Episode 62: The Truth Revealed

“Ray. About that, …… well, to put it bluntly, …… Rex is Cara’s brother.”

“B-brother ……?”

 When she said that, I remembered.

 Certainly, President’s name is Rex Hale. And Cara-san’s name is Cara Hale. They are definitely the same but …… I would say they don’t look alike, and they are too old to be siblings but …….

“Well, you can guess the family background of these guys. So, you know. I’ve rented a room in the dormitory for now, and we’ll talk about the details there. Abby and Carol are already there. I had originally planned to talk to them before the convention, but things got a little crazy. Sorry, it took so long, but I need a little company.”

“…… I understand.”

 And then we headed to the room. …… I decided to walk next to the President and listen to what he had to say.

“President …….”

“What’s up?

“Did you know about me by any chance?”

“You being the Ice Blade Magician?”

“So you knew it ……after all”

“Yeah. I was asked by Lydia-san about you. She asked me to help you.”

“Oh, I see. ……”

“Well, we’ll talk about that later. And also what’s going on in this tournament.”

 President has certainly been helping me, but who is this person …… While thinking about this, I walked on.

“Well, Ray. Come on in.”

“…… Pardon the intrusion.”

 I was led to the largest room on the top floor of the dormitory. I was told that it was the most expensive room in the dormitory and that it could only be reserved by a person who would be treated as a VIP.

 When I entered, I found Abby-san and Carol sitting on the sofa, enjoying a glass of wine. In the back of the room, the president’s family members were also waiting.

 Three of the Seven Great Sorcerers, plus the previous generation’s Ice Blade, my Master, are all here in this room, the finest sorcerers in the sorcery world.

 Also, according to what I heard earlier, Cara-san is a family member of the president, which means that the ones in this room are the president’s family and the seven great magicians. So, I guess they are not ordinary people.

“You can sit down.”

“Yes. Excuse me.”

 While I sat down on the empty sofa, Cara-san and President stood upright on the spot. They didn’t seem to be sitting down.

 Then Master opened her mouth.

“First of all, let’s talk about the …… Hale family. To put it simply, they are the family responsible for the kingdom’s intelligence agency. In fact, I’ve had a personal connection with them since the days of the Far East War. And now I’m being taken care of by Cara.”

“I see. …… but president is, ……”

“Ah. Rex’s case is a coincidence. But he knew where you were going to enroll. Of course, I told him to take good care of Ray.”

“Is that so, President?”

 He smiled and joined the conversation.

” Yeah, that’s right. Lydia-san is an old acquaintance of mine. She used to take care of me in Ainsworth-style boot camp. However, I had only heard about Ray from stories. I never thought that a teenage boy would follow in Lydia-san’s footsteps and become the Ice Blade Magician,……, but I was convinced when I met you in person.”

“That meeting in the environmental research department was ……”

“It was a coincidence. But I am sure I would have helped you as much as possible even if she hadn’t asked me to and, even if Ray hadn’t been the Ice Blade Magician. I like you, you know. As a senior, I genuinely want to keep in touch with Ray. That’s all.”

“D-Director …….”

 That’s right.

 When I think about it, many things caught my attention. On the first day of joining the club, the president told me to consult with him about anything if I needed anything. I took him at his word and consulted with him about many things. …… So there was a background to this.

 And even though I wasn’t asked to do so, he told me that as a senior colleague, he was still treating me the same way. …… Those words were genuinely very flattering.

 I was amazed at my master’s worrying nature, and at my president’s dexterity in handling everything, but I felt that I was truly blessed …….

“And the fact that I’m running for the management committee every year, and the stall I set up every year, is also a way of maintaining public order. I’m active there during the day and work independently at night. For the rest of the story from here on out, I suggest you ask Lydia-san and the others.”

 The president bowed reverently as he said this, and then stepped back.

“Master, may I ask you a few details?”

“I think it would be better to hear it from Abby. Abby, please.”


 Abby-san started talking next. She is currently wearing a suit, but she has worn it down and untied her hair, which is always tied back in one piece. Her face was also a little red, indicating that the alcohol had taken its toll.

“That’s right. First of all, the Magic Chevalier is a global competition. Are you aware of that?”


“That means it will attract worldwide attention. And there are people who abuse this. A few years ago, some idiots were betting on the students’ success or failure. They tried to intentionally manipulate the winners. And then there were the idiot members of the nobility who tried to sabotage the opposing players, and there’s no end to this kind of thing every year. So, on the front stage, the sorcerers dispatched by the Sorcery Society take care of it, and behind the scenes, the Hale clan, who belong to the kingdom’s best intelligence agency, take care of it. But this year, things are a little different.”

“By that you mean ……?”

 Abby-san gulped down another glass of wine and continued.

” You mentioned earlier that an imperial spy had infiltrated.”

“Surely …it must have been right after the entrance, huh”

“Yeah. We thought it was the Eugenics Organization, but it seems that the Awel Empire’s assassination organization, …… the Grim Reaper, has infiltrated the Magic Chevalier.”

“Grim Reaper, is such a big …… deal coming ……?”

“Yeah. That’s a definite piece of information. Also, several students of the nobility have already been reported missing. It’s probably their work. Again, the security is complete, but …… it’s a bit tricky when you’re dealing with them.”

 The Awel Empire.

 It is a great power with the highest military might in the world. In this world, the Arnold Kingdom and the Ewell Empire divide their power in two. And that country has a history of spreading the damage of the Far East War.

 Originally, the Far East War started as a petty conflict between small countries. But it spread rapidly, and the Arnold Kingdom had no choice but to join in.

 This was because it was the first full-scale war using sorcery. That’s why the only one who could suppress it was the Arnold Kingdom, the world’s leading sorcery superpower.

 Speaking of the Empire, it was ostensibly silent, but those who participated in the war know that it was behind the scenes. It was obvious that they were maliciously leaking magic technology and prolonging the war.

 And while the Far East War ended with the victory of the Arnold Kingdom,…… does the empire intend to create that kind of hell again,…… as it did then?

 A dark feeling almost lit up in my heart when I thought about it, but I swallowed it down.

 Now, I need to think about the Grim Reaper.

“In fact, I just had a close encounter with one, and he was wearing a mask with red and black patterns running through it, and his whole body was covered with robes. Also, his weapon was a dagger. It was coated with poison. He probably still possessed some sort of dark weapon. And as soon as he engaged in combat with me, he ran away.”

 Grim Reaper.

 It is the name of an organization in the empire that specializes in assassinations. Like in the underworld, the name has become a symbol of awe in the outside world as well.

 Their assassination techniques are the best in the world. And when it comes to the art of killing, it is rumored that some of them are comparable to the seven great sorcerers. But the Seven Great Sorcerers of the World are not chosen based on their ability to fight.

 Some are extremely skilled in actual combat, like me and other sorcerers, but some become the Seven Great Sorcerers because of their achievements as researchers. Carol is more on the side of that.

 In other words, in terms of sorcery combat skills, the strongest in the world is not limited to the seven great sorcerers. Among them, the Grim Reaper is regarded as the best in the world in terms of killing techniques combined with sorcery.

“…… I see. I guess he retreated after understanding Ray’s ability. …… This time, he’s probably targeting the three major noble families or the upper-class nobility. This tournament gathers all the nobles together. And this time, fortunately, or unfortunately, the three major noble houses are all participating in the tournament. Perfect timing.”

“So they’re targeting people from the …… nobility?”

“Yeah. It may be an assassination or a kidnapping, but they may want to cut down on the kingdom’s most promising sorcerers. And then, Ray.”

 Abby-san stared into my eyes.

 And she said.

“I want you to be vigilant, too. Of course, this is the domain of us adults. But if they are targeting students, Ray, who is nearby, may be more likely to come into contact with them. Just keep that in mind.”

“I see. If that’s the case, I’ll do my best to help.”

“Sorry for everything. It’s really helpful. I’ll leave it to Rex to take care of the students. I want you two to cooperate. Needless to say, we will be the main ones in charge, so just a little support is fine.”

“I understand.”

 I glanced at the president and he nodded lightly. His presence was reassuring to me as well.

 The topic was finished and the atmosphere was completely relaxed, so I started to head back …… then Abby-san said something I hadn’t expected.

“Ah, that’s right. Ray.”

“? What is it?”

“You’re the one selling while cross-dressing, right?”


“That’ll be banned next year. The store’s fine, but that cross-dressing has got to go.”


 Wha!? What are you talking about, ……!? And what does it mean? Really, what the hell is going on here?

 Although I turned towards president as if to clinging as my last hope, he shook his head. He looked away from me like he was saying it was all over.

 I was so surprised that I stood up, but I continued to listen.

“You guys are overdoing it. Sales are too concentrated in your store, and the complaints from other stores are too much. Well, you can continue …… this year’s competition, but …… from next year, you’ll have to think a little more. Besides, the menu you’re selling with all sorts of those forcefully. …… that pink idiot over there is involved, isn’t she?”

 Carol, who was trying to escape through the door, shivered a little.

“Ah-Ahaha〜☆ A-Abby-chan, …… it’s different, you know? Caro Caro is …… thinking for Ray-chan and his friends.”

“No. You’re always like that. You can’t do anything you want without listening to the advice of others. …… Ray is still a child, but you are probably mature enough to know better. You need to learn some sense. Now, you will get another sermon today. ……!”

“Nooooooooooooooo! H-Help me, everyone! I’m going to be attacked by a very serious small-breasted girl!”

“What? Carol …… you said something you shouldn’t have …… kill …….”

 Before I knew it, Abby-san had wrapped her in a mattress and Carol, who was being held by her side, was reaching for us, but …… we all ignored her, respectively, and headed for the door.

 In fact, Abby-san. Her sermons are quite long. Couple that with the fact that she is drunk, and I’m sure she is going to spend the rest of the night. In the past, it was me, Master, and Carol on that side, but …… this time, the brunt was apparently directed at Pink Idiot, so Master and I quickly left.

This is when the master and disciple’s harmonious communication, developed over many years, came into play. As soon as Master’s eyes met mine, I understood her intentions and immediately pushed the wheelchair out of the way.

 And the Hale family also bowed and dashed off.

 Carol, your sacrifice will not be in vain. …… No, I’m not doing anything else, but if I can make you a human pillar, I probably should.

 Don’t mind, Carol.

 Well, I guess that’s the difference in the day-to-day. Just give up. That’s what I told her in my mind. Of course, I don’t want to say it out loud because it would cause trouble later on.

“Carol. It’s okay. I’ll keep my promise ……, but I’ll leave that matter to you. See you later!”

“Ray-chan’s heartless ohhhhh!”

 Carol was struggling to the end, stretching her arms out towards us, but we ignored her and just slammed the door shut mercilessly.

 Then Master next to me started laughing out loud.

“Kukukuk…… ahahahaha! Kukuku…… that pink idiot never learns. …… No, …… that’s really funny. …… Kuku……”

“In the past, Abby-san used to get mad at the three of us all the time. But well, I don’t want that to happen again. …… It’s been a really long time. ……”

“Ahh. How nostalgic. ……”

 After laughing for a while, Master spoke in a serious tone.

“Well, Ray. As I said before, be careful. I don’t know much about the Reaper’s abilities. I believe you’ll be fine, but if you’re going to witness ……, you’ll need to be on your guard. And they’re probably good at fighting in the dark. Be prepared to use that if you have to.”

“Understood. I’ll keep that in mind.”

 I know that many players have their hearts set on this tournament. That’s why I can’t let them interfere in this tournament.

 At the same time, I think about Amelia.

 I know how hard she has worked and fought with herself to get to this point. This tournament will be very special for Amelia. There is no doubt about that.

 We’re here to support her, believing that she can make even greater strides.

 That’s why I vowed.

 I won’t let anything get in the way. This tournament will come to an end without a hitch.

──In the name of the Ice Blade Magician

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