Chapter 20 : The most hated place in the world

TN: Start of Volume 3

I will be fifteen this year.

 At this point, I was getting my ideal hikikomori life.

 I built a log house on the shore of a lake about two hours by carriage from the castle, and lived there for most of the day instead of returning to the castle for a week. Really comfortable.

 My dads don’t know the fact when I’m absent, because copy android is acting for me.

 That’s exactly the paradise I got.


 One day before the thaw, I was called by my dad and we faced each other.

 In the office room where I rarely enter, I stand up in front of my father who sits at the office desk even though there is a reception set.

“I’m sorry to call you suddenly, Harth”

“It’s no problem, but what’s wrong? It’s rare for you to call me here.”

 I didn’t practice swords these days. It seems that at this age, as a son (although in law) of a noble family, he must focus on study as such.
But I’m exempt from that. Is it due to not expecting anything from me or is it no due to no-one being free? It’s the latter from a sensory perspective.

“I want you to live in the capital starting from spring”

“I don’t wanna. I hate that place”

 I don’t know what it is all about! I just answered with a reflex.

“Well, the reaction is natural. Anyway, look at this.”

 Dad presented the folded paper.

 I walk steadily and receive it.

 I read it.

 It was only halfway through, but my patience reached its limit.

“Recommendation letter? Admission to a school in the royal capital…”

 I’m feeling nauseous.


 A place that I hate in my past life. Should I go there?

“I hate it”

 This time, I refused with all my might.

“I suppose. When I tried to get you to a school in your territory, you were terribly repulsed. I don’t know why you hate it so much, because this time you said “I don’t like it”.”

“…Because the King is directly looking for me?”

 The sender of this letter was the king of this country.

“I don’t know why King Zirk looked at you. I noticed the birth of Harth’s——oh, I know it’s because you were a commoner.”

 Only my dad and mom know that I was an abandoned prince. Then Frey? I didn’t tell her either.

 I keep hiding the “King Crest” on the left chest, and as Frey is a little foolish she accidentally missed it, but I’ve never done anything that leaks a secret.

 Not to mention the king, of course.

“If there is a possibility-“

 I won’t forgive anyone who disturbs my comfortable life.

“Her highness Princess Marianne?”

 Did my sister who look like a nice person but was really black?!

“The princess is one who appreciates your ability. Also, as written there, Prince Rias enrolls in an advanced class. “I hope to study together and contribute to the development of the kingdom.” “Isn’t it her intention to be a friend?”

 The character of that fucking kid seems to make no friends. But since he’s a prince, yes man will lift it, right? I used to be like that in the past life.

 That’s why “becoming friends” feels different.

“Then the recommendation is actually from the princess?”

“Because the King has a fondness for Princess Marianne. Prince Rias may be jealous of her, but it makes sense if I think I couldn’t refuse my daughter’s request.”

 Why does my older sister want me to go to school?

 It looks like the best elite magic school in this country if you read it properly, and I wonder if you want to have that kind of status?

 I do not understand.

“I cannot say I’m not worried. You are now a grown-up, but it’s possible that the Queen used the princess in an attempt to do something. But–“

 Dad said with a serious look.

“I want you to see a wider world. While I can’t deny working in your room to study ancient magic is very good, but it’s a good opportunity to meet, inspire, and gain deeper insights. Certainly, there must have been a research faculty dedicated to ancient magic.”

 Research Faculty? I imagined going to high school in terms of age, but maybe university is closer.

“…Is it troublesome if I refuse?”

“Well. Even If the princess was the sender, she don’t have any bad intentions. But It’s a recommendation in the name of the king. You have to tell a lie to refuse, and it’s a little more complicated if you were discovered.”

 I wonder. What are you thinking, sister?

“…OK. I’ll go.”

 My dad is still taking care of me and I can’t bother him anymore.

 Well, I do have a plan of mine.

“Thank you. Learn well and show your growth. Well, I will tell you now—-.”

“Huh? What is it father?”

“Because of the recommended, Harth is exempted from the entrance examination. You have reached the maximum magic level already, so it might have been measured–“

“Okay. I will be careful to not get close to “Mija’s Crystal”.”

 My magic level is public, but the special case that I have no attributes is secret. If you use “Mija’s Crystal” that measures magic level and attributes, it will be revealed.

 It’s hard for me to think that I’m a former prince.

“I’ll tell you the reason why I can’t profess to you that you have no-attribute . Forgive me for now.”

“I don’t really care about it. I’ll do somehow there. Isn’t the entrance ceremony done yet?”

“It’s still about a month. Charlotte will miss you. Can I leave it to you?”

“Oh, that kid is fine.”

 Now then,I have no intention to restart my school life. I will absolutely continue my NEET life.

 After that, I had a little talk and I went back to my room.

“Leave it to me. I the copy was made for such a time.”

 A boy, just like me, smiled.

 Although we have the same personality, it’s good to hear that.

“Is that what you think I would say? I hate it. I will never go to school!”

 Nope. He is not even listening.

“Well calm down. Do you know what I am thinking? Keep calm and think properly. There’s only one way that will have everything fits in round!”

 Poku Poku chin.(Just poking the skin)

“I see. I can’t use magic in the copy form, so that’s why you are trying to use me to get rid of this problem.”

 As expected of me. Understanding is fast.

“I attend one of the best elite schools in the country. There’s no need to enroll a bad seed/failure.”

“But the main body can use the magic right? “

“I can use the barrier magic. For example, when I get caught up in a bad thing, I may unintentionally use it to protect myself.”

“What happens to me if I’m entangled in some weird scenario and cannot use any magic?”

“Don’t you know? You’ll be seriously injured.”

“Whaa!! Then you must do it! Why I have to hurt my Body!”

“It’s better than dying!”

“I may die!”

 Well, I can’t say that there is no such possibility.

“Okay, okay, don’t you worry. You are “alternative yes””. (TN: Boy you are brutal)

 The last one was me humming.

“Just as I thought! What many of me are there!?”

“I am really joking. But you can sacrifice yourself for me as you look exactly like me.”

 I’ve always wanted to do it.

“There is something I thought I would do.”

“Uhhh…As expected. But then Char told me “Stop it, It looks so sorry”.”

“Let’s Believe”

 I’m a really annoying guy.

“Anyway, I’ll protect your body so that it doesn’t hurt inside the barriers. Your mission is to play there and get kicked out of school early. Focus on that.”

“Well, I can’t help it. I’m also enjoying my hikiki-mori life in this room while you’re in a log house by the lake. To continue that life. Let’s do it.”

“I request you that.”


 This is how our “Early Dropout Mission” started.

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