Episode 6: Encounter

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The world’s Top Seven Sorcerers.

Among the magicians who reach the holy ground, they are the top seven who are collectively called Seven Great Wizards by all. Of course, no one has decided that name. But it seems to have originated from the point where it came to be called with nature, respect and awe… There are various theories.

 What if you want to become one of the Seven Great Wizard? Is there any way or method?

 Suppose there is this question.

 I would answer: There is no such method.

 There is no such thing as becoming one of the Seven Great wizards. If you notice it, it is made up. I was taught that.

The Grand Wizards level sorcerers are the group of monsters. They are no longer in the realm of man. There is no doubt about that fact. I was told by my teacher that, but the story was disgusting.

 Blonde with blue eyes. The appearance is about 10 out of 10. When I first saw it, I misunderstood that an angel had descended on this world. But I realize it when I started living with my master. She’s pretty stubborn and doesn’t clean or cook. Housework skills are completely non-existent. Speaking of cooking, it is a fried mysterious mass. She said, “Everything is delicious if fried.”

 That’s why I had to do all the housework by myself.

 Then, when I was cleaning as usual, my master suddenly talked to me.

“Ray. Do you think you can become a Grand Sorcerer? “

“Easily, Master. The condition is that you are able to use holy class magic.”(TN: should I use Grand class magic or keep it as holy class?)

“That’s right. Unlike other classes, you don’t need a tedious test. You don’t care about the written test, the practical test, and the magic society’s speculations. You just need to master the art of magic. That’s it. It’s called a holy ground but it’s actually a crazy bureaucratic cave. Do you know? Several times a year, an invitation will be sent to the magician from holy grounds. It’s something like a party at the Magic Society, but very few people go. The crazy guys have no extroversion. All they have is a crazy desire to seek the truth of magic.”

“But my teacher is a Grand Sorcerer, isn’t it? ” (TN: 聖級 sei-kyu: Saint Level/ Holy/Grand Which is better?)

“I do pretty well, at-least at parties.”

“It must be because it’s free and you can eat as much as you want…”

“This stupid student!”

“Ouch! What are you doing!?”

My head is banged. This person has no mercy even on small children. Even during training, it’s always a memory of me being rugged.

“Good. If you become a great sorcerer you don’t worry about the details.”

“Eh… is it inconsistent?”

“You don’t need to care about that, just remember Ray. That’s what you are going for.”

“Hmm! Okay……”

“Well, here’s another question.”

“Yes! what is it?”

“What is the essence of the magic swordsman?”

“It’s ice magic. Isn’t it what teacher is not good at?”

“This stupid!”


“Did you think that I will to show you the essence of Hoi Hoi ?”(TN: I don’t what is it. It was really written as Hoi Hoi)

“Haa..it’s too unreasonable…”

 This person is always like this. It is unreasonable to do anything. It is natural that what you are saying is immediately contradicts. When I point that out, my head is tapped lightly. By the way, I try to avoid it, but I cannot.

“A sword magician(magic swordsman), Literally, it is a magician who is good at using the sword. But at the same time, its essence lies elsewhere. In the first place, Its upto the children to find out their area of expertise honestly. The name always has meaning. Something I don’t know on the surface…”

“What is it……?”



“You will know from now on. What is the essence of sorcery, and what is a sorcerer?”

“……Is that so”

 Even if I listened to half the story, I sometimes remember her words when I wake up.

 That was my master… I took the words of Lydia Ainsworth firmly.



 I feel like I had a nostalgic dream. But now I don’t really remember what kind of dream I had.

 I’m sure I was dreaming of a master, but I don’t remember the specific details.

“Gu… Guuuuuuuoooooooooooooo…”

 Evi’s snoring is quite loud. But I’m trained to get sleep, even in the roar. At this level, it was easy to get a good night’s sleep.

 The current time is 5 o’clock in the morning. It’s too early to get up.

 To be clear, if you wake up at 7 o’clock, you can be in time for the class. It includes breakfast. But I’m already in the habit of getting up at this time.


 I am not changing into the uniform right now. I change into the light clothing for exercise. Then, while stretching lightly and I leave the dormitory.

 The season is already spring, and the sun rises a little earlier. However, at this time It is still dark outsode.

 When I get out, I start running.

 Get up and run in the morning. I was just repeating that. Of course I don’t do this every day, but I usually repeat this habit.


 I run through the academy. The land is wide, so it was a good place to run. I’m just not minding anything and keep running. After sometimes I can see the female student in my sight.

 I wonder what happened this early in the morning, but I think that it’s not enough to talk to her and try to pass by as it is…

“Oh? It’s amazing that you are running this early morning.”

 I was talked to, so I slow down slowly and stop before her.

 The black hair was very shiny. That’s why a beautiful ring can be seen in the head by the reflection of light. In addition her moist eyes were strangely attractive. The way she speaks is calm, which matches strangely.

 The proportions are also outstanding. It’s rude to look at it too seriously, but I gave a slight glance at her plump chest and hips.

 I decided that she was a senior from that atmosphere, and of course I decided use honorifics.

“Are you a freshman?”

“yes!. My name is Ray White.”

“Oh, you are the one…”

“Do you know me?”

“Yes. Since the beginning of the school, Ordinary student from freshman is very famous, don’t you know? “

“I was not aware”


“Is something wrong?”

 She stares at me, so I inadvertently ask.

“No, I thought you were talking like that on purpose… but it seems different.”

“Am I being rude?”

“No, it is not that. It’s very polite. I’m impressed.”

“Ha. I was afraid.”

“Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Rebecca Bradley. Call me Rebecca Senpai.”

“Okay, Rebecca-senpai. I’m still in the shallows. I’d appreciate it if you could teach me about this institute from now on.”

“…Don’t you know?”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m still a big nobleman, see?”

“! Is it the same as Amelia?”

“Oh, do you know about Amelia?”

“Yes. I am a friend in the same class.”

“I see. So that was it… but still, you’re not very familiar with the world of magicians.”

“…I’m sorry. There are some circumstances.”

“Well you are a general citizen so I don’t think you have anything to do with that “

“Well… there’s no problem if you think so.”

“That’s right. Even so… you’re very mature for someone your age. I can’t even think you as a junior.”

“By the way, which year are you in Rebecca-Senpai ?”

“I am a third year student. Did you think I was a senior student?”

“Yes. Is it not fourth year? You were so beautiful and full of adult charm.” (TN: Boy sure is smooth)

“Oh, oh Right. Your mouth sure is good. Fufu…”

 Rebecca-senpai kept smiling.

 By the way, this school is a four-year system. That doesn’t mean that you can go straight up… Every year, there are always those who can not reach their upper grades and repeat themselves. However, since this person is one of the three great aristocrats, she is surely going straight.

“Oh, is this time already?”

 When she looks at her watch, she says so.

“Now I have to go. Let’s meet again. Goodbye, Rei.”

“Yes. If you have the opportunity again, thank you.”

“Yes, but I’m sure we’ll see you again soon.”

“What does that mean…?”

“Let’s meet again.”

 There is no reply to my words, from senpai who goes straight to the dormitory.

 Well, I wondered if I could, so I restarted running.


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