Episode 10: To Kafka Forest

After school. We decided to remain in the empty classroom and discuss about the practical exercises in Kafka Forest tomorrow, both as a strategy meeting and self-introduction.

“Maybe you already know me, Amelia-Rose. Best regards, everyone.”

 First, Amelia introduces herself.

Here four people are sitting around the desk. Then Evi on the left side opens his mouth.

“I’m Evi Armstrong. The room in the dormitory is in the same room as Ray. Nice to meet you everyone.”

 Next was Elisa. Although still nervous, she immediately started introducing herself.

“Ah… well… it’s Elisa Griffith… I’m a half-elf…! Well… thank you!”

 The last is my turn.

“Ray White. I am a commoner and I have a lot of problems with magic, umm… Well nice to meet you all.”

 After all the self-introductions were over, we were ready to discuss the capture of Kafka Forest.

“But… Kafka’s forest. It’s quite large. I heard from my seniors, but there aren’t that many parties that can clear it every year. What’s more problematic is that a magic that disorients people is applied to the whole forest. “

“I see. Is it a pattern in which magic has become established in the forest itself?”

“Yes. It looks like that.”

 I followed the story of Amelia.

 There is a phenomenon in this world where magic has become established in the land. That is what creates the labyrinth and other special places.

 However, Kafka’s forest would distract you from your sense of direction … In addition to that, one has to take care of demons and cannot walk all the time. Assuming you spend at least one night, it’s going to be pretty tough.

 I’m confident that I can go about three days without sleeping in more extreme places, especially in the jungle, but I don’t think that everyone else will be able to do so.

“Yeah… First, I want to understand the topography of the forest, but it’s difficult to understand with just the map I got… I think this is the only way to actually go to the site to figure it out… and let’s sort out everyone’s specialties in magic”

“I’m pretty good at flames.”

“I’m good at strengthening my body!”

“I… I’m. well.. good at… water and wind…I guess?”

“I see. By the way, I’m the same as Evi, I’m good at physical strengthening.”

 Even in the current state… I didn’t add it.

 Why am I good at physical strengthening? No, “good at” is not exactly right. Compared to others, the meaning that it is still usable is correct.

 This is because code theory is easier to apply if it is internal interference rather than external interference.

“Well, then, I wonder if Ray and Evi would be good for the vanguard. I’m a mid in the attack, and the rearguard is Elisa?”

“Okay, I want you to let me be the mid “

“Is it fine?”

“Yeah. This kind of training requires mindfulness. This situation is probably the most accurate for me. I want Amelia to be in charge of vanguard with Evi.”

“All right, umm….. but….you said you know this kind of training…..may be you…. .”

“Well, there’s a lot of stuff in the country woods.”

 When Elisa said that, Amelia immediately changes the subject.

“Well… well. I’ve been relying on Ray in various ways. It seems like he’s really good at training sword skills or doing physical exercises.”

“Oh! Amelia has the same opinion! I wonder… Ray has a strange way for movement… It looks like same as my father…”

“Oh. Evi’s father?”

“Ah. he’s a soldier, but the atmosphere is strangely similar.”

“Hmm. That’s right…”

 Amelia stares at me. I know you want to pry on me, but I’m not gonna give you a inch through and through right now.  Finally I decided to ask Elisa’s opinion.

“Elisa. We decided on our own, are you okay with the decisions made? Your opinion is also valuable, you know.”

“Oh … well …… I’m certainly more of a sorcerer… so If I’m in the vanguard I can’t move which is not good .… and I’ll do my best to support everyone…!”

“Umu. Keep it up.”


 Elisa’s was strangely motivated. I’m glad I pushed her forward.

“Nevertheless, I never thought the eldest daughter of the Rose family will come with us. It’s too surprising…”

 That was Evi. Well, surely Amelia could have chosen a better party. But why did she bother to choose us?

“I hate these bloodlines bullshit!”

“Muh. Really? The Rose family is the first of three major aristocrats, right? Aren’t you supposed to be a proud aristocrat?”

“It’s not that I’m not proud of it, but… I don’t like being praised for everything is due to my blood. I tried so hard to become the person I am today and now …….I’m being called a wizard not due to with my hard work but with my talent only.”

“…I see. There seem to be various things going for the aristocrats too.”

 I don’t like pedigree. I heard the story for the first time, but some aristocrats are reluctant to have too much pedigree, but it seems that Amelia seemed to be of that camp.

 Certainly pedigree principle values ​​its blood above all. In other words… talent. However, as I said before, I think that competence is achieved by appropriately interlocking talent, effort, and environment. This is the word of the teacher, but I also think it is the truth.

 Talent alone is not enough. It’s just the effort and the environment alone.

 I have been taught so much to the point that I hate it. Certainly blood is important. But if you’re so trapped in that alone, you can’t move forward. In fact, not all of the Seven Great Wizards of the World are from aristocrat families either.

 After that, we all had another discussion and decided to dismiss it.


 So the next day. We were in front of Kafka Forest. In front of me, I can only see the thick forest. It is impossible to see through the depths.

 All the first grade students participated in this exercise, but the initial position was decided for each party and we were standing in our designated place.

“Uuuuuuu… I’m nervous…”

“It’s okay, Elisa. We’re here for you.”

“Uu… Amelia is very kind… Uh…”

“Come on, let’s cheer up!”

Said the women and were playing together.

On the other hand, speaking of us men…

“Ray, you don’t seem nervous.”

“Of course. It’s been a while since I last felt this way.”

“been a while you say?”

“Well, I’m from the countryside. I was running around the forests and mountains.”

“Hmm. Is that so?”

 The past few days. I know Amelia and Evi’s gaze is sometimes severe. Well, there are circumstances where I can’t reveal my identity easily, but it’s getting hard to tell a lie. Master, what should I do…

“… Master”

“What? Did you say something?”

“No… nothing.”

 Looking up at the sky. Summer is already approaching, and the sky is very clear… I felt that way. Under this blue sky, I will continue on doing my best today.

“Well, are both of you ready?”


“Ah. All right, no problem.”

“Uuu…I’ll do my best…! Yes..I’ll do my best!”

 Then, when I looked at my watch, it was about 6 am, which was the designated time for arrival.

 By the way, what you can bring in this exercise is a watch, portable food, a water bottle, and a knife and sword. The rest must be procured locally. It will be a lot of hard training, but I want to make the most of my experience.

“Okay, get started!”

 When we hear such a voice out of nowhere, we run all at once. We just plunge straight into a forest full of trees with nothing in sight, but… Apparently, our starting position wasn’t so good.

“Demon beast!?”(TN: or Monster which is good?)

“Giant bees? Everyone, in positions! let’s go! “

“””Yes! !! “””

 Our battle in Kafka’s forest is about to kick off.

TN: Tomorrow there may not be a new chapter for Iceblade magician. I am going to be busy at home with other stuff.


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