Episode 53: Man’s* Domain

I am confused with the title ヲトコ*ドメイン

“Waaaw~, you guys are all super cute!”

 Carol had finished our make-up, and even our hairstyling was complete. And we three, who had changed our outfits, stood side by side in a row.

“Uuh ……, this is so embarrassing …….”

“H-How did this …… happen?”

“Fumu. It’s much better than I expected.”

 The three of us wore almost identical outfits. A one-piece outfit with long boots and a lot of frills. It seems that this is the Gothic and Lolita style that is popular nowadays. Or Goth Lolita for short. Elisa had one of these outfits by chance, so I took it to Carol and had her order custom-made outfits for the three of us.

 Carol has a very good network of contacts in the clothing industry, and this time, although I didn’t recognize the person, she had asked one of the top professionals in the field.

 I heard that the fabric for this costume was of very high quality. It may be true because the fabric of this costume feels good to the touch. And since the sun is very strong this time of year, some of the fabric is made of mesh, which is very breathable.

 The design, of course, is based on black and white and is decorated with a lot of frills, but not too many, just the right amount, according to ……. In addition, the part of the bare legs that can be seen between the long boots and the skirt is called the “absolute area”, and the range of this area is also strictly set, or so I heard.

 At any rate, under Carol’s supervision, the three perfect sellers were born.

“Elisa. It’s okay. I think you’re cute, though different from usual. No, you’re too cute. …… That kind of makeup is wonderful. It suits you well.”

“Re…… really?”

“Of course it does.”

 Our makeup is darker than usual.

 This time, we’re going to sell it under the name “Devil’s Corn,” so we’re going to go a little darker than usual, though we’re not going to go as far as to call it a devil’s outfit. The make-up on each of us was darker, especially around the eyes. It seems to be a kind of gal makeup.

 However, I was told that if the makeup was too thick, it would give a bad impression, so I asked Carol to keep it in the cute category.

 By the way, Elisa’s cheek has a heart mark on it, and so do mine and Clarice’s. Clarice had undergone a rather flashy transformation, with a heart on her right cheek and a star on her left.

 But …… Fumu. I’m used to seeing my own makeup, so I don’t think it’s a big deal, but …… It’s amazing that the quiet Elisa looks like a real gal.

“Uuh …… how did this happen …… uuh ……”

 Next, when I saw Clarice was depressed, or rather nervous, I immediately called out to her for encouragement.


“W…… what?”

“Don’t worry. You look good too. Rather, Clarice looks like a real gal in that line.”

“Who’s a real gal!”

“No, I’m genuinely complimenting you. The usual Clarice is very good, but today she’s looking her best.”

“T-the best ……?”

“Yeah. Yes, of course.”

“R-Really ……?”


“D-Don’t care about it at all! Really? I’m not happy to hear you say that!”

 Clarice turns her head to the side. And the usual was with her twin tales, but today’s twin tales were different.”

 The tips of the hair are neatly curled. The gently curled hair gives a somewhat mature impression. Incidentally, Elisa’s hair is short, so she has gently curled her hair all over.

 On the other hand, I’m wearing a long chestnut-colored wig as before, but this time I’ve tied it into a two-sided up bun.

 My previous cross-dressing was basic and plain. But now, I’ve taken it up a notch. You know what I mean when I say ……? It means that my cross-dressing has become even more brilliant …….

 Fuhaha! Isn’t that the perfect lineup!

 I can’t help but get a little excited inwardly. That’s how enthusiastic I am about this one.

“Even so, ……, how cute are you going to be?”

“Y-Yeah, ……, you’re amazing, Ray-kun.”

“Ahem. Please refer to me as Lily in this state. Lily White. That’s my name.”

“Wow! You’re really starting to look like that person. ……”

“Well, yes, …… I think I might be losing confidence in myself as a woman. …… No, I’m not that confident, but …… this is a bit… ……Yes …….”

 While the three of us were talking, it was already getting late.

“Well, Carol. Thank you for your help.”

“Yeah☆, but do . not . forget about that, okay?”

“Yeah, ……, I’ll make sure of that.”

“Yay ☆ Everyone, do your best~”

 And after saying goodbye to Carol, the three of us went back to the stall ……, or rather, went into battle.



“We’re back.”

“Ha, …….”

“What’s going on?”

“…… is that really Ray…?”

“Yes. By the way, you should refer to me as Lily in this state. I’m Lily White.”

 And I also altered my voice, changing the tone of my voice.

“Really ……, I can alter my voice like this, so don’t worry.”

“O-oh, …… I understand.”

 There was already a pretty good smell around the place, and a lot of corn baked in the sauce was lined up. Since we are going to be out almost all of the time for the next two weeks, we have taken measures to deodorize the place, and after we are done, we are going to clean it with magic and hope for the next day.

 That’s why let’s do our best to be the best vendors this time!

“Hey ……?”

“T-That’s ridiculous. ……?”

“I-it’s possible ……, that kind of thing ……?

“That tall, ultra-pretty girl, she’s a ray ……?”

“Gulp. …… Oh no. I have found a new religion……”

“Stop! Return back! Beyond that, it’s hell!”

 The club members are in an uproar, and the President’s family was staring at the three of us with eyes wide open.

 It was a great feeling.

I was confident that this would generate top-class sales.

“Ray ……”

“Evi, what’s up?”

“You …… look amazing. …… My muscles are bit surprised……”

“Huh, is that so?”

“Yeah. But all three of you are cute, so this is perfect!”


 By the way, while I am behaving in a dignified manner, Elisa and Clarice are still embarrassed or looking down all the time. …… It is almost time to open the store.

 There are already quite a few people who seem to be spectators. And those people seemed to be attracted by the smell, and even more surprised by the three of us dressed.

 It seemed to have a great effect on attracting people.

 Now it was up to us to keep our spirits up.

“Elisa, Clarice.”


“What ……?”

“It’s okay. We are the cutest. Now, recite.”


“We are the cutest!”

“”We are the cutest!””


“”We are the cutest!””

“Let’s all go for the last time! Ready!”

“””We are the cutest!”””

 In the midst of the two lovely voices, only one voice is wildly …… I quickly change my tone of voice again.

“Let’s go, then! Elisa, Clarice!”


 So, the first battle for the three of us began.



“This corn is~ very deliciouss~☆”

“It’s delicious~☆”

 It was nine o’clock in the morning when the entrance to the arena began. The store finally opened its doors.

 At the same time, a wave of people poured in. The three of us served the overwhelming number of people with smiles on our faces as we managed to organize and handle them.

 All three of us raise our voices one tone higher than usual.

 The line was getting so long now that we couldn’t even see the back of the line. Therefore, they seemed to be dealing with the situation by doubling the line. Incidentally, someone else was organizing the line for us.

 Because we still have another important mission.

“A  -A set please!”

“A set, Thank you for the patronage! Lilly, you’re up!”

“Yessss~☆, Lily-chan, let’s go!”

 President told me so, so I quickly took the devil’s corn and headed to the man who made the purchase. And…….

“Yes, a~hmm!☆”


“Is it delicious?”

“Y-yes! It’s very delicious.”

“I’m glad. Well, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

” He-Hes!”[TN: saying yes with mouthful food”

 I gave the man who had purchased the product a bite and immediately returned to my post.

 That’s right. The menu is sold at this store. It’s not just the devil’s corn. Of course, there are drinks, but there is also a special menu.

 It’s called the A, B, and C set. The price is five times that of regular corn. I thought it was illegal, but apparently, they were allowed to do so.

 The A set is for me, the B set is for Elisa, and the C set is for Clarice.

 And on the menu list, it says

[[Set A: A tall, beautiful girl will sweetly heal you.]]

[[B set: A little faltering, but angelic healing is offered.]]

[[C set: The best tsundere for you …… (you can adjust the amount of tsun and dere)]]

 We’ll have to play the characters as they appear. The idea was Carol’s, but it seemed to work surprisingly well, and the crowd never seemed to stop.

“AH …… that, ahmm. Is it delicious?”

“I don’t want to do it, but…! Don’t get me wrong! Hmmm! But ……, well, ……, it’s special just for you, okay?”

 So far, the most orders have been for me, but there has also been a steady stream of nominations for Elisa and Clarice.

 Umu …… that’s good.

 However, with more customers than expected, and many of them ordering this seemingly illegal special set, we had no time to rest at all.

 But so far, everything was going well.

 —All right, I’ll work even harder!

“Welcomee~☆!How about some very deliciousss cornn☆”

Will post Noble Reincarnation soon

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