Episode 55: Opening Ceremony

 With me in tow, Clarice, and Elisa went back to the dormitory to remove our makeup and change into our uniforms.

 By the way, I was changing in the bathroom of the room. In consideration of the fact that I couldn’t change with Clarice and Elisa, I did so.

 After removing my makeup, I took off my costume and changed into my uniform. On top of that, I wore the happi coat of the …… Amelia Cheering Squad. Of course, since it was made to cheer for Amelia, the base color is red, the color that symbolizes Amelia.[TN: Happi coats are traditional lightweight cotton jackets worn mostly during Japanese festivals]

 In addition, the words “Amelia Cheering Squad” were hand-sewn onto the back.

 When I slip it on, I feel full of energy.

 So this is the feeling of wanting to support your fellow …… friend.

 I’ve finished my preparations and I’m ready to get out of here, but before I do, I should probably check with Clarice and Elisa.

“Both of you, is it done?”


“U…… Umm! We’re good to go!”

 When I came out of the bathroom, I saw the two of them already taking off their makeup and putting on their uniforms. Of course, they were wearing the happi coats that I had made as well.

“Ray is looking good. ……”

“Umm, …… looks amazing.”

“I’m glad to hear it, but you both look good. It’s good. We’re dressed for the Amelia Cheering Squad. Let’s go for it with confidence!”

“Well, after experiencing …… that outfit, I guess it’s no big deal.”

“I’m already used to it. ……”

 So the three of us immediately went to meet up with the president.

“President. Thank you for your hard work earlier.”

“No, you did the same. We had three very good sellers, and we’ll probably have the biggest sales this year. That’s quite a lot for today alone. My family is already on their way to restock for tomorrow.”

“I see. That’s great then.”

 Gathered by the entrance of the Arena, dressed in Amelia’s Cheering Squad costumes, all wearing happi coats, we naturally attracted a lot of attention from the people around us.

 I also saw the cheering squad of another competitor out of the corner of my eye.

 Rebecca-senpai’s Cheering Squad, led by Sera-senpai, had already gathered. Seeing this, all of us are naturally boosted in morale.

“Fu….I see. The other cheerleading squads are also quite enthusiastic. But ……”

“Yes, President. We’ve got this.”

 Fu, with a smile, all of Amelia’s Cheering Squad released their bulk at once.

“Hey, ……?”

“W-What the heck are they ……?”

“Amelia Cheering Squad ……!? No way, Amelia Rose’s Cheering Squad is …… the Environmental Research Club of Arnold Magic Academy ……!?”

 Everyone from the Environmental Research Club pumps up at once. And it gave off an overwhelming sense of intimidation with its ripped muscles. There was no particular reason to do this, but you could say that the game had already begun.

 The power of the Cheering Squad would be essential to the morale of the contestants. That’s why we’ve decided to cheer for Amelia with our overwhelming muscles.

“W…… Woaaa. ……”

“A-Amazing. Everyone ……”

 Clarice and Elisa were staring at us. The two are probably the only female members of Amelia Cheering Squad. It’s not so glamorous with all the hot and bothered men. And I’m sure Amelia would not be unhappy to have her good friends cheering her on.

“Okay. Let’s go, boiz.”


 And so we, Amelia Cheering Squad, made our way inside.

 As we made our way through the arena to our assigned seats, I saw her at the …… right time.

“Excuse me, president. I’ll talk to an acquaintance for a moment, so please go on ahead.”

“Oh, I see. Okay.”

 As soon as everyone had gone on their way, I immediately called out to her.

“Ariane, what a coincidence.”

“? …Well, who are you ……? I don’t remember. It’s …….”

“It’s me. I’m Ray White.”

 Then she approached me and stared at my face. She understood, and her face broke into a smile.

“Ray? Ahh! You’re Ray!”

“Nice to meet you in this form, ……,”

“You were a beautiful girl earlier, so it’s …… a little surprising that you’re …… so masculine.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. But maybe it’s because of all the women I’ve seen in my life. …… I was especially shocked today. ……”

“That’s the biggest compliment I’ve ever heard.”

 Yeah. I met Ariane Olgren. Like the previous time I met her, well no, today she seemed to be more enthusiastic than before.

 She was wearing light make-up and had a beautiful face, and her trademark curly hair was looking good.

“I think you look even more beautiful today than before. I think it suits you well.”

“…… Do you get it?”

“Of course I do. I think it’s …… you’ve been working on for the competition.”

“Of course. I, Ariane Algren, am the candidate to win the rookie competition. No, I’m going to win, so I’ve prepared a …… suitable appearance, you know?”

“Winner, huh ……, I don’t know about that …….”

 When I told her that, Ariane looked at me with a serious look in her eyes, but without a hint of self-consciousness.

“Are you talking about Amelia?”

“Yes. Amelia is totally ready.”

“Is that so …… well, I’m looking forward to it. I will have to see for myself if she can reach me now.”

“Fu, yes. However, if she and Ariane were to meet, it would be in the …… final.”

 The tournament list had already been announced, and somehow Amelia and Ariane had ended up on different sides. And if they were to face each other, it would have to be in the finals.[TN: As usual, in a typical Rival fashion where they would only meet in finals]

“Well, of course, I will be there. Just tell Amelia that. I will be waiting for you in the final.”

“You’re very confident.”

“Yes. I’m proud and confident of myself.”

 It’s not just pride.

 Ariane Olgren. She knows herself very well. That’s why she has this confidence and behavior.

“Okay. I’ll let Amelia know. See you soon.”

“Yes, I will. I’ll look forward to seeing you again.”

 With that, I parted ways with Ariane.

 I knew once again that Amelia was a formidable foe to face.


“Contestants enter.”

 As I headed to my seat, the opening ceremony was just about to begin. By the way, it is said that in Magic Swordsman Competitions, there will be broadcast and live commentary and with the broadcast being done by selected students and the commentary being done by the faculty, it is a tradition.

 Under such circumstances, it seems that the students who are in charge of the broadcast are currently running the opening ceremony.

 The competitors entered the arena one after another. There were sixteen participants in the rookie competition and sixteen in the main competition. In total, thirty-two selected players arrive in a line.

 Among them, of course, was Amelia. With a serious face, she looked solid in the face of these numerous spectators.

 I still haven’t been told the reason for Amelia’s tears.

 Even so, I believe that she must have found something important within herself.

 So I’m sure Amelia will be fine ……. I believe that she will be able to defeat many strong opponents and stand at the top of …… it.

 When the competitors have finished their entrance, Abby went up to the stage and announced the opening of the event.

“Well, this year’s Magic Swordsman Competition is here again, but …… only one of the players here can win. One from the rookie competition and one from the main competition. Fighting a battle for a single summit is what you will be fighting for. For the title of the strongest student, that is. In recent years, the skills of Magic Swordsmen have improved greatly, and the battles seen in this tournament are of a very high level. Some of them even surpass the level of students. That’s why I have high hopes for you. Students, if you want to master magic, you need not only …… talent and effort, but also an environment of friendly competition. In that sense, this tournament will surely be a great source of inspiration for you. Now, I want you to give it your all. Put all your strength to infinity…… and beyond.”

 With these words, she left the stage.

 The opening ceremony proceeded smoothly, and …… ended.

 The time now is 11:20. In forty minutes, the first match will begin here. Today’s schedule consists of the first round of the main tournament and the first round of the rookie tournament, with two games each.

 Among them, today’s last match. That would be Amelia’s first match.

 We will be there to support Amelia with all our might.

 In order to assist her….

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