Episode 52: Regarding Preparation? I am Ready

The Magic Chevalier is being held in an Arena in the Central District. It is also known as the Circular Arena(Colosseum).

 The spectators surround the arena and watch the battle in the center of the arena. …… With the front seat being low and increases towards the back.

 And the lottery for the front seats is quite high, so it’s not easy to get a seat. …… Elisa, a freak of the Magic Chevalier, said that it was very difficult to get a seat, but this time, …… I! The Amelia cheering squad was able to secure a seat at the very front. However, not all of us were in the front, but we had three rows of seats from the front.

 Of course, we owe this achievement to our President. “What? You’re worried about your seat? Hmmm, …… Just leave it to me ……,” and tickets for Amelia’s cheering squad had already been arranged.

 So Clarice and I arrived at the venue without incident, and now the management committee members from each academy had gathered, and since, Sera-senpai was in charge of everything, and we were listening to her.

 To summarize, there are many different roles, such as guiding outsiders, recording matches, guiding players, and cleaning the arena after each match. Among them, Clarice and I were chosen to be the cleaners.

 No, actually, we weren’t chosen, but …… I asked Sera-senpai for the job. The cleaning staff is the most suitable for us because we have to work as vendors and Amelia cheering squad on the day.

 Senpai listened to my request and Clarice and I became the cleanup crew. Of course, it wasn’t every game, but the games where we had to clean were already in rotation.

 In particular, we definitely want to cheer for Amelia’s game, so the schedule has been set up after taking into account the requests of various students. ……

 I really have to take pay respect to my seniors.

 After the summer break, I promised her that I would go buy some flowers for her, and I will work hard. I’m really indebted to Sera-senpai.

“Okay. The management committee is in order.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

 After the meeting of the management committee in the arena, Clarice and I went to a certain place.

 Our turn as management committee members comes after the game starts, so we have a lot of time to spare now that it’s seven o’clock. The doors opened at nine o’clock, the opening ceremony at eleven, and the game at twelve.

However, we had something to do first.

“Hah, ……, I’m kinda feeling a bit overwhelmed, …….”

“It’s okay. I’ve hired a professional for this one.”

“A professional?”


“Well since it’s you, I’m sure you’ve hired someone amazing…….”

“No, Clarice already knows who that is.”

“Eh, who’s ……?”

“It’ll be interesting to see when we get there.”

 When Clarice and I arrived at the meeting place, we found that the Environmental Research Club had already started setting up.

 They had set up a stall, a large amount of corn in cardboard boxes, and the secret Ainsworth sauce. Of course, we also prepared a barbecue stove with legs.

 Not only the Environmental Research Club but also what appeared to be the president’s family had already started preparing.

 I walked right up to them and exchanged greetings. They were all very nice and seemed to welcome us with open arms. By the way, just like the president, his physique was quite impressive.

 And then I had another conversation with the President.


“Yes, Director.”

“I’ll give you this.”

“Thank you very much.”

“How long will it take?”

“About an hour and I’ll be back.”

“All right. Good. I’ll see you then. This year we’re going to have the highest sales ever. And you will be the ones to make it happen.”

“WE WILL…….”

 I bowed respectfully and left. And next to me, Clarice and Elisa are following me.

“UUuuu……, I’m so nervous. ……”

“Elisa too?”

“Uhh, ……. Clarice-chan, you ……?”

“I-I’m a little …… nervous too. I’m not used to this kind of thing. ……”

“It’s okay, you two. You’ll get used to it.”

“Why are you so calm!”

“Hmm…… that’s a silly question. Because I’m going to the next level.”

“Already……..I’ll just stop asking you, …….”

 So, I got a piece of paper from the President. It was a reservation ticket for a dormitory right next to the Colosseum. This is where most of the players and tournament officials stay, but …… we were given room for one thing.

 Of course, that was to prepare for being a vendor.


“Ah, Ray-Cha~n! And you two~! Yahoo~! Capi☆”

 I entered the huge dormitory, and Carol was waiting for me at the entrance. Normally, I would have run away in fear. But not this time. That was because I had asked Carol to do it.

 I asked her to do the makeup for the three of us.

“Eh? Carol…….sensei”

“Yeah! That’s the teacher Ray was talking about. But you were friends with her? And she’s a very famous person, one of the seven great magicians. ……”

 Elisa knows about my circumstances, so it’s only natural for her to be convinced, but …… Clarice was strangely curious.

 Well, I will tell her about it sometime. But for now, time is pressing. We have to get ready quickly.

 As soon as I showed the paper to the receptionist, I was taken to a large room on the first floor.

“Come~in! I’m going to make you all look so cute~☆Capi☆”[GODDAMMNIT]

“Yeah. Please take care of us.”

 When I entered the room, I lowered the large backpack I was carrying.

 And in it, I took out the costumes I had prepared one after another and spread them out on the bed. I also prepared all the cosmetics that Carol had told me to prepare.

“So, Ray-chan, you can do …… some of it yourself, right?”

“Of course. By the way, do you know the theme of this project?”

“Of course I do~. Fufufu …… make-up is my specialty ☆ Leave it to me!”

 This idiot woman, Carol Caroline.

 Basically, she only says and does stupid things, but this time she is really useful. She is very capable. The right person for the right job.

 Of course, Carol didn’t ask for any money when I asked her to do this.

 Rather …… we made a trade and……..I accepted it. It’s all for the sake of making this Magic Chevalier. And for everyone to enjoy.

 That’s why I’m willing to sell my soul to this demon.

 I would never sell my body, though. ……

 Then I immediately start applying makeup. Layer the foundation, and after some preparation, use the eyelash curler to raise the eyelashes, then carefully apply mascara,……, and continue the process of makeup.

 Elisa and Clarice have very little experience with makeup, so they leave it all to Carol.

 As for me, I’m going to finish off by applying a nice lipstick. I applied it firmly to my lips and completed the …… base. I’m going to let Carol do the finishing touches and then I’m done.

“Carol. I’m done. So I’m going to change into my costume.”

“Okkie~☆ I’ll see Ray-chan later~”

 I stood up from the mirror and reached for my costume on the bed.

“Hey, Ray.”

“What is it?”

“Oh my god! A-Amazing…… You can really do that by yourself. ….”

“Of course I can. This kind of technique is essential for infiltration. ……”

“Oh, yeah. …… Yeah. …… I won’t bother asking you anymore. ……”

 Currently, Carol is doing Elisa’s makeup and Clarice is on standby, so she must have nothing on her hands. And while talking with the two of them, I began to take off the uniform I was currently wearing.”

“W-whoa! Don’t take it off so suddenly!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. But you are used to seeing me in my swimsuit.”

“Yes ……, but ……Ah! By the way, when you dress as a woman, your body …… you change your muscles and skeleton structure, right?”

“Yes, but?”

“Can I see it?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Gulp. …… I wonder what it’s going to look like.”

 Clarice was staring at my body.

 Fu, I know you’re in love with my muscles, but I have to do something quick here …….

 This technique is one of the ultimate that those who have mastered the internal code can reach.

 The name of the magic is metamorphosis.

 As the name suggests, the creature metamorphoses, hence the name.

 And I’m going to run the internal code in my brain.

<<Prima Materia = Encoding = Material Code>>

<<Material code = decoding.>>

<<Material code = processing>>

<<Embodiment = internal code.>>

“…metamorphosis, activate.”

 A moment later, my body started to change while making a cracking sound. Of course, I’ve already incorporated the format for a female body into my code theory. All I had to do was wait for this metamorphosis to be over.

 And in less than ten seconds, …… is complete. My body had been completely transformed into that of a woman.

“Ugh …… wow …….”

“How was it, Clarice?”

“It was kind of …… creepy.”

“Fuu. I see, …….”

 I’m not hurt.

 This technique is actually classified as Holy-Grade Sorcery, and there are very few people who have access to it. It is rare even among the rare sorceries. It takes an enormous amount of time and bloody effort to master this. But that’s just what I’m saying. If Clarice felt uncomfortable,…… it can’t be helped.

 Aah….it can’t be helped,…… gulp,…….[TN: He’s adjusting his vocal cord]


 After putting on the costume, I started to put on the wig and completed the …… work. In the end, Carol will make some corrections, but this is mostly finished.

“Fu, Fueeeee…..”

“What do you think, Clarice?”

“No, seriously, …… that’s amazing, …… I would never know you were a guy, …….”

“Fufufu ……, is that so?”

“Oh my God! Even your voice has changed! Uhhh ……, you’re a real pretty girl when you’re like this. I mean, it’s a little different this time than before. Rather than a normal beauty, she’s ……”

“Ah. This time, the theme is gyaru(Gal). That’s why it’s a standard practice to go for the cute ones.”

 So, the three gals are going to sell corn. …… What will be the result?

 No, the result is already decided.

 I think it’s obvious that we’ll end up with a big victory.


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