Episode 7: Introduction to magic and Disdain

“Now, let’s talk about the basic derivation of magic today.”

 Morning. This time it is a normal lesson of magic introduction.

 The teacher in charge is Gray. By the way, today her hair is rough and is messed up. Perhaps she was drinking alcohol yesterday, I guess.

“Now here…… White. Explain the basic skills of magic/sorcery.”

“Understood, Gray sensei”

 I was nominated, so I stand up and answer the question.

“Sorcery/Magic is mainly divided into low-class magic, intermediate magic, advanced magic and the Holy class. And from there it is further divided into High Speed magic, Remote(long Range) Magic, Chain magic, Delay magic, Material shifting, Large Scale Magic and also Large Scale Chain magic.”

“It is as White says, he studied hard.”

“Excuse me.”

 At the same time as that word, I sit down.

“As I said, there are so many variants of magic. For example, Lets use a lower-class magic fireball. When activating this, of course, it follows the code theory, but the method of activating it differs at the processing stage. Focus on speed for High Speed magic(quick magic) or use remote magic for activating at a distance. You can even increase the number by using chain magic and use delay magic to delay the activation of magic.  As such, these techniques couldn’t be achieved with traditional magic(maho). (TN: here every other reference for magic is Majutsu while the last one is the only one with maho. )

 As Gray-sensei says, magic(majutsu) has been significantly updated by code theory. Until now, the phenomenon of magic that activates just by imagining was uncovered, and that was where the code came into being. Then humans added meaning to it. Even with the same magic that is activated, considerable derivations are born as he just said.

High speed magic is the one where speed is given priority rather than power just like we did before.

Remote magic is used to make the magic activation position farther than usual. However, this is rather troublesome, and it usually appears in front of you without specifying coordinates with ordinary magic. That’s because we unknowingly specify it.

However, to activate remote magic in any place one must have a grasp of three-dimensional space. This takes considerable skill. Well, but once you get used to it can even be combined with quick magic for high speed remote activation.

Chain magic is, Simply putting a magic that can be activated like a chain by stacking code theory. The number of chains depends on the skill of the sorcerer. Some have a limit of five, and some can get about 100.

Delay magic is a magic that literally delays. It acts like a land mine in war. The condition to activate it depends on the skill of the magician/sorcerer. Some are triggered by vibration, others add time and other conditions to the code.

 You can combine these if you were to become a high-level magician. That’s a lot of possibilities. Especially when using magic in combat, the variations become quite important. Just being able to use advanced magic is not a trademark of an excellent magician. Variations are important. Some magicians become gold-class just by using combinations of low-grade magics.

 In this way, magic has literally changed the world due to the systematization of code theory. With that, magic became an integral part of our lives, and it continues to this day.

“Let’s practice lightly. This time we will do the material shifting”

 As Gray sensei said, water appeared in front of her. It seemed that it would just fall on the floor according to gravity, but… (TN: sorry about a translation error of Gray-sensei’s Gender. It was she rather than He and I updated the previous chapters as well.)

 Then, the water changes into ice, making a rustling sound. Then, the pillar of ice was completed on the table.

 So that’s it. Certainly this skill is amazing. Its speed is high enough to be comparable to that of high speed magic. However, there is no waste and the constituent materials do not collapse. If a magician with no skill uses the Material shift, it may only give half results such as mixing of ice and water, but there was no such thing here. As expected, is it because she is a teacher at Arnold School of Magic?

 I was admired for its skill.

“Thus, in this way, a substance can be changed by adding shifting material while using code theory. However, in reality, this can also be modified later, but it will be quite difficult. It’s like running two codes at the same time. Higher level sorcerers do it calmly, but that’s fine. First of all, the basics of running one code is important. Then shall we practice normally? Everyone now start moving to the training field.”

 We change location to training grounds to practice material shifting. This time we are in uniforms.(TN: training grounds or practice fields)

“Hey Ray”

“What, Evi?”

“I’m not good at this…”

“It’s okay. Everything is to be repeated and practiced. That’s all.”

 Then we reach the training grounds , to start practicing Material shift.

“Okay. Well then, let’s start everyone.”

 When the students listen to the words and practice them one after another, they are not successful. This technique cannot be handled without some skill. But there are exceptions to everything.

 Today, everyone’s eyes were on one student.

“Umu. Rose is a masterpiece.”

“Thank you”

 Everyone knows the skills of Amelia, one of the three nobles. So she accomplished it in the pressure of being seen by the masses. When a large amount of water is produced, it is immediately transformed into ice shifting from water to ice.

 But what is worth mentioning is that the change in material was not anything simple like a block of ice. The ice in front of her was in the shape of a small tree.

 No one knows how she was able to do it so perfectly. In other words, Amelia has enough room to incorporate the tree-forming code into the activated magic.

“…I see, Amelia’s magic capacity is quite high.”

“Hmm? Ray, what is that?”

 I intended to be silent but Evi responded, so I decided to explain.

“The magician would need to run the code with magic capacity right?”


“Of course, the code theory that is processed in the brain is different for each individual.First feePrima materia is required into the code along with other things. Magic capacity also determines the outcome of the scale of the product not only the code.”

“Hey. Is that so?”


“Ray knows well.”

“It is because I have the knowledge about it so not much problems.”

 Well just having knowledge is not sufficient by any means if it goes down the pipe.

 I need to try it too.

 Then I run the code in my brain.

<<First feePrima materia= Encoding>>

<<Encoding= materialmaterial code”

<<SuppliesmaterialCode = decoding

<<materialmaterialCode = Processing>>

<< embodyment =Suppliesmaterial

 First feePrima materia was converted into a liquid called water and I tried to mold ice from it… but It didn’t go well. Basha!, water drips in front of me and is absorbed by the ground.

“Ray, I’m done! Iy’s still a bit awkward… but is that? What happened?”

“Um. It doesn’t work.”

“Try again!”

“Oh, it’s all need to be repeated and challenged.”

 After that, I used magic a number of times, but I could only collect water in front of me. Then, while the other students succeeded, only me remained.

“Hmm. It’s time. White is umm… practice well from now on. It may or may not be suitable for people, but this is the basis. Practice firmly.”

“I understand.”

 Then the class ends and everyone returns to the school building.

 Meanwhile, I felt my eyes. Some of them seemed to laugh.

 ── Is my current state of being unable to Material shift will remain? Well this is a topic for the future.

 I conclude and walk as it is, but Mr. Allium and other people(lackeys) appear in front of me.

“Yes. General citizen”(TN: should translate it as ordinary citizen or General citizen)

“Mr. Allium. It was a good class today.”

“Hahaha! you were not able to use Material shift right? “

“Yes, I want to work harder.”

“Kukuku, the fake skin has finally peeled off… you wish you could advance to the next level like this, general citizen.”

“Umm. I would like to avoid repeating years. Especially when I leave school, I can’t even look at it.”

“Kukuku, isn’t it?…There is one suggestion from me. It isn’t bad, wanna hear?”

“I wonder what it is?”

“If you can be our slave, you can put it in a faction. Your seniors will also give you various conveniences. You will be able to avoid repeating years at worst.”

“I see. An attractive proposition, but what does the slave mean?”

“Huh? It’s supposed to be its very own meaning.”(Not lackey but just slave)

“I see. It’s rejected. Not only in the kingdom, slavery ended several hundred years ago. I can’t accept that proposal.”

“Hahaha! Did you hear that? This is the best joke I have heard!”

“Hmm? You’re not going to stop the gag?”

“Kukuku, good luck. You have a good personality. But, let me tell you one thing. The world of magic is talent. The blood determines everything. It is a bloodline, a bloodline. General citizen you I don’t think you are a good match for here. If I was you I would already be going back to the country quietly.”

“I can’t do that. I have a duty and a mission. And I know that talent is important but don’t think it’s an absolute requirement…”

“Hmph. Say, what you want. See you little guy.”

 Saying so, they leave.

 Then from the next day I heard whispers about me like this

Withered sorcerer/wizard.

 It’s a double-meaning.

 It includes the meaning of the noun “Wizard”, which means a magician, and adjective “Withered”, meaning fallen or dead. It seems that they see me as withered magician.

 A magician who is already dead/fallen and cannot use magic.

 I had to bear the disdain.

TN: This will be last chapter for today on this series. Now I will start on Jistu wa ore series.


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