Episode 54: The Pure White Sur

純白のスール is the title


 While shouting, we continued to gather and serve customers.

 The best-selling set is the A set. So, out of the three of us, I work the most. Obviously, there is a lot of corn available at the moment, so the workload for the managers is also enormous.

 Through magic, we managed to keep the overflowing smoke out of the way while we all continued to work hard. We were starting to sweat profusely, but we kept smiling as we wiped off the sweat with towels.

 Because we’re professionals.

 My cross-dressing has already spread by word of mouth (they don’t know I’m a cross-dresser, of course), and more and more customers are coming to see Elisa and Clarice.

 There’s no stopping this line.

 The opening ceremony of the magic swordsman competition was less than an hour away. And yet, the crowds did not stop. In fact, the momentum is only increasing. If things continue like this, we’ll probably run out of stock for today.

 The scorching sun shines mercilessly on my skin. But patience. Beauty is endurance. That’s what Carol told us, and we continue to endure. And both Elisa and Clarice continue to endure.

 How can I pull back here……!

“Oh, I’m rooting for you!”

“Thank you so much~☆”

 For some reason, I’ve been mistaken for an idol or model who’s currently on the market, and for some reason, I’ve been getting a lot of “I’m rooting for you! “

 I couldn’t afford to lose the sales rate by denying it, so I just thanked them and left. In the middle of all this, there was a person in the line who caught my attention.

 A girl holding a parasol. Her entire body was dressed in a black one-piece dress, but her arms and legs were covered with black protective sleeves, indicating that she was carefully protecting herself from the sun. There was hardly any bare skin visible except for her face.

 As a girl, it is important to protect your skin. …… I understood why she was so meticulous about her sun protection.

 —I see. This must be …….

 As I served the customer, I glanced at the girl again.

 She probably has congenital leukoderma. It is also known as albinism. This is a congenital lack of melanin pigmentation, so not only her skin but also her hair is pure white. Her eyes are crimson in color.[TN: Leukoderma is the name given to white patches on the skin. These patches are due to the partial or total loss of skin pigmentation or depigmentation.] 

 She had such good looks that she looked as if she had come out of an imaginary world,…….

 In recent years, there are theories that albinism is on the rise due to magical factors. It is said that internal codes are the cause of this, and external codes also take root in the brain the more you use them, so the code theory itself may or may not be the cause. ……

 In fact, the truth of the matter is still a mystery. However, the number of them has definitely increased from the past, which is unusual, but I didn’t have any special thoughts about it.

 Rather, I could only be grateful to them for taking the trouble to line up in this hot weather and in the harsh sunshine.

“Hey, nee-san, you look cute!”

“Yeah. Wanna go somewhere nice later?”

 The men in front of the woman started to do something that looked like picking up girls.

 The woman has a …… young face when you look closely. Her appearance, pure white skin, and pure white hair. And she looked like someone completely separate from this world.

 Her hairstyle was semi-long, but her bangs were cut at an angle so that only one eye was visible. And on the side where her hair hung over her ears, a large number of piercings stood out. These piercings were not only on her earlobes, but also on her cartilage.

 She looked quite flamboyant, but I had the impression that her face was actually a bit more mature.

 I could understand why she would want to talk to me, but her hand was trembling a little as she held the parasol. Then there was only one thing for me to do.

“H.e.y there~☆”

 I smiled and called out, and the men turned to me with startled looks on their faces. And then, as if caught in between them, I move to shield the girl from the men’s gaze.

“This way, please… ☆ Now, please choose quick~ly… ☆”

“Ah …… yes.”

“U…… Umm.”

 I pulled the hands of the two male customers and urged them to order. The girl on the other hand was dumbfounded with a puzzled expression.

 Then they nominated Elisa and Clarice, who were probably scared by my move. The next person to arrive was the girl.

“Welcome~☆ What would you like to order~?”

“T …… that …….”

“How can I help you?”

“T-Thank you for your ……!”

“No, no. No problem at all!”

 She then raised her face and bowed glancing upwards.

 And as our eyes crossed each other, I felt a strange sensation. It is true that albinos are rare, but …… she looks like someone else, someone I know.

“Ah …… that! Can I ask your name ……?”

“I’m Lily White☆”

 I smiled, showing my teeth at her. Then her face turns bright red. She has pure white skin, so the change is very easy to see.

“Ah. Then …… that ……A set of …….”

“Thank you for choosing me! Set A is ready!”

“Yes! A set!”

 So the devil’s corn comes to me, and I bring it to her mouth.

“Yes, say ah~h☆”

“A-Ahhh… ……”

 She eats it with a bite. Then her face broke out like a flower. It was like a single flower. But this smile …… seemed familiar to me, as if I had seen it somewhere before. That’s right. I’ve seen it somewhere …… this morning.

“Oh …… it’s delicious!”

“Is that so? I’m glad.”

 In the past, I would have ended the conversation here and moved on to the next customer, but …… she told me her name at the end.

“Ah….that, I! I’m Maria Bradley!”

“Bradley ……? Could it be?”

Oh, yes.

 It’s similar if you ask me.

 You can’t tell if it’s just the color of the skin, the color of the hair, or the color of the eyes. But if you take a closer look at the shape of the face, it resembles …….

 Rebecca senpai, who has been a great help to me.

 And there’s no doubt about it, that Bradley character. She’s is Rebecca senpai’s sister.

“Is it possible that you are Rebecca senpai’s sister?”

“Eh!? Do you know my sister?”

“Yes, I do. I’m a freshman this year, and she’s been very helpful to me.”

“Is …… Is that so ……”

 I thought she was surprised, but there was a little dark shadow on her face.

 Hmmm,……, come to think of it, I hadn’t heard that Rebecca senpai had a sister. I’m not sure if they get along very well. But I’m not so tactless as to pry into it here.

“Ah, …… that!”

“Yes. What’s wrong?”

“C-Can I call you onee-sama?”

“Sure, …… it is fine. Then, Can I call you Maria?”

“Y …… yes! Lily onee-sama …….”

 Maria is looking at me with admiration in her eyes. I’m not sure if it’s from this heat or some other factor, but her cheeks had a hint of vermilion in them.

“I’ve made up my mind! I’m going to go to the Arnold Magic Academy next year and become onee-sama’s junior!”

“Fufu……, is that so? I’m looking forward to it!”

 And with a big smile on her face, she waved her hand lightly and headed for the venue.

“Onee-sama! I’ll come again!”

“Ye~s! I’ll be waiting for your visit again~!”

 But unfortunately, Lily White won’t be there when she enters the school next year. No, there may be a chance to dress up as a woman again someday, but I don’t want to destroy …… her fantasy. I’ll keep this to myself.

“Hey …….”

“What’s up, Clarice?”

“You’re a sinful woman, …….”

“Fufu. Is that really so?”

“Yeah. I’m sure she’s looking forward to next year.”

“Well, that’s …… inevitable. ……”

“Umm, ……, but it was a fleeting illusion. ……”

 Elisa’s voice was unusually raised as she responded to Clarice’s question as she came up to her and sneaked a look at her.

“Both of you! We’re busy, so no chit-chat!”

“Ah, sorry, …….”

“I’m sor~ry!”

“……… It’s kind annoying when you cutely say things like that!”

And then, a few moments later, it was Ariane and Miss Tiana who arrived. Ariane was wearing the same school uniform as before, with her beautiful platinum hair curled vertically.

 And Miss Tiana was also wearing the same hairstyle as Ariane today. And she’s wearing a pure white dress, which suits her very well.

“Lilly, onee-chan! I’ll have two A sets, please!”

“Oh! Tiana-chan! It’s been a while!”

“Yes! Lily onee-chan is a little different from before!”

“Yes. She’s a gal today!”(Well it says Gyaru, but oh well) 


“Yes, that’s right. I mean the flashy, cute one.”

“Waa~! But you’re right! They’re all so cute!”

“Fufu. Thank you very much!”

 As I was having this conversation with Miss Tiana, Ariane was also talking to me. But the look on her face was completely fed up, or rather, dumbfounded.

“Ray, the next time we meet,  …….”

“…… Shhhh! Tiana-chan is right here!”

“Ah …… yes, I know. I mean, I can’t help but think you’re a real woman. ……”

“That’s right. I’m Lily now.”

“Is …… Is that so. I hope one day I can meet the real you. ……”

 After the two of them had enjoyed the A set, we went back to work. We continue to serve customers without a break in this hot sun. But right now, the A set is getting flooded with orders, so Elisa and Clarice are able to do their best.

 I, on the other hand, am not going to collapse like this, so I continue to sell the A set while smiling.

 As I do so, …… I discover a woman.

 The woman in the maid’s outfit pushing the wheelchair was …… Master. Today, she was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and a long skirt. The queue digresses, and she comes right in front of me.

“I’m here to see Ray. …… Perhaps he’s not here?”

“Master, it’s me.”

“…… Ah, wha?”

“I’m Lily White. That’s the name Master gave me, right?”

“Oh, you’re …… Ray?”

“Please call me Lily for now.”

“St…… Stupid. …… What’s …… wrong with you…”

 It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a surprised expression on Master’s face. It seemed that she was genuinely surprised and was dumbfounded. Cara-san, on the other hand, was smiling at the sight of me.

 She usually has no expression on her face, so it was very unusual. After looking at me, she also looked at the managers who were working on the project. I wondered if they knew someone who knew Cara-san.

 Then, as Lily, I struck up a conversation with master.

“It’s thanks to Carol!”

“Well, that’s true ……, but the transformation seems to be well done ……, or maybe too well done …….”

“Even in the current state, the internal code is still usable to some extent!”

“So, …… I see. No, this is the first time I’ve seen you do that since you entered your second growth spurt. …… Seriously, …… you are really genius to the point. …… I don’t know where will you reach, but well. Fufu ,I’m glad you’re having fun.”

 Master smiled and told me so, and I also responded in an earnest voice. Obliviously, in a woman’s voice.

“…… Master, thanks to you, I am able to enjoy my life here at the academy. So, I will continue to enjoy this school life with my irreplaceable friends.”

“Well, ……, no, Ray was that kind of guy. A Serious and kind person. I’m glad to see you enjoying yourself, too. Please do your best.”

“…… Yes!”

 Cara-san and Master, who ordered the A set, each gave an ahhh to each other. Cara-san looked very satisfied, and Master looked happy and went straight to the venue.

 Fu…… seems that my skills have become even better than Master’s expectations.

 While I was deeply moved by this thought, I continued to work.

“Onee-sama! Please give me ten A sets! I want the full limit!”

“Onee-sama, ……, I’ll take the full limit, too.”

“Fu, I want to be stepped on ……!”[TN: Call FBI]

“Lily-san, since the day I saw you at the academy, I’ve been waiting impatiently for the time when we could meet again!”

 And the people I met at the Diom Magic Academy also heard the rumors and came to me. I, of course, continue to serve them with the biggest smile I can muster.

 And then, an hour later, …….

“This is the last one. We’re sold out for today! Thank you for the hard work~!”

“”Thank you for your hard work~!””

 We, three sellers, greeted each other and held up the “Sold Out, Sorry” sign. Devil’s corn was selling out at an astonishing rate, and …… had sold out for the day in just a few hours.


“Yes. President.”

“Great job. See you tomorrow. And you two as well.”

 His overly large frame bows to the three of us. Of course, there was no way we could not comply with that.

“Leave it to me!”

“Un ……! I’ll do my best too!”

“Well, I can’t help it, so I’ll do it!”

 This is how the devil’s stall, which would later become a legend, was born.

 It is said that the devilish taste and the devilish cuteness of the food addicts the customers, or something like that. The truth is that only those who have tasted both can understand the truth. ……

 And we thought. This success will surely be remembered for years to come. But we didn’t know it at the time. That it’s an idea that goes too well. ……

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