Episode 9: Practical Exercise

TN: I will change from ordinary person/General citizen to commoner

“Now, I think you guys are already hearing rumors, but it’s about that.”

 First thing in the morning. Gray sensei tells us clearly in front of the platform.

 Then, at the same time as that word, the classroom begins to buzz.

 What on earth is that? I don’t have much to say about this place, so I haven’t come to know about the different locations around here.

“You guys will have practical exercises in Kafka Forest. Some of you may have already heard from seniors, since this year it will be done as usual.”

 Kafka Forest?

 I know about that. It is a vast forest further north of this school. Sometimes monsters come out and commoners rarely approaches the area. I also heard that even magicians wouldn’t go there those who had no experience in battle. It means to measure the student’s ability in practical exercises using it.

 Hmmm… When I recognize that this is similar to military training, I enter into a position to listen to the story of the Gray sensei. I am late in attending this school. At least I want to have a firm attitude.

“Let me give you an overview again. First of all, this institute aims to cultivate excellent magicians. The dean says that 80% of students do not succeed, but the basic ability is still necessary for the student in this institute. It is necessary for all students, such as those who will enter the army aiming to be magic swordsmen, and those who will advance to university as a researcher. It’s also important to make an effort in. But this school requires you to complete a common education course for a year or two. This is part of that.”

 So that’s it. I think this practice is advantageous for magicians who are strong in battle, but it may not be so surprising. However, rather than training the body like in a military exercise, it means nurturing a magician from the perspective of education both physically and mentally.

 Certainly, there are many sorcerers from the academy, but everyone had not only their ability but also their intelligence tempered. It seemed like I could see that glimpse, and I had a strange sense of satisfaction.

“I will give you an overview about Kafka Forest. It is a vast forest north of here. Many of you may already know about it. Of course, there are demons, and if you let your guard down you will be killed by them. Well, on the day of the event, you would be backed up by teachers and senior students, but remember that combating demons is essential for your development. This is the first battle class for, but don’t try to get help too much, understand? If you do it poorly, it may cause you to keep repeating years.”

 Gray sensei then draws an entire map of Kafka’s forest on the blackboard.( TN: we too used to have blackboards back then, now every one is changing to whiteboards and markers)

 I see… the terrain itself doesn’t seem so difficult.

“And the goal is to reach the center of the Kafka Forest. The time limit is within 48 hours. After that, if you were unable to reach there, you will be disqualified. And those who clear the training their condition will be reflected in the results, and vice versa. Now, the problem here is that this is a practice session in which a party is organized. Party will be of 4 members. Party members will have a common destiny. If a colleague fails in mid session, you will also fail. In that situation, I will have you practice in this kind of scenario. And within the designated time and place . Work with the person you like and practice with them. Then, I will hand out the materials, so please check it firmly.”

 Then the materials come from the front.

 It seems that what Gray Sensei referred to is as it is, but more details are also written.

 —Hmm…I see.

 This time this is going to be quite fun. I like studying, but I actually never hate moving my body. And in a case like this one, my magic would be useful.

“So for the rest of today’s lessons time you can use it to organize parties in your class. Of course you can use other classes as well, as this will be done throughout the year. But it’s important, then I’m taking my leave…”

 At the same time as the Gray teacher left the classroom, the students all stood up and started talking to other students.

 It would also be so. Being able to partner with better people will be an advantage. That is, even if your ability is poor. But the reality is not so sweet. It is unlikely that a good person will bother with a poor person. Surely, I expected that the overall party structure would be a competitive strength.

 When I was wondering what to do, Evi appeared in front of me.

“Ray, let’s be in one party”

“Evi. Is that okay? It’s no secret that I’m not good at magic.”

“Hehe. Leave that to me. But you’re good at moving yourself. I think it’s always good for sword training.”

“Oh… I see, then let’s be in a party?”


 I look closely. I thought so.

 Due to some reason I am not able to use magic effectively.  It’s not due to my origin being a commoner, but for another reason… That’s why I’m not good at all magic, but I haven’t lost any other skills. There are magics that can still be used, and basic body movements and other knowledge are certainly still there.

 It was necessary to survive.

 Although I was doing it while holding back to some extent in sword training, Evi’s seems to have a firm eye. I was strangely happy for some reason.

“Well, what do you do for the rest? Don’t you think the being in the party with Withered Wizard is quite tough? “

“Don’t mind about that. Really… but is Ray’s reputation not good?.”

“Huh, It is not here.”

“Well, it’s true, but I believe……”


“You must be something different. My sixth sense is responding.”

“Well… honestly, I have experience in the forest and especially in the jungle. From food that can be eaten, food that can not be eaten. From securing fresh water to the method required to create fire. To be honest about survival techniques I have about 18 of them. This is also a technique cultivated in the countryside woods.”

“Oh! After all! I was wondering if that was true! Did you know this kind of exercise?. It’s not enough with just magic skills. I thought having a time limit of 48 hours would be rather tough. And that’s why I think that knowledge is important in this kind of scenarios.”

“Evi. Even though your body is huge, but you have very delicate thinking.”

“Hehehehe, isn’t it? It’s superfluous just to have a huge figure!”

 While I was talking about that, I though about our shy student.



“How about Elisa?”

“Oh, that would be good right? I want to count on the excellent magic of half-elfs.”

“Let’s go for an invitation”


 Then we proceed through a noisy classroom and call out to Elisa, who she was facing. She sat still and looked down, but when I looked at her, she looked happy, but the shade soon disappeared.

“Elisa. How about you join our party?”

“Ah… but that’s… I’m happy for that… but I’m not good…”

“Yes…. And do you think a Withered Wizard is? Speaking of reputation alone, I would be the best at it from other end.”

“But… Ray-kun is good at exercise?”

“Well, like everyone here is”

“I think that this practice need that kind of ability… but I’m the worst in physical exercises…”



 I forcibly lift her face up. When I pull Elisa’s face with both hands and fixed my eyes into hers beautiful glittering eyes and said,

“Okay, Elisa. It’s a virtue to be humble. But if you go too far, it can be a poison. You should be more confident in yourself. But I’m not optimistic about being positive. Realistically, let’s go ahead and look forward to knowing what you can do and what you can’t do, and have your friends support you for what you lack, and on the contrary you will support. I am sure Elisa will surely be benefited by facing herself on this exercise, so let’s do our best with all of us.”


 The light gradually returns to the face. There is no longer a shadow. For a little while, her motivation ignited. I felt like that.

“Hehe. It’s exactly what Ray says! I rely on Elisa and Ray to support me. So let’s go together!”

“Yeah… thanks, both of you…”

 Anyone who sees it with a smile on it will surely find it attractive. Then I got the third member and I was wondering what to do with it….

“Miss. Rose! Please come With us!”

“No. By all means with me!”

“No. How about us! Miss. Rose!”

 Amelia-Rose, the eldest daughter of the Rose family, the first of the three major aristocrats.

 That talent has already been acknowledged by everyone. It is a self-evident reason that Amelia is so sought after. But when she declines all that, she goes in a certain direction.

“I’m sorry. I already have a group…”

 Then, it was really three of us.

“Is there one more person available?”

“Of course. Your seat is vacant from the beginning.”

“Fufu. Isn’t Ray having a strong motivation in this exercise?”

“Because we have you now, we have the best members with great talents? “

 When I grin, she also returns with a grinning smile.

 Then the party members for this exercise were decided.

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