Episode 19: Interaction


“Hmm…! Hmm…!”

 Night. We were doing muscle training as usual in our room.

 Sweat drips and drips, but it’s also fun. I’m squatting right now and I’m training my lower body thoroughly.

 By the way, I am obviously wearing only boxer shorts.(TN: We don’t need to know that)

“…OK, that’s a 1000 times.”

“I’m done too…! Huh… Well, let’s go with that thing, shall we?”




 Maybe it was natural for me and Evi to get along like this with each other. We’d see each other naked on the first day we entered the dorm. That’s because we both stripped off our clothes without thinking and began to train our muscles like we were breathing. 

 And… I realize.

This guy is the same as me.

Extra words…I didn’t need them.

But with just muscles… we can talk with each other.

“Kukku…….what shall we do today….”

“Fufu… Ray’s got a bad look on his face….”

“Hahaha, that is also fun….right?”


 Such a conversation was going on with us two men in the dormitory kitchen. To tell you the truth, the dormitory of this academy is exceptional. It’s all about luxury, and above all, it’s spacious. In fact, they were renovated five years ago, so they are all brand new.

 Of course, that wasn’t the only thing, but there was no doubt that this was one of the aspects that made this academy so popular.

 And what do we do in that kitchen… that’s protein making, of course.

 We bring in good quality proteins to one another as a matter of course. I also go to town and buy regularly.

But we didn’t stop there. We thought that if we added something more to this protein we would get the best nutritional supplementation possible.

That was completely in the late night spirit, and now here we are, about to execute that plan.

“Evi. Let’s mix this guy this time.”

“Well… is that really it?!”

“Yes… chicken breasts!”

 The chicken breasts are taken out of the fridge with a flip. It’s low in fat and, most importantly, high in protein. And it’s cheap. For students, this cheapness is a blessing.  For many muscle enthusiasts, this could be described as the ultimate winner.

“No way… to use it… the ultimate… but it’s too unknown. Ray, are you going down the path of Shura?”

“Well…everything’s a challenge, right?”

I take out a cutting board and carefully shred the already cooked 150 grams of chicken breast with a knife, carefully shredding it into small pieces so that there is no longer any original shape left. Then I pass the heat through it and mix it into the protein.

 Stir, and then I take a… taste.

 Then…! !! ?


“How was it…!?”

“This is… no doubt… it’s bad!”

“Ah, I knew it”

“So lets have Evi take care of rest of it”

“Eh? Really!”

 While saying so, I firmly pour what I left into my throat.

“Uhhh… it’s bad…”

“Oh. Well, as a matter of fact, even I knew it was impossible.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Now let’s find the best protein in the last four years.”


 So, our inquisitive spirit of inquiry continues…


  Weekend. Since I don’t have anything special to do today, I was thinking of going somewhere with Evi, but…come to think of it, I heard that he’s going to be away for a little while to visit his parents’ house today or something. Even though it was early in the morning, he was already gone.

And so, as I was running as usual, I bumped into Elisa just in time to meet her.

“Oh! Isn’t it Elisa!”

“Ah… Ray-kun. Good morning.”

“Good morning. Where are you going?”

“Today I should go to the central library or bookstore…”

“Muh! That’s wonderful… can I accompany you?”


“Actually, I have too much free time. Is it bad?”

“No, no… isn’t it bad at all, but are you fine with it?”

“Then I’ll meet you at the school gate. I’m going to go back and take a shower…..it may take about 30 minutes, are you fine with that?”

“Uh-huh! I’ll change clothes a little…!”

“Hm? Is that right? Are you not going in that outfit?”

“Well… I’m going out with Ray-kun…”

“I see. I’m really grateful. Well, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

“See you later…”

“Yeah “

 There was no need to put it into words.

The fact that she was going out with me probably meant that she wanted to take care of her appearance in a certain way. My master has educated me in that area as well, so I understood immediately.(TN: Yeah but she still wasn’t able to cure your denseness)

“Oh… did you wait!”

“No, it’ s okay. I just got here myself.”

I was the first to arrive at the school gate. Just as I was waiting patiently with my arms crossed in front of the gate, Elisa came running with a wave of her hand.

 —Hmm…I see.

She was wearing a simple dress. It would certainly be about the right time for the season already. And the pure white dress looked really good on her. On top of that, her hair was pulled up over her right ear, which also made her look strangely mature. The blue pin she’s wearing also helps with that.



“I think it’s very pretty. I like the dress, of course, but especially that hairstyle. Usually you leave it down, but on the odd occasion I think it’s nice to do so and have it up so you can see your face properly.”(TN: Poor Girl)

“…Ah, thank you! Well… Ray-kun is also cool, right?”

“Really? It’s just a simple shirt and jeans, though.”

“Yeah… But I think it’s good.”

“Okay, thank you.”

We talked about it together and decided to go into town for the time being. The first thing we aim for is the library. The Royal Library in the central district of this kingdom is a historic place, and there are a huge number of books lined up there.

 I sometimes go there too, the library has a tranquil atmosphere and is a very relaxing place.

“Elisa, I’m reading a book here.”

“Yeah… I see. I’ll bring the book I want to read.”


 I whisper this to her and sit down with the book I already had in my hand at the entrance.

 When I look up, I see a vaulted ceiling, which reminds me of the size of this building.

 It’s 9:00 a.m. now.

 I forget that Elisa is sitting next to me, as I lose myself in the world of the book.

“Mu… It’s already this time…”

“Ah… what do you do…?”

“How about we grab a bite?”

“If Ray-kun is okay with it…I’m fine too?”

So we decide to have a meal at a nearby restaurant. We walked in and took a seat. We ordered immediately and started chatting away.

“Elisa, how’s the school?”

“Well, it’s, uh … fun, um?”

“Okay. That’s good to hear. I’m really glad I’ve met some good schoolmates, including Elisa.”

“I too… I haven’t had any friends for a long time… I was worried before I came to this academy, but I’m so happy to have met you all. ….um?”

“I think so too. I was worried at first…”

“What? Did Ray-kun feel the same way…?”

 Elisa asks me with a flushed face.

Disclosing myself…….I’m still a little confused about it. But because I had the desire to talk to my good friends, including Elisa…….I decided to talk about it.

“I’m new to this whole school thing.”

“Huh? Is that so?”

“Yeah. It’s a lot of things. So, at first I was looking forward to it, but at the same time I was worried.But it was melancholy. In this way I could be friends with Elisa.”

“Well I’m glad to hear you say that….”

“Ah. So I will continue to ask you in the future.”


 Then we had our meal and decided to disperse. It seems that Elisa has a few things to do at the academy, after all.

 On the other hand, I’m still bored, so just as I was going to hang out in the city…….a familiar face appeared in front of me.


“Ray? Why are you here?”

 It was Amelia who had just stepped down from the carriage. Today, her hair and clothes looked more proper than usual. If I had to say it, it would be more formal. From that, I guessed that something was going on at home.

“Today I’m free. I was just out in the city.”

“Yeah. I’m going to stay with my parents for a while.”

“Ah…I see.”

“Yes. It’s a nobleman’s society all and all. I’m really tired of it.”

 We decided to dangle around while talking so. Anyway, Amelia wants to talk… she said.

“Is it difficult for the aristocratic relationship?”

“Yes… and it’s particularly true for the three major aristocrats. I’ve already been told that I’m getting married…”

“Marriage. Certainly, a good sorcerer is quicker to get married than to have a child.”

“Yeah. After all, there is an aspect that pedigree is related to magical talent.”

“Yeah. I don’t deny that either.”

 Pedigree is certainly an important factor. But Amelia gets the impression that it’s strangely unpleasant.

“Well… and it’s about time for the Magic Swordsman Competition- Magic ChevalierIt’s going to be hard to make the meet and greet again.”

“Ah…it’s tough. Even for a nobleman.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I am just ranting in front of you…”

“No, it’s sometimes important to talk to someone like this.”

“…I’d be grateful if you could say that…”

“I would be happy if I could help my friend.”


“What happened?”

“No… I thought you were such a person.”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, that’s what I like about you, very much.”

“I too really like Amelia.”

When I say that, Amelia glances at me as if to steal a glance. Maybe it’s just my imagination that her face is slightly red.


“Ah. Nobody is as beautiful, intelligent and independent as you are.”

“Fue,… yeah…… Thank you.”

Amelia twirls and plays with her bright red hair.

I then say something that I always think about.

“This is something I’ve been thinking about since the first time. That reputation isn’t going to change.”

“…Oh, yeah…… that would be nice!”(TN: Another one down! I repeat another down!)

 Amelia started running for some reason.

 I looked at such a situation with a smile and chased after her.

Our MC is even denser than Osmium(densest material currently known)

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