Chapter 21 : A mysterious organization that moves in darkness

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The palace in the royal capital is home to the queen Ghierotte and her son Rais, and ones only allowed to enter by their aides.

 It was a building that symbolized the conflict between the king and queen.

 There, Princess Marianne, who received the affection of king, rushed in.

She will be 17 this year and she is a beauty that makes the appearance of the late former queen clear. Although she ran with the dress’s skirt lifted up and rushed by the lady’s palace, the appearance of her long blonde hair was so eye-catching to the guards.

 The reason guards didn’t stop her was not because she was trapped in her good looks but only due to Ghierotte approval for her to come and go to the palace. She runs even in the villa. Hold her breath and smiling. Eventually, when she stopped in front of the target room, she knock opened the door there.

“Rias, we got a reply!”

“Wow! Don’t open it suddenly, stupid sister.”(TN: yeah! you can’t do it like that sometimes he may be…….)

“Why are you having trouble with me opening the door so suddenly?”

“Noisy! I’m talking about courtesy, this idiot!”

“You have been careful enough to not use violent language, right?”

“Hmm, Whatever you want to call it.”

 Prince Rias was facing the desk. With the pen in his hand, he turns his body to the direction where Marianne while sitting.

 He too has grown over the last five years.

 He is taller than others in the same age group, and he has a solid body. He not only developed high magical abilities, but also his sword skill with help of his mother who is the best sword user in country. He started seriously studying sword skills after his defeat.

“It’s not cute at all. Your sister is sad.”

He feels irritated by his sister who gives up on his shoulder.

(Dude, I have been trying to get used to it since then. I am already sick of this)

 He wondered if that guy was the reason behind it.

“So? Harth is coming? You don’t have to report every single thing you know. He can’t refuse my father’s recommendation anyways.”

“Well, that’s a pity. By the way, today’s lesson is over? Do you have a love story that you can’t put out again?”

“This isn’t a love letter!”

“The other party is Charlotte!”(TN: His brother is gonna murder you if you do that)

“It’s not! Why would I be interested in that little girl.”

“So, to Mr. Harth?”

“…………, no.”

(How easy it is to read him…)

 Marianne knew that Rias was writing and tearing down letters for invitation. The letter was for the other party, his opponent, Harth.(TN: Hoi hoi..Rias is a Tsun!)

“If it were you, you would have had the opportunity to go to the frontier.”

“My mother doesn’t allow me. I said before that I wanted to go visit but was yelled at by her with a terrible sword screen.”

“Yeah, so did you want a letter of recommendation to invite Harth to the royal capital?”

 Send Harth to school in the royal capital.

 It was Rias who suggested it.

 Marianne was so happy that her younger brother depended on her for the first time, so she asked her father to send a letter of recommendation to the frontier.

“I want to know the secret of his strength. Since then, I’ve been desperately polishing my magic and sword skills, but I feel that the stronger I become, the further away he is.”

 Marianne had the same thought.

 She’s still afraid of Harth’s unfathomable strength, even if she had seen it only once. Rias who fought directly may have more things to think about.

“If he goes to the same school, I’ll have the opportunity to get up close, won’t I? That’s the reason.”

“The defeat changed you. But the cheeky part still hasn’t changed.”

“My sister is sure is not honest. Hey, that’s right, you are the who seems to be more excited and energetic than I am. You said “He might not come here until he received a letter of recommendation.” and ran towards father to make him write the letter ?”

“Whaat!? Who told you that kind of story?!”

“It was rumored by the guards. My sister seems more obsessed with him than I am.”

“Ha! Haaaa! That’s not a nice way of putting it, I do admire harth –,”(TN: Wow sweet home albama)



“Oh, no, I didn’t mean I was in love…”

 Marianne’s face is dyed red.

“My sister, maybe…you..”

“…………, is that right?”

(So easy to understand)

 If Marianne and Harth get married, it could be a huge obstacle for Rias to succeed to the throne.

“Well, I don’t care…”

 But his interest was not there now.

“Did you say something?”

“It’s not anything. Let’s get back to it. Sister have you heard the rumors? Weird guys are infesting the school.”

“… Did you hear about it as well? Yes, it seems that about two years ago, a believer of a strange religious organization has been enrolled and is expanding its power to other students.”

“Was it “Lucifera”?”(A random devil worshiping organization appears)

 Originally it was a small religious organization. However, in recent years, it seems that it has gained a large source of funding and is rapidly increasing the number of followers.

 Despite the fact that public awareness was extremely low for some reason, there were a number of cases in which aristocrats entered the center of business and politics.

 The kingdom has “Mija” as the national religion. “Lucifera” is a new religion disguised as a faction, and in fact, the theory of worshiping the devil was whispered even in the royal palace. 

“Their thoughts are radical. Even the aristocrats who profess to overthrow the royal government have appeared, saying “The world should be the only one to return to God.” Even the awkwardness of our royal family is obliged to leave it alone. The problem however………”

 The problem is complicated. No, maybe it’s simple.

 After all, the biggest source of money for Lucifera is….

“What is your mother thinking about…”

 was Queen Ghierotte, such were the rumors floating around.

“My sister wants Harth to manage them, right?”

“It’s a shameful idea, but I expect it. Of course, I don’t want to force him to do it. I don’t want him to fight a mighty opponent with his student status.”

 But Marianne looks down.

“I would rather not be caught up in such political and religious troubles, and at the very least, I would like all students to work hard on magic.”

“Well, no matter how outrageous he is, there’s a limit to what he can do on his own. It won’t be as good as mother. Ah, but…”

 Rias pondered his memory.

“No, I heard there was a weird guy in the territory of Sir Zemphis.”

“Do you mean the “Black Warrior” we heard about when we visited?”

“Sometimes new information comes in, but somehow I’ve heard that he recently beaten a giant dragon.”

“Is it true? It’s a ridiculous person.”

“Isn’t there any connection with Harth? It seems that he’s a ally of justice, and if he asks, he may do various things.”

“It’s a bit like asking an unidentified person…”

 The two who were talking were unaware that a person has entered this place without knocking.

“It seems like there’s a lot of talk going on.”


 It was Queen Ghierotte.

 Rias stood up with kicking momentum and stretched his back.

“Oh, mother(step) sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while, Marianne. Every time I see you, you become more beautiful.”

“Ah, thank you —!?”

 When she tried to lower her head, she suddenly caught her neck.


“Where are you looking at now?”

 The finger she grabbed with bites into her throat.

“Aren’t you looking at the collar right now? Is it so funny? I am Miserable? Miserable? I wonder if you’re one of those who laugh at me!?”


“Mother! Please stop!”

 Ghierotte pierced him with a frosty look as Rias screamed.

“Fooh, don’t worry. It’s just a joke. But a careless gaze can make you disqualified as a lady? Be careful, Marianne.”

 With a quick release, Marianne fell from her waist to the floor. He rushes in quickly.

 Ghierotte doesn’t give her a glance and walks up to Rias.

“Sir Zenfiss’s son is going to the same school as you.”

“What do you…..?”

“You’re talking right now, right? Huh, is it not eavesdropping you think? I heard from somewhere.”

 In other words, at least the subsequent conversation was heard. He also doubts the connection between “Lucifera” and his mother.

 Rias legs are stuck and was unable to move.

“I think it’s already a shame because he’s coming from a remote countryside. Rias, get along with him.”

“Yes, yes…”

 Ghierotte still approached him, whispered to his ears.

“Get as much information as you can about the “Black Warrior” from the little boy.”


“You can right? It’s a secret to everyone. Don’t let Marianne and that little kid be aware about this. You’ll only give information to this mother of yours.”

 Ghierotte left without waiting for his reply, and grabbed Marianne’s hair, crouching and holding her neck.

“Now Marianne, I’ll send you out of the palace. Don’t approach here in the future.”

 When she forcibly lifted it, some hair fell out.

 Marianne breathes in the dark eyes of the queen. Of course she wanted to refuse, but she was afraid that she may be killed.

“Huh, huh. Soon. It’s just around the corner. The day when this horrible collar comes off is just around the corner.”

 Dragging Marianne, the queen left the room.

 A laughter echoes in the hallway.

 The screams of the queen echoed with laughter that seemed insane.

 –God, Lucifer! The rumors were true!!!

 Rias lost his strength in his legs and collapsed to floor.

 The shivering stopped, saying that he did something irreversible. He have seriously involved the only target “he(Harth)” who was supposed to be the wall that should be overcome. 

“Sorry Sorry……”

He was feeling terribly miserable, holding his knees and repeating an apology that never reached anywhere.

 Meanwhile, at that time, speaking of Harth.

“It’s done! Call it “anywhere door””.(TN: Dude just made a Doraemon anywhere door)

 I was working on the new development of barrier magic. ( I really doubt that it can even be classified as a barrier magic now)

 A door is made next to the window. When I opened it, I was connected to another house instead of outside.

“This is a so-called “transposition device” that allows you to connect two points in a mystery space-time. Unlike the door that can go anywhere, I can connect only two points at a time and the difficulty is that I have to go to each point to set out a barrier but that’s it. With this now in my hands I can reach my Hikikomori house within seconds–“

 Behind him, who was so excited that he was screaming loudly, a younger sister who had come to know it was with her shining eyes.

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