Chapter 18 : One-sided mother child reunion

The inspection tour of Prince Rais and Princess Marianne was completed without much trouble and without any problems.


 Nothing happened, and Charlotte Zemphis is still alive.

“Can you give me an excuse?”

 Ghierotte was in a room in the palace and sat quietly in the sofa.

 A few meters ahead of her is a knight kneeling, who served as the escort leader of the inspection team.

“The summoner’s unit has suddenly disappeared. All of them have disappeared with out any trace, even the supply for the base has disappeared .”

 The knight could not look directly at the queen and replied with a quivering voice while staring at the floor.


“Sir Zemphis had a strict eye on us, and it would be hard for us if the freely movable unit also disappeared…”

“And you came back without any deeds.”

“Such is humiliation for us! We will not let you down anymore. Please give us new opportunities!”

 The knight bows to the floor as he goes down.

 Ghierotte didn’t look at him, he grabbed the wine glass and rocked the red liquid.(TN: Ghierotte(Raws) vs Giellotte which should I use?)

“In the end, I have no choice but to say you all are incompetent. All you have to do now is look at your return with empty hands and find out the cause of your failure.”

“that is……”

“Now what? Dozens of troops have just disappeared. If there are no traces, it’s not just a simple summoning failure. There are enemies and that someone is in my way, “

 The knight rushes through his memory.

“By the way, I heard a talk about a strange looking man during the inspection. He is a man called “unidentified black warrior” who defeats thieves and monsters in the territory.”

“Well, it’s was not that hard. I’m really amazed. Why did you leave it in the report while you knew that?”

“However, the opponents were only vulnerable groups of thieves and stray monsters that did not have much in number and strength. Even if the man was extraordinarily strong I don’t think he would be able to defeat all our men, while they were specialized only in summoning magic, he could not defeat dozens of units alone. And eliminating all of them–“

 The red liquid was sprayed on the knight.

“Is it a little cold? You’re a really stupid man, you. A cat that despises a mouse just by talking is bitten and killed by the stray dog. Or do you intend to be a Lion?”(TN: Wow is it Japanese novel or wuxia ;-). It was really written like this. If you want I will try to write the meaning of the phrase used above.)

“No, that…”

“And how can you say that the other person is alone. Didn’t you think that Zemphis was involved in the incident? If the appropriate soldiers moves, then I can always grab the tail and from that I could have denounce him.”

“It might not seems what it look like…”

“Oh, I feel sick. Do you understand how I felt that the man who looked at me so much was stupid enough to be amazed? I will punish you accordingly…..”

 Although the knight was still, he felt suspicious at suddenly silenced Ghierotte, and raised his face while being terrified.

 The queen widened her eyes and became surprised. Her line of sight was behind the knight.


 At the scream of the queen, the knight bounces back.

 –There was a “shadow” of a man.

 It is a person dyed in jet black so that it can be expressed. Sleek helm, tight clothes. All were black enough to melt in the dark. From the physique, it looked like an adult male.

 Knights are allowed swords even in the Queen’s private room. It’s a convention that was due to Lightning Princess confidence.

 Hold your sword on your waist and scream while trying to pull it out.

“Queen! Please stay behi—??”

 But before able to pull out the sword, his neck was cut off silently. His head fell to the floor, and his body also fell down.

“That’s all.”

 The jet-black man says. He shook his arm lightly and the heads of several people fell to the floor.

 Those who were with Ghierotte. They were the knights under the direct control of the Queen, who accompanied the prince and princess to a visit to Lord Zemphis.

 Enemy. Undoubtedly, this suspicious person their enemy.
And it must be the “black warrior” that the knight said that was in the frontier.

 Ghierotte, who makes an instant decision, strengthens herself without casting. When she kicked the floor lightly with one foot, she jumped behind the sofa in a sitting position. With one more step, she fly far behind and beside the fireplace.

 As soon as she grabbed the sword displayed on the fireplace, she put her hand on the handle of the sword in a middle waist position.

 [Light blade(Kojin) ]”The Holy Sword-one of the top seven sacred weapons that destroyed the Demon King.”

(Now that I have this, there is no one who can be the enemy of me the Lightning Princess.)
Before you show up, curse yourself for not trying directly to assassinate me and die.

 However, it should be impossible because the automatic defense barrier will be activated when someone abruptly attack from behind.

 Ghierotte asks with a margin. 

“How did you sneak into this room… the Imperial Palace? There must have been multiple protective barriers?”

“Barriers? Ah, that crap. It was so full of flaws that I didn’t even have sweat to break it. I put up a completely soundproof barrier on the the top because I don’t want anyone to help you. Nobody will notice it even if you yelled.”

“…Yeah. I have to punish those who were in charge of the barrier later.”

 It’s an unpleasant voice sound like multiple voices overlap.

 She can’t stand listening to the voice. From that frustration, the moment she firmly grasped the handle of the sword.


 A small magic circle radiated light to the immediate side of the gripped hand.

“Isn’t it what one expected from Lightning Princess? You were able to stop it. I see what you it .”


 Ghierotte heart was in a turmoil.

 The defense magic shield is activated automatically to prevent “something” just now. But she cannot predict what it really is.

“It is of no use. When it comes to this, it’s a “poor gun” strategy.”


 The lights of magic circles shone around Ghierotte as if to clear out her doubts.

 An unidentified attack from all sides.

 She can’t see any of it. It don’t even feel and She can’t even predict the source.

(Well, it’s just like this–)

 The automatic defense cannot catch up with the attack. Ghierotte did not get to use her sword and turned all her magic into defense.

 The attack becomes even more intense and intense.

 A small magic circle was born and wrapped enough to cover her, and the interior of was destroyed as if a tornado was raging inside.

(It can’t be. Its a lie, a lie, why am I being pushed like this…)

 Even when she confronted the demon king, she did not fall into the predicament so far.

 There is no chance of chanting. So she had to rely on silent cast, which consumes a lot of magical power.

 Of course, there was no chance to fight back and there was no help and her magical power was depleting as well.

(How long will it last…?)

 She was the one who killed the demon king, and she have the pride of having the highest magic level in the world right now. Therefore, the magical power she contains should be the best.

 The other person is not chanting.

 Nevertheless, the black man was gaining even more momentum, let alone resting his attack.

(No more… my magic power…)

 ran out.

 At that moment, she was using the magical power of self-reinforcement as a defense, and she was afraid that it would become a mere lump of meat. That’s when.

 Exactly, the very stormy attack stopped.

 Finally, finally.

(The magical power over other party is exhausted…)

 But that is the same for her. The magic circle that had been around her for a while lost its shine and disappeared.

 If it kept attacking for even a few more seconds.

 Shaking off this disgusting imagination, Ghierotte glared at the enemy.

(Even if my magic power runs out, to me–)

 There is still the “Light Blade Holy Sword”.

 She also boasts the best sword skill in the country. Even if you can’t magically strengthen yourself, if you have the sharpness of the sacred sword, you can overwhelm an unhanded opponent.


 The black man said a word that knocked her down in despair.

“After all it seems impossible to break it. Well then, why don’t we try cutting/slashing next time?”

“… eh?”

 It is impossible to break it? What was the man saying, even though he crushed the magic circle a while ago? Did he misunderstand that it was not crushed and appeared again ?

 No, rather than that ―――――― 〝Next〟?


 She could hear the sound of the wind nearby. Strange. At the same time, she had a mysterious feeling like hot or cold on the neck.

 Her field of view fluctuated.

 Shortly after, the world went dark.

“Ah! It was a dangerous, I was about to kill her.”

 Her consciousness was leaving and the small tweet couldn’t reach her broken ear.

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