Episode 8: Withered Sorcerer

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“Hey, look at that.”

“Yeah… that’s right.”

“Withered Sorcerer”

“He can’t even do Material shift, did you know?”

“Seriously? It’s a real failure.”

“Well, this may be the limit of general citizen. But I think I did his best in just getting here.”

“It seems that there’s a rumor about backdoor deals, you see?”

“Eh…? It’s really dangerous.”

 Morning time. When I was walking from the dormitory, I hear such a voice.

 ──I see. I seem to have become a celebrity in the school even if it’s on the other end of spectrum.

 When I was heading to the classroom while thinking about such a thing, I could hear the sound of running from behind.


“Mu? Amelia. Good morning. It’s a nice day today. Look, the flowers are blooming beautifully. Looking at the breath of life, do you not notice the beauty of the world? You can find it. I think it’s very important to appreciate the nature.”(TN: Dude already flirting in morning)

“Well, you are right. Wait …it’s not about that!”

“Wow… what’s with that loud voice?”

“Don’t you know!? You are called Withered Wizard in the academy! “

“Of course I hear it. No… I don’t like that naming sense. It’s just a double-meaning. I’m sure the one I’ve attached is full of sense. It’s about something I don’t have. So I think it’s an honest praise.”(TN: Talk about positivity)

“No, no! What with your hat offs and praises? No regrets or anything!?”

“Why are you so mad? You’re not even the involved party either.”

“That’s… such discrimination… I can’t forgive it…”

 Amelia faces down and grumbles.

 Up until now, I have often dealt with adults. There was a lot of human relationships, and there were times when I thought this was cute. That’s why it doesn’t matter if I am just told like this…….

 ──Really, Amelia seems to be a very good person with a strong sense of justice.

“Yeah. Discrimination, scorn, contempt. They’re bad things. But it’s true that humans are always equipped with such malignancy. It’s a pure fact. Even animals have the phenomenon of bullying. I’m sure it’s an environmental problem, and it’s probably the fate of living things and this time it was me.”

“Yeah… yes… but that’s the reason why I cannot accept it!”

“It’s okay, Amelia. Everyone’s sure that I’m something rare. And everyone seems to be interested in me. I have heard that rumors about people till 75th day. Rumors will settle down on their own after some time.(TN: れに人の噂も75日。Any help I can get?)

“… aren’t you regretting?”

 She looks towards me with big eyes. I could see certain anger there. Of course it’s not towards me. Righteous indignation. That is all. I’m honestly impressed by a woman with a strong sense of justice.

“Yeah…I don’t think I’ll be neglected at all…well, it’s true that I don’t have such high skill in magic now. But if I use it as a spring, I can move forward. Yes, competence is composed of three elements: talent, effort, and environment. Environment is more than enough if we are in this institute. If I make up for the talent I can still work out something. Isn’t it correct?”

“Well… yes… but you are a big guy thinking like this.”

“Do you not think it’s a very natural idea?”

“It’s just a theory, but usually that’s not the case.”

“I see. It’s difficult to do normally.”

 After that, I headed to the classroom alongside Amelia, but the line of sight that was pouring down was still severe.


“Yes, Ray. Let’s go out and eat.”

“Evi. Okay.”

 The morning lesson is over and we are heading to school.

 I have been eating it several times already, but the school food here is really delicious. What was the one I had eaten so far… It was so delicious. As expected, it is the world’s top magic school. Environmental support seemed to be quite substantial.

“Nah Ray”

“Yes? What happened?”

 I went to school and first took a seat. After that, when I get a meal at the window, we return to our seats and start eating. That’s where Evi asks.

“That’s the rumor.”

“Withered Wizard.”

“Ah. Is it all right?”

“There is no mental problem. However….”


“Don’t bother about it, even if it comes to physical violence.”

“I don’t think that’s a matter of course… but violence is the even worse than dropout. I don’t think the people who are saying that have that kind of spirit. “

“Okay. That’s fine. There’s no harm if it’s just spoken words.”

“I mean….”

“Hmm what happened?”

“You’re quite an adult… I’m not a bit of a that contemporary thinker.”

“Um… yes…”

 Place a spoon and indulge in meditation.

 Certainly I’m told I’m weird and other don’t think I’m the same age. The cause is clear. It’s in the environment I grew up in. I was born in an ordinary non magician’s family and wasn’t brought up to be a magician. The reason I started to use magic is not necessarily the same as the students here.

“Ray. There are some things to note when you enter the school.”

 But this was to some extent an expected category. If I were suddenly thrown into this situation, I would be in a hurry, but in my case it wasn’t.

“What? Colonel”

 This is what I talked to with colonel Abbey right after the Far East campaign ended.

“You are from ordinary family.”

“I am aware.”

“It doesn’t matter what your family name is on the battlefield. The strong magicians survive and the weaker ones die. That’s all. But the place you are going to go to is more important than anything else.”

“I see… I will study hard.”

“The aristocrats are especially prone to that. I remember having a hard time in the past.”

“The Colonel has a hard time… Is it that difficult to have a normal relationship?”

“Yes, I think you’ll get involved with a lot of contemporaries in the academy. That’s why I think you’ll have a lot of trouble as well.”

“Ha. Thank you for your advice.”

“…Well, that may be just a melancholy.”

 She had advised me in advance. Therefore, even in the case like this, it’s just what she says… I have no idea.

 And my topic will be over someday. Human beings are not patient enough to keep talking about the same topic. This world has changed significantly. And it is always changing.

“Well, the story of the past is good. I’m sure there is something for Ray.”

“It would be helpful if you could say so.”

“But I can say when it’s bad, I’ll help you then”

“…Huh, I seem to have a really good friend.”

“Hehe. Don’t make me shy. But it’s natural. If friend is in trouble, help.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

 When we were talking, I felt a gaze, but I realized that it was not contempt or scorn. A line of sight that seems to be lost, as if you are looking from something far away. When I turned to it, it was Elisa who was standing.

“Isn’t it Elisa? Umm… how about you come together with us?”

“Eh… are you okay with it? But you are having fun… talking with each other..”

“Evi. Is that okay?”

“Of course. I don’t mind”

“Oh, then… I’ll bother you…”

 Elisa sits in a vacant seat as she slowly walks over with a tray. Then she smiles lightly.

“That… both of you… thanks.”

“I don’t care. The meal time with friends is important.”

“That’s right! Oops, I haven’t introduced myself yet. It’s Evi Armstrong. Evi is okay?”

“I’m…Elisa Griffith… I’m…Elisa…OK?”

“Oh, nice to meet you, Elisa”

“Hello, nice to hear… Evi-kun…”

 The two shook hands and finished introducing themselves.

“What… what were you talking about?”

“Hmm? Ah about Withered Wizard.  Don’t you think it’s quite cool sounding name, even when being disdained? “

“Eh… that… no, but… Ray-kun, are you stupid? I feel… I know… but is that okay?”

“It’s okay. Neither Elisa nor Evi think of me that way.”

“Of course! You have something hidden. I feel that way!”

“Well, I too…! I think that Ray-kun is amazing… I don’t think he cares at all… It’s amazing! That’s the same thing… Haha…”

“Hmm. If you have a reliable group of people, that’s enough for me.”

 Oddly enough, it was as expected of Miss Abby, but as I have now friends. I had gotten irreplaceable friends in the academy just as I had friends on the battlefield.

 I am blessed if I think about It..

 I don’t care about the eyes around me, I just do what I need to do. To fulfill the purpose of coming to this school.

TN: I had a thought over this series that even if I post chapter every other day with two chapters sometimes in a day, it will take me over a year at minimum to catch up with raws. 😆


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