Chapter 19 : Warning and Collar

It seems that it was just for a moment that she was out of consciousness.

 From darkness, the vision of Ghierotte returned.

 Apparently she’s in the process of falling. A man’s voice was heard in a back bringing her back to reality.

“No matter how much the attack stops, you should not just let down your defenses . You should be alert of the surrounding. Well, it’s all fine now. I am trying to say that Don’t look down upon me!”

 (I was caught off guard? Am I the one looking down? Those are the words who did not allow such waste often say. This was my total magical power. Even if I knew that the attacks would continue, I could not prevent them.)

 However, Ghierotte had no choice but to worry about the ongoing “abnormality” before she got angry.

 She hit the back of her head strongly. She can even see the ceiling. However, the body in front of her was collapsed.

 Confused by the contradictory feeling, she gives priority to visual information, decides that she is on her back, and tries to wake herself up. However, the hand that tried to reach the floor turns towards sky, and the chest is blocked by the floor, and the waist looks like it was floating.

 She have no choice but to think that she should lie face down and get up. A headless body appeared in her sight in a crawling position on all fours.

(What is this…)

 Try to make a guess based on the fact that she can grasp the current situation, while suppressing common-sense thinking as much as possible.

 The answer she derived is very simple.

 (This headless body in front of me is my own.)

“What the hell is this!?”

 However, she do not understand at all.

 (Why am I still alive with my head and body separated? I can breathe and move my body, but why is my head and body not connected?)

“I physically separated your head and body. But the cut surfaces are connected to each other through mystery space-time, so you are not dead yet.”

 It was strange that he intended to explain it, and it disturbed her even more.

“I don’t know… I don’t know that kind of magic…”

“Well, then think about that. And I want to talk, but I think it’s rude to be rolling forever.”

 With an unpleasant sensation of ridicule, Ghierotte reveals her hatred.

 However, it is also humiliating to remain this way.

 She tries to move her body,

(Ku, this… right, it’s not that way. Yeah, frustrating!)

 If you are facing your body, you will inevitably move in the opposite direction. She finally grabbed the trick and managed to reach for her head, but she stuck her finger in the nostril. What a shame.

 Somehow she was able to lift her head and make it the same as normal body. Carefully, very carefully, tries to put the head on her neck.


 A mysterious force acts and the cut surfaces cannot be aligned. She almost dropped it again.

“The cut surface repels like the same pole of a magnet. It’s impossible to sew because the needle cannot pass through it.”

“Eh! eh!! What do you want me to do with such a humiliation!”

 With her head lifted, she stares at the man in the form of anger.

“Golden-Zemphis Frontier Count and his family.


“Don’t do anything to them in the future”

“After all, you are a Zemphis handy-man.”

“No. I’m a hero of justice, who obscures the evil of the world from the shadows. I have no name as of yet.”

“Evil? You decided that me the Lightning Princess is evil!”

“Yes! I decided it. It has nothing to do with the public’s reputation, and I will not accept other recommendations.”

 The black man continues.

“Don’t look so scared. No matter what you plan or do in the royal palace, it doesn’t matter to me. You are free to kick the king down and become a queen”

 It was an implication.

“However, in the future leave everything about the frontier and other related places . Isn’t it easy?”

“… With such a crippled figure, I can’t control the forces that oppose me. As a result, Sir Zemphis may be at a disadvantage.”

 It was the best threat she could make right now, but it seemed to work.

 After thinking for a while about the problem he heard. He threw something out of nowhere. He didn’t have anything until now.

 It’s made of metal that was in two separate parts–

“Neck, collar…? And what’s is this!…”

“It’s a crippled? Well, it’s a special product. There’s no replacement. But if you put it in, you can still move with freedom. Even if you don’t support your head all the time. It will not fall off.”

 In the kingdom, a person who commits a misdemeanor is subject to a certain period of service. During that time, he was restricted in his activities and had to leave his normal life.

 The mark is to wear a poor iron collar-commonly known as a ‘crippled collar’.

“You want me to experience the same shame as a sinner, for this great queen and flash princess!?”

“You look great with it”

 She bit her back teeth so strongly that blood rushed through the gap between her lips.

“I don’t need a reply. Show me with your actions. If you do something that I don’t like, then the magic will be broken immediately. It’s the magic I applied after decapitating you. So if you try to release it… you know? “


 Blood will gush from the cut surface, and the said life will begin to lose. Even if you immediately apply the highest level of healing magic, it won’t be enough time ….

“The story is over. Well then.”

 Telling her, the man disappeared as if to dissolve in the darkness.

 In the silence as if time had stopped, Ghierotte moved forward. She folded her knees, supported her head with one hand, and extended the other hand.

 The cold iron feel makes her stop the hand.

 There is some humiliation to be compliant, but is it okay to trust the man’s words?

(If he was going to kill me, he must have killed already…)

 There must be a reason not to kill her.

 If she dies, the country will be ruined by those who aim for the “next seat”. Did he hate it?

 Even so, it is possible to deprive the country by itself if you have that kind of ability. Rather, it seemed more convenient for the man to be rough.

 The queen stopped thinking.


 She put on a collar. Curiously, the repulsive head and body were attached to each other, attracting each other.

 Standing up slowly, she stand in front of the mirror.

 The glossy black hair is dry and has a pitiful face. And the collar of the sinner. She was really miserable.

 Although Ghierotte was born into an aristocratic family in the midst of decline, she was educated, and as a talented personnel, the country admired her talent and grew up with expectations.

 She was truly a natural talent and always ontop of the elite course.

 There is no cloud in the history of glory.

 No, there was just one, when gave a child with very bad aptitude.

 She was still in the process of climbing to higher levels.

 She cannot bend her knees and stop!

“Something like this!”

 She impulsively touched the collar. The collar without a lock can be easily removed by removing the clasp.


 At that moment, her head flew off to the ceiling.

 She tried hard to predict the point of fall and tried to catch it, but her head spilled out of her hand and fell to the floor. She felt a blow on her face and blood drips from her proud nose.

 She again put on the collar by groping, and finally put her head back where it should be in the body.

 How uncomfortable it was for her like it felt her that she was crawling on all fours and is licking the floor.

 She should have been treated as Lighting Princess, and it should was a place where only the highest position in the country could reach.

“Fuhahahahahahahaha…gu, ku…u, uuuu………”

 The woman who squeezed her voice and kept in the light wept for the first time in her life….

 After that day, the queen rarely appeared in the official scene.

 At first, the collar figure was regarded as a “strange fashion”, but “Is it impossible to come off if one accidentally wear it?” The speculation that started flying.

 After a while, the sign that the criminal was changed to a bracelet instead of a collar was a boost, and got speculation laughs. It became a good source of attack towards her by those who got angry with her behavior and authority that overshadows the king.

 The majesty of the queen gradually and surely started falling.While keeping the last line where civil war was possible does not occur. She is frightened by the fear of “death” sticking to her neck.

 And such…..Five years have passed.

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