Episode 3: The essence of magic

TN: I started translating this from episode 3. In Raws each volume is termed as a Chapter and each part inside it as Episodes. So i Will be doing the same.

This school have the boarding system. You can go home during a long vacation, but otherwise you will basically live in this school.

I looked at the guide and after some distance I came to a dormitary.

“Yeah… this is huge as well.”

 The building of this academy is huge. The ratio to the number of students seems strange, but… well, it shouldn’t be so bad. When I step inside the building, I stare at the overhanging paper. Then, when he/she recognizes his/her room, he/she heads there without hesitation.

“…Excuse me”

 For the time being, I knocked in and I went inside. The dormitory consists of two people in one room, and they will live in pairs with someone. I opened the door, assuming someone was already there.

“Hmm? Oh, are you in the same room as me?”

“Ah. Regardless… Rather, you are Evi Armstrong in the same class. Best Regards, Mr. Armstrong.”

“Just Evi is okay. I actually know about you… Do you mind me calling you Ray?”

“Well, that’s okay by me, but why ?”(TN: I am pretty sure he is asking why allow him to call just Evi)

 When I entered the room, a man was already sitting on the sofa and talking to me. It’s wider than I thought, and living alone is more than enough. They have all the furniture, and it looks like the package I sent has already arrived.

 Evi seems to be taking a break now, while unpacking.

 He was a man whose body was much larger than me, and whose brown hair he had cut suits him well.

 Speaking of which, Armstrong…No, no…I’m sure it is. If you think about it, Evi looks a lot like him. I guess that’s what it is.

“I’m just an ordinary person, so I don’t take it down like the aristocrats . Rather, I think you’re amazing, you’re not from a lineage of magician family.”

“Mu? Don’t you care about prestige? Am I not being disrespectful to you?”

“Did you not notice?”

“Mmmmm…sorry. I’m not familiar with the worldly society. It’s the first time for a school like this to be 15 years old.”

“Oh… well, we all live different kinds of life, but I welcome you no worries. I’m counting on you, Rei.”

“Oh, same here.”

 We Shake hands with each other. I understand that Evi’s hands are thick and, above all, are trained.

 Then we had nothing to do on that day, we chatted normally and went to sleep.

 Such a life is not bad. I thought so.


“Now, today is the first class so we will start from basics. You have to learn basics for a year. Of course, I know you can already use magic, but it’s a confirmation. But don’t underestimate the basics. No matter how many great magicians are the basics are important, yes, the even seven major magicians are no exception.”

 The first lesson the next day was about magic.

 I wonder if Gray-sensei is serious today and she was wearing a suit and teaching.

“Well, let’s ask a little here. What is magic, Rose?” (TN: they are using 魔術 (majutsu) term which means sorcery and not 魔法 (maho) which means magic and similar for Sorcerer(魔術師) and Magician(魔法師). Should I leave it as Sorcery or change it to Magic. Comment below)

“Yes. Sorcery(magic) is the technology/method to rebuild the Prima Materia.

“Okay. That’s right. Then it’s a little demonstration…”

<<First feePrima materia=Encoding=Supplies material code”

<<SuppliesmaterialCode = decoding

<<materialmaterialCode = Processing>>

<< embodyment =Suppliesmaterial

 When I intuitively sensed that the process was done, an ice rose appeared in front of Gray sensei as a colon.

“This is sorcery(Majutsu 魔術). But as you know, this is not magic(maho 魔法). It is just a paranormal phenomenon that is unordered and unsystematic. But Sorcery is different. Sorcery is created based on art. It’s a theoretical phenomenon. By being systematized in this way, sorcery spread to the world allows more things to learn in this way. In present time the existence of a Sorcerer(魔術師 Majutsu-shi) is recognized as a big thing in the world.

 Magic, as she says, is based on the rationale. However, it is different from the magic that somehow imagines. There is a systematic technology there.

“Now, let’s put together on the blackboard. The code theory that forms the basis of magic.”

 The Theory of Code: Code Theory

 1 Encoding: Encoding

 2 Decoding: Code restoration

 3 Processing: Processing

 4 Embodiment: Implementation

 Magic activation process

 First feePrima materia→ Coding → Code restoration → Processing → Materialization → Material or phenomenon.

“It’s roughly like this. The information encoded by encoding is decoded once and the pure white code is transferred to the process. It may be complicated, but the most important thing is First feePrima materia. This is the substance that forms the basis of all things. Our bodies, the desks and chairs there, and this ice rose, First feePrima materia is the root of every thing that exists”

 Gray-sensei continues her words. It seems that many students take notes, and when I look at them from behind, I understand that everyone is studying hard.

“And First feePrima materia The code theory is used when converting to substance. First, a code is a form of information, an internal representation form. AndFirst feePrima materiaIt is called magic to convert material into a code or to embody a substance or phenomenon. At first glance, it seems that nothing has been created, but that is not the case. The law of conservation of mass always applies to code conversion. In other words, amount of First feePrima materiaIt consumed changes the phenomena and the scale of the substances that can be produced accordingly. Well, with this exception…you don’t have to know that.”

 When I hear the story, I remember what I learned in the past.

“It’s not a feeling. It was often taught that magic should be exercised based on art.”

“The coded information is restored and then processed to add or remove information from the code. And finally it is materialization. I added the code of ice and rose is the process of processing Well, it’s a habit and a sense. And finally… the substance I made…”

 The next moment, gray-sensei suddenly shattered the ice into pieces without touching. The scattered pieces of ice fall like a snow on the spot.

“It can be erased in this way. The above is the process of activating magic and its application. There are still other skills and deep knowledge, but let’s for now it is sufficient. OK, then you can ask the questions.”

“Yes teacher”

“Rose? That’s fine.”

 When Amelia stands up, she asks her question with a dignified voice. (TN: It seems her name is Amelia Rose)

“Is no limit to what can be rebuilt using First feePrima materia ? “

“Um. Good question. Strictly speaking, there is no limit. It depends on the skill of the person himself. It is a technology that produces a substance or a phenomenon, and that substance can be classified into four elements: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Then it’s a phenomenon…”

“Thank you”

 Then the next student raises his hand and asks the teacher a question. I was silently gazing at the situation.

 So that’s it. I was convinced that learning at school was like this.

“What the teacher used earlier, was it Anti-Material code? Is that why the ice rose has been broken down.”

“I see. I thought I’d answer that question, but… the answer is no. I cannot use the Anti-Material code. By the way, the double code theory is not covered here.”

 Double code theory. It is in the code material. There is always a code attached, but another code.. The anti material code was discovered three years ago. By a researcher named Ainsworth.

“Ainsworth’s dual-code theory is high-level content. You don’t have to understand it when you’re at this level. Just start training. Practicing will help you with advancement as well as expand your knowledge. This is the basis for everything.

 At the same time, the bell rings, and the teacher goes out with Starsta.

“Rei, it was a very intense class. Did you understand?”


“Hey, what happened?”

“Ah, sorry, Evi. I was thinking a little.”

“What? Are you okay?”

“Oh, I already understand the general idea of ​​magic.”

“I see. That’s fine.”

 Ainsworth’s dual code theory.

 I kept looking at it written on the blackboard.


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