Chapter 4: Entrance Ceremony Preparation(4)


When Yuto and the others took their seats, a woman who seemed to be a homeroom teacher arrived at the scheduled time.

Everyone naturally paid attention to their homeroom teacher since it’s their first High school day.

 But this one can’t help but attract attention.

 She had a slender figure. Perfectly dressed in a white suit with slits.  A high nose, with a prominent nose. Eyes that carry intelligence behind silver-rimmed glasses.

 The classroom gets noisy. The boys evenly had their cheeks red, and the girls sigh. When the woman stood in front of the podium, she took off the seating chart on the blackboard and quietly began to write her name with chalk.

 There is no sense of waste in the series of movements.

“Congratulations to all of you for enrolling. My name is Takano Mirei and I am in charge of this group. I want to liven up the class together with everyone for a year. Thank you.”(Her Name seems to sound like ‘Beauty’)

 A bland, common greeting.

 However, there was enough power to eliminate the buzz and fluttering of the students in Class D. The new homeroom teacher’s expression didn’t twitch. The students froze,too.

“Everyone, Any response?”

“”””””Ne to meet you!””””””

 A breathtaking response that was hard to believe was a new class that had just been created.

In just a few seconds, the home teacher, who called herself ‘beauty’, made everyone understand firsthand how well she led.

“Okay. Let me explain the future schedule.”

The new homeroom teacher, who is truly a cool beauty on the ground, begins to explain in a nonchalant and easy to understand manner. It seems that her appearance has given the students a sense of tension and deep loyalty, and all of them are silently taking notes with eyes that say they will follow you.

 However… in that situation, only one person, Yuto, had a different sense of tension.

(This person! Engulfing everyone’s Ki… Are you letting your Ki be masked in class?)

 Yuto stares at the homeroom teacher’s back facing the blackboard.

 There are such things in old martial arts. Yuto thinks that she may be doing some martial arts.

  But then Yuto felt the homeroom teacher’s ki rise even higher. He can feel that Ki of his homeroom teacher rising to a fierce level on her seamless back.

 Yuto looks into it as if it were sucked into it.

(That is… Senki ! Wow. It’s amazing. I don’t even feel evil. She’ s doing it on purpose! Why? You’re showing me this? No, you shouldn’t know about this.)

 Mirei looked back here, and for a moment, her gaze met Yuto. She moved her mouth and smiled for the first time.


 When Yuto suddenly and vigorously stood up, the students around him stuttered and, in unison, focused their gaze on Yuto.

  Yuto froze, sweating at the bad atmosphere he had created, “Ah……..

 Both Ichigo and Shizuka’s eyes widened, “What the hell is going on?” The look on their faces says.

“Yes…what is it?? Well, Domori-kun?”

Mirei says after confirming the list. It’s more like a question than a conversation.

“No… sorry. No, it’s nothing.”

“So sit down”


Yuto sat down with a shrug. However, Yuto did indeed read the words that his homeroom teacher had said with his lip-reading technique.

 It was “Give my best regards to Mr. Tenzo and Mr. Sun.”

The homeroom teacher, who confirmed with a blank expression that the confused Yuto was sitting down, turned her face to the front.

“Okay, folks. We will now begin homeroom. As a reminder, your seats will remain unchanged until the next midterm. You can ask questions at any time. Please ask as needed. Now, I will ask everyone to introduce themselves today, check their lockers and shoe boxes, hand out any handouts or other materials that you need to fill out, and then we will dismiss the class. We’ll take some time in our next homeroom, and we’ll decide at that time what your roles are in class.”

 Under the order of the new homeroom teacher, self-introduction started one by one and the process of the first day of admission ended today.

“Yes, thank you for your time. That’s it for today. Tomorrow is the day off for everyone except the dormitory students, so I’ll see you the day after tomorrow.”

 When the students start preparing for school, Mirei turns to Yuto.

“And, Mr. Domori, who was a little noisy earlier. Sorry, can you ask me to collect the prints? Also, I’d like you to help me a little, so please come to the staff room together.”

“Oh, yes… I understand.”

 Yuto is a little embarrassed and follows Mirei while feeling that the boys in the class seem to be envious. However, the students around him naturally thought that he had been noticed by the previous blunder.

 Yuto was tensely following Mirei, and when he entered the staff room, he placed the prints collected in the class on the desk.

“Good job”

“Oh, about that time teacher. I need help….”

“I know, that is a lie. There’s something I need to talk about. To you.”

“……what is it?”

“You don’t have to be that tense. Well, I wonder if Domori-kun felt strange when you entered this site?”

 As she sat down on her desk chair and crossed her legs, she put Yuto in front and put her elbow on the desk.

“Like here, everyone has a strong determination…..”

 When Mirei reassembled her legs and looked at Yuto’s face, he looked away lightly.

“That’s right. Because we chose this kind of place and built this school.”

“What! What are you talking about…”

“You’re surprisingly vigilant. Well then I will tell you that I am just like you… .earlier I showed you Senki you remember?”


“I’ve heard about you from Master Tenzo and Master Sun. So, Don’t worry. It’s a normal school. But you and I, and a few others are somewhat unique, I will tell you that there are such students and teachers. Otherwise, I don’t want you to be bothered by surprises later.”


“That’s what I mean, but other than that, it’s a very normal school, so we’re not aware of each other. Besides, in your case, it would be better to have someone who understands, wouldn’t it? That peculiar constitution and all that.”

“Do you know!? My this!”

“Yes. Well, even if you don’t say it, you would think it would be weird as soon as you meet some like us. Therefore, the fact that a large amount of spiritual power is simply leaking in vain has been told to the current students and teachers like us. It’s better than complicating things then, right? And don’t worry, I didn’t tell them anything else.”

 After hearing the explanation, Yuto becomes serious..

“Can I ask a question?”

“Yes please.”

“Same as me you say… but how much is it? And how much do you know? About the Domori family and ….….If you don’t mind, I hope you can answer these questions.”

“For your questions. Oh well. Yes, I am a Spiritualist. I’m a student on the same path as you. I’ve been mentored by Master Sun. And I wonder if I’m your senior in that regard? Also, I’m a person who has been pursuing Sendo since the beginning, unlike you. As a matter of fact … you and I have met before, haven’t we?”

“Yes! Is that right? I’m sorry, I didn’t remember at all…”

“You don’t have to worry about it. The Domori family is really unique and has a close relationship with the world of Senkai… I have no interaction with other people with ability at all.”

 Mirei exhaled lightly, slightly relieving her facial expression.

“And about another one, I know the Domoriri family quite well.  As far as I know, they are the strongest family of spirit swordsmen in the world, the property they manage, and the fact that you passed through the Demon’s Cave and stayed in the Demon’s World beyond that for about three years.”

“Wow! You know that much… You even know the time difference with the Demon world…”

 Yuto listens with a serious look.

“Don’t worry. Only a few people in the world know this, because it’s insurance. It’s a dangerous property that could shake the world, right?. It’s good as long as the Domori family has the power, but if it’s not, we have to do something about it.Even The Three, who are watching the operation of space, cares about it.”

“Really……..I had no idea. Eh, no way! Was it an insurance policy for Master Sun to come to me, who couldn’t become a spiritual sword master because of this constitution?”

“I suppose that’s the way it goes..”

“Grandpa doesn’t tell me anything at all.”

“But as I said many times, it’s a normal school other than that. You and I are students and teachers. Even if it’s only a couple of weeks here, I know it’s hard for you because you’re a blank who spent three years in the Demon World, but we won’t give you any special treatment either, please understand well.”

“Oh, yes. Please do so.”

“Now, the story is over. Have a safe trip home.”

“Yes, I understand. Thank you for your continued support.”

 Yuto bows and leaves. Mirei sees Yuto leaving the staff room.

 However, unlike earlier, there is something in her eyes that does not resemble this teacher.

 It could be something that could be taken as passion or adoration.

“…Yes, nice to meet you. I’ll never forget you. No matter what…”  (TN: Love/Betrayal/Yandere?!!!)

 It was a small voice, but it was a solid and powerful voice.

 Yuto goes to the entrance, puts his shoes in his newly assigned shoe box, and changes his shoes. Ichigo said, “You want me to wait?” but he felt bad and asked him to leave first.

“Wow, but I was surprised.”

 Yuto walked, but at the high school where he finally entered the school, he had never though that such a person was his homeroom teacher.

(I heard that the principal was an acquaintance of Grandpa, but is the principal also some kind of “gifted person”?)

He remembers the appearance of the principal and the content of the speech at the entrance ceremony.

(I wonder what.. Is the old man’s acquaintance a decent person?)

Sighing heavily, Yuto thought about the future. No matter which angle he thought about, he was worried about his own future, which was difficult to look forward to. But for now, he had to face the immediate issues.

 First and foremost, it is necessary to secure a source of income after moving.

 So Yuto realizes that it’s very important.

“Ah, I was going around the sealed land by the end of next month! Well, I think it’s stable now, but… I’m busy. I was born into a troublesome house. Thanks to this constitution, I’m a dropout……”

 Domori Yuto has another face that he has not told anyone.

 The Domori family has been a family lineage that has inherited the ability to fight against strange things such as monsters and demons for generations.

 From such a home environment, Yuto has been trained for succession of his abilities even before he was fully aware of it.

 However, unlike the families of other talented people, he does not actively receive requests to evacuate demons and spirits.

 Since ancient times, the Domori family has limited such work to earn only minimum living expenses.

 In fact, they are currently living without such work.

 This is because the Domori family does not want to stand out in the world more than necessary.

 Right now, his grandfather, Tenzo, has opened a dojo and is living a small life without earning any money from his abilities. 

However, nowadays, the only students are children. And because the number of people is small, it’s just enough for one person to live by, but…

That being so, there was a special situation that the Domori Family had, that was different from other families of people with abilities.

 The Domori family had to play one important role that the family themselves have imposed on their house.

 It is hidden from others, but the Domori family manages a dangerous property that could cause a great disaster in the world. Yuto hasn’t been told when and why the Domori family was martyred in this role.

 However, there are several seals and barriers under the control of the Domori family, and none of them can be dismissed with the word “dangerous”.

 Also, as if to match it, the ability to be transmitted to the Domori family was handed down to the powerful technique of building barriers and sealing vague grounds of dimension walls.

 For generations, the Domori family has played such a role, and from the past to the present, it has been obligatory to regularly patrol for particularly important seals and to repair, reseal, and reinforce the barriers.

 And…among them… there is a cave among the properties that the Domori family pays particular attention to.

 The history of its existence is uncertain, but Yuto was told that it was also the birthplace of the Domori family.

 The cave that exists in the back of the Chichibu Mountains is said to be a Demon’s cave or a Demon’s window cave, and is one of the most dangerous properties the family manages.

 Why is it so dangerous?

 That is because the Demon’s Cave is a large-scale hole that is always open in this world.

 It’s always open… a big hole in this world. The magical cave is a secret art that has been passed down to the Domori family, and it has a strong barrier that prevents people from coming and going.

 What is the other side…

 The other side is the home of many foreigners in a different world.

 On this side, it is a different world space called [Demon World], which is next to this world.

 This cave that leads to the Demon World is a ridiculous property that is too dangerous to be left out in the open.

 Therefore, among the numerous seals and barriers, the Domori family considers the cave barriers of this cave to be the most important tasks and do things, such as patrolling, repairing, and strengthening.

 They are not asked by anyone, nor are they admired by anyone. However, the Domori family has fulfilled this role as a duty, and according to the story, they have been martyred in this role for nearly a thousand years.

 As for that, Yuto is not a little proud of his own house.

 In the first place, it is common sense among people with abilities that looseness and distortion of the dimensional wall are not really unusual cases.

 However, it is often that the wall of the world loosens due to a sudden accident, a special cycle, or a special interference in a spiritual land. It is generally said that it is impossible to overlook this in advance.

 Exceptionally, it is called secret law, and there is artificial interference by magic and law, but when it comes to the Domori family’s managed property class, it requires a very large scale and strong power.

 The mystery around it is expressed as a theory, a perspective, and a power that is completely different from modern science.

 From an ordinary person’s point of view, psychics themselves are alien beings, but nowadays, they are unable to recognize them because of the common sense of modern science.

  It is impossible for human beings to realize what they cannot perceive.

 However, the reason why this magical cave is abnormal is that it is always open, regardless of such esoteric techniques or cycles.

 Nothing like this should exist, it shouldn’t. Such a thing like this, one doesn’t even expect this to exist.

 And … what would happen if it were known that such a thing existed?

 If this big hole is exposed to anyone, it may be a person who thinks bad things or an outside.

  In order to protect this great hole from those unforeseen events, one could imagine that the people of the Domori family needed a powerful force in addition to the sealing technique.

 The direct line of the Domori family is a family of spirit swordsmen from generation to generation.

 There is a family of spirit swordsmen in the lineage of Chinese talented people, but that of the Domori family is a little different from that.

 The sword of the spirit swordsman is a sword as it is meant, and at the same time, it has the characteristics close to that of a sacred tool. Therefore, it has a stronger meaning as a sacred tool for rituals.

 However, with the Domori family’s spirit swordsman, the sword skill is enhanced and it is specialized in close quarters combat. In short, it can be considered as Domori-ryu swordsmanship.

 The Domori family has dealt with it in the past situations by combining strong sealing and strong close combat capabilities.

 On top of that, the Domori family squeezed their wisdom and sometimes wielded it so that these dangerous properties would not be known to the world, and as a result, they have continued to protect those places for more than 1,000 years.

 But… there arises a problem.

 Perhaps, Yuto, who is a direct member of the Domori family, had no talent as a spirit swordsman.

 This was the first rare event in the history of the Domori family, or even a major event.

 However, in such an abnormal situation or emergency, Grandfather Tenzo did not seem to care. “Well, it’s okay if you have other abilities, right?,” He said smoothly, and the person he brought with him was Sun Wei, a master of the Sacred Way. He looked like just a drunken old man, and he was a close friend of Tenzo.

 Why did Yuto have no talent as a swordsman in the first place? 

 The reason is that Yuto had a very troubled constitution to become a Spirit Swordsman.

 No, it was a troubling constitution even when considered as an ability user.

 This is because the large amount of spiritual power that Yuto himself possesses is constantly being emitted, regardless of whether he is conscious or unconscious.

 Usually, a person with abilities emits spiritual power when the ability is activated. That is, it is a catalyst of ability activation.

 However, Yuto’s spiritual power has come out without permission.

 Then, why don’t he use the spiritual power that is out of hand? Although it is possible, it is not so easy.

 The ability that the ability user manifests varies depending on the size and density of the spiritual power of that person, as well as the added attribute. The ability person manipulates it by one’s own will and activates an original ability.

 Furthermore, the size and density of the spiritual power, and the added attributes are, in a sense, a recipe for cooking.

 In other words, it is similar to completing food by using seasonings such as attributes, centered on the food of spirit power. The same thing can be said for those with magical abilities.

(TN: Nice analogy I like it!)

 As such, the fact that a large amount of spiritual power that Yuto could not even cook was coming out on its own was a fatal problem as an ability user.

 Also, as a supplement, the ability of each ability user to activate will also change depending on their personality and skill.

 The recipe for this technique is something that all users don’t want to know. It’s not that you can use it just because you know it, but knowing the origin of its ability and the origin of it can lead to the development of anti-techniques.

 In other words, it could be said that it was a life-and-death problem for persons with ability.

 Whatever the case, Yuto always had his spiritual power coming out, and tried many times to control it, but it didn’t work out. The only salvation would be that he mastered only the sealing technique, which can be said to be the lifeline for the Domori family.

 However, this was the main reason why he lacked the qualities of the Domori-ryu swordsman, who were required to control the spiritual power at will.

 In addition, there is a high probability of being attacked by miscellaneous spirits when he approaches a spiritual place. As expected, Yuto felt that this was quite annoying.

 Due to such a peculiar constitution of Yuto, his troubled parents decided to invite Sun Wei through the connection of his grandfather Tenzo and let Yuto learn a power that does not require control of spiritual power … Sendo.

 Actually, there is a reason why it was decided to make him learn Sendo.

 It was that Senki in Sendo does not repel other forces, not just spiritual power.

 Because of that, there is no problem in allowing one individual to live with spiritual power and Senki, which is one of the reasons why Yuto learned Sendo.

This idea is premised on the common sense of the ability users community.

  Firstly, most people with abilities have either spiritual or magical power in their bodies to exert their power, and that is almost 100% inborn.

 And above all, spiritual powers and magical powers repel each other violently because their roots are different. Therefore, there is no magician who has the power of spiritual power. In other words, the accepted theory is that it is practically impossible to combine spiritual power and magical power in one individual.

 The other was that Sendo was not congenital. The sendo is what you learn by training to raise your life force to limit.

 In other words, it was possible to learn from scratch. Furthermore, Senki, which has been trained through the practice of Sendo, does not repel both spiritual power and magical power.

 From these two points, the Domori family tried to teach Yuto the method of sendo.

 When you hear this, Senki does not repel either, it may feel easy, but it is not easy to learn.

 The evidence is that most of the people involved in sendo, those who are said to be hermits and priests (though some are not), are betting their lives for the rest of their lives. There are countless people who lost their lives on the way.

 However, since the pursuit of Sendo is closely related to the quest for eternal immortality, it can be said that it will be hundreds of years in a lifetime…

 Yuto has been training for more than ten years, and considering his current ability, it would be no exaggeration to say that he had a talent beyond ordinary knowledge.

 The person himself didn’t realize it, and the people around him didn’t tell him…(TN: That he is OP)

As for his teacher, lately, he always  says “The rest you have to train on your own” and as soon as he gives a few instructions, he goes drinking with Tenzo.

 There is such a background in it, but if you try to ask Yuto, they both look like bad old men. Not only that, there are many strange people around Tenzo, the one he calls friends. It is also the cause of Yuto’s trouble.

 Yuto immediately felt the disappointing feelings of the faces of the last two people and immediately erased them from his mind.

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