Episode 5: Long time no see

“Oh, the seats are…”

After I decided to attend an introduction to magic this afternoon. I entered the class room.

It seems like it is a large classroom, with the seats being higher the further you go, the lower the first row. It’s kind of like a staircase.

 I had no friends or acquaintances this time, so I was thinking that this time I had to take the class alone. However, there was a student who was sitting at the top row.

 ── This is a good opportunity, why not join her?

“Excuse me. Can I sit at the next seat?”

“Eh?!? Uh…..Uh…..Well, please…”

“Thank you”

 I put the notebook, the textbook, and the writing instrument on the desk, and immediately decided to talk to the girl student next to me.(Tn: Smooth….)

“I’m meeting you for the first time. My name is Ray White. I’m glad you allowed me to share the seat.”

“Ah…that…I’m…Elisa Griffith…”

“I see. Greetings, Miss Griffith. By the way, I’m fine with Ray…”

“Oh…Just Elisa…is fine…?”

“Okay. If so, Elisa, thank you.”

“Yeah. Likewise..”

 It’s a bit frustrating, but you can have a conversation with her. After all there are many good people in this school. Its a normal response for me as a general person.

 Betrayed in a way different from the previous reputation, I truly feel at ease.


“Yes, what is it”

“We are in the same class you know, Ray-kun…”

“Mu? Are we in the same class?”

“Yes, we are”

“I’m sorry. It seems that I haven’t remembered everyone’s faces and names yet. I apologize…”

 I bow my head obediently.

 At the time of that self-introduction, I was supposed to have grasped the faces and names of all of them, but it seems my recognition was weak.

“Eh?!? You don’t have to apologize….. I have a very small presence.

“I don’t think so.”


“The hood of yours stands out. But why are you wearing it?”

“that is……”

 Is there any unspeakable situation?

 Or is it something else?

 But I’m not too rude to listen and talk about it here. It’s still my first meeting. Let’s keep a proper distance. Apparently she seems to be an introvert.

“That…I am…”

“Is it okay to say that?”

“Yes… I think I have to be brave here…”

 Elisa then lowers the hood.

 Then the semi-long hair dances. that It had a greenish-green color, and it was silky hair, which seems like it is transparent. And from the side view, you can see that her features are in good shape.

 The nose is smooth and the lips are reasonably ripe. The two eyelids of the also looked up beautifully. This is what makes her big eyes stand out.

 But rather than that, I noticed one thing.

“Elf? No, half elf…”

“Yeah… I have an elf mother and a human dad .”

“Oh, so the ears…”

“Is that weird…?”

 so that was it. Her ears were a little sharp.

 I’ve met elves, but I feel they’ve a bit more pointy ears. Also, the hair color was a little deeper. From that experience, I guessed she was a half-elf, but it seemed like a hit.

 Demi-humans are not that uncommon in recent years. Especially elf is highly magical race, and it is a famous story that the aristocratic family is trying to make a mixed-race child with the elf.

 Such Elisa looks at me anxiously. Of course, I responds to it with a resolute attitude.

“Weird? That’s normal.”

“Eh… but this was the reason I was being bullied in the past…”

“Hmm… Certainly humans tend to want to exclude demi-humans. That’s true even for adults. And it is especially for young children. I’m sure that humans and animals are naturally born. It might be that kind of thing, but I don’t ridicule it, you have very beautiful ears, and a very beautiful green hair. I love them.”

“Eh!? So… do you think so?”

“I don’t lie. No, sometimes it happens, but this time it’s true. I think Elisa is beautiful.”

“Well…I’d be happy if you could tell me that. Hehe…”

“Yeah. The laughing face is beautiful. You have a pretty smile.”(TN: smooth boy)


“Unya? What happened? Seizures? lets go Immediately in the medical office.”

“Oh, its fine! yes its fine!”

 Elisa denies in a panicked situation. She’s waving in front of my eyes, but her face is bright red, is it okay?(TN: another dense MC)

 When I look around, I see a book. It was in front of her on table.

“That book…”

“Ah. I had a little time before class so I was reading…”


“Yeah… I want to be a researcher… I’m longing for it.”

“Are you trying to major in dual code theory?”

“Yeah… I’m also very interested in the code.”

“That means even if you graduate from the institute, you can proceed?”

“Yeah. I want to go to the bachelor, master, and doctorate … I’m thinking…”



“You have such a big goal at this age. I respect it.”

“Such I am…”

“No, you don’t have to be humble. But… I see. There are certainly a lot of people in this academy selected because of this.”

“…But I think the aristocrats are more amazing…?”

“An aristocrat… but I think the elf’s magical aptitude will be quite higher than that of them.

“…I’m a failure, I’m not so good at magic…”

“Oh… but people have their strengths and weaknesses. I think it’s better to grow what you’re good at.”

 When I say that, Elisa giggled.

 But it wasn’t a mockery, it was a laugh that I genuinely enjoyed.


“What happened?”

“Somehow Ray-kun, you feel like a teacher”


“Yeah. I can’t think of we are in the same year.”

“I see… but that’s what people say to me.”

“Well, I see…I think so…”

“Hah, I say.”

“Fufu. That’s right.”

“Once again, why not make friends with me?”

“Your friend…but I haven’t had any friends…I don’t know…”

“If I and Elisa think we’re friends with each other, we’re friends. Let’s just go for it. And friendship is beyond logic and reason. You don’t have to worry about it.”

 I reach out quickly.

 Then, when the terrifying girlfriend stretches out her hand, she grabs back my hand. Her hand is thin and fragile. But she decided to make friends with me on her own. I was more than happy about it.

“I’m counting on you from now on”

“Yeah… same here…”

 Soon after, the teacher came and the lesson was held.

 We were taking classes seriously, side by side.


 Classes were over and I was walking inside the school building. Already separated from Elisa, I’m heading for a place.

 When I get to the desired place, I knock on the door.

“Its Ray White. I’m here.”

“…You can enter”

“Excuse me”

 I gently open the door and slowly close it with my own hands.

 In front of me is one of the Seven Great Wizards, Abby Garnett. In other words, this is the director’s room, and I have been secretly called and thus standing here.

 She is sitting in a chair, and the glow of the sunset from behind illuminates her scorching red hair.

“Hey, Ray. It’s been since the Far East campaign.”

“Yes. It’s been a while, Colonel.”

“Please don’t. I’m retired. And you… well, this is a pity.”

“Excuse me. Then what can I call you?”

“…How about Abby?”

“Okay. I’ll call you Abby-chan from now on. Nice to meet you Abby-chan.”

“…Huh. Haha! Of course, it’s a joke! You are As usual, Ray.”

“Of course I know. Well, yes… How about Miss. Abbey?”

“Oh, it sounds good. But it’s a bit lonely that I can’t be called a colonel… but it’s unavoidable.”

“Are you going to focus your efforts on developing the next generation?”

“Yeah. Well, but I’m still one of seven active sorcerer. There are other things to do.”

“Will you be sent again?”

“There is a possibility. Well, I think there will be no battle on the front line, but that is the same for you, Ray White. You were more successful in the Far East than I was.”

“No. In my case, there was major…No, there was my teacher.”

“Oh… but I guess that the little boy will succeed the “Swordsman of the Sword”. It’s natural that time passes quickly for the older generation.”

“Miss Abby is as beautiful as ever since then”

“Haha, This must be the result of education.”

“It is. First rule of all, praise the appearance of the woman. That is engraved with iron rules is marked on this body.”

“Fufu…Ah. No, it’s a nostalgic thing. That battlefield was hell itself, but I can say that I could survive so far because I had friends, including Ray.”

“I am sorry to remind you about that time.”

“Well… I like those old stories of ours, but this time I have a little request from you.”

“I will accept it. I had Abby-san help me when I entered the school.”

“Apart from that, it is not a trade-off for that…”

 Abby takes out an envelope from her pocket. Then I hand it over to me.

“Let me see”

 I look through.

 And I immediately understood and returned it to her.

“I see. Is there a possibility of an Imperial spy in Arnold?…”

“Yes. It may be hidden in this academy. Of course, I have informed to the teachers, but if you know anything about Ray, please tell me.”

“Yes! I understand! If I find it, do you mind if I catch it alive?”

“Ah, yes. But It might be troublesome for you, and you may mistakenly kill the person. No, it would be faster for you to kill it… but I think there will be a political problem on that.”

“I fully understand that.”

“Thank you for understanding. Well, this is another matter, but how is it? Life at the academy.”

“I’m very satisfied. It seems that you are blessed with alumni. I am grateful for this opportunity and cannot thank you enough.”

“I see… I’m glad I was able to fulfill that promise. Well, I’m here to help you if you have any problem.”

“Ha. I’m thinking of reconsidering to start from scratch myself from here on.”

“Fufu, As usual, you are stiff. But that’s your charm. Let’s meet again, Ray.”

“Ha. Excuse me.”

 I Salute again and leave the room.

 The life of this school is now peaceful. I can’t hear the rage, screams, or screams of the Far East. It’s a peaceful place. But never I thought I will know later that This place is by no means safe either…

TN: Its about the other series that i am currently translating “Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?” I contacted the centinni on their translating of the series. They told me that I can co-operate with them on the series. What should I do? Any Suggestions?


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