of those people who are said to be young, but do I look that young in the eyes of the gatekeepers? I’m not at the age to have my parents on a trip.”

The gatekeeper, who was answered with a honorific expression while being bitterly smiled by a child who looked only about 10 years old, asked questions while being confused lightly.

“Thank you for your polite answer. But, no matter how you look, I can only see you as a child. Maybe you are an elf or something? It seems that you are older than you look? I haven’t heard your name yet…”

“Elves! Do you have elves! Yeah! Yeah! It’s a different world! It’s okay to have elves. Sir Gatekeeper! Do you even have dwarves?”

“Oh, yeah. I don’t know what you’re so excited about, but elfs, dwarves, beasts, and fairies all exist. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Can you tell me your name and the purpose of your visit to the city?”

Confused by Ryoji, who was excited and asked about the elves, the gatekeeper, who recognized him as a suspicious person, strongly asked.

“Excuse me. My name is Ryoji Uchino. I didn’t have any particular purpose in coming to this city. I happened to be near the forest, so I had him drop by. And is there an Adventurer’s Guild? I would like to register if there is one.”

“You finally answered. I was just about to take you to the interrogation room because you were acting too suspiciously. Even so, you are very careful with your words. Are you a son of a nobleman?”

“No, I am not a nobleman. I am educated to talk politely to people I meet for the first time.”

The next thing he knew, there was a long line of people behind Ryoji. The gatekeeper let out a light sigh and called out to another gatekeeper who was at the filling station, eventually taking Ryoji to the interrogation station.

Ryoji, who was brought to the interrogation station, was instructed to sit on a chair, and a gatekeeper with a crystal in his right hand asked him to explain why he came to this town again. Ryoji begins to explain again, even though he is concerned about the crystal that the gatekeeper has.

“I was leaving my country and traveling west, and when I happened to be interested in the road that I happened to pass through then, it began to shine, and when I realized I was already in the forest. Mushrooms attacked me when I was confused by the unseen scenery, so I proceeded while fighting back, and followed along the road that came, and I arrived in this city. I haven’t seen elves and dwarves in my country since I have only seen them in books. I was excited.”

After confirming through a crystal that Ryoji’s words, which answered the question of the gatekeeper, were true, he asked about his age.

“I’m 26 years old.”

“Eh? You are really 26 years old? And you don’t say that you are, do you?”

Ryoji, who had a serious face and said that he was twenty-six years old, smiled at the gatekeeper, but the gatekeeper looked at the crystal ball and frowned on his eyebrows. The crystal ball that should react red when you lie is not responding at all.

The reason is that a child who you can only see is about 10 years old from any point of view declared himself to be 26 years old. However, looking at the reaction of the crystal ball, he does not lie, and the child in front of him is either a 26-year-old who looks about 10 years old, or a child who believes that he is 26 years old. Ryoji was thinking, leaning at the reaction of the confused gatekeeper.

“(Hmm? Why is this gatekeeper persistently asking about my age? I wonder if Japanese people look younger after all?) By the way, how old is the gatekeeper?”

“Hmm? I’m twenty-six years old. That’s about the same age as you? I look pretty older, though.”

Ryoji asked the gatekeeper a question to change the subject because the gatekeeper was too confused, but he told him that he and The answer came back to him as if they were not the same age. Growing uneasy, Ryoji involuntarily activated the interface to check his own status.

Name: Ryoji Uchino

Age: 11

Occupation: Unemployed

Level: 20

Remarks: Status, physical strength, and magical power are hidden because the occupation is unemployed.

“Surely, I chose the door that turns 13 when I go through the gate. But I’m 11 years old? Why 11 years old? Iorus said she would turn me into a  13 years old  when I went through the door. Did Iorus mean something like this, “I didn’t need the soul polishing work that would normally take two years, so you could come right away.” Is that why there’s a two-year gap? That would be confusing if an eleven year old kid said, ‘I’m twenty-six years old’. What are you going to do about it? What’s this? Do you think I will forgive you if you say “Tepee”?”

Ryoji, who secretly checked the status and realized that his age was unanimous, was murmuring and thinking of another excuse. And the gatekeeper asked him again,

“You said your name was Ryoji, right? Can you tell me your age again?”

“I’m 26 years old, but I’m really 11 years old…”

“Huh? When you say 26 years old, the color of the crystal turned from blue to red this time, but when you corrected it to 11 years old, it turned blue. Why did you suddenly correct your age?”

“I believe that I am 26 years old! Because a 26 years old is an adult!”

Opposite to Ryoji, who thought that it was a weird argument himself, the gatekeeper who heard the words had a rather refreshed face.

“Well, I guess the crystal ball can’t see through to what you’re assuming, either. I know you’re not lying, so don’t worry about the age thing. So what are you going to do now? I’ll allow you to enter the city, but you’ll have to pay taxes to enter the city, okay?”

Although he was disappointed that the gatekeeper allowed it so easily, Ryoji confirmed the amount of money he was told he needed to pay the entrance tax.

“How much do I need to pay? I don’t have much money.”

“I have people coming from outside pay five copper coins.”

“Cheap! Oh sorry. Here those five copper coins.”

Ryoji put his hand into the leather bag and took out five copper coins, and handed the tax to the gatekeeper.

“Huh? For someone who said he doesn’t have that much money, you paid for it so easily, didn’t you?”

While receiving the money, the gatekeeper once again looked at Ryoji’s whole body. He did not doubt that he was accustomed to traveling, paying taxes that could not have been so cheap. Other than the sword on his waist, he is lightly dressed and looks like he does not intend to travel, and he speaks like a nobleman. The gatekeeper spoke to the person in front of him, who was full of suspicion, in order to get more information from him.

“Right, as you may know, you need three gold coins to be an adventurer, but can you afford it? They give you adventurer ID and certificate when you register, but your adventurer ID is itself magic tool, so it’s expensive.”

“Three gold coins. It’s okay if it’s that much. I can somehow afford it. By the way, how much does it cost to reissue an adventurer ID and certificate?”

In response to Ryoji’s unexpected response,the gatekeeper, who decided that he would have to accompany him for a while to find out if he was a suspicious person, decided to give Ryoji a tour of the city and smiled.

“(See, here it is. Normal people don’t casually say that they have three gold coins in hand. He said something like he didn’t even have a purpose for the trip, but it’s definitely suspicious) ….Okay! Let me guide you to the guild and explain your current question. It’s time to change shifts at work.”

“Eh? That’s bad. I’ll go by myself if you tell me where it is.”

Looking at Ryoji who shyly said, the gatekeeper started to persuade him with a grin.

“In any case, don’t you want to know the information to become an adventurer? I can teach you various things. Even if I look like this, I was a B-rank adventurer.”

“Eh? A B-rank adventurer! Isn’t Mr. Gatekeeper a soldier? And it seems that the way you talked is quite different?”

“I told you I’m done with my work. If I talk like that all the time in your everyday life, I’ll get tired. You’ll be as well.. If you’re traveling alone, you’re better off talking like a nobleman. You really are not a nobleman right?”

Ryoji, who was kindly told that it was unnatural to speak with honorifics, felt that the gatekeeper was approaching, and judged that it had great merit, and answered with the same friendly feeling.

“Then you can feel like you are talking to a friend. Mr. Gatekeeper is older, but you really don’t care?  I’m pretty rude when I am talking like that, you know?”

“I don’t think I can get angry when a child talks about me.”

“Okay. Well then. Regardless of that, I didn’t hear your name. I can’t keep calling you Mr. Gatekeeper forever right? Can you give me your name?”

“Yeah, if you talk like that, it’s easier to talk to you. Well, I didn’t introduce myself yet. My name is Marco. I’m the gatekeeper in this town, but until recently, I was a B-rank adventurer. Now that I stopped doing this adventurer business, I’m doing a side job as a gatekeeper.”

When Ryoji clasped his right hand back at Marco, who came holding it out while saying that, he smiled at Marco with an amused look on his face.

“But as a guide guiding you to guild and providing you information for your quest to travel, you can at least buy me a pint of ale.”

“I will introduce myself again. I am Ryoji. Well please don’t worry about ale, I will buy as much as you can drink.”

“I hope you don’t regret saying that.”

With a grin, Marco walked down the main street to guide Ryoji to the guild, and began explaining that he had no sense of money.

“Okay. Ryoji. First of all, you need to realize that you have no common sense in a lot of things. Like the scene where you gave me money.”

“Heh? No common sense? I haven’t done anything that weird yet, I think. You mentioned money related, but I just paid Marco five copper coins.”

“No. I’ve learned enough in the previous conversation that you don’t care about money, or you don’t understand its value. Most people don’t say out loud, ‘I have that much on hand’ when they are told they have three gold coins. If I was told that I had a gold coin in front of the gate, I wouldn’t be able to walk out of there alive.”

“Come on, You are kidding me. Three gold coins are exaggerated… seriously?”

Ryoji tried to laugh at Marco’s explanation, but when he confirmed that Marco, who had become a serious face, contained some fright, he returned with a serious face.

“Yes, seriously.The wages that an ordinary citizen can earn by working normally is roughly ten silver coins a month, or even one gold coin. The security of this city is good, but there might be someone who would rob someone easily for money, you know? You may think you’re okay because you have a sword, but sometimes they can attack you cause they might think that ‘It’s just a kid’.”

Ryoji, who felt Marco’s expression was not a joke, nodded seriously and asked if there were any other points to be careful of.

“For the time being, if you are careful about your sense of money, you’ll be fine. You said you beat the mushroom monsters, so you could fight a bit, right? You said that you’ve never seen them before, but how much did you beat? “

“Maybe 600”

Ryoji answered Marco’s question in a small voice.

“What? Sorry. Tell me again.”

“So! 600!  I thought I killed the first three, but I ran into a nest-like area three times before I got here, and I stopped counting in the middle!”

Ryoji talks awkwardly and Marco doesn’t close his open mouth. This is because even if the mushroom monster subjugation target rank is H, it is not possible for an 11-year old child to kill that many.

“Are you, by any chance, a holy knight or a berserker?”

“I am unemployed”


“See I’m unemployed! I don’t have a profession yet! So I want to go to the Adventurer’s Guild and get a profession. I want to work! I hate NEET.”

At the occupation that Marco casually asked about, Ryoji turned into a Noh mask and declared himself unemployed, as if he was unemployed at once.

“Heh!? S-Sorry. Niito, you say? I don’t understand the meaning of Niito, but you are getting more and more mysterious, even I can’t get its head or tail. And for god’s sake don’t go and hunt 600 of those without a profession. Looks like the sword you’re using is a work of art, isn’t it? Can I have a look at it?


Marco has solidified by pulling out the sword that was handed over randomly. The sword is neither iron nor steel, but a glittering silver color, which shines rainbow-colored under the control of light.  It was lightweight compared to the size of the sword, but the mass was palpable, and he can also tell that it could be wielded with no problem, even with Ryorge’s physique. When he lightly applied my magic power to the test, the iridescent luster became even stronger.

“Hey, Ryoji. This sword…”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s a Mithril sword. Is it so famous?”

“Oh, what are you saying at ease? I don’t think you can see a Mithril sword in this city! I don’t know if I can see it even in the royal capital.”

“By the way, the clothes and bangles I’m wearing are mithril! Marco-san.”

“No, shut up for a minute. Ryoji. My thoughts are not complete.”

Marco, who had been frozen in his sword’s grip for a while, finally tucked the mithril sword into its sheath and handed it back to Ryoji.

“In other words, you’re wearing mithril gear so you could take out six hundred mushroom ghosts. That’s the thing, right?”

“Yes, I defeated it in one day today.”

“Don’t take this lightly. There aren’t any adventurers who kill six hundred of them in a day.”

In response to Ryoji’s light reply, Marco seemed to be dizzy and explained with an amazed face, and Ryoji returned a confused voice.

“Eh? But it’s a monster that even ordinary people can hunt, right?”

“Oh, if there were multiple people, I never heard about 600 alone. Is there any evidence?”

“Even if you ask for the evidence, what should I show for the proof of defeating them?”

“It’s a magic stone. It’s on the monster’s forehead.”

“Magic stone!”

Ryoji, who was excited, started up the interface and took out about 10 mushrooms, and began to pluck the mushroom forehead part one after another.

“Oh? This is the magic stone. After all, if you’re talking about otherworldly temples, it’s magic stones! I’m so excited! If it’s a mushroom monster and it’s a magic stone about the size of an edamame, what would it look like from the other demons? Does size change? Or does it change the brightness? I’ll have to hunt other demons to verify that.” (TN: edamame = green soybeans)

“Hey, Ryoji. From where did you take out 10 mushroom ghosts?”

“Hmm? Ah. Well, that’s it! Hmm. Illusion?”

At the startled voice that emanated from Marco, Ryouji, realizing that he had done something unthinkable in the common sense of the item box, tried his best to come up with an excuse, but in the end he couldn’t come up with anything.

“Iryu-Jyun? It doesn’t matter, you can’t use an item box to get it out the way it’s coming out now!”

“Oh, it’s an item box. Marco would have an item box if he was a B-rank adventurer?”

“The item box I have cannot do a lot of such strange things!”

Marco calmly tsked without being tricked by the unreasonable deception. While looking at his face, Ryoji was thinking about it.

“What’s going on? Marco got a face that won’t buy anything simple deceptions now. It seems like the route of taking ‘A special item box user’ is closed. Hmm. He’s been saying aristocrat this aristocrat that, hasn’t he? I think I should take that route.”

Ryoji was muttering with a small voice that Marco couldn’t hear, but he decided to put it into smoke with a content that drastically wielded common sense.

“Actually, I’m a Viscount  of Japan from east.”

“Japan? It’s a country. I’ve never heard of this country. But I knew you were a nobleman. No wonder you have a strange sense of money, and I thought it was odd that you had such a rare thing as a mithril sword. … Who let you travel alone? What’s wrong with your father?”

Marco fully believed Ryoji’s deceptions. He was dressed in mithril equipment and had the financial sense to claim three gold coins as if it’s just pocket change . He has an item box that is a good artifact, and his spoken words have a certain elegance to them. .

Ryoji, who lived in the mansion until this year without any difficulty, can be convinced even if his sense of money is strange. Ryoji replied with a humble attitude to Marco, who thought about that.

“‘When I was little, my parents…”

“Oh, I’ve reminded you of something you don’t want to”

“No. It’s okay because I was little, so I don’t remember much.”

“You can tell me anything you need to know.”

Ryoji, who is “pretending” to be able to shake off the memories of his parents, when in fact he is “pretending” to be unable to shake them, is trying to get through this scene.

Marco was thinking it would be bad for Ryoji, who seems to be dragging memories with his parents, but wanted to take the lead in the future relationship by taking a gap in that feeling.

As for Ryoji, he managed to convince Marco that he was the Viscount of Japan, and managed to make all sorts of jokes about it. I want to get through it. Marco wants to ensure his connection with Viscount Ryoji, even if it’s a strange country. It was a moment of mutual interest.

“Okay, Now I know that I am naive, so next, can you explain about the artifact?”

“Ah, do you really need any explanations?”

“Of course, If I know anything there’s no such thing as ‘Rare Item Box’ like I possess.”

“What can I say. I’m told that this was given by God. I don’t know how they got it. It’s like a family treasure that has been passed down for generations.”

Ryoji asked a question while looking at Marco, who was surprised at how much of a rare content he had.

“Does Marco know a God named Iorus?

“Of course. Who hasn’t heard of Iorus, the God of Creation? Mother of Earth, Goddess of Mercy, Goddess of Happiness. What’s the matter with that?”(TN: that ara-ara type goddess is this much high leveled)

“I got it from Iorus.”

“Huh? Wait a minute. You got it from Goddess Iorus? How?”

Ryoji, who had said that it was too easy to receive from God, felt embarrassed many times today, but Marco gazed at the leather bag on Ryoji’s waist with so much stare that it was going to have holes.

“Iorus is said to have been a funny sister.”

“Don’t lightly call your Creator God, sister. If a church official hears you, he’ll call a tribunal. That means it’s an item box with the blessings of the god Iorus in it.”

“By the way, the name of this is Iorus-san’s leather bag of happiness.”

“What’s with that disappointing name?”

Seeing the subtle look on Marco’s face when he heard the name of the item box, Ryouji began to explain the use of the item box with a mixture of falsehoods, thinking that his sensibilities were not wrong.

“Iorus’s happiness leather bag was said to be a family treasure for the Uchino family, but the owner must be a Uchino family. There is no limit on size but many items cannot be stored. It can’t be stored in another item box, and when the owner dies, it disappears and five years later suddenly appears before the Uchino family’s successor.”

He said that large items can be put in, but the number is small, because they may be used for war, which is one of the templates of things in another world. After listening to the story, Marco started paying attention to Ryoji, while exhaling a big sigh. And began to warn Ryoji.

“I heard how to use it, but don’t tell anyone about it. Someone might listen to your instructions and try to use it, or you yourself might be targeted for transporting valuables. There isn’t one person who won’t be interested in such a thing.”

“Like Marco?”

“What would you do then?”

Marco, who noticed Ryoji’s line of sight looking at his eyes, erased his expression and asked. Suddenly, Ryoji had a surprised expression on his face as Marco, whose expression changed, but when he grinned, he said refreshingly.

“I will run away and go to the next country.”

“Okay, I see. Don’t say anything anymore.”

It seems that Ryoji, who has the ability to hunt 600 mushroom monsters even if he is not employed, can escape even if someone tries to suppress him.

Marco, who thought that it would be beneficial for the city in the long run if he guided the guild to become an adventurer and had his activity base in this city, ended the story as a joke.

“Okay! This story is over. Ryoji should be careful from now on.”

After ending the conversation in a light-hearted manner, he took Ryoji to the guild while explaining the common sense of ordinary citizens, financial sense, and the personal belongings and precautions needed to live.

Ryoji, guided by Marco, opened the guild’s door and it was like a bar, a general store, or a town hall.

In the tavern space, there were adventurers drinking in the daytime and others looking at requests in front of the bulletin board, but when Ryoji walked in, he threw an inquiring glance at them.

“Oh! This is a scene where people around me would burst into laughing as they say, ‘This isn’t where children come. Go home and drink milk!’ or ‘What is the kid doing?’ as I came here. ‘You’re a cheeky kid with a cheeky sword, but are you going to become an adventurer?’ and ‘It’s not a playground for kids!’.’

As Ryoji was muttering his thoughts about the gaze being thrown at him, a man who looked like an adventurer with a bottle of sake in one hand glared at Ryoji and approached him.

“Hey! What did a kid come here for? A cheeky kid with a sword, and are you planning to become an adventurer?! This is not a playground for children…”(TN:LOL!  I nearly spilled my drink (OwO))

“I know him, Bartolo. Is there anything complaining about it?”

“No, no, I don’t have any complaints with him, Marco. I’m sorry to bother you.”

After being stared at by Marco, Bartolo murmured and returned to his seat and began drinking as if nothing had happened. Marco tried to take Ryoji to the reception without worrying about Barthomain, and asked Ryoji, who looked disappointed, looking at him

“Hey. Just for the record, I hope you’re not sorry you didn’t get involved with Bartolo?”

“Eh? Do you understand, after all? It’s a template royal event that low-level adventurers are entangled in the guild’s rouges!”

“I don’t know what it means to be a ‘tempurate royal evntu’, but don’t make fun of Bartolo.He’s staring at you with his big eyes.”

Ryoji looked at Bartolo at Marco’s words, he(Bartolo) looked like he didn’t understand what Ryouji had said, but he felt like he was being ridiculed, and he stared at Ryouji as if he was shooting through his murderous eyes.

Ryoji looked away in a hurry, and he bowed to his back and headed to Marco after reception. However, Ryoji, who turned his back, did not notice that he bought more Bartollmain’s anger because of that.

“Can I ask you to register him as an adventurer? The name of this guy is Ryoji. That said, it would be helpful if he could give him flexibility because he is a good boy.”

Not aware of Bartolo’s gaze, the two approached a woman sitting at the reception.

The woman preparing the documents stopped, raised her face, and when she realized that Marco was talking to her, she replied with a smile.

“I’m okay with Marco’s request, so it’s okay to look at it. He’s a cute boy, but I won’t be flexible. The receptionist shouldn’t favor anyone. I’ll explain it, so sit down here Ryoji-kun.”

“You just have to keep an eye on him. Hey Ryoji, first sit down and listen. Hey! I’m saying you can sit down! What happened? Ryoji?”

Ryoji was glued to the receptionist woman sitting in front of her. A slender body whose chest is not emphasized despite the design of the guild’s clothes that emphasizes the chest. The slender arm stretched out as if sitting on a chair against Ryoji, the cobalt blue eyes staring at him. Above all, long and slender ears looking through long straight hair with a mixture of gold and greens.

“Eh? Elf? You’re Elf! It’s amazing! It’s amazing how the template is developed! Ah! Nice to meet you! I’m Ryoji! I’m fine! Tell me your name!”

“I’m Carena. You’re a healthy child. But a bit too pushy, don’t you think? Can I get your hands off of mine? It hurts a lot.”

Noticing Carena’s puzzled expression and troubled voice, Ryouji hurriedly relaxed his strength a bit.

She took the opportunity to shake off Ryoji’s hand and run behind the reception desk, peeking at us with only her face out of the wall.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bother Carena-san. I was disturbed by your excessive beauty. Still, Carena is a lovely name like warm sunshine. And you look wonderful, Carena-san, looking at me with only your face out of the wall! By the way, what time do you work today? If you don’t mind, we can go out to dinner afterwards!”

Pulling slightly at Ryoji, whose eyes were shining as he saw himself with only his face peeking out of the wall, Carena asked Marco.

“What’s wrong with this child?”

“I’m sorry. There seems to be only humans in his country. I think he was excited and was being funny because he saw an elf for the first time. I will guarantee that he is not a bad guy, so take care of him.”


When Marco laughed at Carena, who was terrified, and followed him, she acknowledged that Carena would look after him with a smirk. Then Ryoji’s eyes begin to shine even more.

“Thank you! The laughter is also a reward! The support level is not limited to guilds, but how about traveling through Safilia as a partner for my lifelong ginger! I think a lifetime honeymoon is wonderful… …”(TN: I tried so hard not to comment. But this!! Hahaha (_  _))

“Just shut up and sit down, Ryoji!”

Once again, he leaned out of the counter with high tension, forcibly seized Ryoji, who was trying to lean over Carena in the back, and put him down in his chair, and Marco urged Carena to start the process.

“Hey. Talk to Ryoji right away. I’ll hold him down.”

“Are you sure about this? Even with Marco’s introduction, I’m starting to get worried.”

Carenarien watched the jittery Ryoji, who was being held back by Marco, for about five minutes, but when he finally turned his face in dismay at his calmness, she finally began to explain about the guild and adventurers.

“Three silver coins are required to register as an adventurer. After that, the profession aptitude test is conducted to determine the occupation. And the adventurer rank starts from H. The highest rank is S rank. Ryoji, please do your best to reach the S rank.”

“Of course! If Carena-san is supporting me, I’ll become S rank in five minutes!”

Seeing Marco hold Ryouji down as he tried to stand up, snorting again in support of Calenarien’s explanation and support, Calenarien chuckled and explained the rest of the story.

“Once you’ve successfully found your profession and finished registering, you’ll be a genuine adventurer. You will be able to accept the requests posted on the bulletin board over there. However, please be aware that you can only receive requests that are one rank higher than your current rank. Also, there is a penalty if you cancel a request you have received. Of course, canceling a request at the convenience of the client is different, so please don’t worry. Ah! And no annoying behavior in the guild. Now that we’re done explaining, do you have any questions?”

When Calenarien told him the end of the explanation, Ryoji finally cooled down from his excitement and told Calenarien what he was wondering.

“Is the registration fee three silver coins?”

“I’m sorry! I told you three gold coins to test you. It’s really three silver coins.”

The answer came back from Marco, who had a bad smile on him, as he stared at him.

“Seriously? Is it that weird for a kid to have that much and you really have to test me? And isn’t it annoying to be entangled with a man at the entrance to the guild?”

“It’s no problem if it’s about that. If you are seriously injured by pulling out weapons, slashing each other, releasing magic, using magic tools, sanctions will be imposed from the guild.”

“Does it have to be in such a horrible state to be a nuisance?”

Ryoji was quite stunned when he heard the answer, but Carena replied with a natural smile.

“This is a guild, and there are adventurers? That’s fine. If you don’t have any other questions, let’s move to the vocational examination center and check Ryoji’s occupation.”

Carena, answering lightly, took the two to the vocational screening.

The vocational aptitude test center that he arrived with Carena doubled as a training field, and was a bigger building than Ryoji had imagined. Some were swinging swords, others were in meditation, and there were parties that had a simulated battle.

“This is the inspection site. I will check Ryoji’s compatibility in order, so is there a profession you would like to try?”

“Then, as a mainline template, I’d like to confirm that you have an aptitude for magic. By the wayI know I have a huge amount of magic power without a doubt.”

“What is with that confidence? Let’s do it right now. Can you place your hand on the magic power measuring device here and let the magic power flow? You’ve said it yourself that you have ‘enormous magical power’, so you know how to channel magical power, right?”

“Of course! It feels like running magical powers around your body and wrapping up your whole body, and then pouring it out from your right hand against the magic measuring device, right? So, I’ll try it as soon as I can, but is it safe to go all out as a mainline template?”

“What’s Tempure? Each person has their own magical power, and I think it would be nice if you could create an image. Even if you say a huge amount of magical power, it’s okay to give it your all, so please do your best.”

“Yes! Carena-san has given me permission to go all out and be okay. I’m going to do everything I can to make the magic measuring device break in a template style!”

Ryoji imagined that magical powers ran around his whole body and gathered it all in his right hand, and after solidifying the image of rotating the magical powers gathered in his right hand, he poured it into a magical force measuring device at a stretch.




The crack ran after making a loud, dry sound from the magic meter. Carena and Marco were confused and startled, and the adventurers who were interested in Ryoji, who was brought together by two famous people in this city, were surprised.

“Eh? Eh! Eh! Ryoji-kun! Wait a minute! No! Stop! Stop! No more! It’s gonna Break! Break!”

Ryoji, looking at Carena’s desperate face and counteracting his magic with a satisfying expression, made a big guts pose as he raised his arms toward Marco and Carena.


“Why do you look so happy? If you know that there is such a huge amount of magical power in you, say it seriously. Since the magic power measuring device is a magical tool, it’s extremely expensive. Can you compensate?”

“Eh? Carena-san was the one who said, “it’s okay to give it your all, so please do your best.”! Shouldn’t she be the one who should pay ten?I can pay for it myself, of course. The repayment can be made in installments and the number of repayments can be 1200!”

“Well payable period is 100 years. Certainly Elven Carena can return it. By the way, can you pay 300 gold coins?”

“It’s ok! For Carena-san, I will pay 300 gold coins no problem. It’s okay for you to return it properly as you see fit. What’s going on? Carena-san?”

“Why are both of you so carefree?”

“I mean, it’s broken, right?”


Carena, who was in a panic while holding a broken magic force measuring instrument, began to say rushing while holding a magic force measuring instrument when she put a tsukkomi on Ryoji and Marco’s Manzai with tearful eyes.

“Certainly I said “it’s okay to give it your all, so please do your best,” but what is the amount of magical force that can break the measuring instrument? Generally, is it something that can break the measuring instrument? I’ve already booked a new accessory, what am I gonna do now? Speaking of which, Ryoji is a good boy and he can pay 300 gold coins. He’s definitely a wealthy person, and if I ask him to pay I might be able to get away with a damage report!”

Carena asked with a soft voice as she picked Ryoji’s hand and looked at him with upward moist eyes.

“Please lend me 300 gold coins. It will take 100 years to return.”

“Is it okay? I say reimbursement, but it’s just a matter of filing a termination letter, right?”

“Silence Marco! You can’t even give out 300 gold coins! I’m grateful for the loan, if you’re willing to lend me your money. It’s not a problem for me to keep paying it for a hundred years!”

“Something different from usual Carena.”

Marco grinned at her, as she said she would borrow the money once and for all. The adventurers around were interested in Ryoji, who has an enormous amount of magical power, while stunned by her strange appearance, and considered whether or not to ask him to join their party.

As a result of the discussion between Carena and Ryoji, Ryoji prepared 300 gold coins, and Carena submitted a damage report to the guild. Regarding payment, it was decided to prepare a monetary loan contract after the aptitude test was completed.

“And what about after all? Can I be a wizard?”

“I knew that the amount of magical power was enormous, so I will check the attributes that Ryoji-kun has with this crystal. Lightly applying magical power will reveal the attributes, so please do it lightly! Absolutely! Please!”

“Eh? Does it mean that I can do my best?”

“No! You can’t do it with all your might! Don’t break it! If you cast magic and the crystal color turns red, it’s a fire attribute, if blue, it’s a water attribute, if pink, it’s a recovery attribute.”

When Ryoji heard Carena’s explanation, he put his hands on the crystal and began pouring his magical power into the fishbowl with the image of pouring water gently. In response to Ryoji’s magical power, the crystal developed various colors such as red, blue and yellow, and finally became colorless and calm.

“What? It’s colorless and transparent, but what about this?”

I There was no reply from Carena or Marco to the question, so he looked around, only to see the sight of everyone looking at the crystal with astonished expressions reflected in Ryoji’s eyes.

“Carena-san? Why is Marco frozen up too? I won’t understand unless you explain it to me! What about this one? Is colorlessness awesome?”

He asked the question again, but because there was no reply from the surroundings, Ryoji shrugged his shoulders and ignored the surroundings, pouring magic into the crystal again and started trying various things.

“Well, if you think of fire, it’s red. If you think of water, it’s blue, and if you imagine that the wound will close the wound, oops! Pink. Then, if you imagine ice, it’s white as the default, the golden of thunder. After all, the monster that spits out thunder from his mouth was also golden in the cartoon. If it’s dirt, brown is solid, if it’s the wind, it’s swirling in silver. What else can I imagine? “

Ryouji, who was checking the attributes of the crystal ball by pouring magic power into it as if playing with a toy, was asked a question by Marco who approached with an awkward movement.

“Hey, wait a minute, Ryoji. I’ve been so surprised since I met you that I’ve been numb to it, but this is something else. I’m sorry, can you tell me what you’re doing to the crystal?”

“Eh? I just tried to see what kind of color I would get if I pour magic into crystals.”

Marco scratched his head at Ryoji’s explanation that he was able to do it after a quick try, and began to explain to Ryoji what was going on.

“Ryoji. What you did is that even a genius level magician from Royal Academy of Magic cannot do. Usually you can only produce one or two colors. I don’t know anything about colorlessness. Maybe these guys don’t know, but they know it’s happening. That’s why they’re all stiffening up.”

“Did I overdo it?”

All looked at Ryoji, who looked around and asked at once.

“Ryoji-kun, what about the other tests? Isn’t it all right to register as a magician?”

Ryoji made a slight dissatisfaction with Carena, who spoke to him while he was disappointed, and turned to Marco, saying that he had something to confirm.

“You have a senior job, right? Didn’t you say something about holy knight and berserker on the way to the guild?”

“Oh, I was joking at that time, but I thought that you have it. You used a sword to hunt the mushroom monsters right?”

“Yeah. Cause I don’t know how to use magic. But since you have so mich magic power don’t you already have a senior magician job?”

Marco patiently explained while feeling dizzy to Ryoji who said lightly that magic could not be used.

“I know a few professions that use magic. Or are you aiming for a magic warrior since you use swords as well?”

“Yes, it’s magical in today’s measurement. I know I can be a magic warrior.”

“No, it doesn’t mean that you can easily become a magic warrior just because you have so many magical powers and many attributes. First of all, register as a warrior, raise the adventurer rank to B, and then you can start training in magic. You have the elements to be able to use magic, so you’ll be able to become one in five years.”

When Ryoji heard Marco’s explanation of the magic warrior, he thought with a stern look.

“I’m not sure if it’s going to take five years to become a magic warrior. It’s a good idea to register as a warrior first, and then raise my rank to be able to use magic as well, and then change jobs. Then, Carena-san. I’ll raise my rank as a warrior first so let me try if it is suitable.”

“I understand. You will have a mock battle with an active adventurer to see if you are a suitable warrior. You will be using a wooden sword for this, and of course, we’ll have a healing magician on hand. I’ll go find an adventurer in the guild who might be in charge now.”

“Isn’t it good for the people here?”

Carena shook her head when asked by Ryoji. The person who acted as the examiner is supposed to leave for a while, and it seems that the members here are the ones who were in charge of the examination. Then she went to the guild in search of adventurers.

“Speaking of that, Marco. What are the professions whose aptitude can be confirmed here?”

“I think it’s a warrior you’re going to receive. Then a thief, a hunter, and a priest. One can measure the aptitude of a senior profession in the royal capital.”

Ryoji, who heard Marco’s explanation while Carena was away, began thinking about future plans.

“First of all, I’ll be registered as a warrior. I’ll be able to use magic at the same time, gain fame and fame as a solo adventurer, and the guildmaster will say, ‘Let’s see how good you are.’ Then I’d accept the request to improve my rank and secure funds. After all, in terms of templating, events that take you to Royal Capital in order to get to the senior level are also a must.”

Ryoji was starting to swing after checking the length, weight and balance of the wooden sword, but within a few minutes Carena returned with a man.

“And it’s a problem if you don’t master the usage of storage and interfaces. Isn’t it a template development that surprises you?”

When Ryoji murmured when he saw the man Carena brought to him, Bartolo gazed at him.

“Hey! You sighed right now! Hey! You’ve got to be kidding me! Don’t underestimate a senior adventurer!”

It was Bartolo who he was entwined at the entrance of the guild who was yelling at the blue line.

“Hey Carena. Why is it Bartolo? You know, he almost had a problem with Ryoji earlier. You saw that too, right?”

Only Marco who spoke to Ryoji himself knows that Ryoji has the suitability for a warrior. Even for that Marco, he couldn’t tell if Ryoji was actually suitable because he only heard from Ryoji that he had “defeated 600 mushroom monsters.”

It was Marco who complained to Carena, but the examiner was Bartolo, who was just the right person to judge Ryoji’s ability.  The adventurer rank itself is F, but it is because he is a newcomer of great promise, because he has excellent agility to match his large body and is skilled with weapons.

“Because when I got back to the guild, there wasn’t anybody else who was just right, and he called out and said, “If it’s that person, I’ll do it.”

After receiving a complaint from Marco, Carena argued with a sharp mouth. But when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to borrow money from Ryoji if he lost the mock battle and was deemed unfit to be a warrior, she rushed over to Bartolo and began to warn him.(TN: What a switch in character)

“Okay, Bartolo. This is a mock battle to check Ryoji-kun’s suitability as a warrior, you know. Don’t make the mistake of doing this as a distraction from the struggle earlier!!”

“I get it. I’m not going to take my fued earlier seriously. Don’t worry. I’m just trying to teach that overconfident little boy a lesson in the ways of the world, you know.”

Looking at Ryoji, who was checking his wooden sword from a short distance away, Bartolo grinned and urged Carena to start a mock battle.

“I am going to be a warrior capable of magical talent. Let’s have Barthomaine act as a touchstone to how far my abilities go. He’s giving me the look of ‘I’ll tell you how harsh the world is,’ so there’s no problem.”

Feeling the gaze from Bartolo looking at the lower rank, Ryoji lightly swung his wooden sword and felt the high level of physical ability. Endurance and kinetic vision that didn’t get tired even after battling six hundred mushroom ghosts in the two hours it took to come to town. Sword skills that could be handled without worrying about changing weight or length.

“I had no problem with a ghost of a mushroom, but what about a human opponent?”

Ryoji didn’t want to lose to Bartolo, but this time the opponent is an adventurer with the aptitude of a warrior, unlike the mushroom monster that just uses its tentacles in and throws him in. Although it was a simulated battle, Ryoji was a little nervous because of the first interpersonal battle, and waited for the start voice.

“The shall we? This is an aptitude test. Be careful not to overdo each other. In particular, Bartolo , you need to act as an examiner.”

In addition, Carena told both parties about the use of magic and the prohibition of use of magic tools as cautionary notes, and announced that the aptitude test had started and dropped his hand.

Since Ryoji’s appearance is a child, Bartho beckoned while holding a wooden sword on his shoulder just for a wait-and-see. Ryoji, squinting at Bartolo’s attitude and slightly frowning at his eyebrows, gave a flash of sideways when he gently grasped the wooden sword and jumped a foot into the space.


While panicking at the wooden sword approaching at a speed faster than he could imagine, Bartolo managed to avoid it, but what came into Bartolo’s eyes was a wooden sword being struck down from the upper level. He let out a scream as he managed to clench his teeth and stomp on it, without even thinking about the fact that the swordsmanship that should have been coming from the side was on the higher level.

“It’s not the power or technique of a brat! What an attack!”

Believing that Ryoji was just a rich son, Bartolo, who was trying to teach the severity of the world, shouted unintentionally.

The impact on his arm was a power he had never experienced before, and he managed to sit down and try to fight back, but he was exposed to a series of attacks from Ryoji as if he had been read ahead of the attack, and he was left defending himself.

“Kuh! Damn! What? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

After strike from top, Bartolo was attacked from all sides and with different forms, reverse slash, backstep strike, and eventually Bartolo was getting cornered.

Bartolo’s face begins to change from astonishment to confusion and impatience. Feeling this, Ryoji deliberately created a large opening after unleashing another flash of side-legs.


Bartolo yelled out with the intention of making up for his previous inferiority in the large gap created by Ryoji. And when he closed the gap in one fell swoop, he performed a slash from top, but he was left to watch in amazement as the wooden sword bounced into the air with the impact that was felt in his hand.

The mock battle was overwhelmingly dominated by Ryoji right from the start. Against Bartolo, who had underestimated Ryoji’s ability, it was a one-sided battle that didn’t even give him time to counterattack after he unleashed a flash of side-nagging, and in the end, he was lured by the gap that Ryoji had created, and the wooden sword was leapt up high in the air.

Ryoji, who received the wooden sword raised in the air with his right hand without a breath of air, thrust his own wooden sword into Bartolo’s throat and lightly tilted his head as he waited for Carena’s decision.

A silence enveloped the area just like the magic power test earlier. The eyes of the adventurers observing the event showed Bartolo, who was unable to understand what had happened and had completely lost the will to fight, and Ryoji, who held the wooden sword to his throat and stared at Carena with an innocent smile and a glint in his eye. Realizing that Ryoji was asking for a result from his eyes, Carena hurriedly announced the end of the mock battle.

“That’s it! Since we’ve found out that you have the aptitude for warrior aptitude, Ryoji-kun, we will finish the warrior aptitude test. And thank you, Bartolo.”

“OK! That means the way to become a magic warrior has been opened!”

“That’s right. To become a magic warrior, you need to start as a warrior and raise your adventurer rank to B. By the way, there are other aptitude tests for thieves, hunters, porters, etc., what will you do?”

Asked by Carena if he would do an aptitude test for another profession, Ryoji decided not to stand out anymore and refuse the proposal. The adventurers have already taken notice of him, but Ryouji, who was unaware of it, decided to take the exam on another day and told Carenarien that he would decline.

“I’m done with the aptitude test. I want to be a magic warrior, so please register me as a warrior first. By the way, I can take another aptitude test on another day, right?”

“That’s no problem. Basically, volunteers can come after deciding which profession to take, and usually they can only take one profession in a day. That’s why.”

When Ryouji approached Marco and tried to see if he had gone too far, his fist exploded into Ryoji’s head with a huge sigh as he was told with a smile that you’re insane.

“It’s too conspicuous! Keep this much for today!”

With Bartolo stunned, unable to accept the results of the mock battle, and the adventurers who were beginning to think about adding him to their party, Marco left the vocational aptitude testing area with Ryoji and Carena.

“Then again, thank you for your hard work. I’m going to go register for my profession now, so I’ll have to borrow Ryouji-kun’s tag. After the registration process is finished, I’ll give you the necessary details for an adventurer, such as future activity plans and how to raise your rank. I’ll explain about them later on.”

“You have time to make today’s report.”

“Shut up! I told you that’s not an order form, it’s a damage report! I’ll borrow 300 gold coins from Ryoji-kun and use the power of money to report the damage!”

When she responded snappily to Marco’s tweets, Carena, who had received the tag from Ryoji, disappeared into the back. When the wait was over, Ryoji asked Marco what he had been wondering about since he came to Safiria.

“I have a question.”

“What? What about your future adventure?”

“I want to hear that as well, but I wonder if I can tell you how to use the materials.”

Marco realized that Ryoji’s question was about the use of mushroom monster bodies, and he began explaining.

“Why don’t you keep the mushroom ghosts dry? They’re delicious when they’re stewed with food. The magic stones can be used to make magic tools, so selling them to the guild would be a good way to earn some money..”

“Then selling too much of it will cause an oversupply and make it impossible for a fledgling adventurer to make a little money. Nah. And there’s going to be a lot of guild buy-in.”

“You still know difficult words”

According to Ryoji, there are more than 600 mushroom ghosts in the item box. Even though it is a monster that purchases without request at the guild, there is a possibility that purchase of 600 or more animals at one time may reduce the purchase price or limit purchase for about a week.

Mushroom’s haunted magic stones are one of the few sources of income for low-ranking adventurers, so if a purchase restriction occurs, it could lead to a life-and-death problem and a grudge, so it should be avoided.

“What if I had the company buy it for me? There is an option for resale in the capital. Carena! How long will it take to complete the procedure?”

“Eh? Are you going somewhere? Then, will you be back in about an hour? I’ll be ready to hand it in by then. You’ll be going to the Carcano Company, right?”

“Ah. It seems that Ryoji had subdued the monsters by the time he came here. It’s better than buying it in the guild, right?”

“Okay, but come back in an hour. There are many other procedures as well.”

“I know. The longer you delay, the more endorsements you’ll get, and the more you’ll get fired by the Carena.”

While Marco was teasing Carena, a bottle of ink flew from behind with an angry voice. Marco laughed and picked up the ink bottle, and took Ryoji to the company.


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