Episode 4: Magic Swordsman

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“Now, the students who gathered here have a vision of becoming a magical swordsman after graduation. Can I assume it is like that?”

 Afternoon classes are optional. Among them, I chose a lesson for magic swordsmen. There are some familiar face here and there like Amelia and Evi next to her.

 By the way, I’m currently out in the exercise field and my clothes are also light used for training.

“Oops, I should have introduced myself before starting. I’m Elliot-Arkwright. Everyone calls me Wright and you can call me Wright-sensei. By the way I am Platinum class Magician. Nice to meet you.”(TN: I will mostly use Magician and magic unless term maho is used)

 I understood that the smiling face of his was sure attractive to me despite being the same sex.

“Well, do you know the difference between a magician and a magic swordsman?”


“Well, and you are?”

“I am Amelia Rose”

“I see. You are the class leader of the year. Now explain the difference.”

“A magician is a person who mainly uses magic only. On the other hand, a magic swordsman is a swordsman who incorporates magic into his sword.”

“What is the essential different?”

“It’s speed”

“Good. Continue.”

“Magicians usually spend time constructing tactics such as logistical support and large-scale magic. On the other hand, speed is more important for magic swordsman. They are adept in close combat and the battle requires real-time judgment.”

“Perfect. As Miss Rose says, magic swordsman is about speed. It’s less than a second… You can say that you’re fighting in the zero-comma world. That’s why you should start with the sword and high speed magic. Now let’s talk about high speed magic.

 Instructor Wright tells the students to take a little distance and first use normal magic.

“First of all, this is what a normal magic looks like…”

 Then a flame burns up in his right hand. It will take nearly two seconds in time. However, high speed magic is, as its name implies, to use magic at high speed.

“And this what a high speed magic looks like.”

 At a moment, the flames burn up at a speed that is not comparable to first one. It’s probably less than a second in time.  However, the output was worse than it first one was, but it was good enough.

 The students also admire his skillfulness.

“The point of high speed magic(quick magic) is not to omit the code theory. Even if you look at the students of the average year, there are some students who properly cannot use normal magic but force themselves to use high speed magic. Adjustment is important. One get the feeling is that the output is suppressed, and that is true. Its feel like the water from the faucet is slowly and thinly poured. Now, I want everyone to practice it.”

 When the instructor says so, the start practicing the High Speed Magic. There are those students who do not have enough power output even if they can do it immediately, and those who are not even able activate it. There were many diverse students.

 I say so but…

“Oh! Ray is quite dexterous!”

“Yeah. I was taught so much…”

“Hmm? Who are you exactly?”

“Well, I’m well hmm. Don’t worry about it. What about Evi?”

“Me? Look here…”

 Then, in a blink of an eye, flames rose to his hands. All the components of magic are based on code theory, but there is a gap between knowing the theory and actually using it.

 Especially at the beginning, I was often scolded because I often did it without feeling the theory of code. It’s a nostalgic memory now.

“I’m really good at this kind of delicate thing, ain’t I?”

“Hmm. I see. It’s very similar.”

“What are you talking about?”

“No, it’s nothing…”

 When I was talking with Evi together, the instructor headed toward us.

“Were you two able to do it?”

“Yes! Instructor!”

“Um… what is your name?”

“I am Ray White. Instructor.”

 As a matter of course, I salute. After that, put your hands behind and keep your feet slightly open.(TN: Military Training?)

“Ah! You are the student from the general public from countryside.”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“Anyway, what do you say…”

“What do you mean?”

“No, I don’t think you are 15 years old. Did you go to a normal school before?”

“No… This is my first school… I’m happy if you don’t snoop anymore.”

“Oops I’m sorry. It seems that I stepped too far. But I’m really interested in you.”

“Ha. I’m sorry.”

 After that, it became training in swordsmanship.

 Everyone holds a wooden sword and started exchanging swords with each other. It takes about two minutes for one person. Rotating it with various students. At first I thought that I would normal practice swinging, but Wright-sensei seems to be a person who attaches great importance to actual combat.(TN: I hope you don’t mind me switching from sensei to instructor in some parts)

 He may be a person who has a flexible idea because he looks young.

“Hey, normal citizen.”

“We met on the morning of the entrance ceremony. I’m sure we are in the same class… the name is Albert Allium. Call me Mr. Allium?”

“It seems that politeness towards others is the policy for aristocrats.”

“Yeah. I want to have courtesy for everyone, not just aristocrats.”

“But that is a mistake.”

“What is that?”

“Are you trying to get into Amelia Rose group? Well, I don’t know how it feels. But for ordinary people like you its like getting Takamine’s flower(Big Dream).”

“What does you mean to get in?”

“It’s just that. You have no backing at this academy. You need to enter a faction for everything. So you must have been trying to get into one of the three major nobles?”

“No, that’s not it. I didn’t know Amelia was one of the three nobles in the first place.”

“Hmm. Okay I will play with you for the time being.”

“Thank you”

 Perhaps he is worried about me, Mr. Allium seems to have advised me in various ways. After all, this institute seems to have more people than I heard at the beginning, and I am relieved.



“… How about this!”


 Mr. Allium seemed to have an aggressive personality. The students so far had a little doubt about the movement of the sword. Turning a sword on a person is usually frightening, even if it’s a wooden sword. But he seems not to be. Is it because he is a nobleman? The muscle used to swing sword isn’t bad either.

 You can see that he is making a firm effort.

 I take his sword fight straight from the front. No, we don’t just accept the attack. Sometimes it is parried and all the attacks are dealt with.

“… what happened?!”

“…Mr. Allium. About your swordsman-ship it’s a bit linear. You may occasionally mix feints.”


 It getting even more stiff now, the more one becomes emotional the more linear a they becomes.

“A sorcerer must keep calm” is one of the lessons I have been taught.

“Okay Stop. Now next group come here~”

 The instructor tells me so, so I draw a wooden sword and thank him.

“It was a good practice. Thank you. Your sword clearly shows the footsteps of your efforts.”

“Huh… it’s okay. Aren’t you good yourself? You’re quite good at defending…”

“Thanks for the advice. Yeah. I’m still too weak. I want to work hard.”

“Tell me…”

 At the end, he tells me and goes to the next opponent.

 So that’s it. I should work hard with alumni of the institute. This is something I have never experienced. To be honest, I think I will have a good time with this level of skill… I was able to properly enroll as a student at this institute.

 With the implication of re-evaluating at myself, I will try to build up from the basics again.

 Not only Mr. Allium but also with many students with high consciousness and status like Amelia and Evi. I’m sure I can live a happy life here.

 While thinking about such a future, I concentrated on the lesson.


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