Sayonara Ryuusei Vol.2-Chapter-6-Part-1

Chapter 6 ──── Fire Dragon and Water Dragon

Part I

 Right now, I am flying in the Mortal World’s sky in the form of an adult dragon.

 Aside from the abandoned village, the village of Bern is located in the northernmost part of the northern frontier of the kingdom, and further north, a huge mountain range stretches from east to west – the Mores Mountains.

 Looking down on the towering mountain range that pierced the clouds below, I used the flow of air on my wings and the spiritual power of the wind to ascend at once.

 Not only the people, but also the houses and the towns with thousands of inhabitants are as small as a grain of poppy, and even the supposedly vast lake looks like a small puddle.

 And to be more precise, it’s not that I reincarnated as a dragon from a human, but an altered body made from the magic power produced by my soul and the elements in the air.

 Actually, it was only recently that I began to create this dragon’s body.

 Recently, when I went to greet my old friend Mairar, and when Caravis invaded my dream, I responded with my original dragon soul. The sense of freedom I felt at that time, and the sensation of flying with wings that I had long forgotten during the battle with Georg and the others, led me to create this branch of my body. Furthermore, there is also a reason for me to keep an eye on the neighborhood of Bern Village and the Entete Forest from the air.

 Even now, my consciousness is shared with the original me who is busy with some stray work in the village of Bern, while I am flying in the sky in the form of a dragon, immersing myself in a truly nostalgic sense of freedom.

 Before I was born, I was one of the Ancient Divine Dragons, the highest of all dragon species.

 However, due to the constrictions of having to strictly control a power that is too strong to live on the mortal world, dragon species of a higher rank than the true dragons have already disappeared from there.

 I, the last remaining Ancient Divine Dragon on the mortal world, have already been defeated by seven heroes, even if it is in the form of an alter ego, it would be very problematic to show the former form as it is. So, the current body was made to resemble a typical dragon that people would imagine.

 The wingspan is within the standard of an adult dragon that can reach a large sailing ship, and the scales are as white as virgin snow. The original six wings had been reduced to two, and the color of the eyes had been changed from iridescent to the same blue as the human body.

 My dragon alter-ego is an adult white dragon that humans and demi-humans would rather not mess with.

 While I was originally a six-winged, single-headed, single-tailed, rainbow-eyed, white-scaled Ancient Divine Dragon, now I am a two-winged, single-headed, blue-eyed, white-scaled dragon.

 Dragon species can generally be identified by the color of their scales, their race, their characteristics, and their abilities.

 The white dragon is an all-rounder with a high affinity for all magical attributes except darkness.

 For example, red scales indicate a fire dragon with a high affinity for fire, brown scales indicate an earth dragon with a high affinity for earth, clear icy scales indicate an ice dragon with a high affinity for ice, and golden scales indicate a gold dragon with a high affinity for light.

 And so on.

 However, there are some dragons with mixed blood, and their scales are not always of a single color. Some of them have red scales, but they can also control lightning or breathe wind.

 The number of pure-blooded dragons seems to be decreasing, especially among the younger generations, and intermarriages between dragons of different races are not uncommon, and even when I was still living as a dragon, I received a fair amount of stories about dragons of different races taking turns.

 Although I haven’t met any of my brethren since I was reborn as a human, Serina told me that there are a number of Dragons living in the Mores Mountains.

 I wonder if I’ll meet any of them today.

 As I continued to fly, I saw seven shadows flying in the sky that looked very much like dragons, one or two sizes smaller than me.

 Unlike dragons, their forelimbs have been replaced by wings similar to bat membranes, and their spear-like tails and hooked claws secrete deadly poison.

 They are wyverns, also known as a flying dragon or pterosaur, which is one of the oldest sub-dragon species.

 The shape of its head, with its horns extending backward, and its limbs covered with gray scales are almost identical to those of a dragon.

 However, they are less intelligent than dragons, do not have the magical ability to manipulate Dragon Language magic, and do not have the ability to let out the breath, so their individual abilities are greatly inferior to dragons, except for their ability to reproduce.

 My eyesight, which was incomparable to that of a human, caught the image of a human being riding a wyvern with saddle, reins, and stirrups strapped to its back, which appeared to be the size of a pea even without magical enhancements.

 Serina had mentioned earlier that the Mores Mountains were home to wild wyverns and human settlements, and it seemed that these settlements tamed the wyverns and used them as riders.

 The high altitude is too cold for humans, so even though it’s springtime, they wear fur cloaks, collars, and hats with fluffy rabbit-like fur ear coverings, leaving very little skin exposed.

 It is said that there are nations that use farm-raised wyverns as air forces, and I had heard of wyvern riders before, but it was a slight surprise to me to find one so close to home.

 Despite the existence of these rare wyvern riders, I had never heard of any contact between my kingdom and them. That would mean that the kingdom has no contact with the people of the mountain range, but rather with another nation to the north of the mountain range.

 The wyverns have not yet noticed me, nor have the riders, who have better eyesight than normal humans because they are riding wyverns.

 Thinking that it would be too much trouble for them to notice my presence, I flapped my wings vigorously and flew up into the sky.

 I was bathed in the intense sunlight as I passed through the sea of white clouds and into the mid-sky, and for the first time in a while, I was once again enjoying the freedom of flying without being bound by anything.

 However, after doing so for a while, my senses detected the presence of a foreign object approaching rapidly and issued a small warning.

 The danger level was extremely low. What was approaching me was undoubtedly a being of the dragon lineage.

 It had been a long time since I had felt the presence of a kindred spirit, and I couldn’t help but relax my eyes. It was not a bad feeling to be face to face with my distant descendants.

 Even from this altitude, I can see the black mountains of the Mores Mountains below me. So the dragon approaching me must be using a corner of the Mores Mountains as its territory. And it must be approaching me to drive away from its own kind who have invaded its territory.

 I flapped my wings and stayed where I was, waiting for the dragon to show itself.

 Soon, a young female fire dragon with bright crimson scales appeared, breaking through the sea of clouds from below.

 No, judging from the color of her scales, she must be a crimson dragon, one of the older species of fire dragons.

 The bright crimson scales that bounce back the sunlight as my white scales do, the youthful vibrancy of life, and the developing limbs that are not quite as mature as an old dragon’s, I judged it to be an adolescent dragon that had not yet molted for twenty years.

 The pupils of its eyes, which were the same crimson as its scales, were constricted vertically and stared at me with a steely glow of caution and struggle.

 In human terms, she was in her late teens, or at the most, barely 20 years old.

 Wings that flap powerfully, strong musculature and nerves, and a skeleton covered with solid scales. For me, the oldest of the dragons, the youthful vitality of the figure seemed dazzling, partly because I hadn’t seen my own kind in a long time.

 Being young means that you are full of future and potential. I felt that this alone was a wonderful thing.

“Did you set foot in this place knowing it was my territory?”

 Before I could say anything else, the crimson dragon asked me in a piercing tone. It’s a bit of an overstatement to say that she’s hot-blooded, but fire dragons tend to have a rough temperament as a characteristic of their species. It was understandable that she would have an aggressive attitude toward me for unexpectedly invading her territory.

 However, from my point of view, the crimson dragon looks like a child who has not yet reached adulthood, stretching herself as much as she can, which makes me smile.

 In any case, the difference between the dragon and I, who had deteriorated significantly after living in the mortal world, was too great.

 Even so, even if they are the lowest level of inferior dragons, dragons are powerful enemies that humans and demi-humans cannot afford to be careless about.

 Even if you’re an adventurer or a knight with top-notch skills, an average adult dragon is a brutally hard enemy to beat.

 But for me, as an adult dragon, there is no reason to fear even though I’m only an alter ego. Even though I’ve lost my original body, as long as I still have power in my soul, I can deal with the adult dragon in front of me in any way I want.

“No, I didn’t know you had a territory. If it bothers you, I’ll leave immediately.”

 I wanted to enjoy some conversation, but the crimson dragon seemed to be very wary of me, and it seemed difficult to talk to her.

 You don’t need to be so blatantly cautious.

 Even if it was an invasion of her own territory, she seemed to be overly nervous about dealing with her own kind, but not much time had passed since she left the nest, and she might have a lot on her mind.

 With some regret, I decided to respect the young one’s feelings and suggested to leave, and actually tried to do so.

 However, as I moved to turn away, I perceived a burst of red flames erupting from the crimson dragon’s mouth.

“Let this be a painful reminder to you to never show yourself to me again!”

 Even though I would have walked away quickly without doing anything.

 In my final days as a dragon, I remember feeling a similar sense of frustration when the heroes challenged me without saying a word and faced the crimson dragon.

“It’s important to defend your territory, but I don’t like the idea of starting unnecessary fights.”

 A huge fireball with a diameter of a two-story house was shot out of the crimson dragon’s mouth.

 The flame spewed by dragons has a strong magical power without being conscious of it, and it is distinct from mere physical flames. It is a flame that burns the spirit, even the soul.

 I alternately spread and closed my wings in response to the four shots, and moved softly and waveringly as I floated in place, avoiding all of the fireballs that were fired at me.

 The sparks from the fireballs touched my white scales, but my scales, which are crystals of compressed magic power, are not even scorched by that level.

“If you get too carried away, you’ll shorten your lifespan. Young lady.”

“You are not much older than I am! I’ll make sure you can’t talk. I am Valet, the Crimson Dragon of the Mores Mountains! Remember this name till death do you part.”

“Fumu, a name after the Winged Serpent Vajette, the ”Great One of the Flames”. She was a benevolent and virtuous Goddess, though it does not suit the hot-blooded young lady. Although it is a good name.”

 And the reply of the Crimson Dragon, who called herself Vaje, was another fireball.

 I countered the fireball which was heading for my face by spitting out a white blazing fireball and hitting it, and then I shot my wings further up into the sky.

 Just as the fireballs canceled out, I was already in a position to start moving, and after a bit of a delay, Vaje also followed me, spreading her wings of crimson scales and skin.

Since we are already above the sea of clouds, there is no barrier between me and Vaje, and our white and crimson scales glow brightly in the sunlight.

 I look behind me and catch Vaje flying in a meandering motion behind me.

 My flight speed, which I keep to a reasonable level for an adult dragon, is still comparable to that of the fastest Adult Wind Dragons.

 Because she could follow me without being detached too far, she was also quite fast.

 I felt that the fire magic was growing behind me again, and I moved my wings to the right and to the left, imitating a butterfly flying in the spring breeze, to avoid the fireballs that were fired again, with my back to Vaje.

“What’s the matter with you, you just run and run, you white bastard! A coward who won’t even identify himself!”

“No, I’m just trying to be a training partner for the young lady. My name is… Fumu, I’ll tell you my name when you can get a scratch on me.”

“Cheeky Bastard.”

–part I end—

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