Episode 61: Omen

 I was investigating the inside of the arena by myself. Wearing the armband of a member of the management committee on my arm, I’m sure I don’t look out of place. I also told Sera-senpai that I wanted to take a look around, just in case.

 The reason for this is to maintain public safety, but when I told her about it, she said …….

” A strange gaze?”

“Yes. I thought it was a little suspicious. Maybe I’m overthinking it.”

“Hmm. ……”

“You don’t believe me, huh?”

“No, actually, every year at ……, a lot happens at this event.”

“What do you mean, a lot?”

“A few years ago, the students were gambling on victory, …… and to fix the winner, they would try to hurt the other player to fix the game ……. It’s a tournament that attracts a lot of attention from around the land, though it was quickly dealt with behind the scenes. Well, the Sorcery Society has already dispatched personnel to do this,……, but I’ll be sure to talk to my superiors about it.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“So, what are you going to do, Ray?”

“I was thinking of doing some more patrols.”

“I don’t mind. But if it’s dangerous, you should run. Some sorcerers specialize in combat who have been dispatched, so leave the rough stuff to them. They’re wearing armbands, so they should be able to recognize you.”

“I understand. Thank you for your advice.”

“Uhmm. Well, be careful, okay?”

 That’s what I told Sera-senpai, and here I am. Of course, I don’t have anything else to do since the top has already been informed,……, but I wanted to do everything I could just in case.

 This tournament is filled with the thoughts and feelings of everyone.

 Rebecca, Albert, Ariane, and …… Amelia is all very enthusiastic about this tournament. But then again, so is it. Only thirty-two people from the most prestigious Magic Academy in the world were selected to fight. And they’re going to be in the spotlight.

 It is also a battle to prove one’s strength.

 Perhaps there would be some people who would discover something in this battle.

 That’s why I’m going to do everything I can to bring this tournament to a successful conclusion. I am not that tired today. Although it’s almost 20 o’clock now and the sun has completely set, there’s still plenty of time for activities.

“I should go back to …….”

 I muttered to myself.

 Currently, I’m making my way down the corridor from the warehouse on the basement floor to the waiting room on the first floor of the amphitheater. The lights on either side of us are slightly illuminating this darkness. However, at this time of night, even with the lights, there was a slightly eerie atmosphere.

 Today’s game had ended without incident, and now the management committee members are likely checking the schedule for tomorrow.

 Sera-senpai and President are also involved in that kind of work as members of the management committee, no doubt. So, in the end, I greeted my seniors and went back to the dormitory as usual.

” – …!”

 I ducked.

 The attack was a quick strike with a dagger. However, a purple liquid is dripping on the tip of it. It is definitely poison.

 The other party’s appearance is like a black robe over the whole body, and the face is almost completely hidden by the mask. The only thing that can be seen of the opponent’s true face is the slightest glimpse of his eyes. There were red and black patterns on the left and right sides of the pure white mask, which were strangely eerie.

 In his hands, he was firmly holding a dagger coated with poison. Maybe a paralyzing kind of poison. But it could also be something that would directly lead to death. I knew that I needed to keep my distance this time.

 There was also the possibility that the liquid from the dagger would stick to my skin if it were to swing. It may not be something that will kill me if it comes in contact with my skin,……, but I will raise my guard to the maximum.



 The voice was mechanical. Actually, it’s probably a human voice, but it’s probably being activated by magic to make it unrecognizable on purpose.

 From the other party’s strength, it is clear that they have a certain level of skill. And as long as they have poison in their hands, I will have no choice but to release my abilities.

 And so I ran the code at once.

《Prima Materia = Encoding = Material Code》

《Material code = decoding》

《Material code = Processing = Fixation = Release》

《Embodiment = Phenomenon》

” ─ Fixed body clock, limited release.”

 A moment later, the area around me began to freeze, but …… that quickly subsided. Instead, only a single Ice Sword was in my right hand.

 I haven’t completely released the body clock fixation. For now, I’ve kept it to a limited release, just to see how it goes. This is actually a limited release of a part of the ability. For now, I have only partially released the “slowing down” and “Fixation” to create the Ice Sword.

 I don’t know what will happen to my body either. Since not much time has passed since I fully released my power, I chose to do a limited release this time.


 There was no way my opponent would let this opportunity slip away. The enemy began to run at once, changing the direction of travel from the ground to the wall. However, he does not come down to the ground. Instead he stayed perpendicular to the wall and came at me.

 ── Gravity control. The coordinates of the relative position are moved accordingly, huh. Quite a dexterous fellow. The ability to process code, and the capacity to do so, is reasonable …….

 First, analyze your opponent’s capabilities. What can they do and what can they not do? Understanding this is the most important thing.

 Then, kicking the wall at once, he swung his dagger at my neck. I quickly ducked by bending down and struck the open torso.

 I swung the Ice Sword I was holding without mercy. Of course, I couldn’t cut off the torso, so I made it shallow,……, but there was no response at all.


 He completely disappeared into the darkness without any sign. He must have understood immediately that he was at a disadvantage in the fight with me. I’d like to praise him for his quick and good judgment,……, but the fact is that it’s troublesome for me.

” …… escaped, huh.”

 Probably using illusionary sorcery. I also judged that it was impossible to chase from here and returned my abilities to normal.

 I’ve fought with these types of people before during the Far East War, and their survival skills are above all else. Their combat is top-notch, but above all, their ability to escape is astounding.

 He probably belongs to …… some kind of assassination squad, though I don’t know …….

 When I was pondering alone, I sensed a presence behind me again, but it was a familiar face.

“You …….”

“Ray, I see you’ve had a run-in.”

“Yes. ……”

 Yes. It was the President who was there.

 But was he watching me ……? 

 Although I was in the middle of a battle, I would have noticed if he was looking at me. President’s sorcery ……that may be so. Even so, his skills are admirable. Now that I was in the middle of a battle, my senses were quite acute.

 But I never noticed him at all. Considering that he had seen me, the distance between us was probably not that far.

 So, what to do now? Explain? But it would be difficult to fool him. Besides, I’ve already used the Ice Blade. I realize that no matter what I say now, I can’t fool him.

 Now, as I was thinking about what to say ……, Master came from further behind. Of course, behind him was Cara-san, who was pushing the wheelchair.

“Master, ……? And Cara-san too? What is this ……?”

 Two more familiar faces appeared out of the darkness. But why are they coming from behind the chief ……?

 This is how I came to know what was happening in this tournament.

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